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Lazy Weekend Music: Big Week Ahead of Us

Posted on: March 11, 2016

Greetings, Widdershins.  It’s time for a weekend palate cleanser.

Last week brought a tremendous victory in Mississippi, as well as a hair-breadth loss of less than two points in Michigan.  The latter is, of course, being billed as a sign of Bernie’s inevitable victory. (“She’s ugly, her mother dresses her funny, and noooobody likes herrrrrr!”)

I plan to spend a lot of time making GOTV calls for Hillary this weekend, although I believe that FL should go well enough.  The Rust Belt has me a bit worried, though, and I need to chill out some prior to rocketing back into politics.  Therefore, I have gathered up some of my favorite relaxation music to share, and would be much obliged if you would post some for me as well.  Other than that, this is the usual wide-open thread.

Y’all have a great week-end, and make some calls for Hillary should you have the time to do so.


(1) Smooth – Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas

(2) Roll With the Changes – REO Speedwagon

(3) Old Time Rock and Roll – Bob Seeger

(4) Turn! Turn! Turn! – The Byrds

(5) Kokomo – The Beach Boys

(6) Atlantis – Donovan

Bonus:  Pachelbel’s Canon in D on a continuous loop.

70 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: Big Week Ahead of Us"

Great list, chat! Brought me many happy memories of my hilarious youth. That is my favorite REO video and song.

So, add some more.

Here’s some relaxation music. Zzzzzz. 😉

Chaos at a Trump rally in Chicago. On MSNBC and CNN now. Fights breaking out at the stadium and they’re calling in the Chicago cops.

It’s 1968 again, folks. Strong men. hand signals, silent majority and all. I felt a chill watching that – deja vu all over again.

Greatest protest sign evah: “build a wall around Trump and I’ll pay for it.”

@9 & 10: I emailed Prolix and said I’m willing to bet that Trump is sitting in a suite somewhere watching this with a big smile on his face. 😈

The master promoter: Trump rallies in St. Louis, Chicago, and Cleveland tomorrow. The police shooting tour, subtitled: BLM ES&D.

This is catnip for the Trump demographic. His demographic are the people who consider themselves perfectly racially tolerant since they actually enjoyed and tolerated George Jefferson.

Trump blames the protests on young black people who can’t find jobs. Sorry, Trump that’s Bernie’s line and you can’t steal it.

That Santana “Smooth” is one of my all time favorite songs.

I can’t find anything live, but it’s still a goody

@15, I did a quick drive by of Trump friendly sites and they are convinced, 100% sure, this has absolutely nothing to do with Trump and it is Bernie and Hillary supporters who are behind all this.

Whole lot of talent on this stage. I especially love right after the 1:00 mark when James Taylor sings “thank ya’ John” to John Hall.

I’m impressed with the songs tonight. Thanks, all.

@21: I bet I know one of those sites. 😉

Good article over at Rude Pundit on the Thurs. Repub Debate.

Well, 538 says Hillary has a 98% chance of winning Ohio. That’s good…BUT Bernie just won a case allowing 17-year-olds to vote in the primary. I don’t know how much that would affect the results.

@28 – Fredster – that link doesn’t work. 🙂

@29: Depends .on how many 17 year olds have already registered (FL kids can register but not vote at 17)

@mb: It’s fixed now.

@mb and chat:

Actually this is what has me concerned with Ohio. As I told Prolix, I can see some mischief coming into play here.

Do I declare my political party affiliation when I register?

No. Under Ohio election law, you declare your political party affiliation by requesting the ballot of a political party in a partisan primary election.

If you do not desire to affiliate with a political party in Ohio, you are considered to be an unaffiliated voter. An unaffiliated voter does not vote the ballot of a political party in a primary election. However, an unaffiliated voter may vote the Official Questions & Issues Ballot, if there is one for the voter’s precinct at the election.

Be of good cheer. FL and all its delegates are closed.

@33, I can hardly understand that.

@34, that’s good (about FL). Also Pearl Jam.

I wanted to post a video of Keith Emerson playing his spinning piano, but am having problems with this pc again. Its so crazy, its always changing stuff by itself, like it has a mind of its own. We’re thinking of throwing the tower away (tower!!! how ridiculous in this day and age.) and buying a new fresh one.

annie, the Ohio primary is described as semi open. I don’t want to say where this info came from but maybe this explains it better.

Ohio has semi-open primaries.

Ohioans do not declare a party when registering to vote, but registration is required.

Y’all in Cali have semi closed primaries. You can be registered as a Dem or as “no party preference”.

Hillary picked up a few delegates today with her win in the Northern Mariana Island caucus. 167 people voted and Hill won 54/34%.

At least we won’t be hearing of “another stunning” upset.

@37, I wonder if in the Northern Marianas when they put sauce on stuff if they call it Mariana Sauce?

@39: G-R-O-A-N

@40, yes, it was bad, I plead guilty to bad punning.

Oh, those saucy Marianas!

I really want Hillary to win Ohio and Pennsylvania like she did in 2008. I don’t like all the guilt by association sh*t Bernie is pulling about NAFTA. I think she should just call it out and say, “I do find it rather concerning that Senator Sanders keeps acting as though I am responsible for my husband’s actions while he was President.” People will get what she means.

@43: At the very least if she is to be blamed for his failures she should be able to latch onto his many successes.

@43, some female representative, I don’t remember who it was, said, “If you’ve ever worked with Bernie, you are for Hillary.”

What Bernie claims is unabashed principle is basically what has made him a miserable failure at being a legislator. What he calls “never compromising” is exactly what each of the Tea Party fanatics claim in gumming up Congress for the past six years.

A WaPo editorial the other day said, “It’s easy to claim to be perfect on the campaign trail if you’ve never done anything.”

@46: Other than the rep from Hawaii, I think that Marcie Kaptor is the only other Congressional rep that I have heard of endorse him.
I’m wrong. He has a total of six reps, no senators or guvs.

@44 – Exactly! 8 years of peace and prosperity – all because of her!! 😀

Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead for DST.

@45, well said!

In the 80s, a guy who was a friend of mine, built a sailboat (in WA) with a friend and sailed it to Guam. He lived in Rota for a few years, then moved to Guam, where he’s lived ever since. Anyway, I see him every few years when our trips to Wash coincide. Every couple of years or so he goes out on a long voyage to other islands in Oceania. Bizarre, huh?

Thanks again for the great songs, we all enjoyed them! Our friend Rosemary is in the No Nukes video, and it was fun to see her when she was young. She’s a lovely person and still sings.

Re Bernie vs. Hillary, my husband says Bernie’s campaign reminds him of incoherent beliefs he held when he was 18. He also says that young people who buy into it are naive. Of course, by the time he was in college, he had been tear gassed, had his arm broken by police and been thrown in jail for protesting the Vietnam war. It was a different world.

I remember those days well. Some was indeed incoherent, but one of the deepest beliefs was that we, our young people, were being sacrificied to the ongoing need for war. Almost 60,000 of our young men died, four times that many were left scarred, and their friends and family’s lives were never the same thereafter.
LBJ will be well remembered (and righteously so) by history for his work with civil rights, but my generation will always remember him as the man who destroyed many lives.

There’s another town hall tonight. I wish someone would ask Hillary about her policy plans for Wall Street/financial sector and put this “cozy with Wall Street” and “release the speech transcripts” crap to rest. Something like:

Secretary Clinton, I have read your detailed plan on your website on what you believe should be done to prevent another financial collapse. Given the short amount of response time in these venues, can you distill for us what they are and how it will work?

I wonder what the chances are of that happening.

The town hall is on now. I forgot about the time change.

Yeah I’m concerned about Ohio. Some Dems are going to cross over to vote against Trump, thereby taking away a possible vote for Hillary.

And in some other cases, it’s Indies who are requesting a partisan ballot.

Through Friday, Franklin County had about 39,000 requests for absentee ballots, and roughly 17,000 came from voters changing their party registration, according to statistics compiled by elections board data wizard Carolyn Gorup.

Most of the tide represents unaffiliated voters requesting a partisan ballot. About 5,700 of those so-called independents wanted to vote in the Republican primary while almost 10,000 asked for a Democratic ballot.

At this point, it is what it is, Fortunately we are proportional,

@56: Yes, all of the states in the Dem primaries and caucuses are.

So far, she sounds good.

Geez – Roland Martin is shaking her hand and looking pleased with her. Did i fall on my head?

I think she’s doing great! She is such a wonk. I love it!

Nicely done. Great applause at the end.

Great town hall. Good, but tough questions. Hillary’s got it covered. Loved her last answer about doing the actual job of president, which is why we support and trust her to do just that.

Last evening we were surmising whether or not The Donald had wet or soiled himself when the person rushed the stage.

Well, Donald was justified in peeing on himself since the guy was an Isis jihadist. Yep, that’s right — Donald said the guy was with Isis. How did Donald know? Well, Donald got it from where he gets all his intelligence briefings, on the internet.

And you know, if it is on the internet it is true.

Chuckles Todd tried to explain to Donald that the internet video was a hoax, but Donald wasn’t having any of that. “He looked like the guy and all I know is what I see on the internet,” said Donald.

Trump: “all I know is what I see on the internet”

The General Election campaign ads just write themselves….

@63 & 64, omg! LOL!

@64, Q, if he wants to do in depth research, he watches “the shows.”

Here’s a question, “Just how angry does one have to be for it to suspend good judgment and embarrassment?” How can anyone honestly say they would vote for this clown?

@59: chatblu, I would think that Roland Martin is a Hillary supporter, but I plotzed when Tapper greeted her with a cheek kiss.
I think Hillary nearly plotzed, too.

Roland dropped her like a hot potato for Obama in 2008.

@68: Yep he sure as hell did.

Prolix@63: LOL!! In the video clip at The Hill, Donald even manages to insult Chuckles’ patriotism at about 6:16-18. Donald respects the flag more than Chuckles does.

Morning Joe is going to be so much fun Monday morning. (snark)

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