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Lazy Weekend Music: March Madness

Posted on: March 19, 2016

Well, Widdershins, we’ve made it through another week.  This one began with much whispering about what Hillary would do if she suffered another “crushing” loss (of less than 2 points?) to Bernie Sanders.  Bill Curry busied himself writing article after article for Politico during which he huffs, puffs, and “catastrophizes” her (less than 2 point) Michigan loss into a total wipeout.  Bill has been quiet the past few days, but I’m fairly certain he’ll be back in a big way following Bernie’s first caucus victory.  He is undoubtedly putting this time to good use by mathematically calculating the delegates necessary for the convention to “feel the Bern”.

Back here in the less alternate reality, Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio fell to Hillary Clinton in a big way, with Illinois following along.  Finally, the hair’s breadth difference in Missouri has been awarded to her as well, depriving the Sanders campaign of even a moral victory.  The stretch next week will be less certain for her, although initial polling in Arizona looks good.  After that is a stretch of states will little or no diversity, and that may very well give Bernie a boost.  We wait, we see.

My fellow Floridian S/M proposed the “Rebel Girl” video as the inspiration for this week’s LW post.  It will be the lead vid, followed by anything that find inspirational about her stated in a title.  To wit:  strong, calm, etc.  Give it a whirl, it’s easier than you think.

Also the actual March Madness basketball games are going forward as well.  I like basketball, but really the only time I pay attention is during tournaments.  There are way too many games for me to even try to keep up, so I don’t even try.  Further, men’s bball at my alma has a reasonable dismal history.  We have retired exactly one jersey – Dominique Wilkins – in the entire history of UGA men’s basketball.  We had a better year than usual, and are going to the NIT.  For the Big Dance, I will watch UM men and UGA women.


Tomorrow I sail off on a week-long cruise to the Western Carribean, so fussing over voting is yours until I get back last Easter Sunday night.

This is an open thread – peace. out.

(1) Rebel Girl:

(2) What Doesn’t Kill You:  Kelly Clarkson

(3) A Woman’s Worth:  Alicia Keyes

(4) Run the World:  Beyonce

(5) Respect:  Aretha Franklin


14 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: March Madness"

Here ya go:

Fredster is feeling awful today: the tree pollen is so bad I swear you can see it drifting in the wind and it’s all over the ground, cars, etc. The sinus draining is so bad it’s irritated the hell out of my throat so I’m drinking some soothing tea and using Sucrets and peppermints like crazy.

If I’m not around Widdershins, you know why.

From a 76-year young dynamo who has always been “Simply the Best” in my book.

Chat, hope you have a wonderful time! This is a good time of year to go.

Fredster, have you tried Flonase for your allergies? It is Over-the-Counter now. Wade, Hubs & I all three use it, mainly during Spring and Fall. Its effects are cumulative, and you have to use it for a few days before you start notice its working. Also, when I haven’t used it for a long time, I do double the dose for the first 3 or 4 days. Then it works great.

@3: I used Flonase previously and then it stopped working for me. I’m using flunisolide now. It works but I have to remember to use it daily. When I’m doing fine I’ll forget to spritz it up my nose. I’ll be happy if I can just stop the draining. Bleh.

Hey Chatblu!! Have fun sailing away!! Thanks for choosing to post Rebel Girl video, it’s an awesome tribute.

SM, the Rebel Girl video is amazing! Love it!

Rebel Girl is a great video; what a pick me up!

Well, well, well. Mitch McConnell (R-@sshole) has come up with a new reason not to give Judge Garland a hearing on his nomination to the Supreme Court.

…if Hillary Clinton prevails, McConnell responded that he “can’t imagine that a Republican majority in the United States Senate would want to confirm, in a lame duck session, a nominee opposed by the National Rifle Association [and] the National Federation of Independent Businesses.”

I soooooo hope the Senate flips in the fall election.

Yep, it’s essential for the Senate to flip. I can’t believe McConnell is so stupid to say the NRA should get a voice in the nomination.

chatblue, enjoy your cruise!

Fredster, if you have good insurance, you may want to ask your doc about a prescription nasal spray called Astelin. I have had bad allergies always and it’s the only thing that worked. My doc first gave me a sample and was kind of surprised it worked so well. I would love to still be using it, but without insurance even the generic was $80 a month. (the generic did not work as well) It would stop every problem for me, drainage, itching, sneezing, all of it.

@GAgal: Well I’m not sure how much the brand would cost but I can look it up. The generic flunisolide costs me $30 and change for three months but on the bright side BCBS-AL has to fork over a hundred for their part. 😈 I like having them have to put out a few bucks on meds. I look at them sometimes and it’s my part = bucks, their part = zero! Grrrr..

@GAgal: I just checked and saw the generic of it but they did not have the brand name in the formulary. Even the generic was not cheap.

@8, that would be wonderful, if the senate flips! And the House, in ’18!

@9, thanks for the link! That looks hopeful. I had forgotten that that tool Ron Johnson beat out Russ Feingold. Hopefully, he’ll take it back.

Sanders briefly paused upon seeing the topless woman. Then, he continued his remarks about greed on Wall Street. hee hee…

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