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Activist Monday: Of Women and History

Posted on: March 14, 2016

Good Monday, Widdershins, and it’s about time I wished you all a Happy Women’s History Month! I know our dear Uppity is prone to cynicism about this time of year, and rightfully so; but I personally think it’s a great opportunity to shout out to our sistren both of yore, and of today, who have been behaving…historically.

Here is a great TED talk from Reshma Saujani, founder of “Girls Who Code,” that is making the rounds. I was not a fan of hers when she ran for Congress in New York, but she seems to have learned an amazing lesson from her political leap forward. I really like the premise of her talk. You go, Reshma!

Here is a truly inspiring effort from Microsoft. Although technically a commercial, it’s more of a call to action for girls both to learn about their past, and to create the future.

And there’s a website for young inventors here, which also showcases today’s female innovators.

Here is something interesting from SNL. Not sure if I like it or not, but it’s about feminism, it’s catchy and it is thought-provoking. What do you think?

And finally – it’s Our Girl. You didn’t think I was going to leave the first woman to win a Democratic Primary and become a leading contender for POTUS out, did you?

Big Democratic contests are coming this “Mega Tuesday.” NPR has a good summary here. Unfortunately, although the math is, and remains, favorable to Hillary, she may not get a knockout blow till New York and California vote.

Okay, I’m ready to rant now, so hold on to your hats. Why in the world aren’t the two biggest states first on Super Tuesday?!!!! And I’m really, really pissed off at Sanders for tarring her with the brush of NAFTA and smearing her as someone who doesn’t care about working families. What in the world was CHIP for? Why did she try to push through universal health care? Was it because she thought Jamie Dimon’s kids needed health care, because she’s sooooooo close to him and all the other Wall Street billionaires? For f*ck’s sake, why doesn’t someone call this #ssh0l3 to account for being a lying sonofabitch? I am really afraid he is doing damage to her that will be difficult to repair in the general election….and for what?! It’s not like he has the slightest f*cking chance of ever being president. It’s not like he will ever be the nominee. So what is the point of what he’s doing? Someone please convince me that this is not a malicious attempt to destroy the Democratic Party he’s hated his entire life, because I can see no other realistic interpretation for this pathetic creep’s actions.  My only consolation is that the Republicans are so horrible, it won’t even be close between Hillary and whatever LLLLLLOSER is their nominee.

Rant over, and so is this post. It’s an open thread – tawk amongst yerselves!


144 Responses to "Activist Monday: Of Women and History"

Polls look good in FL, NC. Tighter in OH, really tight in IL, and leaning toward Bernie in MI. The good news is that she will win big in FL and NC, and since the others are proportional, she’ll be well ahead of the game.

Wonderful post, MB! Good uplifting start to the new week. And I’m with you 100% on letting the two biggest states go first! For a change. This Iowa and NH business is bs. I have wondered if the lame Iowa caucus is why they get so much $ for their corn subsidies, which I think is bad for the country in many ways. We need to start a campaign to demand that the Dem party completely change their primary system.

Here’s an interview with one of Hillary’s top guys (former Obama guy):

Great post MB — and I want to sign on your rant, especially where you say this:

It’s not like he will ever be the nominee. So what is the point of what he’s doing?

I’m not convinced it is anything other than stunted personality development by a little pissant of a man who is not a hair’s breadth away from the same way Donald Trump sees and reacts toward women.

@2, Annie, I can’t remember who said this, but regarding Iowa as the first primary and the ethanol subsidies, this was the quote:

If Idaho was the first primary instead of Iowa, we would be making gasoline out of potatoes.

Nuff said.

Happy Pi Day!

@5: Happy 3.14 day to you too! ( nah, I’m not dragging that thing out to whatever)

MB said: I am really afraid he is doing damage to her that will be difficult to repair in the general election….and for what?! It’s not like he has the slightest f*cking chance of ever being president. It’s not like he will ever be the nominee. So what is the point of what he’s doing?

I’m convinced it’s nothing but vanity at this point. The revolution is not gonna happen. If for no other reason the revolution is not gonna happen because of gerrymandering, the congressional districts and who draws them up. As long as Repubs control the majority if the state houses these Repub districts aren’t going anywhere.

Thanks all!

Agree Fredster. Also, the revolution is not going to happen because the children of the Bern are lazy, entitled, naive and haven’t a clue as to how to accomplish anything.

@8 – #revolution doesn’t mean there is one.

OMG. Will Chrus Matthews ever, ever stop litigating her vote on the Iraq War??? Jesus on a carousel, folks, it’s been how many years now? I have yet to hear him ask anyone else about this, so shall I assume that hers is the only vote that he heard that fateful day?

@10 – yes of course. Never mind that she voted for the AUMF, not the Iraq war. Such subtleties are lost on the likes of Tweety.

Folks, I know in these turbulent times it is difficult and nigh impossible to come up with any good news, but our long national nightmare is about over. Yes, there is good news.

This orgy of Trump “pay for play whoring” has precipitated the implosion of Breitbart — the hate site spawned by a dead coke-driven drunk who began each day with a breakfast of hate washed down with copious amounts of venom.

Good things can still happen.

@13: Wow! There is a light there.

@12, omg, what a story! I guess we shouldn’t be surprised though. Horrible people @ bfart.

@15: That says it all.

One would hope that the young woman reporter that got assaulted would wise up and move to the liberal side, but unfortunately, (at chat’s link) she’s on Faux News telling her tale.

SNL skit with “Trump”, “Carson” and “Bernie”. I cracked up the last two minutes at the Breaking News.

@19 – yeah, that’s great!

@19, that’s great! Bernie does have supporters of all ages, as long as the ages are 18 and 19.

My granddaughter is 23. She’s in Bernie’s geriatric group.
From the Onion:

@19 – Wow, SNL is really taking no prisoners lately. That’s classic!

Florida votes today! Go Chat and SM77! I know with you two wonderful ladies working for Hillary, she will kick some Bernie butt.

And…long-time brogressive Matthew Yglesias tells the truth about Bernie’s “free college tuition” plan. I hope he is prepared for the death threats from the Bernbots.

FL is secure, and NC likely so as well.

I can see a potential problem in Ohio. Tiowns with no elected Repubs are finding more than half of voters requesting repub ballots.
This may not bode well for us.

Dem votes for Kasich=fewer votes for Hillary. The BernieBros are so idealistic that they would not cross over to try to stop Trump, so he will likely get his full compliment.

Oh – do we know they’re Dems though? Wouldn’t it be more likely that they’d be right-leaning independents? I can’t imagine actual Dems would vote Trump or Kasich instead of Sanders or Hillary.

What the commentator stated is that at 100% Dem precincts, 50% are taking Repub ballots. Not certain what if any role Indies play. They may just be trying to stop Trump, who knows? But, that will pull votes from HRC.

I see.

I’m not sure why these newly minted Repubs would take votes from HRC rather than Sanders, and I don’t get why any Dems would vote Repub unless they want to swing the state to Kasich? It’s a little much for my poor brain. 🙂 Ah well. I guess we’ll see how it goes!

It looks like some of the Dem voters have the misguided notion that they’re helping the world by voting for a republican other than Trump (Kasich apparently) instead of voting in their own primary and choosing the best person to defeat Trump: Hillary.

The Berniebros are true believers. They would not cross to stop Trump. Just an opinion.

I think a lot of Dems are happy to vote in the GE for either Hillary OR Bernie. (not me) Ohio is the only place to pushback on Trump with Kasich. I agree with chat that Berniebots are true believers and would jump at this chance in Ohio to beat Hillary. I could have cross over voted against Trump in my state, but no way in hell I was going to miss my opportunity to vote for Hillary – even though I knew she was going to trounce Bernie here.

This is the weirdest election ever. Of course the media is loving it and going out of their way to find odd voting patterns. They’re not going to report boring stuff, like Dems voting for Hillary or the fact that she has almost 5 million votes so far-more than anyone else.

Hey Shinners It’s been a doozy week for me work/lifewise, but I was able to do some volunteering making calls. Thanks for the shout out Madama B :), hoping we hear from good news tonight from FL. Also, a lot has changed since 2008. Hillary’s campaign infrastructure is absolutely awesome in terms of internet, outreach, etc. What a difference a “Ready for Hillary” warm-up campaign and not being in campaign debt makes. The organization has been pretty top-notch and organized.

Chatblu, hey lady! Not sure if this happened to you, but found many, many people supporting Hillary and have already early voted. Some undecideds, but LMAO at the ones that said they won’t vote for “el viejo,” makes me almost feel bad for Bernie. About 50% or more of my calls were to Spanish speaking Latino voters.

About 1.5 million Democrats early-voted (myself included). C’MON HILLZ!!!

Wishing wins in Illinois and Ohio as well :)!

Wow Hill has a 35% lead with one third of the vote in!! (FL)

80% Miami-Dade with HILLZ!!! I-4 corridor, Hillz-borough county (my county) 65% for HILLARY!!!


Ohio 53%, North Carolina at 54% for Hillary, no calling based on exit polls per CNN.

FL Panhandle still open, so no calling the race, but Hillz at 67% GO FLORIDA!!! 298,000 vote lead!!!

NC: 64% FOR Hillz!!! Breaking out my Hillary Holdout cocktail 🙂

Hillary 🙂 320,000 votes above Bernie in Florida – OMG, thank you FLORIDA!

Broward County (mine) 75% Clinton. Yes, we have tons of early voting down here in God’s Waiting Room, and bundles of absentee as well.

Thank YOU SM for your work on the campaign. You helped make this a blowout in FL! Hil-la-ree!!! Hil-la-ree! Hil-la-ree!

73% of the vote in. 65/32 in Fl but they can’t (won’t?) call it for Hill yet…


We are letting the Democratic party know that you can’t eff with our vote like this. Thank you, real Democrats, for choosing our candidate in closed primaries. No rat-effing here.

WOOT!!!! Hillary Holdout Cocktails for all 🙂 Drink up 🙂

Finally!! Come on NC!!

Congratulations Chat and SM! Shake the sand from your flip flops and dance a celebratory dance. Great work!

Notice how they don’t seem to want to talk about Hillary’s victory unless that Independent scofflaw Sandersista is in the mix.

Last rites for the Rubio campaign — may he be laid to rest boots up.

Democrats voting for the REAL DEMOCRAT. So happy and thank you African-American and Latino voters who are holding up the REAL DEMOCRAT vote, especially and particularly in southern states. That’s what’s no one is talking about.

Prolix, LMAO, I have my flip flops on now 🙂

Here’s the thing that CNN is not saying. There is a large percentage of Republicans who are racist. Any non-white and/or non-100% WASP candidate who thinks they are going to win is smoking some bibles.

Watching the Misanthrope Sorry Nabobs Blathering Convulsively and I do declare, I think Chuckles Todd is going to cry. He loves him a big lot of Marco. Maybe they dated in Miami before Chuckles climbed the big cookie baking tree and appeared in a muffin basket on the doorstep of NBC.

I’m watching from my lil bungalow porch enjoying the last cool breeze before the climate-changing heat kicks in…watching the CNN (Contortionist Nightly News) here, ignore the chat:

MSNBC must be holding their hankies wondering…”but, but…we were changing her narrative!” GOOD. Let them cry themselves into a bunch without stating the obvious: In a closed primary,, real Democrats are going to vote for the real DEMOCRAT.

I’m sitting on my lil’ screened in porch with the door open watching the TV inside. I’m wearing flip flops too, but no sand! Come on NC and OH!!

Wow! What a night for Hill-a-REE and our fabulous Floridian Widdershins!!!

I am looking at CNN now. Everything else is too early to call, but Kasich looks good in Ohio.

Oh, a not-so-found-farewell to Rubio. I thought Marco was for sure going to be the nominee!!! I didn’t realize Republicans knew how cr*ppy he was. 😀

OMG, so true Madama B! The Repubs tried to make him into the Cuban RepubObama.

I’m in the “Florida room” of the bungalow, and my flip flops are pink today. Come on, Ohio………..

CNN projects North Carolina for Hillary 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Woo hoo! Thank you NC!! Hil-la-ree!!

Kasich ahead in Ohio


‘bye, Marco.

I hope that Miami Cubans finally realize that Republicans outside of Miami-Dade will never support them.

Comrade Sanders is in Arizona this evening — the Land of McCain where Jan Brewer is giving him finger wagging lessons.

Here’s something that may be coming into play in Ohio.

Sanders has dominated among younger voters in other states, and he’ll need a strong show of support from them in Ohio on Tuesday.

However, Sanders could face a problem: about 167,000 of Ohio’s roughly 575,000 college students will be on spring break on election day – including students at Ohio State University, Cleveland State University, and Cuyahoga Community College.

Sorry I’ve been absent – tummy issues.

Since when have Hillary and Rahm Emanuel been buddies? I know he’s been around forever, but Rahm doesn’t really get along with anybody as I recall. Even as Obama’s chief of staff, he told Obama to get over his fucking self. Just because Rahm would rather have Hill as president, doesn’t they are close. Pretty shitty to blame Rahm’s screw ups in Chicago on Hillary.

Don’t forget, Rahm doesn’t like Hillary- he threw her over for Obama, never forget

Okay, they just called Ohio for Hillary!!!!

SHE DID IT!!! OHIO FOR HILLARY!!! Yes all caps!!!

Ohio too!!! Now THAT’S what I’m talking ’bout! Let’s sweep it tonight!! I’m so thrilled right now!


It’s not Hillary and Rahm sittin’ in a tree, it’s another example of Bernista again lying about Hillary’s integrity. When the last Mayor’s race came around, Bernie went for Chuy Garcia. Therefore in Bernie world, that means everyone else is wrong, he was right, and he is the most virtuous virgin in all the brothels in all the world.

It is Bernie and his ads that have papered Hillary with Rahm. It is another Bernie cheap shot. Of course, it is just another example of the media grabbing something that fits into a narrative.

@70: Good grief! I had to look up Chuy Garcia! 😯

@61: Calle Ocho is a world of it/’s own.

It truly is Chatblu! They have a big festival coming up, it’s awesome

Methinks Kasich is making a bit much out of, as Governor, winning Ohio. It’s like being the favorite cousin at a family reunion. It’s nice, but doesn’t translate much outside the family.

When people understand how Kasich has done a transfer of wealth from the cities to rich Buckeyes in terms of tax cuts, the scrutiny “ain’t gonna be purdy”. He’s just about as conservative crazy as Cruz, just not as scary lookin’.

Mizzou is getting really tight, Still some daylight in Illinois.

Rel Clear Politics numbers: Hillary is handing some Neosporin for those feeling the Bern:

Florida March 15 1,073,726 553,042 Clinton +520,684
Illinois March 15 486,608 431,865 Clinton +54,743
Missouri March 15 34,355 35,699 Sanders +1,344
North Carolina March 15 404,374 293,463 Clinton +110,911
Ohio March 15 327,075 231,301 Clinton +95,774

Ok, going to bed now, love to all and thank you DEMOCRATS for showing up and showing out!!! 🙂 Hugs to all 🙂

I’m up for the duration.

When Trump talks about Pam Bondi endorsing him, here’s the story:

Bondi’s Monday endorsement comes more than two years after she decided not to follow the New York attorney general’s lead and sue Trump over accusations Trump University seminars swindled people. The timeline of that fall 2013 episode raised eyebrows. Three days after a Bondi spokeswoman said the attorney general was studying New York’s lawsuit to see whether she wanted to take similar action in Florida, Trump cut a $25,000 check to a committee associated with Bondi’s campaign.

Looks like we’re getting a better night than we were led to expect! Thanks to all wonderful Hillary voters, especially chat & SM! What a crazy night!

Prolix, we’re LOL at your funny comments!

@79, good grief!

How long before Sanders hangs it up? He had to win Ohio and he was crushed. Where is his case for continuing on? A Missouri victory, if it comes, is hardly a credible case for a revolution. #bernedout

@mb: There’s still PA and NY for the bros to dream about.

Ewwww…Cruz just said Rubio was a friend. Ted you have no friends.

NY?? Please, please tell me they think he can win NY. 😄😄😄

Good grief, Grandpa from the Munsters is droning on and now he’s telling Rubio’s story. Leave it go people. Write it up, send it to Stephen King and let it scare the little children. Instead of Kujo, it could be Rubio, the rabid Cuban.

Looks like Grandpa Munster got someone else’s coat by mistake.

Hillary’s wins so far are decisive wins, no less than 10 points. So close in IL now, but it’s all about the delegates, bay-bee. A one or two point win just ain’t gonna be that special. If he wins MO, even by a big margin what’s he going to say? The people of MO are just so much smarter than the other states and look at all my delegates?

Guess the pundits can drop their “moral” and “psychological” wins bullshit after tonight. I can hardly wait to see what they come up with next. Most likely, they will talk Trump 90% of the time and ignore Hill’s wins. I’m looking forward to their spin so I can LMAO.

Goodness gracious on a cracker — Rubio’s body ain’t even cold, and there goes Cruz sniffing around for Sheldon Adelson’s money. The stuff about Israel and the Middle East. That is nothing but a play for that old demon cracker Adelson.

Geez Ted, STFU!!

@79: Pam Bondi is a bimbo.

Hillary can stomp any of those three, but I’m rooting for Kasich to get some wins just so I don’t have to see the slime of Ted Ooze anymore. I know it’s not likely to happen but Please! In those states left to vote, the Dems need to show up with signs and cheer him on. Kasich! Kasich! Plant his signs all over the place and give him a nudge. Anything to get rid of Cruz. We’ll deal with Trump later.

Okay, CNN commentators — Ana Navarro, Donna Brazil Nut, and Jeffrey Lord.

Thought experiment. You are stranded on a deserted island. Cannibalism is your only hope.

Do you go vegan or develop a severe case of self-induced bulimia?

Neither – use them as fish bait. It might bring in the sharks though.

@93: Guess it’s vegan.

Maddow just asked Ben Ginsberg if it was illegal for a delegate to accept a “suitcase of cash” from a nominee.

@94, good idea GAgal, but with those three, the sharks would go vegan.

@95, if anyone would know about a suitcase of cash it would be that slimy carbuncle Ben Ginsburg.

@97: And he did not say definitively that it would be illegal to do so to get a delegate to switch allegiance. 😆

So it looks like Hillary will win IL by 2-ish and Bernie will win MO by 2-ish. Just look at the difference in votes and especially delegates between those two states. It’s done. Bernie can stay in as long as he wants, but he’s just burning through donor money for no reason. It will be interesting to see if he keeps asking, knowing he can not get there.

Maddow is losing it.

Oh, is poor widdle Wachel trying to say that Hillary bought out Bernie’s delegates? That if only evil corporate money were out of the election, her hero would surely win the day??

No, darling. Hillary earned those f*cking delegates. It’s your ex-Sparkle Pony Obama who pays to play, the Chicago Way.

@99, yes, exactly. GoodNIGHT Bernie. Its past your bedtime.

I didn’t look at cnn or bsnbc, but I did look at fluffpo, and their headlines were all about the repubs and downplaying Hillary’s big night. Just what you’d expect, I guess.

Not watching Maddow and I don’t know who Ginsberg is. Was she trying to insinuate that about Hill? Who did she have in mind?

MB: I think she was talking about Trump buying delegates to possibly avoid the brokered convention in Cleveland.

GAgal Ginsberg is a high muckety-muck in the Repub hierarchy.

He orchestrated the FL recount, the infamous Brooks Bros. riot and argued his way through SCOTUS to gify us with Dubya. That Ben Ginsberg.

Ginsberg, along with Ted Olsen, were the lawyers in Bush v. Gore. If memory serves, he was also on the ground in Florida during the vote recount debacle. Ginsberg is smart, but without a hint of moral conviction beyond winning and power.

@108, what Chat said.

just looked at fluffpo again–Paul Ryan doesn’t rule out accepting the nomination! Can you believe these jerks? After all these other jerks doing the work of campaigning, and probably a billion bucks donated to pay for it, his lordship Paul Ryan will accept the nod! God, I can’t stand republicans. Why bother having an election at all? Let’s just give Ryan a coronation.

@107, btw, I looked at the comments under that post, and one of the delusional nuts said that Hillary was done winning because there aren’t anymore states with big black populations!?!?!

Honestly folks, who are we kidding? The minute Hillary is the official nominee, the Republicans would coalesce behind someone who committed acts of bestiality with an unwilling elephant during a Barnum and Bailey’s circus. They can talk a big game, but they will quickly fall in lust with whatever hairball Cleveland hocks up.

Thanks fredster. Not watching Maddow tonight, but I might catch Schmoe and Meeeka in the morning. I think it will be worth ignoring my boycott. Unless they only talk about Trump too, as usual. Sigh… of course they will.

Doesn’t matter! I’m floating high tonight and could not be more happy. It’s been a long and tense couple of weeks – even knowing Hill’s supporters were gonna show up and put the nomination away. Hell, it’s been a long fucking eight years. And we are going to make sure it happens.

We’re on the downhill with Sanders, but don’t forget we’re on the uphill with Trump. WE think he’ll never get elected, but it not going to be easy. I’m ready.

Hillary takes IL!! Yep! Sanders bites the dust.

@chat and Prolix: Yep, that Ginsberg. A walking piece of slime.

@116: MSNBC still showing IL too close to call.


@GAgal: MSNBC now saying apparent winner for Hillary in IL.

GAgal: I want to see Halperin eat shit tomorrow on schmoe because he said today Hillary might win three of the races. Bwahahahahaaaaa!!

Okay I’m gonna go watch the B.H. haus fraus.

Just awaiting Mizzou………….

Hillary is going to win Mizzou!

I guess I could ask why MSNBC would have Ginsberg on. Then I would have ask why CNN has Hugh Hewitt and Jeffrey Lord on. The Fox “news” fair and balanced model. Wonder who they’ll bring in for the GE.

Hillary is the Mizzou “Show Me Gal” — guess she showed Bernie. I guess he’s feeling the burn!

@124, MSNBC is using Ginsberg as the bait to catch the Fox institutional Repubs. They want so badly to be Fox-lite.

Tiny lead in Mizzou with some more to count in urben areas………maybe, just maybe…….

Okay, if Hillary wins all 5 races tonight, who will be the first one to commit hari kari — Rachael, Chris Hayes, or Kornacki?

@120 I want Schmoe and Meeka to eat shit. They deserve it. It’s their show.

One precinct left to count.

@128: I vote for Andrea Mitchell.

All precincts in. Call the damn race, already.

@131, oh Chat, I forgot her. I agree, She gets a personalized shiv for her very own use.

Clean sweep! What an exciting night! Bernie supposedly talked for an hour and didn’t mention his losses.

@129, GAgal, I have completely embargoed #socklessdeadintern and #drunkmika — are they particularly anti-Hillary these days?

@128: I dunno but I hope they tape it! 😈

@136, LOL

@135 Umm.. I wouldn’t know. As I said, I don’t watch. But I may tomorrow morning just to watch the fallout. It may be worth it.

Hillary’s winning by a mere 1500 votes in MO now. CNN needs to get their people up there and ask “is it a moral or psychological win”. We the people need to know. No, I won’t forget that shit.


Let me cackle here… HEH, HEH, HEH Heh heh …

I tried putting in the entire tweet but it was just killing the post when it was trying to load so all I could do was the video. But that was good enough. 😉

I’m glad you did. Gifs in tweets won’t play for me. That is classic. Poor Rachel. And Chris. And Lawrence. And everybody there. And then some.

Well then, glad I did it that way!

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