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Activist Monday: Keeping the Faith

Posted on: March 28, 2016

Good Monday, Widdershins, and for those of you who celebrated Easter yesterday, I hope it was wonderful.

Today I’m going to talk about something I rarely discuss: Faith. Due to my strong predisposition towards skepticism and logic, I am not a person of faith myself. I do, however, have beliefs – which I base on evidence, both past and present. And this is why I believe that Bernie Sanders will not be the Democratic nominee for President.

Oh sure, he won three states on Saturday. Caucus states, by the way. Not primaries, where people actually go in and vote, like they do in the general election. Hillary wins those, usually by a massive margin. Here’s how they stack up so far – Our Girl’s wins in bold:

  1. Alabama Primary – Clinton 77.8%, Sanders 19.2%
  2. Alaska Caucus – Sanders 81.6%, Clinton 18.4%
  3. Arizona Primary – Clinton 57.6%, Sanders 39.9%
  4. Arkansas Primary – Clinton 66.3%, Sanders 29.7%
  5. Colorado Caucus – Sanders 58.9%, Clinton 40.4%
  6. Florida Primary – Clinton 64.4%, Sanders 33.3%
  7. Georgia Primary – Clinton 71.3%, Sanders 28.2%
  8. Hawaii Caucus – Sanders 69.8%, Clinton 30.0%
  9. Idaho Caucus – Sanders 78%, Clinton 21.2%
  10. Illinois Primary – Clinton 50.5%, Sanders 48.7%
  11. Iowa Caucus – Clinton 49.9%, Sanders 49.6%
  12. Kansas Caucus – Sanders 67.7%, Clinton 32.3%
  13. Louisiana Primary – Clinton 71.1%, Sanders 23.2%
  14. Maine Caucus – Sanders 64.3%, Clinton 35.5%
  15. Massachusetts Primary – Clinton 50.1%, Sanders 48.7%
  16. Michigan Primary – Sanders 49.8%, Clinton 48.3%
  17. Minnesota Caucus – Sanders 61.6%, Clinton 38.4%
  18. Mississippi Primary – Clinton 82.6%, Sanders 16.5%
  19. Missouri Primary – Clinton 49.6%, Sanders 49.4%
  20. Nebraska Caucus – Sanders 57.1%, Clinton 42.9%
  21. Nevada Caucus – Clinton 52.6%, Sanders 47.3%
  22. New Hampshire Primary – Sanders 60.4%, Clinton 38.0%
  23. North Carolina Primary – Clinton 54.6%, Sanders 40.8%
  24. Ohio Primary – Clinton 56.5%, Sanders 42.7%
  25. Oklahoma Primary – Sanders 51.9%, Clinton 41.5%
  26. South Carolina Primary – Clinton 73.5%, Sanders 26%
  27. Tennessee Primary – Clinton 66.1%, Sanders 32.4%
  28. Texas Primary – Clinton 65.2%, Sanders 33.2%
  29. Utah Caucuses – Sanders 79.3%, Clinton 20.3%
  30. Vermont Primary – Sanders 86.1%, Clinton 13.6%
  31. Virginia Primary – Clinton 64.3%, Sanders 35.2
  32. Washington Caucuses – Sanders 72.7%, Clinton 27.1%

So let’s see…out of the states that actually vote the way Americans vote in the general election, Hillary has won 16/19 (84%). Bernie has won…3, one of which was his home state of Vermont and one was the next state ovah, in New Hampshire. The other primary, Michigan, was only won by 1.5%.

If your Spidey-sense is telling you that something is off in Bernie’s brain when he claims he has “momentum” and he will be the Democratic nominee, then your tingles are correct. Read on for MadamaB’s Fact-Based Faith-O-Rama (TM).

Even if we discount superdelegates (which after 2008, I will never do again), Bernie is not winning the Obama map by a long shot. Yes, 2008 was rigged in Obama’s favor, we all know that. The delegate games, the overweighting of red-state caucuses – we don’t need to repeat what we remember all too well. I will say, though, that the reason he was able to argue persuasively that he should be the nominee, was that he took many of the states Bernie lost, demonstrating strength within the Democratic base that Clinton could not beat. Here are the states Obama won in 2008, that Hillary has won in 2016:

  1. Iowa
  2. South Carolina
  3. Alabama
  4. Georgia
  5. Illinois
  6. Louisiana
  7. Virginia
  8. Mississippi

I think we all know what these states have in common: the African-American vote was going to Obama in 2008. (He won the brogressive vote in Iowa, and Illinois was his home state.) In 2016, the African-American vote is going overwhelmingly to Clinton.

In fact, the key demographics in the Democratic Party, previously won by Obama in 2008, are currently being won handily by Our Girl. (This is hardly surprising, since Bernie is not a Democrat!) These are: women, African-Americans, Hispanics/Latinos and seniors. Yes, blah blah blah young people…Bernie isn’t winning all young people, he’s winning only WHITE young people. More importantly, 30-and-unders don’t come out to vote in droves the way the other pillars of the base do; in fact, per the link above, three times the number of seniors vote than those oh-so-important young ‘uns. So meh, white millenials are more excited about Bernie’s pie-in-the-sky bullsh*t than Hillary’s pragmatism. Who cares?

Mein Gott in Himmel, even Markos Moulitsas doesn’t think Bernie has a chance (note – this article was written prior to Saturday’s victories, but Kos predicted those in previous paragraphs):

Clinton beat Sanders in the South on the strength of the region’s Democratic base: African-Americans. She beat him in Hispanic-heavy states like Nevada and Florida. She beat him in white-dominated industrial states like Ohio. In fact, she’s beaten him just about everywhere Democrats came out to vote in numbers — of the nine states the Vermont senator has won, five have been low-turnout, undemocratic caucuses. While Sanders has gotten an impressive 6.3 million votes this cycle, Clinton has far outpaced him, with 8.7 million votes.

Just like Howard Dean taught us 10 years ago, you can’t build a meaningful progressive campaign without the support of African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians.

And this is rather hilarious – Moulitsas implies that Bernie’s argument that the superdelegates should switch to him because of “momentum” is intellectually dishonest. Ohhhhh nooooo, say it ain’t so!

…the Sanders campaign is now making the same argument it was decrying just a few months ago — that Democratic superdelegates should subvert the choice of the Democratic electorate to hand the nomination to the primary loser. It was an absurd argument when Clinton made it in 2008, and it’s no less absurd today. And if anyone was a beneficiary of such usurpation of the will of the voters, it certainly wouldn’t be an outsider like Sanders.

Suh-NAP!!! Remember, Kos is not a progressive – he is a Democratic Party operative. He states that quite clearly on his site. His coming out for Clinton as the nominee is yet another indicator (as though we needed one) that the Party is going for Hillary this year.

In conclusion…I exhort you, oh dear Widdershins, to keep the faith. Don’t be distracted by Bernie’s bluster. Just hang in there till Bernie cries “uncle.” Or in his case, “cranky old uncle.”

This is an open thread.


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Fantastic post, MB! You rock! That was just what the doctor ordered after those depressing caucuses. I hope you had a nice trip btw. 🙂

Excellent post, you made it so clear.

Most magnificent (fantastic and excellent had already been taken) post. You’d think someone who’s been “revolutioning” for 40 years would have maybe made inroads to important constituencies within the Democratic Party. Or not.

I was just reading this in an article:

Clinton’s median victory in primaries has been 23 points, and Sanders’s median victory in caucuses has been 26 points. “There are only five more caucuses on the Democratic calendar, all of them very small contests and only two of them U.S. states: Wyoming, Guam, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and North Dakota.” Everything else is a primary.

The birds are coming to roost and they are about to be Berned. What do you called a “berned bird”? Dinner.

I was just down at the last post and NWLuna (who lives in WA) mentioned that Bernie’s win in WA was accomplished by only 2% of WA voters. Shows how disenfranchising the caucuses are. (I know that’s a badly constructed sentence, but must run–catch you all later!)

Excellent post MB!

I see Bernie has a butt-burn over the fundraiser that George Clooney and Amal are having for Hillary. However, what I haven’t seen stated is the fact that the fundraiser is for her Victory Fund plus the DSCC and also a number of state democratic groups. How much has Bernie raised for any other groups? Oh that’s right nothing!

@5, GREAT POINT Fredster!! Annie, my trip was good, thank you – and thank you all for the kind words of praise. 🙂

Thanks for laying out the #s on Hillary’s wins! Impressive! Nathan Deal, the governor here in Georgia has vetoed the “religious liberty” bill that passed.

The Republican announced his decision during a news conference in his office at the Georgia Capitol, saying, “I have examined the protections that this bill proposes to provide to the faith based community and I can find no examples of any of those circumstances occurring in our state.”

Deal added, “I do not think that we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith-based community in Georgia.”

@7 – How about that! Could he actually be somewhat rooted in reality? That would be a new twist on today’s modern Rethug.

GAgal: That’s great news! Now someone needs to fix North Carolina’s mess.

Here’s an article on the fundraiser – actually it’s two fundraisers.

Jill Abramson is awfully good at praising someone while still being critical. I know people like that. They act like they’re paying you a compliment but the under tones say different.

@8 No madamab, he did it because all kinds of businesses threatened a boycott, including Coca-Cola, the NFL, Hollywood production studios (a lot of films are made in Georgia) etc. He says that had nothing to do with his decision, but that’s a lie.

@12: Yeah I wanted to mention that “incentive” the guv had from Coke and a lot of other “bid bidness” in the state.

Ah, the media today. On memorandum right now two articles side by side. First from the Hill: “147 FBI agents involved in Clinton email probe.”

Then from Politico: Official: FBI Team on Clinton email probe not near 150. In that article it says – a “source” said “That number is greatly exaggerated.”

Looks like it all boils down to a comment FBI Director James Comey supposedly told an “unnamed member of Congress.” And the media wonders why we think they’re a joke.

After March 15th and Hillary totally wiping Bernie off the map in all five primaries I knew that there was no way Bernie was going to be the nominee. He lost two very important swing states by large margins named Florida and Ohio. However, what is annoying is the braying of the Bernie Bros and their hateful obnoxious rhetoric they fling all across the internet. Then there’s the obnoxious character assassination that Bernie and his campaign continually spew at Hillary. The behavior of his campaign gets under my skin and that’s why I would love for him to be history. If he could act like a grown up I wouldn’t care that he was still in the race.

Well looky here. Wonder if the media will notice this. Clinton has higher enthusiasm score than Bernie.

GAgal@14: I certainly consider The Hill to be a joke now. They seem to have lots and lots of anti-Hillary articles there frequently.

@11, well lookey here, some of the reasons Jill Abramson was fired from the NYT:

“During her tenure, I heard repeatedly from her newsroom colleagues, women and men, about a series of issues, including arbitrary decision-making, a failure to consult and bring colleagues with her, inadequate communication and the public mistreatment of colleagues.”

Seems like a failure to consult and bring colleagues along with inadequate communication might just equate to, in Jill’s own words, “a lack of transparency and a zone of privacy”.

I had remembered the criticisms of Abramson and who knows if they are true or not, it is exactly the same case she makes against Hillary. Can you say “transference” Jill?

Read more:

Nicccccce Post, Blog Wife!!! I wholeheartedly agree that I don’t give a rat’s ass about the White Frat Boys Barnie is courting. We can win without them as most of them won’t show up after the primary fun is over anyways. On to a game of Beer Pong. Furthermore, Bernie’s gals, who are allowed into the fold in order to make the sammiches for The Revolution, WILL vote for Hillary because they have at least enough brain cells to know they are going to have to live with the same SCOTUS for the rest of their lives. The boys don’t care as they have already shown they are sexist pigs. I’ve been called a C*** enough times on twitter to know this. We can do it without them. Besides we’ll have the fear of Donald to help us do that. So screw the little shits, I’m sick of them and I am NEVER going to be nice to them. Evah!

@18 Jill was asked recently what she would do differently and she said “I would have listened more.” Ha!

When Bernie first entered the race, I really liked him. When those shitbags who work for him (Weaver and Davine) started their tricks, I blamed them, not Bernie. No more. That ship has sailed.

Upps said: I wholeheartedly agree that I don’t give a rat’s ass about the White Frat Boys Barnie is courting.

Sooo reminiscent of the ones we had to deal with in ’08 isn’t it?

Who in the heck would spend the money and the effort to do this?

Thank you oh Blog Wife!! Yup. Screw those sexist Berniebros. They don’t mean a thing!

I will NEVER again buy a ticket for any movie in which Susan Sarandon plays a part, is a producer, or in any way endorses.

She is the Bernie attack dog — she was just on Chris Hayes’ show saying she would sit out the November election if Hillary was the nominee. She called Hillary a fracking advocate, a Monsanto shill, and about two dozen other lies, but flash points for the Berniebros. She even crapped on Obama and if memory serves, she was out there yapping his virtues in ’08.

Great post, MadamaB! Feel the Math, Berners!

Ugh, Susan Sarandon, what a loser! Thanks, NWLuna!

Oh gawd Maddow was crowing about the wins Bernie got this weekend.

At least she’s now calling the lie to Tad the Devine saying Sanders “didn’t try” in the Super Tuesday states.

And she now says Bernie “has a chance” to still win the nomination.

she was just on Chris Hayes’ show saying she would sit out the November election if Hillary was the nominee.

Heh. That says a lot about Chris Hayes too.

Susan Sarandon can just go sit on something hard.

@29, Hayes had Dan Savage on right after Sarandon threw her tantrum. Savage said before beginning, “Let me just say, if I’m for Bernie or for Hillary, less evil is still less evil and I will vote and I will vote for either of them before Trump.”

@31: So I wonder if he voted in that 2% caucus?

I haven’t watched a Sarandon movie since 2008. Not even a re run of Thelma & Louise.

@32, I have no idea, but at least he called Sarandon out on being ignorant and having an outrageously ignorant position. More than Hayes did.

This is the next round of the Hillary v. Bernie primary. No one can argue the math and the numbers. The next story line will be: Ewww, she has cooties and I can never be for her. That will give the cables a story line.

There’s a lot of us that are Hillary voters that are just freaking sick of all the crap that gets thrown at her daily and we show up and vote.

There’s an old guy here who constantly writes letters to the editor of the local newspaper. He always says things like ‘I’m not necessarily saying it’s time to take up arms, but you might want to stock up on ammunition’. Here’s the first paragraph of his latest:

All in one shot at the grocery store, I had the most uplifting and demoralizing feelings within minutes. Talking with a veteran of World War II was making us both feel good to talk about our experiences, until the man told me his grandson graduated from Annapolis and instead of pride, he had a tear. “My grandson has it all in the military, except he is a liberal.”

Now, that pretty sad – just in a different way than he thinks.

As Our Gals footsoldiers on the interwebz, it would be useful (at least for me, y’all may all already know the answer) how best to respond to neutralize all the lies about her. Presenting the facts doesn’t change minds. Pitching a fit (which is what I’d like to do) isn’t going to win over any votes. So what’s the best angle?

The only thing I can think of is reiterating that those are Repub talking points (gives them doubt and an alternate frame, both at once) and that we know better than to fall for them since they’ve been debunked.

I know we have some persuasion professionals here. What’s the advice?

GAgal@36: I wonder if he said it as “librul’ ?

@25, I will join you and “sit out” anything that features Susan Sarandon!

Quixote, guess we could use our virtual version of Lucille from The Walking Dead on them.

quixote, frankly, I felt like I was talking with Republicans most of the time when talking with the Bern(soon to be out) crowd at the 2% caucus. They were even doing the “What Bernie really meant” trick just like the WORMing of ’08. And it’s hard to keep your temper when they say “That’s got to be wrong” about a fact they don’t like.

Only 1 person out of about 40 seriously asked me for legitimate sources on Sanders & Hillary’s records (guess they were too lazy to bother checking stuff for themselves.) Several did volunteer that they would vote for Hillary if she was the nominee — more than I expected. Perhaps those are the ones coming out of the Bern-trance.

With the full-on Berniebots I’m just going to say “Feel the Math!”, smile knowingly, and walk away.

Luna said: Only 1 person out of about 40 seriously asked me for legitimate sources on Sanders & Hillary’s records

Luna what sites did you point them toward?

Remember at the 2012 convention how Bill Clinton talked about using arithmetic to balance the budget? You should just tell the Dude bros that it’s the arithmetic bro and let them looked stunned and trying to figure out what you are saying.

Quixote, I wish I could help you, but I don’t think I have ever changed a single mind about either Obama, or Bernie. (“Feel the Math” is hilarious, by the way. 😀) The reason you can’t persuade them, is that you can’t change Hillary’s gender. As Prolix said, any argument against her will work because of that.

I take Uppity’s approach. They’re not worth it. Some of them will change their minds before or after she’s elected, some won’t. It depends on how deep their sexism goes. For now, I ignore them and their nasty, terrified, leg-crossing behavior.

I guess it’s good to know it’s not just me being unimaginative. ? Fred’s suggestion appeals to me. 😈 (Which makes me feel a bit like Dr. Strangelove trying to control his rogue hand.)

NWLuna mentioned some handouts she carried with her for anyone interested. Something like that would be super-useful. I can never remember chapter and verse off the top of my head. (I’m no Hillary!) Is this something you put together yourself? Is there a link where we could find a handy sheet like that?

@37, Quixote, here’s my take — picking a fight with a gunfighter who has come to town to have a gun fight ends one way — in a gun fight. Like MB said, most of all the bile and anger of the Bbros focus around their mothers telling them to change their underwear regularly. They haven’t socialized to the point of respecting women or any human being who happens to have a difference of opinion with them.

With that said, you can’t change the bros, but you can plant seeds with those who read their typed diarrhea. In the war of minds that is a greater victory. What I have done on occasion is to politely ask:

“I just want to be sure I understand how you are seeing these issues, but are you one of those paid chat surfers for Bernie? I mean if you are, that’s great because everyone has to have a job, but since you are paid by the hour, I’m not going to have time to change your mind with facts.”

That plants a seed. It will send the Bbro into orbit spewing bile and spittle. He will probably invoke Godwin’s Law. You win. Not for his soul, but for the souls of those who come later by reading.

This is what a 4-4 victory looks like:

The Supreme Court on Tuesday said it was unable to resolve a major challenge to organized labor. The result was a defeat for a group of California teachers who claim their free speech rights are violated when they are forced to pay dues to the state’s teachers union.

Had Scalia lived, this would have been a step further in the process of eradicating the middle class and bolstering those hard-working one percenters by killing unions.

Quixote, you can find a lot of material and talking points at correct the

Prolix, I like the four-four victory meme. Really, the Repubs haven’t got a winning hand here. Their majority is gone for the foreseeable future, and their stalling doesn’t do anything but make them look like the @ssh0les they are. It’s yet another reason to take the Senate away from them in November.

@47: I was going to say reading that complaint, that’s one of the old arguments that the right-to-work groups used, I believe.

Scott Walker endorsed Ted Cruz. Let the fun begin.

@49 & 50, the political calculus McTurtle made was: We’ve lied about killing Obamacare, we’ve lied about immigration, we’ve lied about regulations and we won’t have Obama as the scary Afro-Kenyan any more, so we have to grab the Supreme Court and growl. That’s not a winning hand. He’s finally reached the end of the line with ginning up the pitchfork crowd with lies.

Fredster, you are absolutely correct. This case was a federal “right-to-work” gambit by the Chamber of Commerce. They are going to be in the unhappy mode.

@51, the Walker endorsement for Cruz isn’t a surprise because:

The bald spot and the comb over, nary the twain shall meet.

@52: I thought the argument sounded familiar (and tired).

Lil Marco is sending out notices that he wants to hold on to his delegates. He has 171 delegates that he can barter with at the convention.

@47, yay! A loss for the right wingers!

Quixote, there was a great post at dkos (of all places) that listed the differences between Hillary and Bernie. I’ll try to look for it later. Oh, Sophie over at Uppity’s would know how to find it.

soupcity over at Uppity’s posted this. It’s hilarious. And sadly, true!

Quixote, I left a message for Sophie at Uppity’s. I think you make something from the information on that dkos post. I meant to do it myself, but I am currently using a pc that doesn’t have Word!?!? and am not sure how to go about it.

Thanks all for the pointers! Now that you mention it, I think I saw that post at dkos. It had about 20 points side by side, with Bernie iconized from one of his angry rants. Should be in my history somewhere. I don’t go to dkos very often, so should be easy to find.

The New Yorker link to the BernieBro code is really a chuckle!

It is for the above reasons that a Bernie Bro knows it to be his duty to put a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker on his dad’s Kia, even at the risk of losing a Bernie Bro’s credit-card privileges.

Yup. Here it is: Feel the fraud. Off to check

@58: Love the last one of the code:

It is for the above reasons that a Bernie Bro knows it to be his duty to put a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker on his dad’s Kia, even at the risk of losing a Bernie Bro’s credit-card privileges.

I wonder if the Bernie Bro will also lose access to his dad’s basement and his computer?

quioxte: did you read some of the comments? Incredible.

@61 quixote, here’s another just about Hillary’s Arkansas Legacy.

FWIW Widdershins, Maddow will be having something tomorrow night where she interviews both Hillary and Bernie. To be honest, I don’t see myself watching it.

Oh my…there’s a Repub Townhall on CNN. Meh.


Republican townhalls suck unless the moderators call them out on lies. It’s better to let the country see them yell at each other. 🙂

@68: IMO, weaseling.

The other day when that Gallup poll came out showing Hillary’s enthusiasm % higher than Bernie’s I wondered if the media was going to cover it. I haven’t seen it anywhere except on our friendly blogs. Has anyone else? (This piece feels like it’s missing an ending – or something.)

My internet is slower than molasses tonight.

@69 Really, how will it make the “religious objectors” feel less offended if they opt out att he time of signing the contract, rather than sending a form opting out later. I would think by their argument here it’s pretty much the same thing. Or maybe who ever interpreted it, was speculating as to the reason.

@70: I dunno, the article seemed okay. But as you said, I wonder why no one else has picked up the news about that poll.

@68, it does feel like weaseling, but there’s a reason. At the very least, they are trying to have similar results in East St. Louis and St. Louis. There would be dissimilar results given that St. Louis is in the 8th Circuit and East St. Louis is in the 7th.

This is just pure speculation, but it might be a maneuver to keep the 4th vote in tow until there’s a 9th justice. That wasn’t clear, but Kennedy might be wobbly. In order to find a middle ground, this might be the strategy. This does open the Court up to criticisms of legislating and activism by being so specific in their Order.

If the government comes back and says, “We can’t do it under the existing legislation,” we might have our answer to what this is all about. In any event, this case will be held over until next term with a Justice nominated by President Hillary and I can tell you how it comes out. Contraceptives for everyone!

@71, the “objectors” would not be contracted and therefore, their “infrastructure” would not yet exist so their objections would no longer be valid. How can you object to something to which you have never been a part? The contraceptives would be completely outside the contractual relationship.

@72 Now I see why I thought that article ended abruptly. It didn’t load the last half. I knew she was a better writer than what I was seeing!

@73 It did look to me they were trying to hold the case over. Activism or not, it’s an 8 member court. What’cha gonna do?

@76, tell Kennedy to pull up his big boy robe and vote in accordance with the law, but that ain’t gonna happen. So what’cha gonna do is absolutely right.

Was at the salt mines all day. A Berniegal at the caucus wanted to know where I was getting the info that showed Bernie outspending Hillary in the states he lost (he sure did in several other states, too), and — get this — info that Bernie voted against Ed Kennedy’s immigration reform bill, and to send nuclear waste down to the Southwest. Also wanted to know where I got my info on Hillary’s policy plan details (!)

She had the gall to say “I don’t believe that” when I told her that Bernie voted to shield gun mfgrs from legal responsibility for their products and that the bill included a ban on Federal dollars on gun-violence research. I’m a clinician with a doctoral degree, and some of my practice involves research. “No,” she said, “that’s just so they can’t research how to build bombs or stuff like that.” Me: “Sorry, it really is a ban on any Federal funds into gun injuries, for example, children seen at the ER with gunshot wounds.” She: “That’s not possible.” Where TF do these people come from, and where did they put their brains?

I thought about the 2008 caucus experience and didn’t make any formal handouts, figuring they wouldn’t be read. Probably should have done some anyway.

I did print out a line from the Rolling Stone’s endorsement:
“The clear and urgent choice is Hillary Clinton” — that met with total shocked silence for a few seconds, lol. And a few other ones such as: NY Time 1/28/16: Fact check: Sanders has more super PAC support than any other Democrat.

Also — skim through tweets from Progressive Man @WeNeedHillary
who has some really fun and informative tweets, some of which I used for info. Really liked the one about Berners mistaking a little bird for 800 delegates!

Maybe look at some of the famous people who have endorsed Hillary. The average Berned-brain is probably impressed by “superstar” type people. But facts? Most of them are not thinking rationally.

I agree with Fredster @ 40! Use that on ’em.

Luna wrote:

She had the gall to say “I don’t believe that” when I told her that Bernie voted to shield gun mfgrs from legal responsibility for their products and that the bill included a ban on Federal dollars on gun-violence research

That’s their problem. They cannot conceive of the idea that their precious Bernie might not be all that they believe him to be.

That “Feel the Fraud” compilation is fantastic! Thanks, that is very useful.

@78, amazing. Thanks for sharing that Luna, and thanks for enduring it.

Prolix, if you have the time and inclination to explain the contraception issue, I will be very happy to read it.

I wish the enthusiasm poll results had come out a day earlier so I could use it at the caucus. I did answer back to one Berniebot claiming Hillary couldn’t inspire people. Of course, what he meant was that hedidn’t feel inspired by a woman candidate. My response was to point out that people who inspired enough by Hillary to vote for her in numbers far higher than Bernie’s. Hell, some of us even turn out for the caucuses in spite of the hazing.

Haven’t seen those poll results discussed anywhere except in the Hillary blogosphere. For many Hillary supporters this has been a long, long time coming. We remember 2008. We’re feeling weary at times. We’re not flaming people on Facebook and Twitter who are anti-Hillary — we try to reason with them and point out the facts.

Screw the MSM anyhow. We’ll show them what enthusiasm looks like on Nov. 8th. And even more on Inauguration Day 2017 for Madame President!

socalannie, Caucuses aren’t that bad compared to what Our Girl endures. But I kept thinking “Are these all really Republican rat-effers?”

The worst Sanders defense of the day (trigger warning) occurred when after a slew of shit like “It’s not just Bernie — it’s the Movement!” and “Bernie’s for healthcare for everybody — Hillary isn’t,” I got exasperated and said: “Hillary’s been working on healthcare since back when Bernie was writing his rape fantasy stories.” Young woman Berniebot: “So? I have rape fantasies.” Yes, that knocked me speechless. I stood there, thinking of all the women and children I’ve seen and listened to who’ve been hurt by sexual violence. (I work in healthcare, and used to teach women’s self-defense.) And this smiling young woman was telling me Sanders’ writing about bondage, abuse, and gang rape was no big deal. — I assume people here have seen that 1971 stream-of-consciousness piece by Sanders in some Vermont “literary” newspaper or do I have to link to the disgusting item? Thank the deities the signal to break into precincts came right then and she left. I should have told her the Trump headquarters were down the block.

Luna, we’ve seen the rape fantasy shit months ago.You don’t have to post it. I’ll be back in a couple of minutes. Please hang tight.

@78, Luna, thanks so much for that. I’m so enormously proud of you! That takes all kind of self-control I just don’t have. I love hearing your stories about all this. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much. You did what you can do at this point. And actually, it’s a good point. So what if Sanders wins another caucus? He’s still done. You worked your ass off. No one can ask for more. Rest, if you can,I know that’s hard. But come back ready to ignore BirdBrains because we’re heading forward without them. Hillary’s got this! She’s ready, we’re ready. It’s a done deal!! The rest of the country will take it from here! EVERYONE loves Hillary! The whole fucking world! Madame President! We’re on our way, thanks to you!

@87 Luna, that was for you. Sorry, I messed up.

GAgal and Prolix, thanks. Hillary sisters & brothers are good people! Feel the Math!

It wasn’t as bad as ’08 when I wasn’t expecting it, although I’d been reading stories and seen the behavior on the blogs. This time I knew what I was getting into. Our precinct’s Hillary supporters gathered in a cluster afterwards to roll our eyes at the Berners’ naivete and sexism — and to take turns saying all our favorite things we liked about Hillary.

The Berners will look back on themselves in 10 years and wonder why they were so stupid. Sanders will pick up a few more votes from 2% or, let’s be generous, 3% of a small state’s population in the few caucuses left. He’ll get trounced in New York, which is Hillary country. She’ll keep winning the majority of votes — and delegates. The SuperDs will go for Hillary. The Sanders thuggery will backfire big time. And Bernie will be crankier than ever because Madame President!

Hehehehe….wonder how long it will take Sanders to go back to his assault weapons-loving do-nothingism? Any bets?

You rock, Luna! Thanks for all of it–being there, telling us about it, and having an upbeat attitude. (Like MB’s post)

Well, well, well. None of the three Repub candidates would agree to support whoever is the eventual nominee. That’s gonna be a free-for-all in Cleveland.

I almost never read comments, except here and places like Upps’ and Skydancing. I did recently a couple of times to “get a sense of the meeting” so to speak. The level of contempt and hatred for Clinton wouldn’t even be appropriate if it was hurled at Trump, and I don’t know how to put it more strongly than that.

I mean, she’s just a very competent politician and public servant who works hard. If you don’t like what she does, sure, make your argument, but that’s not what they do. It’s like they’re on a hajj and have reached the Stoning of the Devil stage. I want to suggest therapy, but I don’t know how to do that in a way that would encourage them to actually go.

But, anyway, what I did take away from my brief foray into general comments is that the level of irrationality against Clinton is massive. I’ve been living this crap my whole life and I didn’t realize it was this bad.

So my current paranoia is that the Repubs know that she can climb that wall of misogyny and win only if her opponent has two heads, like their current frontrunners. They seem to be working together to get a brokered convention. And then they’ll insert somebody who looks like he has only one head (keeping the other one tucked into his collar, they’re all pinheads so that’s not difficult), and sexism will carry the day.

The stuff about the candidates suddenly not promising to support the nominee is actually kind of good in that scenario. If the Repub leadership appoints, say, Kasich (or Walker??) and Drumpf takes his hair and his votes into his own corner, that may split the doofus vote enough to clear the way for Clinton.

Of course, the Dems have Sanders’ hair and votes, so there’s that.

(Sorry for the long Debbie Downer comment. I guess I’ve got PTSD after 2008, and I won’t rest easy until after Nov. 9th.)

@92, quixote, there will be a collective sigh of relief from millions of us in November that will turn into an astronomically loud Whoooop! of joy! The champagne will hit the stars.

Quixote said: If the Repub leadership appoints, say, Kasich (or Walker??) and Drumpf takes his hair and his votes into his own corner, that may split the doofus vote enough to clear the way for Clinton.

That’s what I hope happens and what went through my mind when I saw the article.

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