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Lazy Weekend – going to the movies

Posted on: March 26, 2016

movie theater entrance
Since our dear chatblu is sailing around the Caribbean, sipping Mai-tais or some other exotic drinks, I thought this time for our lazy weekend we might look at some movies.  More specifically dramas and comedy_drama masks 2even more specifically, costume or historical dramas.  Now we don’t have to necessarily think of costumes as a requirement, but there are a ton of costume dramas; think of all of those Errol Flynn movies.    I am going to play loosely with the term drama; we don’t have to be heavy in tone, just not comedic.  Okay, with that away we go! (in no particular order)

(1) Elizabeth I – Helen Mirren
not my favorite of the Elizabeth movies but I just enjoy Mirren in anything.

(2) Elizabeth: The Golden Age – Cate Blanchett
I really thought Blanchett made a better Elizabeth than did Mirren.

(3) The Ten Commandments – Heston
Okay, so why do I really want to see Moses/Heston with a rifle in his hand?

(4) The Lion in Winter – Katherine Hepburn, Peter O’Toole
I know that Glenn Close did a version of this but for me, nothing compares to Hepburn.

(5)  Robin Hood – Errol Flynn
Let’s face it:  Errol Flynn was probably the king of the costume dramas back in the day

(6) Schindler’s List – Liam Neeson
Definitely a historical drama

(7)  Mississippi Burning – Willem Defoe, Gene Hackman

 comedy_drama masksOkay Widdershins, I don’t want the page to take too long to load so that’s my list.  Please consider adding your own choices in the comments.  Meanwhile I shall go back to my tickley throat and coughing.  I have some meds now but it takes time.

Have an enjoyable Easter.


44 Responses to "Lazy Weekend – going to the movies"

Being from the South, I can appreciate big hair, but Amadeus featured massive hair.

And of course, there’s the decadent couture of Gatsby:

@1: Indeed there was big hair in that movie!

@1: Too many notes! 😆

Maybe not drama but a swashbuckler costume movie at least.

Not related to anything here but the Easter special with a hydraulic press. Lets mash some stuff.

Off track, but…

All the Berniebros are so elated and giddy about the sparrow miraculously coming to roost during Bernie’s rally the other evening. Well, I looked it up. Sparrows, according to the lore of such things, are a harbinger of death. Not exactly an omen you want to find in your Mueslix.

He won Alaska and Wa. state. Bernie’s got the Big Mo now!

I saw that clip of Bernie and the bird. Too bad he couldn’t control his waggley-ass finger – he scared it off. Also, Bernie filed a continuance in the lawsuit against the DNC.

Given his treatment of his wife as opposed to the sparrow, I again turn to The Godfather:

Shoo the wife. keep the bird.

Perhaps this year when Bernie accepts the “Feminist of the Year” award, they will have that engraved on it.

Question: Has anyone seen Bernie and Keith Richards at the same time? I think Keith Richards might be playing a trick on us or living one of his hallucinations out loud, but that’s just me.

@8, omg! Harbinger of death!

@11, unbelievable. Sanders just thinks everyone owes him whatever he wants. Scary that he has so many followers.

Fredster, you’ve chosen some great movies, btw.

@17: Thanks. I just wanted to put together a small list but since I was doing this genre, I had to do the two Elizabeths.

Sanders won Hawaii “by a landslide”.

Thanks Fredster. Bummer of a day for Hillary and all of us. Ah, well, onward and upward.

Its weird that Kos is on Hillary’s side this time around.

@annie: even winning all three of these he’ll barely make a dent in her delegate count. I think she knew how these would probably turn out so she didn’t put a big effort into them.

Welp, gonna try to snooze some.

Poor Bernie. He thinks he actually has a chance at winning New York. So pathetic. This is Hill Country. 🙂

Here’s my pick for the movies:

The sparrow visit had an unusual effect on Bernie, but he does exemplify the “unexpected virtues of ignorance.”


My friends, there are times when I just can’t believe the power of karma or synchronicity or connectedness or whatever you want to call it, but some things just can’t be explained. Here’s one:

The guy who is the CEO of National Enquirer is named, wait for it, wait for it, David Pecker. Yes, the leader of a smut mag is a Pecker. Has always been a Pecker. Will die a Pecker having lived every single day as a Pecker.

You can’t make that stuff up.

@25: LOL!

@26: How appropriate that he’s a Pecker!

@25 – Makes one wonder: how can you catch the sparrow?

Oh good! Someone put this on youtube. It was a pain in the backside trying to get the twitter thing to work. From the info about the clip that’s on youtube:

At the beginning of his March 26 victory speech, Bernie Sanders tells his wife, “Don’t stand next to me,” then pushes her away.

@29, Who’s the other woman?

I haven’t seen anyone say.

Happy Easter! Hope everyone enjoyed their day. We hid eggs in the sprinkling rain, but kids don’t care.

I see Ted Cruz celebrated Easter by appearing on Fox Sunday and reassuring us he would carpet bomb ISIS into oblivion. And to heck with those rules of engagement – they just tie our hands behind our back. Happy Easter Ted. What a good Christian you are.

@30: No, no one has said who that is. A campaign staffer maybe?

@31: Heh. Would we expect anything else?

I’d never heard of daily kos before early 2008, but I heard it was hell for Hill supporters. But I do check sometimes now because others, who were into it, mention it. Sometimes it’s comedy gold.

Right now, there is diary by BoobsForBernie titled “Backlash: #Bernie made me white” (tweets from people of color, all ages) with a graphic of Bernie and his yooouge crowd that says – KEEP SCREWING BERNIE DNC AND WE WILL SCREW YOU IN NOVEMBER. It doesn’t go into detail about that.

Then, BoobsForBernie posts a graphic of Bernie as the Terminator (or somebody) with an automatic rifle slung over one shoulder and a handgun in the other. ASSAULT ON WALL STREET, bullet holes in police cars, the buildings behind him exploding.

Next comment. “I don’t like this image of Bernie. It’s the exact opposite of who he is. I’m sure he doesn’t like being portrayed in this manner. He likes being seen with his bird friend.”

@21, yeah, weird about dkos. I only wish the rest of the Obots from ’08 would have grown up too.

Having suffered thru my WA state caucus yesterday, which was frighteningly like ’08’s, most of the Berniebros are channeling the Obotism of 8 years ago. “It’s a movement! the energy! Bernie will get stuff done because he’s got us! The people! We don’t have time for incremental change! He gives me hope!” and other such dreck. Total naivete combined with regurgitation of all the right-wing memes about Hillary. Oh yeah, didja know Bernie has diverse supporters and there’s his civil rights work too. I alternated between squelching my ROFLOL desire and feeling stunned. Nightmare deja vu.

I’m still recovering. Good old movies are just what I need now!

@33 Boobs for Bernie — that says it all. Yerch!

Sorry to comment-bomb, but was just thinking that sparrow was likely a weed-bird English sparrow, a noisy, messy, non-native import crowding out native species. How fitting for Sanders.

@36, how appropriate as you say, a “weed-bird” — the Berniebros are likely to roll it and try to fire it up.

Luna, no such thing as comment-bomb. I do it all the time even if no one is around! Thank you for caucusing in enemy territory. You did Hillary and us proud! Thank you!

@36, touche!

Ditto what GAgal says @38, thanks for enduring that Luna.

GAgal, I’ve looked at kos a few times lately, had not gone there in years. Apparently kos is now all ready for Hillary to start getting ready for taking on Trump, and thinks Bernie should get out soon. There are still a lot of Bernie supporters there though.

I will be really glad when this primary is really over.

@39 annie, that’s what so fun about it. It’s not happening. There’s a super, duper delegate argument that has me enthralled. Are they the lost boys from the “hope and change” movement? Or are they their little brothers? Not to mention their post-feminist sisters? We’ll see. As I said, I’d never heard of dkos, it’s great comedy now.

Luna, as GAgal said, thanks for enduring that dreck you had to go through. And dreck sounds like such an appropriate word for that mess. Also, thanks for the info on the sparrow. How appropriate.

Glad you came by! 🙂

Thanks, all my Hillary sisters and brothers! I usually hang out at Sky Dancing but have popped in here every once in a while since ’08. Wow, lots of us have been in this fight for a while!

Even though I live in Seattle, aka Berner-lusion Land, I had to go caucus for Hillary. Hey, what’s 2 hrs compared with what she’s endured? And still endures. I did the math on the final caucus #s in WA state. A “huge” 2% of WA voters picked Sanders in the caucus. Some landslide, eh?

Luna: Yes indeed many of us have shared this battle for a long time. That just shows you how strongly we feel about our girl, doesn’t it?

Wow! 2% huh? Isn’t it odd how I didn’t see that number anywhere on teevee. o_O

Stop in anytime you want to. We’re a friendly group here. 🙂

Ahhh!!! Skydancing is where I’ve seen NWLuna (besides Upps place). I knew I had “known” her from someplace else!

Luna, yes, thanks for the 2% factoid!

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