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Lazy Weekend Music: Musical Celebration of Chatblu

Posted on: April 9, 2016

Good morning Widdershins.  It’s our first weekend without Chat to guide us with her musical musings, but my friends, we are not lost.  We’ve had the indubitable master maestra as our instructor all these years.  She trained our ears to listen for the joy of music. Let’s do her proud.

While tears are the silent language of grief, music is therapy for the soul. While our sorrow will linger, it will eventually pass and be replaced with memories of happier times. Let’s begin that journey by celebrating Chat with great and glorious selections.

Here are a few to start us off.








30 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: Musical Celebration of Chatblu"

Prolix, I like all of the choices you put up. I don’t know what this means, but its pretty and Scottish.

Hey Widdershins! I thought I would post a couple of songs celebrating our girl’s heritage, of which she was very proud.

I was just looking at the pictures of Chat on the website that was linked at the post below. Chat was so pretty! It looked like she had a good life.

Annie and Fredster,

Beautiful selections. I love the lilting quality — they have an ethereal other worldliness.

annie, which website was that? The Fred Hunters website? I didn’t see any other photos before so I’d like to check them out.

SM had posted something the other day with a video of a 2nd line at a jazz funeral so I thought maybe a little Pete Fountain and one of his signature pieces would be nice. I burned a version of this for the cd I made for the momster’s services.

Let’s not forget that chat strongly believed in the labor movement and unions.

Fredster, yes, there was a photos link on that website.

All of the music choices are great.

@annie: I found it when I went back. That was a great chronology of chat’s life.

Dear Chatblu…I miss you so much! I wish there was someplace where we could all meet again someday.

Annie, I do think we’ll see her again on some plane or level.

When I looked at the photos that Meaghan put up I saw the ones of chat in her period dresses so I’m putting up this song.

Hey everyone, I changed the blog back to its normal appearance, since we are celebrating Chat’s life. Thanks for the music, all!

Whoa, I’m so late getting here.

Remember when the “Jesus freaks” were hippies?

@18: That’s okay, you got here. 🙂

@19: I always liked that song.

Here’s my contribution for Chatblu and all the other Georgia Gals on this blog:

I know chat put this clip up at least once so I’ll add it again.

Beautiful selections for a beautiful soul. Sorry I’m late to the thread, worked this weekend, but I thought about what song I’d dedicate to Chatblu, this is the only one that resonated over and over for some reason:

Lots of great songs. Chat would have loved them.

SM, that is a great selection.

Fredster, it feels so much like we were left on the outside of whatever happening on the inside or her. I feel like we’re on the outside in the rain, bewildered, outside that long, winding road. We just don’t, and probably never will, know.

Here’s another song that just this past April 1st, I was honoring my best friend’s mother, whom I loved like if she were my own. I have always hated this song because it’s about mourning a mother’s passing and visiting her grave. My best friend’s mom died on April 1s 2014, and it had to be a joke, right? No, never thought that I’ lose another one, another soul that I loved and is loved by many, on that damned date.

This song is from Rocio Durcal, one of Spain’s true talent treasures, she recorded songs written by one of Mexico’s treasures, Juan Gabriel. This was one of Rocio’s last performances before she shortly died afterwards of cancer. The song is Amor Eterno (Eternal Love), written by Juan Gabriel after the death of his mother. This is a song I hate/love and I was listenng to mourning/remembering my best friend’s mom that April 1st while Chatblu passed.


I have to say we all here in the family feel much the same. She was taken from us very suddenly. I went on the cruise with her and flew back to my home with my husband in Pennsylvania on Easter Sunday only to rush back the following Thursday to try and say goodbye.

My mother and I have both remarked that it feels like a nightmare we can’t wake up from. I spent my whole life with this woman, who doted on my brothers and I for so long, who lived three miles away and I spent every afternoon for much of high school sitting in her livingroom doing homework.

You always expect to outlive your grandparents and parents, but never quite like this. So, I echo your feeling of being caught in the rain. I feel sodden and cold and a bit numb, but profoundly thankful that I was able to have her for nearly 24 years in my life. It feels selfish to try and ask for.

The music you’ve all shared is beautiful and the posts she shared with you even more so. I can hear her voice in every word. Thank you.


Samantha I’m glad you enjoyed the music we each selected to honor your Nana. I believe I can truthfully say that she touched all of us by her presence on the blog 😥

Samantha, if I could hug you right now, just please know that your life, your mom’s life, your great-great-great-great grandchildren’s lives, ANYONE that has yet to be born, shares that precious Chatblu DNA, will be blessed and touched just by your beautiful grandmother’s love—and it’s forever. Well, at least in the what I believe in :). Her love spread and spilled over onto this blessed and cursed ARPA experiment (also known as the internet), as well.

She’s beloved by me and by the many who’ve been saved by her hands, those strangers unknown to her family, but beloved and cherished by her words and acts.

OK, playing DJ again, here’s another one for Chatblu, she’s soaring and free. I’m a fan of live music, so I try to find the best original live version there is of a song:

She’s gonna be looking down from that beyond making sure we do our damn job at making things better:

Thank you all for the music. What energy, what love and spirit she showed in her writing.

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