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Posted on: April 13, 2016

Good morning Widdershins.  Hope this is a “widderful Wednesday” for everyone.Trump Sanders gif

Today’s offering is going to be a bit different.  I had intended to follow-up on my repeated comments that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are just different sides of the same coin or counterfeit slug if you want to be specific.

Having made that claim several times, I thought it was high time I justified my rather sweeping indictment of these two souls crippled under the weight of Brobdingnagian egos.  Dana Milbank beat me to it and did a much better job than I could ever do.

So instead of trying to reinvent the wheel I’ll just link the article.  Here are some of the highlights.  It starts:

Free trade agreements “have been disastrous” for the United States, the candidate said, and have sent jobs to Mexico and China. “I will stop it by renegotiating all of the trade agreements that we have.”

It sounded like just another threat from Donald Trump to “rip up those trade deals” and “make really good ones” instead. Such a policy could set off a global trade war and impoverish millions.

But the candidate who said this was Bernie Sanders, April 1 in New York. And that’s no coincidence: He and Trump are peas in a pod….

[T]he two are the yin and yang of outlandish policy proposals. Both men — and to a great extent Ted Cruz, too — have grounded their platforms in fantasy.

The article concludes:

These proposals aren’t dangerous because they could actually happen; they can’t. They’re dangerous because supporters of these three men, believing these fantasies masquerading as policies, are headed for disillusionment.

This is why I find this worrisome.  Call me crazy, but I happen to believe political and electoral engagement is important in a democracy.  We are suffering through a half a generation still awaiting the “hopey changey” stuff.  Why not go for a full generation by finishing off the disillusionment by breaking promises of free college, universal health care, and adding trillions to the national debt?  Trump, Sanders, and Cruz are doing their dead level best to put the grunt back into disgruntlement for a whole new generation.

Something else that has been on my mind is the furor over the envisioned epidemic of armies of transgender storm troopers heading to the bathrooms of the South, particularly the fine porcelain latrines of North Carolina.  This is another one of those epidemics that are invisible except to those who conjure them – much like voter fraud.

Bathroom lawThe war of scary things that don’t happen is now raging in North Carolina and this is the water closet line of demarcation.  This is a shame since the Tar Heel State was always thought to be the “sane Carolina”.  It is now catching up on the crazy with its sister state to the south.

I mention this for one reason and it’s not the obvious one.  There aren’t going to be bathroom patrols proclaiming, “Urinator, show me your birth certificate!”  The media is focused on the shiny faucets of the bathrooms, but the real purpose of these laws is the nullification of local ordinances outlawing discrimination.

What these “bathroom laws” do is make it illegal for local communities to outlaw discrimination in housing or employment based upon orientation or gender identification.  Simply put, these laws protect and enable discrimination in cities where the local government wants it to end.  In keeping with Republican philosophy, there’s nothing like smaller government to match the smaller minds of those doing the governing.

The last issue catching my attention is based upon the saying of Maya Angelou, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”  That is an admonition we have not heeded when it comes to Republican economic theory.

Republicans have four tenets:  Low taxes, small government, strong defense, and traditional values.  It is the first one, low taxes, upon which I want to focus.  When Republicans talk “low taxes” they are leaving out for whom they want to provide low taxes.  Therein lies the rub.mayaangelou383371

You see, time and again, Republicans have shown us who they are.  They are interested in lowering the taxes for the wealthiest Americans.  We just have never listened.  Time and time again, the Republicans prove they just can’t quit the rich folk.

They are at it again.  They want to turn the banning of trickling in the bathrooms of North Carolina and again promote the fictitious trickling of economics.  Trouble is, it doesn’t work.

Never has worked.

Never will work, but just like the unicorn that poops rainbows, it might happen in their fantasy world.  There’s just a little problem.  Only 13% of Americans think the wealthy pay too much in taxes while 61% think they should pay more.  Even in the topsy-turvy world of Republican mathematics, that isn’t a good return on political investment.

We should take Ms. Angelou’s advice.  Messrs. Trump, Sanders, and Cruz have shown us who they are.  North Carolina has proven that they like to protect discrimination.  And Republicans have shown us they really want to help people, if they are rich.  In each case, they have shown us who they are.  We should believe them.

What’s on your mind today?



77 Responses to "From Planet Miscellanea…"

Prolix, great post! I agree, Dana Milbank did a good job of showing the parallels between Sanders and Trump. My quibble is that as usual, he is a dumb@ss when it comes to Hillary….he claims she has failed to “excite the masses” and compares her to Kasich in that way. Excuse me Dana, but Hillary is the FRONTRUNNER and has gotten MILLIONS more votes than Sanders! Kasich has won one freaking state and is ludicrously far behind Cruz and Trump. How is this the same level of excitement?!

@1, I know what you mean about Milbank, but it seems he has made peace with Hillary becoming President and is, in fact, supportive to the extent he can bring himself to be. For him, that is a huge step from the open hostility of 8 years ago. It is what it is with these columnists — most of them are as fickle as well-fed lap cats — never interested until they are interested.

Then there’s that poll showing more Hillary supporters are enthused about their candidate than Sander’s supporters are about him. How much play did that get? Usually the whole “lack of enthusiasm” whine leads right into the claim that young people, especially younger women aren’t for Hillary. Well, we’ve all seen and heard from younger women voting for Hillary. It’s as if most of these pundits deliberately don’t want to see what’s right in front of them — it might contradict their imagined narrative.

Perhaps if we were yelling and Twitter-savaging the Berniebots we’d be seen as “enthusiastic.”

@4, Luna, I’m afraid of PETA if we were to savage the Berniebots. I’m sure we would hear from them.

@Prolix: I love that gif (say jif?) of Bernie and Trump. I have to save it and use it somewhere.

Please on the taxing thing! If anyone wants to know how well that works out just check Louisiana under Piyush and Kansas under Brownback.

In La. Piyush and the lege gave sooo many tax breaks, credits, etc. to “bidness” that the state has a negative outflow on business taxes, paying them more than the state collects. Can’t run a bidness nor a state for very long like that.

Luna@3: Maddow last night was talking about the big, large, yuge gatherings that Sanders has had in New Yawk. She said that he’s going to have a rally in Columbus Circle – 17k people are going to be there. Then she mentioned Obama’s rally at C.C. and he had 24k! Yuge, giant, humongous! And then he lost to Clinton in ’08. And the same thing is going to happen this time. So the moral of the narrative is…So what?

@6, Fredster, here you go:

I could watch Sanders punch Trump in the balls all day long.
Tomorrow, I’d watch Trump punch Sanders in the balls and be just as happy.

Maddow is delusional, like the rest of Bernie’s followers. It’s all about emotion with them. Rachel should understand that 17K people in Columbus Circle is not that exciting. When I marched in NYC to protest the Iraq war, we were 250,000 strong. THAT was exciting, even though Dumbya ignored us all.

Thanks Prolix. 🙂

mb: Rachel** has held a distinct grudge against Bill over DOMA and DADT. She was a teeny-bopper 19 year old “activist” then and she’s carried that grudge ever since. And now she’s carrying it over to Hillary. She’s clueless when it comes to DADT. I worked at a military command then and it was an improvement over the previous policies.

** Ignore pictures of attractive, hunky gay men at the link. Just read the article. 😉

Prolix, great post, and am glad to see someone in the MSM start vetting Bernie. Regarding Milbank…yawn…he fails to excite me.

Isn’t NC retracting their “bathroom law?” There was something about on the news, with their governor making some sad statement about it.

I am happy to share our to share our facilities with trans women, I don’t fear them, and can understand why they would fear using the men’s room; but, it would certainly be nice if we could keep regular men out. I wish I had a buck for every time I’ve had to deal with some man who is a perv/boyfriend/drugdealer/partier invading the woman’s restroom, which I have had happen at numerous places, like restaurants, clubs, beaches, the spa/gym I used to work at, the old mall in Beverly Hills, and frankly more places than I can remember. One of my sisters and I were just talking about how we keep reading, or hearing on the news that regular men never go into women’s restrooms. It made us crazy. Why do people keep saying that? (Huffpo!!!) Its bullshit. It happens all the time. I wish I had a buck for every time it happened when I needed to use one. And I’m not talking about little boys either–I used to take Laker into Ladies Rooms when he was little because during that time period an 11 year old boy had his throat slit in a men’s room at the beach. And a little girl went to a restroom and was raped and murdered by a psycho that followed her inside. No sensible mother would let a small child go into a public restroom alone. Bad things happen in public restrooms. That’s probably why people are initially freaked out about the poor trans people, because public restrooms have never been safe. Eventually they’ll realize that trans are not the problem. And I think all of these laws are stupid and will make the situation worse. I think public restrooms should still just identify as Men, Women, or Family (for the private ones), and trans should use the one they want. Most people probably wouldn’t know the difference. Then, if troublemaking guys come into the women’s room (like what happened in Malibu last Fall) the women can just call for help.

This could not have happened to a more deserving person. I can’t believe she’s still around and making any type of statements.

Bernie is finally fundraising for someone other than himself. But lookey look, he’s fundraising for three candidates who endorsed him over Hillary. Don’t think that is the agreement with the DNC to get the fundraising list. You help the entire party, not the candidates you select in opposition to other candidates.

BerningBum is a petty little turd!

annie@14: (Sigh) I suppose I’m just too old or something but I really don’t get this “self-identify” thing for gender. I just kind of scratch my head with it.

@16: Oh my, just look where one of the candidates hails from.

@14, Annie, McCrory is trying to back pedal, but all he’s doing is adding state workers back to discrimination protection. He’s playing politics and is smarting because of the loss of hundreds/thousands of jobs.

Nothing he is talking about is going to fix the nullification of the local ordinances which is the real target of these laws. What the groups want is a guarantee within the local ordinances for the RFRA exceptions so the good church going folks can discriminate like the Good Book teaches them to.

I read something today that went something like this:

I was hungry and you said, “You are a sinner, so I don’t have to feed you.” I was homeless and you said, “You are a sinner, so I don’t have to rent to you.” I was unemployed and you said, “You are a sinner, so I don’t have to hire you.” When you rebuke the least of these, you’re fine by me.

@15, Fredster who was it? I clicked but Wapo says I’ve read my max # of stories for the month. There was a baby born with the zika virus on the cover. Poor thing.

@16, Bernbum is despicable. The DNC should never trust him again and I hope they go after his seat. The more I learn about him, the more I can’t stand him.

Tweet this morning from Ted Cruz’s college roommate. The guy really doesn’t like TrussTed.

Ted Cruz thinks people don’t have a right to “stimulate their genitals.” I was his college roommate. This would be a new belief of his.

@18, alrighty then.

@22 Hahaha! That guy is hilarious. He should be on the cover of magazines, giving interviews. Especially if Cruz becomes the nominee.

@19, ah, thanks for explaining. That’s too bad, I thought they would just nix the whole thing. The news said the state is losing lots of revenue. What a stupid thing to do. You are so right about religious hypocrisy.

annie the article was about Phyllis Schafly and her Eagle Forum. There’s a group (her kids included!) that are trying to throw her out.

@26, when I was in college, Ms. Schafly came to the college to speak. Don’t know who brought her in, but she was there. At the time, I’d never heard of her. I went. In about 3.2 minutes, I had had enough of her craziness. They had a system where you could write a question and submit it on a slip of paper. My question was something like this:

Ms. Schafly, ever taken a tire gauge to that hairdo? It has to be at least 90 lbs. psi. I bet if you deflated it a bit you would be a much happier person, maybe even likable.

They didn’t use my question.

@25, Annie, Pat McCrory is really a marvel of modern science. He’s the first time a crossed human and weasel has survived this long. Everyone thinks it has to do with him being around those Duke Nuclear Power Plants.

@26, ewww!
@28, LOL!

@27: Priceless

@28: But on the good side he never needs a flashlight in the dark. 😉

Any Oregonians around? Senator Merkley has endorsed Bernie. Whoop-de-doo.

@32 – UGH! More sexist BS from Bernie’s campaign…

@32, Here’s one that will toast your fritters!

Guess who Dr. Paul Song is? Dr. Song is the person who referred to “whores” in the same paragraph as Hillary. Well, the good Dr. Song is Mr. Lisa Ling. You will remember her, the sister of Laura Ling who was captured and imprisoned in North Korea until President Bill Clinton went and freed her.

Lisa and Laura Ling need to speak with their husband, BIL, about his public manners.

@34, Dr. Paul Song is the President and Chief Medical Officer of Cytotech, Inc.

As of 1990, Cytotech, Inc. was acquired by Quidel Corp. Cytotech, Inc. manufactures and markets diagnostic test kits and therapeutic drugs. The company offers its products to treat various infectious and autoimmune diseases, such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Cytotech, Inc. was founded in 1982 and is based in San Diego, California.

It appears Dr. Song might be a big old man whore of big pharma, but I might be jumping to conclusions. But I know for f**king certain he is an ingrate with no allegiance to those who have helped him and his family in the past.

Laura Ling

Prolix@34 and 35: You really need to forward that info to Blue Nation at:

bluenationreview at

Oh and maybe tweet it to Maddow and lil Chrissy Hayes.

@37, I was just doing the Twitter tutorials.

@37: Then it will be good practice. But remember: 147 characters! 😆

Jane Sanders went on CNN today to complain about the inquisition that poor Bernie had to endure at the hands of the NYDN. I am amazed that her interview hasn’t gotten more scrutiny, because she sounds insane:

“I was in that interview, listening, and it was a conversation,” Jane Sanders told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin. “When you see only words down, it doesn’t quite give the flavor of it.” …and…

“When you say, you don’t say ‘I don’t know.’ You say, ‘I don’t know,’ and go on,” Jane Sanders said, shrugging her shoulders for emphasis. “But he wasn’t vague before or after. That was an hour-long interview. [It was 45 minutes] It was the fifth interview, at I think 9:00 in the morning, that morning.”

NYDN responds:

“I think the transcript of the interview — and the full scope and fairness of our entire coverage of all the candidates — speaks for itself,” Daily News Editor-in-Chief Jim Rich said in a statement Wednesday.”

Think about it. Bernie wasn’t vague before or after the interview. So I guess it was all NYDN fault. And she’s admitting he was vague. And I love her point about it being 9:00 in the morning What if he’s elected president and people need to talk him at 3:00 in the morning? These two would be a disaster in the White House.

Prolix, forgot to say, that gif is hysterical!

@41, her excuse is based on the premise of blaming the camera for a selfie that looks like you.

@42, I saw that and I couldn’t resist.

@41: “When you say, you don’t say ‘I don’t know.’ You say, ‘I don’t know,’ and go on,” Jane Sanders said, shrugging her shoulders for emphasis.

OMG, was that supposed to be some type of explanation? o_O

Dr. Song is a sexist pig. I feel sorry for his wife, his sister in law, and any woman he comes in contact with.

About Jane Sanders…does she have any idea of how arduous a job being President is? Oh poor Bernie, giving 5 interviews before 9 am!! Here’s a clue, honey: If all you talk about is breaking up the big banks and holding billionaires accountable and giving away free health care and tuition for everyone, there is NO EXCUSE for not knowing how to do those things! You have your talking points and you memorize them, AT LEAST on those topics. Of course Hillary was referring to specific portions of Dodd-Frank and what they empower the President to do. I would expect Bernie to be that well-informed too, since it’s his freaking hobby horse.

Why does Brooke Baldwin always look like she just smelled fart every time she mentions Hillary’s name?

If I were Laura Ling, I’d never speak to my brother in law again.

Given Bernie’s conduct, temperament, and vast lacunae in knowledge and expertise, I am now doubting whether he could even handle the demands of being condo association President of Del Boca Vista phase III.

Jules, that is priceless!!

Bernie’s temperament is fine for a cranky Socialist Senator from Vermont…he’s just not ready for the national stage. His rhetoric is at the cartoon level, and he’s often VERY wrong on the facts.

Madamab, thank you. “Cartoon level” rhetoric is an apt description. Bernie is becoming a caricature (like Trump, to go back to Prolix’s starting point.)

@49, can you imagine Bernie trying to figure out the space pen that writes upside down? I can imagine the problems he would have trying to sign the Del Boca Vista official minutes. He would have to get under the table.

@47, Sue, let me add this question to the list — when did MSNBC become the Jane Sanders network? She’s on live every other hour to say absolutely nothing other than “Bernie is going to win,” or “Bernie believes,” or “Bernie is leading Hillary on the issues,” or “Our honeymoon borscht in Moscow was delish.”

@52, Prolix – I can, and I am laughing.

So it looks like they were getting ready for the yuge, stupendous Bernie rally in New Yawk. They had ConEd running some extra lights for the event. One of the Berniebots saw a Hillary sticker on the ConEd worker’s shirt and, well…it was just ugly.

Since we all have Bernie on the brain…is anyone going to watch the debate tonight? I can live blog it if folks are interested.

I’ve been out and about running errands including taking my I.R.S. envelope to the p.o. to make sure I had enough postage and to get it post-marked today. I wasn’t taking a chance on waiting until the 18th because stuff happens with me on occasions.

jules@49: Oh man, that was priceless! 😆

@56: mb, this should be a good one since mud has been flung so much.

Too late Bernie! You can’t take back the words after they’ve already been spoken by one of your “surrogates”.

@55, LOLOL! Fredster, that is priceless.

Hey Shinners! I can watch and snark-blog, just got home and I’m in a mood to tell people off.

Sounds awesome SM77!!!

I dread this debate because of all the crazy stuff that’s happened this week. Wolf Blitzer will gleefully start on them to attack each other. This better be the last debate. It’s the last one I watch for sure. I’ve seen at least 6 debates, 4 town halls and clips from every other one I missed. I wonder if Bernie is regretting his camp’s on and on demand for this debate? She’s gonna kick his ass up one side and down the other!

Mind you, a day that I want to tell people off is just an average day inmy world. LOL! I’m ready!

BTW, inspired by Chatblu :), let’ss get this rolling. Hillary made it here, Bernie didn’t and ran to the sticks of Vermont, so yeah.

SM’s n dah house!

@55, Fredster, that is great.

The chimp’s name is Cha Cha — reminds me of Truvy buying the shoes off of Ouiser in Steel Magnolias, “They’re too cha cha for words! In a good shoe, I wear a size six, but a seven feels so good, I buy a size eight.”

MadamaB, just say the word 🙂 start the thread and I’m there! Prolix, :)! I just hope the cops don’t show up if we show out :)!

Folks, I’m slow, I admit it, but since when is, “Dr. Song’s comment was inappropriate and insensitive. There’s no room for language like that in our political discourse,” a disavowal of calling someone a whore? Am I missing the part about “apologizing” or saying something about “he shouldn’t have said that?”

My manners call for a specific insult to be countered by a rather specific apology.

Prolix, what’s most embarrassing is:

1) Bil Clinton got his sister-in-law out of North Korea.
2) He’s a DOCTOR. A DOCTOR. This is someone who has been trained and is paid to be completely impartial. Oh wait, there are other MDs like Ron Paul and Ben Carson

So no excuses. Hoping Lisa Ling intercedes and tells him to STFU.

@70, He’s not only a doctor, but he is President and Chief Medical Officer of a big pharma company out in California. To paraphrase, not only does the emperor have no clothes, the doctor has no scrubs.

I have a new thread coming online at 8:45 for the debate.

It will load better for everyone because methinks there will be tons of snark tonight.

Nicely done, Prolix! We will all jump in. And no, that was no apology from Bernie. It’s more a denial of reality.

GAGal, this is the first debate I will watch in a long time. I cannot stand the craziness from the Repubs. But Bernie, you’re in MY house now. It’s ON!!!

The viperous vituperative Ted Cruz Herpetarium Town Hall is on the Jane Sanders channel (aka MSNBC). I bet that man sleeps under a rock.

Prolix, forgive me for my lack of logic here: So he’s the president and chief medical officer of a pharma company that is calling out congress lackeys (I won’t type that name he said) of the pharma industry, appearing and speaking in a political rally of a congressperson who is running for president.

[insert the wat lady meme here.]

@75, LOL — yeah, that’s about it.

New thread upstairs.

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