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Posted on: March 16, 2016

A Florida victory would have been great by itself, but five wins!  Geez, that is the type of thing that gets someone a pee test for HGH.  Last night was great for our gal and even greater for our country. Hillary Clinton

Too often I am overwhelmed and thrilled by Hillary’s victories.  I fail to adequately acknowledge the country needs Hillary Clinton.  We need someone of exemplary competence.  We need someone strong.  We need someone harden to the mud slung by the power-grubbing money changers of talk radio and Fox.  We need Hillary.

It became all but official last night that Hillary will be President of these United States.  Unfortunately the process of making it official looks like it will take another eight months of slogging through the vanity passion projects of two men suffering from stunted psychological development.   In any event, we are a day and five states closer to being “Ready for Hillary.”

Here’s what I had written last weekend for today’s post.

Sometimes, I’m like a snapping turtle with lockjaw – I just can’t let things go.  Last week I wrote twice about GOP Grand Old Cons.  Well, I’m not finished.

Personal ResponsibilityThe Grandest of all GOP Cons is the constant lip service about personal responsibility.  The “bee swarming masses” of Republicans are always quick to point out how the poor are just lazy, women have loose morals if they dare to make their own health decisions, and gay people are making a lifestyle choice because things are so much easier as a homosexual.

There’s a new one to add to this stunning cavalcade of Republican ignorance:  Barack Obama and liberals are responsible for the rise of Donald Trump.  Obama was asked about it last week and said:  “I have been blamed by Republicans for a lot of things, but being blamed for their primaries and who they’re selecting for their party is novel.  Party leaders have been feeding the Republican base for the last seven years a notion that everything I do is to be opposed” and “that cooperation or compromise somehow is a betrayal.”

Let’s take a quick survey of the conservative thinkers on the subject.  There’s Michael Barone who credits Obama’s non-stop insults of Republicans.  I guess he is watching the Correspondent Dinner speeches on a loop.Cartoon Personal Responsibility

There’s Ben Domenech, the publisher of The Federalist, whose circulation, with Scalia’s death, is down to three since Domenech’s parents are still living, who said, “America is more tribalist.”  At least he left out “Kenyan tribalist.”

Then there’s the verbally constipated speechwriter Peggy Noonan who, now that Nancy Reagan has died, will undoubtedly claim she is the keeper of the Ronaldus Magnus’s flame.  Ms. Noonan spluttered something about Obama “lowering the bar” for presidential qualifications.  Guess she forgot about Reagan’s Iran/Contra Scandal, Savings and Loan scandal, supporting apartheid, Central America scandals, and ketchup as a vegetable scandal.

Or could the cause be the 4.9% unemployment that Romney promised would be down to 6.0% by the end of his first term right about now.

Or could it be Obamacare that is insuring more and costing less than anyone believed possible.

Or perhaps it is, as promised, a slow and protracted victory over Isis without the need for another invasion of the desert sands of the Middle East.

Or it’s Ebola.  Or it’s Zika.  Or it’s Ferguson.  Or it’s Black Lives Matter.  Or it’s random acts of violence by white, domestic terrorists.  Or it’s mass shootings.

Or is it that life happens, time proceeds, and whatever it brings, Republicans find it convenient to retreat to their recliners and talk about “Those People.”

Cartoon 2The one thing that is inescapable is whatever it is driving Trumpism, it has been fomenting for quite some time.  Birtherism played a part, but was never called out by Republicans.  In fact, Trump was King Birther as he endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012.

Now King Birther has turned into some kind of comb-over Pied Piper luring all the disaffected and angry to follow him to his Kingdom of Deflecting Fault.  His siren song of “winning” and “not loosing” and “negotiating” and “demanding” seems to assuage the tribal instincts by their oppositional confusion.

I’m still partial to Jonathan Chait’s succinct summation:  Republicans are not racist, but they can’t win without racists.   I imagine it is a bit more complicated than that.  In pure classic conservatism, the root causes are not all-purpose explanations, but are alibis used in a storm of discontent.  Economics plays a part, but are not everything or even the major thing.  Irrational ideology and identity are far more in understanding the Trump zombie voter.

Anger, among other things, is not a defensible psychological basis for road rage or voting.  Pundit after pundit explains Trumpism by calling it “anger working its way through the system.”  My response:  Cancer never works its way through your system.  It is insidious and it will kill you unless it is excised.

What I do know is this:  For Republicans, no matter the issue, no matter the inadequacy, no matter the prejudice or slight, it is never their fault since if it were, they would have to take some measure of responsibility for it.  They know full well, if they don’t take responsibility, they can continue to enjoy the victimhood they so often invoke.Donald Trump

I also know this:  No one better represents the plurality of the Republican Party than Donald Trump.  He’s incapable of telling the truth.  He’s incapable of taking responsibility.  He is gifted at deflecting responsibility.  He is world-class at feigning victimhood.  Donald Trump is emblematic of people told to be afraid of the world and the inevitability of the future.  What they should fear is what has passed and continues to masquerade as leadership in the Republican Party.

Feel free to take this conversation in any direction you might like to explore.


54 Responses to "Almost official…"

The media drumming on this anger theme makes them no better than Trump. The tea party is angry because they sent non-politicians to DC to repeal Obamacare actually thinking that could happen. John Boehner admitted he allowed the government shut down to happen, in hopes the American people would see just how radical the Freedom Caucus was. That’s how much the Republicans care about this country.

All Republicans may not be racists, but for sure, they’re classists. And those supporters of Trump on the lower end don’t even know what they are doing to themselves.

(“Enigmatic” should be “emblematic” perhaps? Something. Another “Damn you, autocorrect!” I’m guessing.)

Trump is saying riots may happen if he’s not nominated at the convention. Don’t be surprised Trump, if riots happen if you are.

@2, thanks Q, you are exactly right, it should have been emblematic.

@3, GAgal, Trump is so clueless and lacks even a whit of self-awareness, when the riots come, and come they will, he will claim they are for him.

@1, you are exactly right and that has been the con all along — convincing those on the lower end of the economic spectrum to vote for someone who is cutting tax rates on the wealthy and corporations and ending regulations for the protection of them and the environment.

It has never made sense.

@1 and 5: Absolutely correct. Those folks are handing the knife to the Republicans and offering up their own throats to be sliced.

This was posted over at Uppity’s place. Lookie here at who wants the superdelegates to act in their favor because Bernie is so special and all.

“Our plan on this is we’ve got a long way to go, and we’ve got to demonstrate that Bernie’s the strongest candidate,” said Sanders strategist Tad Devine. “We believe that slowly we can win support for people who aren’t for someone, or who are softly for her, and then we can reach out more.”

Keep dreaming Tad, keep dreaming.

@8, we should all bow to the great political acumen of a Tad Deviant after the successful terms of Presidents Gore and Kerry.

@9: LOL!! So true.

@8, and I wonder how many Socialists belong to Devine’s yacht club in Rhode Island. I bet they can float them and their extended families in a dinghy.

@9: All hail Tad the Divine!

Did someone mention Divine?

@13:Wow. Just……

Coming up on CNN: “Should Hillary Clinton smile more? Maybe that would help her unfavorables”. This ought to be good…

@14: You’ve never seen Divine before?

That was another Candy Crowley “cutesy” skit, where she pretended she wasn’t really being critical of Hillary’s “shouting” because it was all in good humor. Apparently, Morning Schmoe stepped in it last night. Upon watching Hill’s victory speech, he tweeted something like “Hillary, SMILE – you just had a great night”. Yeah, he got blowback for that.

@17, here’s the WaPo article about Schmoe that goes into the “double bind” women leaders are under from unenlightened humanoids.

“Anger, among other things, is not a defensible psychological basis for road rage or voting. Pundit after pundit explains Trumpism by calling it “anger working its way through the system.” My response: Cancer never works its way through your system. It is insidious and it will kill you unless it is excised.”/

WOW. This is ultimately the most post-21st Century American critique that I have read in a long time.

Republicans are like those Tobacco-Free commercials that show the tracheotomy patient smoking a cigarette through the throat-blowhole.

UGH, sorry for the wrong / or \ positioning. 😦

@8 – Fredster, when I got that email and saw that gif, I had a “I SLAY, I SLAY” Formation/Beyonce moment.

She’s killing’em with kindness and swagger!

@19, thanks so much SM.

@22: Prolix, that was an epic quote. I loved it!

According to thegreenpapers Hillary got 3,711,023 votes yesterday. That puts her over 8.5 million.

@8, love that gif! Good find!

@9, LOLOL!

In response to schmoe’s tweet to Hillary.


Damn it, I can’t get the gif to play. Grrrr…

Wonder what all the folks who just knew that Hillary would lose three out of five are doing for fun tonight??

@27, it’s working now.

@28, probably they are reclined in their barcaloungers staring at their navels awaiting further political inspiration.

Okay, I guess I’m a softie, but after three times Judge Garland finally gets the nod for the Supreme Court. He’s a good guy. Everyone supposedly likes him. He gets emotional. It means a lot to him. It is a life time dream. Big, big day.

And what does McTurtle do: Calls him up a couple of hours later and says, “Sorry Garland, no votey on the confirm thingie. You ain’t gonna go anywhere.”

Why couldn’t McTurtle wait one day? Why crap on the guy’s big day? He’s been on deck for the Supreme Court for years. He’s a lifelong public servant. He’s spotless and middle of the road. And what does McTurtle do? Takes a big old turtle dump on Garland’s big day.

McTurtle: The creeping. crawling destroyer of dreams.

@29: It’s still not animating for me but it could be my browser.

@31: I”m hoping for the day when McTurtle is again in the minority party in the Senate.

I just wasted a couple of hours checking out sites I knew would be in total meltdown – just for giggles. Now that they have new born respect for superdelegates and actually believe they can flip pledged delegates, they have come up with a new strategy. They will use the corrupted, rigged, and corporate owned DNC rules against them to destroy the Democratic party. Sounds like a plan! I wonder how that MoveOn petition to force superdelegates to choose according to their voters is coming along?

And this is why Hillary will be the 45th President of the United States:

Actual, verbatim quote of Donald Trump when asked with whom he is discussing foreign policy:

“I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things.”

The Bernie folks want it both ways. From that Politico piece I linked to above @ 8:

Nevada superdelegate Erin Bilbray, meanwhile, says she’s sticking with the senator even though he lost the state’s caucuses, and warned superdelegates to think about the consequences of not backing Sanders.

@36: Oh dear god 😯

@36 Yeah when he said that to Schmoe and Meeeka, Joe was speechless with his face frozen, just staring straight ahead.

Did y’all hear that Tweety said if Hillary was “smart” she would choose John Kasich as her VP choice?

What I sad @38. and SMH

@39 – Between Schmoe telling Hillary to smile, and Tweety feeling free to assume his political acumen is higher than hers, it looks like the boyz are starting to cross their legs again in anticipation of her nomination. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of sexists.

I love how women called Schmoe to account. Sad thing is how many are following his Twitter feed. :-p

Top o’ the mornin’, Widdershins! Tis the grand Irish High Holy Day, and the longsuffering BF and I are taking our 82 year old very Irish former boss out for the day. Slainte!

@43, have a wonderful day! Make sure and wear something that looks fashionable with mugs of green beer in both hands.

@43 – Enjoy, Chat! Trust me folks, she looks great in kelly green. 🙂

Memo to Mr. Trump: Don’t mess with the Hillz!

@46: Great! If only she could have excluded schmoe and mika.

Samantha Bee talks to some Trump supporters. Note: Includes some adult language.

Mitch McConnell sends a message to Obama (and any other potential Supreme Court nominees)

@31, yes! McTurtle is such an asshole.

@32, great catch Fredster!

@35, yes, can you believe what hypocrites these people are? Why would any superdelegate even talk to them is beyond me. Superdelegates are supposed to protect the integrity of the party, right? Like not stick us with a candidate like Trump. Or Bernie. And it sounds like the bernbots are starting to threaten them.

HelloShinners, I found this gem of a video on Jezebel’s blog in the comments section, if this has not been posted by anyone yet…I nominate this video as the start to Chatblu’s Lazy weekend 🙂 :

I see Bernie has finally conceded Missouri. You’re too late Bernie. We celebrated that win two days ago.

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