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Lazy weekend – boys are bad music edition

Posted on: April 2, 2016

0f75a-music_alcohol_1Good Saturday and weekend to you Widdershins!

Well this has certainly been an interesting week hasn’t it dear readers?  We’ve had Donald Trump say in a town hall that if abortion was illegal in the United States that yes, the woman would have to be punished.  Now, he did not say this just once.  Chris Matthews gave him the opportunity to say it several times, allowing Trump to not only put his foot into his mouth but to swallow the entire leg.

Next we had Bernie Sanders and his minion Tad the Devine harping on momentum just because they have now won a few additional caucuses.

Well whoop de doo!  Caucuses – one of the least voter-friendly processes an individual can go through.  Don’t have the time to spend hours at some location just to express your candidate preference?  Well that’s just too bad.  And then because Hillary or some of her folks dared to make a comment about some of the tone coming from Sanders and his crew, they had to bring that up as some type of issue.  Really???

And don’t even get me started on that little turd Chris Hayes.  Arrrgh!


Let’s face it:  (some) Men have been behaving badly this week (at  the least…this week).  So with that in mind, let’s come up with some songs that reflect on men behaving badly.  Now I realize that I’m a member of the gender that has dangly parts below the waist but what’s happened this week does not reflect on me personally.

(1) Nick Lowe – All Men Are Liars

(2) Christina Aguilera – I Hate Boys

(3) Dixie Chicks – Goodbye Earl

(note: adult language here and it’s a bit bizarre)
(4) Kate Nash – Dickhead

And finally:
(5) Kiss Me Kate – I Hate Men

Okay ladies and germs this is a completely open thread.  Feel free to contribute a song below or just add a comment.  It’s completely your choice.


37 Responses to "Lazy weekend – boys are bad music edition"

Der Trumperer has reversed himself on abortion completely. Sorry Drumpf, your female voters aren’t coming back.

Donald has problems remembering what he blusters about. Whereas we have good memories for what politicians say about women’s rights.

@1: Well so much for the thinking on your feet thing. Will he do something like that when he’s sitting down with, say, Putin? Say one thing and attempt to “clarify” it later?

@2: Amen sister!

@3 He’ll try to go mano a mano with Putin, with disastrous consequences. Fortunately, Hillary will flatten him in November, especially if he continues doing the same seat-of-his pants statements.

Bostonboomer has a tweet over at SkyDancers from Mary Alice Parks that says:

Sanders says his campaign is listening to women. Green Bay crowd cheers. Sanders adds: “Hard not to listen to women they are very loud.”

If that’s true, I’d love to see that clip of his rally.

@5: That’s his problem! You can’t do seat-of-his pants type cr@p when you’re sitting down with another world leader. Arrrggghh!!

@6: Oh yes I want that on tape!!!

@9: That’s embarrassing GAgal – I hardly look over there. (hangs head in shame)

From that WaPo link to another WaPo piece about women who have bitchy resting face and guys who have resting asshole face, it turns out there’s a legitimate reason for both.

Watch at about 1:31 for the guy part.

Apparently, there’s some kind of bullshit going on with the Nevada caucus. They had some kind of delegate apportioning today (I thought that’s what the caucus was for) and more of Bernie’s supporters showed up than Hillary’s supporters, so Bernie is getting some of her delegates. In fact, some are saying that he now wins the Nevada caucus! Can you believe this crap?!? 2008 all over again.

I don’t even know where to start with this poll. Hillary and Bernie supporters asked separately why they prefer their candidate. Top answer for Hill is Capable/Qualified/Experienced. That reason is 7th (!) on Bernie’s side.

While Hill has a good % voting for Woman/Equal for women, Bernie has more people saying – He’s a man/Won’t for a woman – than are voting for him based on experience. More appalling is, above even those two things is – Dislike the Other Candidate. And directly below those, Don’t Trust her.

Notice not a single Hill supporter said they disliked, did not trust or wouldn’t vote for him because he’s a man.

@12 I saw that earlier about NV. Hillary won that county by a good margin. Someone in a comment said because this was a county Dem convention, by the time it goes to the state convention it should be apportioned correctly. Don’t know if I believe that.

The woman in charge of the credentialing is suppose to be neutral but is a known Bernie fan. Hill’s camp sent a letter to the state DNC before the convention asking for her to be removed. She was not. Also, she supposedly sent emails to Bernie’s camp that were meant for Hill’s camp only. They will be scrutinizing all those delegates credentials for sure.

Wow y’all, I’m feeling yucky again. I may have to go back to see the doc and maybe get another dose of the meds.

Before I call it a night I wanted to share this article that I just read. It’s about a superdelegate from Utah who, even though Sanders won the state, has decided she would be choosing to support Hillary.

Thanks Fredster, for the link and the post. I hope you’re feeling better.

@16 Fredster, been there, done that and I can only speak for myself about allergies. I’ve had to call my doc for a second dose of antibiotics several times over the years. Usually in May or June. She’s not a doctor that just hands them out left and right. She knew I took them as directed and they would take time to work.

What I’ve finally learned – if there is a warm, wet spring – immediately start taking an antihistamine for it. Preventative is the way to go. I’ve walked around for days in a haze because my sinuses were so closed. Even a Benadryl might have helped, but I was in such a cloud I couldn’t think to take one. I just could not think.

We’ve had 80 degree days here but tonight is going so close to freezing we’ve covered the hydrangeas. Same shit happened last year and stunted them terribly. We’ve had some rain to wash the pollen away and now below freezing temps tonight. The good news is my Fox watching, 82 year old step dad said tonight “They keep saying the weather’s not changing. It sure seems strange to me.”

Unlike 2008, none of the Superdelegates are backing Bernie. Even the mainstream media is starting to pick up on the fact that he only wins caucuses, which have nothing to do with reality in the general election. He is absolutely not electable against The Republican noise machine. He’s just postponing the inevitable.

I can’t believe this NV bs. Bad enough that voters have to take off work to caucus, but then they have to do it again a month later? wtf? And that’s only the 2 of 3 “steps”? This caucus crap needs to go.

I am pretty sure Hillary, once elected, will work with the DNC to figure out a better way. I have never seen such a crazy mess. We should only have primaries, period.

The overall effect of caucuses is to give a false sense of legitimacy to fringe candidates like Bernie Sanders, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, etc. (Yes, Virginia, a candidate who only wins caucuses is a fringe candidate.) Unfortunately, it allows them to bilk gullible supporters out of millions and millions of dollars, and mask the true will of the people behind meaningless caucus “victories.” I feel really bad for the people who have thrown their money and mental/emotional energy away supporting Bernie. It’s just sad. And he should be ashamed of himself.

That entire caucus thing is fubar.

Nearly 9,000 delegates were elected on caucus day in late February, but only 3,825 showed up to Saturday’s convention. An additional 915 elected alternates and 604 unelected alternates also turned out to support their favored candidate.

So not even half of those “elected” in Feb. showed up for this thing.

Y’all know what’s on tonight don’t you?

Season finale. Who is gonna meet Lucille first hand?

I think I’ve finally figured out the difference between a Democrat and a progressive. Democrats don’t call women, especially Democratic women, wh@res and c@nts. “Progressives” seem to have no problem with it. I use to really like crooks & liars but that place has become a cesspool in the comments. Brats with mommy issues. That’s a shame.

@26: Yep, there are a few places I’ve had to mark off my list and delete the links.

Bostonboomer posted this tweet from Armando last night about the NV county conventions.

1 more time- in NV 23 delegates were allocated on 2/20. Clinton 13-10. 12 r being allocated via conventions. Tonite Sanders 7-5. Clinton won

That’s a little confusing but I think he means Hillary has 18 and Bernie has 17 so she’s still ahead before going on to the state conventions. So much for the Berner’s saying Bernie WON NEVADA. There were all kinds of things going on there. Unelected alternates had to removed because they had taken the seats from others who were elected to be there, etc… What a mess!

@23, Hear, Hear!

@28, GAgal, I can’t even begin to comprehend this mess.

Did you guys see this? The cops chased a Chihuahua on the Bay Bridge (between S.F. & Oakland). They caught the little fella and he’s safe, but I haven’t heard that they found his owner yet.

Good piece from Krugman. Bernie, stop being a jerk and act like you give a damn about the Democratic party.

@30 Poor little guy. He must not be chipped.

@30: Awww, that’s too cute.

@34: I believe her cruise was first to the Bahamas and then the western Caribbean and Mexico.

Speaking of chat, she got back from the cruise and developed a terrible awful cold. That’s why she’s been absent from the blog.

I like Krugman’s article. I guess I’m not the only one who feels the math!!

All, we’ll have a new post tomorrow. Bear with us.

Great article by Krugman, as usual. He’s such a voice of reason.

I’ve been thinking about the whole Bernie passionate-support thing, with being qualified way down as #7, compared with Hillary supporters wanting a qualified candidate who knows the issues, and has a long record of accomplishments. Then about the idea — I know this is a huge generalization — that more men are for Bernie and more women for Hillary. What does that say about women supposedly being “more emotional”? Bwhahaha!

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