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0f75a-music_alcohol_1Good Saturday and weekend to you Widdershins!

Well this has certainly been an interesting week hasn’t it dear readers?  We’ve had Donald Trump say in a town hall that if abortion was illegal in the United States that yes, the woman would have to be punished.  Now, he did not say this just once.  Chris Matthews gave him the opportunity to say it several times, allowing Trump to not only put his foot into his mouth but to swallow the entire leg.

Next we had Bernie Sanders and his minion Tad the Devine harping on momentum just because they have now won a few additional caucuses.

Well whoop de doo!  Caucuses – one of the least voter-friendly processes an individual can go through.  Don’t have the time to spend hours at some location just to express your candidate preference?  Well that’s just too bad.  And then because Hillary or some of her folks dared to make a comment about some of the tone coming from Sanders and his crew, they had to bring that up as some type of issue.  Really???

And don’t even get me started on that little turd Chris Hayes.  Arrrgh!


Let’s face it:  (some) Men have been behaving badly this week (at  the least…this week).  So with that in mind, let’s come up with some songs that reflect on men behaving badly.  Now I realize that I’m a member of the gender that has dangly parts below the waist but what’s happened this week does not reflect on me personally.

(1) Nick Lowe – All Men Are Liars

(2) Christina Aguilera – I Hate Boys

(3) Dixie Chicks – Goodbye Earl

(note: adult language here and it’s a bit bizarre)
(4) Kate Nash – Dickhead

And finally:
(5) Kiss Me Kate – I Hate Men

Okay ladies and germs this is a completely open thread.  Feel free to contribute a song below or just add a comment.  It’s completely your choice.


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