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Posted on: March 18, 2016

Donald Trump

With Mitch McConnell’s merry band of Kabuki cross dressers refusing to bring up Judge Merrick Garland for confirmation, refusing to hold hearings on his nomination, and even refusing to meet with the man, in The Godfather speak, this is what the Republicans are going to the mattresses for:


To ensure Donald Trump has the ability to make a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

Think about that.



Sanders and Hillary

Bernie Sanders believes it would be “outrageously undemocratic” not to continue running for President.  He says, “Our progressive agenda has enormous support.  For anyone to rule us out is making a mistake.”

Three things:

  1. I wonder if “outrageously undemocratic” includes calling oneself a Democrat in order to gain access to and glom onto a fundraising list.
  2. Like most all men, Sanders has a problem judging size. When he contends his agenda has enormous support obviously it isn’t quite so “enormous” since Hillary has somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.8 million more votes than he does — so far.
  3. Finally, count me in as a proud mistake-maker because I ruled him out about 100 miles back.  To paraphrase The Godfather, “Leave the Bernie stickers, take the cannolis.”


Before it was Donald Trump, before it was Morning Schmoe, and before it was Tweety, it was this guy giving Hillary advice:



While the sexist double standard didn’t start with him, it sure didn’t end with him either.  This kind of thing along with refusing to speak up are permission slips.

Feel free to discuss anything at all.



15 Responses to "Just some things…"

McConnell is just so dumb. He’s not even aware that it’s another Garland that Obama wants to appoint.

Do you recall when Hillary made a statement about some foreign officials asking if they could maybe endorse her for President? Well, there’s every reason right here to believe that was a completely true statement.

@1, that is wonderful! LOL!

@2, maybe the U.N. will declare him an abuse to simian rights.

@3: I think I saw that on Kenneth-in-the-212’s website. Nonetheless, it was one of those “I have to steal this” things. I knew I’d have a reason and place to use it.

@4: He’d probably try to kick them out of “New Yawk”.

This is GOLD. Al Franken on the SC nomination. Scientists tell us Obama still has 10 months left in his presidency. Ha! It gets really good at 4:00 if you don’t have time to watch it all.

@7: I watched the entire thing. That was delightful to see Franken just rip them a new one!

I guess everyone is on spring break. o_O

Okay, the BernieBros are just getting a tad too over the top.

Thanks Bernie. #petcemetery.

The skies are a bit overcast here but never mind…

Hey all, we can finally get behind Trump. He’s calling on us to boycott Megyn Kelly’s show again. Okay. Done. That was hard. Heil Drumpf!

Hi Widdershins! I am off to Maryland for a few days. Try not to eat any kittens while I’m gone. 😇

Thanks, GAgal for posting that Franken clip: it was inspiring, like watching a Frank Capra movie but real.

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