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Sunny-side cynicism…

Posted on: March 30, 2016

Last week Speaker of the House Paul Ryan swaggered down from his stair master, as if Moses from Sinai, to deliver a sad eulogy of today’s politics.sad Paul Ryan

It seems as though no one took the time to needlepoint Ryan a homey admonition of, “If you dine with cannibals, eventually you are on the menu.”  Speaker Ryan has his jock in a wad about the unsavory character of today’s politics and actually said:

Our political discourse—both the kind we see on TV and the kind we experience among each other—did not use to be this bad and it does not have to be this way. 

To paraphrase the British writer, Samuel Johnson, who said, “When a man knows he is to be hanged…it concentrates his mind wonderfully,” Ryan’s mind has been concentrated by being on the cannibals’ menu and the ravenous cannibals of today’s new Republican Trumpism are at the door.

I just wonder where Ryan, our zombie-eyed granny tosser, has been during the last thirty years of Republican sleaze masquerading as political consulting.  There was Lee Atwater, the ruthless granddaddy of dirty politics, who, while explaining the heritage of the Reagan southern strategy, said:

You start out in 1954 by saying, “*igger, *igger, *igger.” By 1968 you can’t say “*igger”— that hurts you. Backfires. So you say stuff like forced busing, states’ rights and all that stuff. You’re getting so abstract now [that] you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is [that] blacks get hurt worse than whites.

Or maybe it was Newt Gingrich and his Contract on with America whereby he mainstreamed the demonization of groups and individuals:

Attacking the welfare state while creating new middle-class entitlements is a nifty political move. Conservatives can take credit for the new benefits for their more prosperous constituents while cutting benefits for the stigmatized poor.

Or perhaps it is the tenesmus inducing, ham-headed, colon-dwelling Karl Rove who plumbed new depths of despicable behavior in order to lie us into a war while demonizing gay people and swift boating John Kerry and his three Purple Hearts.

Last guy didn't agree with me.Given that Paul Ryan has never held a real job outside Republican politics, if he doesn’t remember such luminaries, it would seem he is living in a bubble so impenetrable, it had to be beta-tested as David Vitters’ diaper.

That’s not all Ryan said.  Here’s a good part:

“We don’t resort to scaring you, we dare to inspire you. We don’t just oppose someone or something. We propose a clear and compelling alternative.…”

“In a confident America, we … don’t question each other’s motives.”

 “If someone has a bad idea, we don’t think they’re a bad person. We just think they have a bad idea. People with different ideas are not traitors.”

“We don’t lock ourselves in an echo chamber, where we take comfort in the dogmas and opinions we already hold.” 

He actually said that.  With a straight face no less.  There wasn’t even an acknowledgement of Joe Wilson defiling the State of the Union by screaming, “You lie!” at the Muslim Afro-Kenyan so endangering the country.

Ryan offered not even a passing reference of voting to kill Obamacare almost sixty times.  No mention of scaring the elderly about Medicare and death panels.  No mention of climate denial.  No mention of scary brown immigrants.  No mention of ISIS moving in down the street.  No mention of marriage as an institution being obliterated.  No mention of obstruction and government closures.  Where in the hell has Paul Ryan been?  To which party does he ostensibly belong?

To talk about escaping from an echo chamber that provides the news for 84% of Republicans is a fantasy.  Just as it is a fantasy to believe the 11 million conservative activists are going to turn off their talk radio and go cold turkey from hearing their yowling leaders trumpet their hate for three hours each day.Comedian

To put the cherry on top of Ryan’s speech, he just rewrites history.  He paints a fabricated economic story, but given that 84% of his people are educated by the fantasies of the echo chamber, there is no chance of being called on the lie.  Here’s what Ryan said in talking about the tax cuts of saintly Ronaldus Maximus:

“All it took was someone willing to put policy on paper and promote it passionately. This is the basic concept behind the policy agenda that House Republicans are building right now.” 

Paul Krugman has addressed this absurdity both here and here with, “Lopsided growth that delivers huge gains to a small elite while bypassing a majority of Americans didn’t start a few years ago. It started, in fact, during the Reagan years.”

Krugman continues, “The only way to parse this is to accept that Ryan is engaged in absurdist performance art. Either that or he thinks we’re all androids, and he’s trying to overload our logic circuits.”

For four decades now we have heard the justification of supply side economics being, “a rising tide raises all ships.”  That’s not true; it just raises the yachts of the one-percenters while the rest of us scramble for an ever decreasing number of life jackets.

Trump frown 2Yesterday, Trump brought the cannibals of the new Republicanism to Ryan’s backyard in Janesville, Wisconsin.  Ryan’s speech demonstrates he understands the cannibals’ hunger and it has concentrated his mind.  Too bad it is still filled with the same old dreck that put him on the menu in the first place.

Remarkably, there is a new study that bolsters something we have long known around these parts.  It explains the whetting of the cannibals’ appetites.  It is the natural evolution of the Tea Party mantra of, “I got mine, sorry about your luck.”

Resentful white people perceive themselves to be in a zero-sum clash for resources and opportunities with African-Americans and Latinos, and want candidates who will champion their interests rather than throw them overboard in pursuit of a broader electoral coalition.

Nothing Ryan said will come anywhere near satiating the appetites of the cannibals of the new Republican Trumpism.  So for Ryan and the Republican establishment, I say, “Dinner’s ready when you are.”

Have a great Wednesday and take the conversation in any direction you have a hankering to discuss.


75 Responses to "Sunny-side cynicism…"

Kasich is unsettling because he looks normal — for a Republican — but underneath he’s as wacko and mean as the rest of them.

The whole party’s cesspool implosion is well-deserved.

@1, Luna, when you dissect the positions of all of them, there’s not much difference — just how much screaming is expected up front. This is scary, but Trump’s stated positions, although you can never tell where he would end up, are the least draconian on most issues.

@2, Prolix, scary thought!

As Hillary says, “Just when you didn’t think it could be worse,” Trump says that “there should be some form of punishment for women who have abortions.”

Donald just sealed his fate. The remaining 10% of women who would vote for him just switched sides.

@5, I just saw a clip of the interview. Drumpf is seriously stoooopid. He is sitting there and you can see that he’s never thought about this issue and he’s just making it up as he goes along.

Over and above the abortion issue, he now wants South Korea and Japan to get nuclear weapons. This reminds me of the movie, “Idiocracy.” This is from the movie and it sounds just like Drumpf.

President Camacho: Now I understand everyone’s sh*t’s emotional right now. But I’ve got a 3 point plan that’s going to fix EVERYTHING.

Congressman #1: Break it down, Camacho!

President Camacho: Number 1: We’ve got this guy Not Sure. Number 2: He’s got a higher IQ than ANY MAN ALIVE. and Number 3: He’s going to fix EVERYTHING.

I loved this from Ryan’s speech:

“If someone has a bad idea, we don’t think they’re a bad person. We just think they have a bad idea. People with different ideas are not traitors.”

It sounds like something from some kind of bad self-help group.

Prolix@4: I saw that and my first thought was “well that seals it right there”.

@7, reading that speech makes me think Ryan has been in some sort of coma for the past 30 years.

Apparently Trump’s abortion comment was from his taped town hall with Chris Matthews and was concerning if abortion was outlawed in the U.S. and a woman had an abortion, should she be punished.

Every single sentence in Ryan’s speech is an out right lie. He can not possibly believe that. All the right wing sites are saying, a yet unnamed wealthy businessman with tea party ties, is going to primary Ryan.

Remember Eric Cantor was suppose to be Speaker after Boehner, then a tea party candidate beat him in his primary.

@11: The tea party beast will get him too.

The anti-choice movement has passed along their talking points to Donald so he could walk back his remarks. Now it’s the doctor who will be punished because the woman’s the victim. I thought it was interesting Matthews asked about the man involved in the pregnancy. You don’t hear that – ever. Still, in his original statement, he doesn’t think the man has any responsibility for the woman’s abortion.

@13, at least Trump is consistent, men don’t have any responsibility for pregnancies and men don’t have responsibility for battery of women. In fact, at a town hall today, he said the reporter had a pen and the Secret Service considered that a weapon, therefore, she was the aggressor.

The man is a moron!

Protesters outside a Donald rally pepper sprayed by his supporters.

I don’t believe I’m going to bother with any of the MSNBC stuff tonight. Matthews is going to have the town halls with Kasich and Trump. Big whoop! And I feel about the same for Maddow with Hillary and Sanders. Just meh.

@16: Correction. The Kasich thing is with Chuckles Todd. More reason not to watch.

Trump told ABC in a phone in interview today he would choose SC justices who would ‘look into Hillary’s email disaster’. She is getting away with ‘absolute murder’. He’s dumber than dirt.

@18: He is totally clueless.

Rachel just set Hillary up for a perfect Bernie smack down. He said the media should be ignoring Trump’s abortion remarks because there were more important issues to discuss. Smack! She got him!

@15, that’s terrible. I hope the cops arrest the animals that did that. I wish Trump (after Hillary hands his ass to him) would buy himself an island someplace and take his hideous supporters with him.

GAgal, what else happened on Maddow?

Rachel asked Hill if she was surprised that Bernie was staying in until June – did she think she would have to fight this hard to win. Hill said – no she always expected a contested primary and it should be a contested primary. She said she was the one who stayed in until June 2008, so why would she assume Bernie would not?

Rachel said Hill seems to be pivoting to the GE but the primary is not over. Hill said – she can not wait until later to counter what the Rs are saying right now and more people need to. She is getting private messages from world leaders asking her what the hell is going on. Well, she didn’t say hell…I did.

Hill talked about Trump’s NATO remarks and once again showed her in depth knowledge of world affairs. She basically said Trump has no clue how complicated this all is. She also talked about people’s tendency to separate Trump out from the other Rs. She said – nope, maybe in personality or rhetoric but their policy and positions are the same.

Sounds like Hillary was her usual amazing self! Thanks GAgal!

From the side bar. They have short clip of Hill on Rachel about Trump/foreign policy.

I caught part of the Maddow thing but I also know she’s fully capable of going through that interview and then tomorrow night make her comments about the interview when Clinton isn’t there to respond.

@18, Trump being the idiot he is. SCOTUS doesn’t initiate inquiries and they are not a detective agency and there’s no Hillary email problem.

@31: Well Luna, I guess you told him! LOL!!

The right wing talking points on “punishing” women for abortions are so stupid. If abortion becomes illegal, then it’s a crime – in fact, to pro-deathers, it should be illegal because it’s murder.

The point of their arguments seems to be that the woman is not performing the “murder,” so she isn’t committing a crime. So what role is she playing, then? The client who contracts for the murder? Seems to me that person is just as guilty, under U.S. Law.

In reality, abortion is not murder, and the pro-deathers know it. If it were, then the perpetrators of the “crime” would be jailed, and rightfully so. The fact that they don’t advocate for this in the case of women who have illegal abortions, shows that the pro-deathers are completely dishonest in their position, and don’t even believe their own propaganda.

The House Select Investigative Panel – formed to investigate Planned Parenthood – is issuing subpoenas to universities, labs, etc. asking for names of individuals who work in fetal tissue research. This will just put a target on their backs.

Here’s NARAL’s website. They’re endorsing Hillary, of course. 🙂

Can someone check for a “lost” comment from me? I tried to send it again and wordpress said it was a duplicate and had already been sent. Thanks!

@35, GAgal, is that the comment? That’s the only one I saw.

I wish I could read this WSJ article but it’s behind a paywall, however the first paragraph is enough:

Obama’s Greatest Triumph
Barack Obama will retire a happy man. He is now close to destroying his political enemies—the Republican Party, the American conservative movement and the public-policy legacy of Ronald Reagan.


@36 Yes! Thank you!

@37: He is now close to destroying his political enemies—the Republican Party, the American conservative movement and the public-policy legacy of Ronald Reagan.


Nope, sorry. The Republican Party, the conservative movement et al brought all of this on themselves. They created this thing that is consuming them and which has led to the current mess they’re in now.

@39 – Yes, totally agree with you, Fredster. Obama’s contribution to the implosion of the Party was the color of his skin – but it only accelerated the inevitable. The truth is, Obama rarely challenged Reagan’s public policy – in fact, he said Reagan was a hero of his. One of the many reasons I never supported Obama!

@40: Yes! Apparently the WSJ doesn’t recall that interview he did with some newspaper board back in ’08. And if I recall correctly when he was asked about Pres. Clinton he was like “meh”.

@41 – Yes, absolutely! I was dumbfounded by the fact that Obama didn’t mention one single Democrat when talking about his role models. What real Democrat doesn’t list FDR immediately? And Raygun? For heaven’s sake, that nincompoop was the root of almost all of this Republican evil we’re seeing today.

@42: Oh mb, totally on the Raygun thing. Ketchup is a vegetable!!

@37, the destruction of the Republican Party was just natural evolution. Pretty much the same reason we don’t put ribbons on our vestigial tails. Taking the road of Atwater to ride along with Nixon’s southern strategy doomed the Republican Party. Everything Paul Ryan ignored in his raging oral hallucination is the impetus of the disintegration. Obama is just a tourist at Niagara Falls, he can witness it but he didn’t cause it.

More on the emails. I didn’t know current FBI Director James Comey was deputy special counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee that investigated the Clinton’s. He says he came to some damning conclusions. Well, I seem to remember no wrong-doing was found, myself.

Also, he was the federal prosecutor who got Marc Rich for tax evasion, then Clinton pardoned Rich on his last day of office.

@46: I read that article last night. It was a good one.

nbc had a clip on the news of Hillary letting a Bernie supporter on the rope line have the response she so richly deserved:

Like the Slate interview with Barney.

annie@49: I saw that clip. She let loose big time! 🙂

Good for Hillary! It’s about freaking time. Bernie just pulled that number of 4.5 million from his desiccated arseh0le. Just disgusting that she has to put up with rank bullsh*t from the left AND the right. All she wants to is the job she was born to do, the hardest, most thankless job on the planet; and because she is a woman, she has to slog through metric tonnes of evil sludge daily in order to even “earn” the chance to run. I swear to Yahweh, I have no clue how she even gets up in the morning.

St. Ronnie of the Republicans. I still can’t believe more people didn’t see through Obama when he listed Reagan as one of his favorites. Killer trees — wasn’t that Reagan too? He thought they took in oxygen and gave off carbon dioxide.

Love that video of Hills telling the Bernie people about reality!

@53 – Yes, every time I hear Raygun’s name, my internal tachometer redlines!!!

You are right, NWLuna. Ronnie was not a fan of trees. In addition to his quote that “Trees cause more pollution than automobiles,” he said, “A tree is a tree. How many more do you have to look at?” What a Great Communicator! :-p

And Luna, let’s not forget after years of telling the country in speech after speech he did not trade weapons in the Iran Contra Scandal, when the Tower Commission found that he did he St. Ronaldus said:

“A few months ago, I told the American people I did not trade arms for hostages. My heart and my best intentions still tell me that’s true, but the facts and evidence tell me it is not.”

In other words, I would prefer to continue my delusions, but those pesky facts get in the way.

Here’s some creative political strategy.

Given how abysmal Trump’s approval ratings are with women, this is his strategy:

So what if women won’t vote for me. I can make up for it by getting 115% of the male vote.

@56 Trump really needs all those white supremacy groups to step up their GOTV efforts.

Did y’all see that Jeff Weaver thinks Hillary should apologize because she’s tired of their lies?

@57, yeah, Hillary should apologize for Bernie being misogynistic since any time a woman stands up to a man the woman should begin all statements with, “I’m sorry.”

I wonder if Bernie will apologize for taking money from oil and gas interests. Wonder if he will wave and flail his arms while he is apologizing to himself.

I’ve been known to say “I’m sorry” right before I say “what the fuck did you just say?” 🙂 Isn’t it funny how this fossil fuel donors discussion has completely deflected from Bernie blowing the abortion question from Rachel. It happens every time Bern or his campaign do something stupid. Deflect. That is rat copulating.

Okay, are y’all ready for what Charles Pierce calls “some stupid for lunch” ?

The Fox News chanell has hired Willie Robertson of the Duck guys to do a Fox News Radio podcast.

As a paid contributor, Robertson will also make appearances across the cable channel’s programming.

@60, it will undoubtedly raise the collective IQ of Fox News. Robertson can continue to wear his camo gear so he will be harder to see on the radio.

It’s funny, those Robertson guys are actually highly educated and use to be clean cut before they came up with the Duck Dynasty gig. The father was heading for a professional football career, but he decided he’d rather go duck hunting.

@59, it’s just another example of how “The Bernie” and “The Donald” are just different ends of the same rat copulater.

Remember these guys who make fun of them all?

Here’s one more.

@62: Actually the guy behind Phil on the football team at La. Tech was Terry Bradshaw and probably would have beat him out for the starting job at some point. (just my opinion there)

And true about the education part.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and a Master’s in Education, Phil spent several years teaching in Louisiana schools. Acclaimed as an excellent teacher by his students, Phil came to the conclusion that his time and talents would be better spent in the woods.

@64 & 65: OMG, those two are back?? LOL!!

@66 Well, you made me look again. Willie has a business degree and I see nothing for Jace, his younger brother. I must have fallen for some propaganda back when Phil became controversial for his anti-gay remarks. I do remember a photo of the family, sons and wives when they looked so different (and young, cause Phil says – ‘ya gotta marry ’em young!) I guess I really didn’t care enough to fact check.

Those red state guys are great, I love their Is ‘Trump Hilter?’ too.

My favorite thing the old red state guy said – Oh good Lord! If the mainstream media liked Bernie Sanders, then the people who like Bernie Sanders wouldn’t like him no more. There’s a reason hippies don’t watch NCIS!

@69, I liked that part too, “there’s a reason hippies don’t watch NCIS.”

GAgal@68: You were correct but I’m just betting that even if Phil had stayed playing ball that Bradshaw would have beat him out. Seems Phil just figured out there might be more money in ducks than in education. 😉

@GAgal: I used to follow the Red State guys on youtube and then they stopped doing new clips and switched to podcasts or something. I’m glad they’re back. I’ll have to subscribe to them again.

Thanks for the funny reminders about Raygun and trees. I really enjoyed the 80’s except for knowing that we were stuck with a president that was an idiot and was allowing his minders to destroy the middle class. Him being president was a dark scary spot in the background of all the fun I had back then. I just read all of this to laker, who couldn’t believe it.

@55, perfect translation!

@58 & 59, Yes!

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