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An unlikely post mortem…

Posted on: March 23, 2016

Good morning Widdershins.  This is going to be a different kind of post.  I figure you can read about Brussels without me regurgitating articles.  You already know the results of the mountain primaries with Hillary winning Arizona and Bernie taking Utah and Idaho.

What I’m offering up today is a condensed version of an article from The Weekly Standard.  No, I am not possessed.  The article is Debriefing Mike Murphy:  Why the Right Failed to Rise.  In essence, it is an exit interview with Mike Murphy who captained the $118 Million Titanic, the “Right to Rise” Super Pac.

The reason I offer this up, shortened from its 7,600 words, is that it’s funny and remarkably honest.  It is similar to things liberals say about the clown bus that is the Republican primary.  All the words, except the headings are from the article.

How the article came to be:Mike Murphy

I (the author Matt Labash) have come to Right to Rise, Jeb Bush’s $118 million super-PAC, to watch Mike Murphy and his crew pack it in.  That donor loot helped buy Jeb all of four delegates before he dropped from the race, returning to a quiet life of low-energy contemplation.  Murphy bellows a greeting and introduces me around to his crew, saying, “He’s here to write my political obituary!”

How did Murphy get to L.A. and Hollywood:

Murphy, an inveterate film buff, moved to Los Angeles a decade ago to dabble in screenwriting, partly to escape politics — which he calls “the lowest rung of show business.”

The office décor:

There are pictures of Jeb, of course, beaming beatifically while surrounded by smiling multicultural children. The Department of Ungentlemanly Warfare has posted photos they’ve dug up of other candidates in compromising positions, such as Chris Christie inhaling ice cream while looking like he’s storing four bags of doughnuts under his shirt.

The primaries countdown clock is now permanently set to zero. And next to it hangs a large Donald Trump piñata that is fitted with real Marco Rubio ankle-boots, the metrosexual atrocities Rubio was caught wearing that look like something Deney Terrio would sport on an old episode of Dance Fever. In a box nearby are the severed heads of previous Trump piñatas.

On the future:

Surveying his decommissioned troops, the 53-year-old general sighs with mock-wistfulness: “These people all used to have great careers in politics. .  .  . Now we’re going to Kinko’s to print off some résumés. We understand there’s a job fair at Quiznos.”

On other Murphy clients:

Murphy played a major role in assisting three losing presidential candidates (McCain, Lamar! Alexander, and Jeb!). If you again notice a theme, it’s that his presidential candidates sometimes seem more excited about their first names than the electorate does.

On advice he would give Jeb! now:

Though Murphy’s tongue is usually on a hair-trigger, he stops and ponders this question for a beat. He then says he would’ve told Jeb, “What the f — were we thinking?”

On retiring from politics:Right to Rise Dollahs

Murphy’s been threatening to quit politics for good since at least the early aughts, hoping to find more reputable employment, “like opening a dog track — nicer class of people.”

Murphy’s nickname for this political season:

The Year of the Howling Moron

The one precondition to doing the interview:

Murphy laid down only one precondition: “That you put in this piece that The Weekly Standard has become a Rubio-Love Spank Mag — and Kristol can’t cut it!”

On Trump:Donald Trump

No sense in giving the country over to total amateurs, as we now seem poised to do, Murphy implies. After all, when you need someone to fix your plumbing, you call a plumber — not a reality-show star whose only real accomplishment is “teaching Gary Busey to work the snow-cone machine [on Celebrity Apprentice].” If we need someone to fix the country, perhaps we should subject these applicants to at least the same expertise standards we apply to the Roto-Rooter man.

On the Rubio love-fest:

It especially enrages Murphy that the Beltway crowd has been so protective of Rubio, “having a breakdown as their precious helicopter-mom dreams are evaporating.” Yes, Right to Rise smacked the silly out of Rubio repeatedly. “Loyalty is not a small thing. I’m an old Irish pol. No loyalty is owed, if no loyalty was given.”

On Cruz:

As for Cruz, Murphy does not TrusTed and has no plans to fall in line with the man shaping up to be the Establishment’s hold-your-nose-and-kiss-your-sister Trump alternative: “I think he’s cynical, totally cynical. .  .  . I don’t think he could win a general election, so he’ll be wiped out. It’s a choice between Trump, who is terrible for the country, and Cruz, who is terrible for the party.  Cruz is probably pissed that a bigger con man showed up.”

On Kasich: 

To offer people hope, Kasich has an impossibly tall order this year: “He’s trying to start an opera club at a tractor pull.”

On the modern electorate:

We pretend as though character doesn’t count, then wonder why we get so many characters. We buy cut-rate Chinese goods at Walmart, or better still, on Amazon Prime, so we don’t have to put down the Doritos bag and budge from our easy-chair rage-stations as our passions get serially inflamed by Sean Hannity telling us how great we are and how hard we have it. Our consumption of everything seems to be increasing — of carbs, meth, anger-stoking shoutfests — even as our producers seem to be disappearing. Maybe we have unimpressive politicians because they’re our representatives, and we’ve become grossly unimpressive ourselves.

“There is the Wall Street stuff — rich guys who win either way. When things go south, they get bailed out. When things go right, they get billions. There’s legit anger at that. And there should be. Income inequality stuff is real.”

A telling admission against interest:

The weird thing, Murphy says, is even the rich guys know it. One of them, a Right to Rise donor, gave Murphy a hop from New York back to L.A. on his brand new Gulfstream. Murphy calls it a “G-a-lot,” as in, “it was bigger than a G-V.” Upon deplaning, “the hedge-fund zillionaire pulls me aside, and says, ‘I paid $55 million for this, and the government gave me most of it in tax breaks. I don’t know if people ask for things from Jeb. But here’s what I want: Tell him to get rid of that shit.’ Because even the guys in the rich world feel crappy about it.”

On Hillary:Hillary

Murphy suspects that if Trump wins the Republican nomination, the country is “idiot-proof” enough that Hillary (who he adds “I’m not a fan of”) would beat Trump. The head-to-head numbers have consistently suggested Hillary’s win, which is why he’s long called Trump a “zombie frontrunner.”

On an open convention:

“You’d just pack a quart of liquor, a revolver, and go to the convention.”

On the professional “antiestablishment” types who are making a fortune:

The antiestablishment establishment:  The professional stokers of anger and discontent, those who settle, as a way of life, on unsettledness. “Like, Antiestablishment Inc.,” Murphy says. “You can find them at 123 Establishment Lane, Des Moines, Iowa. Often, they’re involved with the postage meter or credit card machine somewhere for small-dollar donations.”

Take, for instance, he says, the Tea Party — “a racket, though it’s supposed to be a nonracket,” full of faux four-star generals who say, “ ’You’ve got to pay me because .  .  . I represent the Nebraska sub-Army 14 of the Tea Party,’ and there’d be like four or five guys arguing over who’s in charge of it.” But there’s a racket of people sending letters asking for money. “The poor old lady sends her $25 to defeat Nancy Pelosi, and $22 of it goes to ‘fundraising costs.”

Could have been written by any of us.  This is an open thread.



94 Responses to "An unlikely post mortem…"

Omg. That is too funny. And bizarre.

btw, your title is very apt!

Turkey says that one of the bombers tried to enter Turkey, but they caught him and deported him back to Belgium with a warning that he was a terrorist fighter, but the Belgians didn’t do anything about it. Like us with the 9/11 terrorists or the Boston Bombers, I guess. It gives one such a warm feeling to know that our governments are dropping the ball when warned:

@1, Isn’t it strange that someone who led the charge for Jeb! is basically seeing the world through the same lens about the Tea Party and its con jobs?

@3, Hillary is giving a speech right now at Stanford about terrorism. She is doing a great job as usual. Paced, sensible steps, not the craziness of Trump or Cruz.

@4, yes, it was very amusing.

@5, I will have to look for that later tonight. I’ve heard she has some interesting ideas about it.

A couple of things from the article (yep I read the entire thing).

On Trump:

He doesn’t understand the presidency. You don’t call up the head of Mexico and say, ‘Hey, I’m going to build a fabulous wall with first-class gold toilets and you’re gonna pay for it.’ You don’t call up the head of the Ford Motor Company and say, ‘You can only manufacture things in the U.S. or I’m going to unilaterally impose tariffs.’ He has no understanding of presidential powers.
He has no understanding of Congress. It’s like putting a chimp in the driver’s seat of a tractor. He’s not going to plow the field. He’s going to drive the tractor into the lake. So the stakes are high. And having problems is not a license to vote stupid. People need the tractor to plow the damn field, now.”

bolding mine

And on reporters:

So many simpleton reporters — whose depth of knowledge extends to whatever they read in the Real Clear Politics polls average that morning. Fly-by-night pollsters feeding the media, which is creating news so that they can report on it. A never-ending, sausage-making, feedback loop.

Being the astute political animals that we Widdershins are, how many of those reporters do we see each day?

I’ve seen Mike Murphy on some talk shows before and hes funny as hell and is smart. I just hate that he works for the other side. And if he has a house in Hancock Park, he’s done very well for himself.

Well that@7 took me forever to clean up!

When you go to the grocery to indulge in your Oreo habit, be sure to check the package to make sure they’re made in the U.S.A.

I guess you can also always check your local grocery for Hydrox cookies.

Sarah Palin may have a new gig. Never mind that she doesn’t have a law degree.

Will we be able to look forward to more of these? Annie, what do you call this type of jazz? I’m ashamed to say I don’t know the name of this style although I’ve frequently heard it.

@7, I had both those quips to include because I thought they were good. They made it in until the fifth cut. I wanted to try and keep it down to about 1,000 words. I did like the chimp driving the tractor because that paints such a great visual.

@11: Definitely, I loved the chimp/tractor thing. And immediately I thought of Rick and Daryl (?) fighting with Jesus while the van full of food rolled into the pond.

I just tried to post a comment and it disappeared twice. Where did it go?

@7, undoubtedly Murphy is a conservodroid. He was a favorite on MTP because he would say the most outrageous things.

The other big loser who was on the talkies all the time was Todd Harris. He was Rubio’s message boy. He probably made millions.

Did your keyboard or perhaps the mouse go crazy? My wireless mouse will do that at times, especially when I’m writing emails. Nothing like having two paragraphs of something just go into limbo and you try to reconstruct what you had just written.

I don’t see anything in pending or spam.

On the bright side of things, today is National Puppy Day!

Lucy is a cutie!

@10, I wonder why Sarah Palin doesn’t take a set of tongs to the podium with her for that word salad she so loosely calls a speech.

She is a perfect example of what Murphy was talking about above. Sitting there in a nice recliner listening to “Sean Hannity tell us how bad we have it.”

There’s Palin, at an event for the Iowa well-heeled, talking about “the man” — “the man” who looks just like the people in the audience — whiter than rice, rich, sucking off agricultural subsidies, and a manufactured market for corn through ethanol that costs more in energy than it saves and being paid by the rest of us. Yeah, those people in the audience have it rough. Life has been truly unkind to those folks as they drive home to their 5,000 – 10,000 acre corporate farms protected as family farms.

@10, I wonder why Sarah Palin doesn’t take a set of tongs to the podium with her for that word salad she so loosely calls a speech.

She is a perfect example of what Murphy was talking about above. Sitting there in a nice recliner listening to “Sean Hannity tell us how bad we have it.”

There’s Palin, at an event for the Iowa well-heeled, talking about “the man” — “the man” who looks just like the people in the audience — whiter than rice, rich, sucking off agricultural subsidies, and a manufactured market for corn through ethanol that costs more in energy than it saves and being paid by the rest of us. Yeah, those people in the audience have it rough. Life has been truly unkind to those folks as they drive home to their 5,000 – 10,000 acre corporate farms protected as family farms.

@18: Exactly why I had bookmarked that People article. And I love the logic (?) behind the premise of the show.

Unlike the two famous TV judges, Palin does not have a juris doctor degree. But the source notes that the bestselling author has a variety of other qualities that make her perfectly suited to the job.

“Palin’s telegenic personality, wide appeal and common sense wisdom make her a natural for this kind of format and she was Warm Springs’ top pick for this project.”

I’d love to ask Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace about that common sense wisdom. I don’t recall ever seeing that on display.

That is a really good article. At least Mike Murphy has a sense of humor about his own demise. And naturally, there was Roger Stone and some more of his “wisdom”. Speaking of the media – “People’s bullshit quota is completely exhausted, they’re just not buying anything the old media is telling them.” That’s been true for a long time for most of us. However, there seems to quite a few who think that, yet still fall for Trump’s BS. I don’t think that quota is completely exhausted.

testing… comments not posting

@19, wonder why Palin doesn’t do an ER medical show because she’s just as close to a doctor as she is an attorney? Perhaps closer given she has to extract her foot from her mouth so often.

@20 GAgal, the same thing happened to me.

I had a couple of comments disappear on me in the past few days as well. I thought it was this crappy Dell, but maybe its WordPress?

btw, I think chimps are far more intelligent than the morons in the republican primary. If a chimp was driving one tractor, and TrumpCruzKasich in another, the chimp would get the job done better, faster, and safer.

Agree that Lucy is adorable.

This Mike Murphy guy is funny. I don’t remember hearing about him before.

omg–I just had a comment disappear!

All I said was that I found Murphy funny, and had never heard of him before.

Just had two comments not post.

One more time…

That was a good article. At least Murphy has a sense of humor about his own demise. And naturally, there’s Roger Stone to impart more of his “wisdom”. Speaking of the media – “People’s bullshit quota is completely exhausted, they’re just not buying anything the old media is telling them.” Well, we’ve known that a long time. They may think that about the media, but then they fall for Trump’s BS. I don’t think that quota is completely exhausted.

That was a good article. At least Murphy has a sense of humor about his own demise. And naturally, there’s Roger Stone to impart more of his “wisdom”. Speaking of the media – “People’s bullshit quota is completely exhausted, they’re just not buying anything the old media is telling them.” Well, we’ve known that a long time. They may think that about the media, but then they fall for Trump’s BS. I don’t think that quota is completely exhausted.

@23, Annie, you could be a political consultant. That is a perfect attack ad with a chimp in one and TruCrusich in another fighting as the tractor goes in the farm pond.

Not to be a snob or anything, but the chairman of the Republican National Rules Committee goes by the first name “Curly” — as in Moe and Larry. Just sayin’…

About Sarah Palin’s new gig. I might watch it if I turn on the closed caption and mute it. Can you imagine being the person who has to type in the closed caption of her word salads? That will be great to see.

@30, LOL!

still4hill just linked to a post she wrote in 2009 after someone in the fashion industry criticized Hillary’s pantsuits. I just thought it was fun to see again. Hillary looks so bright and shiny meeting with world leaders and others.

Okay, I found our missing comments in the trash. I restored them, but I have no idea why they took a sharp detour into the trash. Maybe Fredster might have an idea. He understands this stuff.

Trump met with the editorial board of WaPo yesterday for over an hour. After a less than stellar performance, he actually called a female attendee, “beautiful”.

Here’s what she wrote:

Planning out how to question Trump in a way that was illuminating was like planning for asymmetrical warfare against an opponent who doesn’t follow the same rules as you do. Who doesn’t believe in rules. Who thinks that rules won’t help make America great again. In Trump’s world, commenting on a woman’s appearance in a professional setting is fair game, as is predicting riots if he doesn’t get the nomination, threatening the speaker of the House, vowing to “open up” libel laws to go after “unfair” media, and helping to stoke the flames of violence at his rallies.

Perhaps he thought that calling me beautiful would make me ignore the fact that he brazenly lied about his polling numbers among Hispanic voters. Or make me believe that he wasn’t really a racist. Who knows? At least now I know, firsthand, that the sexism that Trump puts on display against Megyn Kelly under the lights of national TV is not that much different from how he is in real life toward female journalists.

@35, thanks Prolix, but you are the master, and the one that made that visual (chimp vs repubs) come alive!

@41: I’m not sure what’s going either. Except for you Prolix, I do see two different gravatar things. Looking at the comments through the admin side I see they are associated with two different email addresses. The two avatar thingies are two different images also.
At least that’s what I see from my end of it.

@42. good grief! He’s a nightmare. I wish he’d go buy some island group somewhere and set himself up as emperor. And take the Palins with him.

Incidentally, on our nightly news, they put up a full screen pic of naked Melania followed by some imbecilic tweets from Trump and Cruz. I think tptb should leave Melania out of it, I highly doubt if she wanted this silly president run. However, I’m not surprised this came out.

There was so much wrong with Trump’s answers in that article.

I’m doing very well with Hispanics.

ATTIAH: I think the some of the polls are saying you’re doing [in the] negatives.

TRUMP: We do, if it’s illegals, in other words, if it’s everybody, but people that are legally living here, I’m doing very well.

Somehow I don’t believe that illegal immigrants would be responding to polling questions.

Trump is just an inveterate liar. Trouble is, he doesn’t know it’s wrong. He is the consummate executive sales personality. They are high Significance, high Competition people who see the world as their playground. They get every ounce of self-worth and self-esteem from the way other people see them. It isn’t about them winning, it is about everyone else losing. The ethics, if present at all, are situational — just like facts. Everything is negotiable, especially the facts.

We screened and hired the Trump types for organizations in my previous life. They were all so odious. One thing: They were always snappy dressers because everyone had to see them as huge successes.

@47: I would have to totally agree with everything you said.

@47, 48, Ditto. Can you imagine these types trying to deal with the complexities of dealing with the real world and not just their closed off corporate life?

oops, should not have put “dealing with” in that sentence.

@50: No biggie. We don’t take points off or anything. 😛

@50, but in fact, you do get extra points for engaging in prolixity.

I just got a news alert that Garry Shandling has died suddenly. He was a young 66.

@53: I saw that. No mention of a cause of death so don’t know if he was going through any type of illness or not.

@54, on the news, they just said it was a heart attack. On the TMZ site, I know, they said he hadn’t been sick, had been with Kathy Griffin and Bob Odenkirk hanging out last weekend.

@55: It’s just sad. However, spending some time with Kathy Griffin and Bob Odenkirk had to be fun.

In case you’re unaware, the governor of the gret stet of Alabama has found himself in a predicament.

I really don’t understand how he got away with saying this with a straight face:

When asked to comment on the recordings – part of which include Bentley describing how he liked the come up behind the woman and touch her breasts – he clarified that it was not a “sexual relationship.”

He did not explain the difference.

Here’s one of his commercials when he first ran for office.

@57 LMAO did you see the comment at your link that said – ‘but he’s been WARSHED IN THE BLUD! WARSHED IN THE BLUDDA JEEZUZ!’

About Rebekah Mason… after she left the state payroll in 2013, as Bentley’s communication director she was paid $427,000 for consulting fees by his re-election campaign. Now, as his Senior Policy Advisor, she is being paid by ACEGOV, a “dark money” organization whose donors do not have to be disclosed, so no one knows who is actually paying her.

@58: It’s so funny when these “pro family” types get busted. And yep, that dark money thing is raising lots of questions.

Not mentioned there is the fact that his wife of 50 years filed for divorce last year citing irreconcilable differences. I bet!

Fredster, did you get in to see your doctor and get some meds?

@60: Yep! I just went to a doc-in-the-box place. Of course it will take a few days for them to really start doing anything.

Latest NBC poll (probably before this Melania/Heidi dust-up):

Republican women- 47% say they can not see themselves voting for Trump. Republican men %40 say no. Specifically on a Clinton/ Trump match up: Clinton wins R women 58/31. That’s a + 27 for Clinton among Republican women.

Actually I don’t know if that 27+ lead for Hill is R women or all women, because they don’t have a link to their own poll there…

Ignoring his snide little ‘Hillary is the most dishonest person in the country’, which I almost missed because he mumbled…

The NC General Assembly was called back for a special session Wednesday to overrule a local Charlotte ordinance against LBGT discrimination. Of course it passed and was signed by the Governor. As a little extra FU they added a provision that cities cannot pass higher minimum wage laws above the state’s wage. Because that has SO much to do with LGBT issues!?!

@64, thanks for posting that! Gosh, he looks ridiculous supporting Cruz when he clearly can’t stand him. Also, that’s great that repub women are leaning towards Hillary more. With that in mind…

Do you guys think Hillary would have an easier time beating Trump or Cruz?

How (or where) do I learn how to do italics or bold or blockquotes in the comments? I miss my MAC!! Also, emojis would be cool. Can’t find anything from wordpress.

@57 and 58:

Fredster said:

When asked to comment on the recordings – part of which include Bentley describing how he liked the come up behind the woman and touch her breasts.

Isn’t that the traditional greeting at church socials and family reunions in Alabama? Seems like I heard an Alabaman say, “Hell, it proves we ain’t discriminating down here cause I’ve grabbed the breasts of many ugly women, but that didn’t stop me. I went right ahead as if they were purdy.” To which, Donald Trump agreed.

@66 I just saw a poll recently that showed Hillary beating Trump by 12. It showed Hill and Cruz dead even (38/38 tho) and Kasich over Hillary by 6. It was a CNN/ORC poll. Believe it or not, it showed Sanders beating Trump by 20. November is still months away, but I think Trump, if he can survive the convention.

I forgot to add – among Democrats, the question: Who would you most like to see win? Hillary over Sanders 51/44

Another thing:

Enthusiastic/Satisfied, but not enthusiastic
Hillary 34/45 (79)
Sanders 40/41 (81)

@65, I saw that, and it is really f’ed up. Now I don’t have a problem with a legitimate trans using the same restroom as myself…however…this issue is not going away anytime soon. In the articles and comments I saw about this today (I didn’t read the Atlantic), there was a lot of mention of the ladies room “myth,” the “myth” being that regular guys taking advantage of using women’s facilities has never, and will never happen. I saw it happen last Fall, in Malibu. There are communal (meaning no separate stalls, not communal in the sense of both M & F sharing the same space) changing rooms for each sex attached to each sexes restroom at the beach. There were some 30ish women in one of them changing their little girls out of their wet, sandy swim suits into their clothes prior to going home. (Most people have to drive through the Santa Monica Mountain canyon roads to get home, and this can be a long drive if those roads are congested.) Anyway, in walk a couple of dudes, regular looking guys, (hairy, short hair, stubble, guys clothes). All of the women started shouting “you’re in the wrong room,” but the smart asses said something like “no we’re trans and started to undress in front of the little girls. Holy crap, you never heard screaming like that. It was a really nasty scene. Now I have no daughters, and my nieces are all grown ups, so I have no particular dog in this fight; still, its evident to me that the “ladies room myth” that I read about all morning, is actually a myth of its own.

I don’t care which gender you identify with. Do not show me your male genitalia without my permission. That is called indecent exposure, and it is a crime.

If transgender with male genitalia want to use a ladies’ room, they can go in a stall like we do. Have some common sense and decency, for heaven’s sake.

Thanks MB, and well said.

Just posted a comment to annie, but didn’t post. I’ll wait a few minutes to see if it needs to be fished out, so I don’t double post a long comment.

@75, GAgal, sorry, but it’s not in the trash, pending, or spam. I don’t know where else to look. It must be out there in the ether somewhere.

Bizarre about our disappearing comments. It hasn’t happened to me next door (Upps). GAgal, I have to go out, but will check back for your comment when I get home.

@76 well shoot. It was several paragraphs. I’ll have to start copying before I post just in case. Thanks for checking!

GAgal, here’s a link for emojis:

If you want to put something in italics you do the following:
Type the left caret symbol . Then type the word for phrase. After you’ve done that you close the italics by typing left caret< then a rt slash and rt caret like this: .

To make something bold use a b instead of the i. To make something blockquoted you use the same caret format like <blockquote and then to turn it off do the same but be sure to include the / .

Prolix@68: I’m sure the guv would agree with you completely. I’m not sure his former wife would agree. 😉

@77: So I wonder if the vet used any Turtle wax? 😆

@80 Thanks fredster! Still a little confused (no surprise there) but I’ll experiment tomorrow.

@82 No! to the Turtle Wax! It’s 2016. It must be an organic argon oil massaged in lovingly by hand. If it were me, I would pay close attention to his chicken…er, tortoise neck, too. I bet he would love that. 🙂

@84: LOL! I couldn’t help the Turtle Wax thing.

It’s a little difficult to type in what needs to be done for the bolding, italics, etc. because wordpress will see it as an html action and just display the bolded or italicized word. I’ll look around to see if I can find a quick-reference guide or something similar.

@83 what’s with cops these days? They think they’re lawyers. She smelled like “metabolized alcohol”. Either she was drunk or not. Just how metabolized was that alcohol? LOL.

That reminds me of a friend of friend 25 years ago, she and her guy did acid of some sort. I don’t know exactly what, because I never cared for it when I tried it years before. But she called the police that night and told them her boyfriend was turning into the devil. This guy was the sweetest fellow you could ever could meet. So, the cops showed up and they both spent the night in jail while tripping.

Fredster, it’s okay. I know it has to do with , plus / stuff. I’ll figure it out. Or not. At least no one will flame me here if I get it wrong. I just couldn’t find help at wordpress for commenters only. I might ask you again sometime about bold being “b instead of i” though. I’ll try it out and see what happens later. I’m flitting around checking out sister sites I haven’t had time to check today, so I’m in and out.

Omg, that’s so funny. The html “action” just erased half a sentence I typed to you full of spaces trying to avoid that!

GAgal said: She smelled like “metabolized alcohol”. Either she was drunk or not. Just how metabolized was that alcohol? LOL.

Good point!

@88: Nope that won’t work. It will strip out those spaces! 🙂

GAgal, this may come out looking like gibberish (no way to preview (mods? please delete the comment if all the &lt etc. show up!)), but I’ll try it anyway:

bold (“b” was the original way, now it’s “strong”. Go figure.)
<strong>bolded words</strong> or
<b>bolded words</b>

italic (“i” was the original way, now it’s “em” for emphasis….)
<em>bolded words</em> or
<i>bolded words</i>

to set text off as a blockquote:
<blockquote>quoted text</blockquote>

WordPress support is 99% useless.

(ack. under the italics example, it has -em-bolded text-em- when what I meant to put in there was “italics text” of course!. Copy-and-pasting so I didn’t have to retype all the weird characters necessary to get wordpress to show the necessary characters, and forgot to change the words in the example!)

Thanks for the assistance for GAgal quixote! I was trying to figure out a way to display it and having done that before I know what wp will do is to take the html action you’re trying to show.

I had a page bookmarked with some guidance/instruction on these things but it’s gone now.

This was the link I used to refresh my memory: WP really needs to respect the <code> for what it’s supposed to be, instead of being too smart for everybody’s good.

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Red Rover Group

For the Virgin Islands (Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands)

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Puerto Rico’s First Lady’s organization:

Americares (provides medical/health support)

“The” Book

Nice picture of our gal

Time till the Grifter in Chief is Gone

Hopefully soonerJanuary 21st, 2021
2.9 years to go.

Mueller Time!

Wise Words from Paul Ryan

Heroine of the Resistance





Storify version of E. Rogers HVF explanation

Reason(s) to vote for Doug Jones

tRump wants one of these

Only the *best* politicans bought by the NRA