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Thanks Donald, cont’d…

Posted on: March 10, 2016

Good morning Widdershinners – a good Thursday to everyone.

Building upon yesterday’s framework of the GOP’s Grand Old Cons, here are some additional examples.


Obama’s War on Coal

Notice how Obama looks as if he just came from a coal mine...

Notice how Obama looks as if he just came from a coal mine…

Along the spine of the central Appalachians, nothing has been more politically inimical than the imaginary “Obama’s War on Coal”.  Just by checking the bumper stickers at cockfights, you can tell just how divisive the issue is.  (That’s a joke.)

For the past two election cycles, Republicans have brayed incessantly about environmental regulations causing a decline in coal sales.  It is a political ploy ignorant of falling natural gas prices and the higher costs of coal extraction.

So you would think any effort to ameliorate the supposed “War on Coal” would be significant.  Here are the two efforts by Republicans and the coal companies to fight the War on Coal in Kentucky:  (1) Eliminate safety training for coal mine foremen; and (2) Eliminate mine safety inspections.  I didn’t make that up — real legislation pending before the General Assembly.

In the “War on Coal,” the first casualty is the safety of miners in order to bolster coal companies’ profits.  Disgraceful and shameless are two words that come to mind.


Voting RightsProtect my Vote

Voting rights are central to many of the cons run by Republicans.  Nowhere is it more evident than in Kansas.  In Kansas, a government ID is no longer good enough to vote; you must also prove you are an American citizen.  That’s right, forget “papers please” – in the Sunflower State it is “birth certificate please.”

Mind you, non-citizen voting isn’t a problem in Kansas.  It’s just another way to intimidate and sow seeds of distrust of “Those People.”

Here’s the real kick in the head.  Last weekend, in deference to the KU Shockers’ basketball game, the Republican Party set up a special voting site in Missouri for basketball fans.  That’s right – if you are a Shockers’ fan, according to the Kansas Republican Party, that’s enough to prove citizenship and voting rights.


Rewriting Historytexas-education

I’ve written about this before.  There is nothing scarier than rewriting history to fit a social narrative.  In Texas, the elected state school board has extraordinary power in textbook content.  Since Texas is one of the largest, if not the largest, purchaser of textbooks, publishers acquiesce over content without protest.  These “doctored” textbooks are then sold to other states that don’t have the purchasing power to demand corrective edits.

Simply put, Texans find it acceptable to vote on history and science by voting for state school board members.  Facts don’t matter – beliefs do.  The following are the actual statements of a conservative Tea Party candidate who will probably win a seat on the state school board:

On climate change: “Climate change has nothing to do with weather or climate; it is all about system change from capitalism (free enterprise) to Socialism-Communism. The Climate Change HOAX was Karl Marx’s idea.”

On the Civil War she wrote: “Slavery is not the Reason for the Civil War.  Historians waited until all of the people who were alive during the Civil War and the Restoration were dead of old age. THEN HISTORIANS WROTE THE HISTORY BOOKS TO TELL THE STORY THE WAY THEY WANTED IT TOLD.”

On the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, she wrote: “Many people believe the Democrat Party had JFK killed because the socialists and Communists in the party did not want a conservative president.”

As recently as last October, she wrote that President Obama used to be a gay prostitute:  Obama has a soft spot for homosexuals because of the years he spent as a male prostitute in his twenties. That is how he paid for his drugs…Since he supports gay marriage, he should be proud of his background as a homosexual/bisexual. He is against everything else Christians stand for; he might as well be for infidelity.

This candidate holds a Masters of Education degree from East Texas State University and worked as a teacher and counselor in Texas public schools for 36 years.  God help the poor children she scarred over those 36 years.



There is no greater GOP con than fear.  Fear of “Those People” – fear of change – fear of the unknown or even the known – fear is the great catalyst of control for conservatives.

Once the Kochtopus got hold of the Heritage Foundation and it was lobotomized by the hiring of failed Senator Jim DeMint, it was further dumbed down by the offshoot Heritage Action.  Here’s an article about the young firebrand heading up Heritage Action.  You might have seen him giving political fellatio lessons on Fox.


Feel free to take this conversation in any direction you might like to explore.



56 Responses to "Thanks Donald, cont’d…"

Just a quick update: Yesterday the KY Republican Senate voted to roll back mine safety legislation in order to bolster coal companies’ sagging profits. Republican Gov. and the KY Coal Association support the measures.

Here’s the headline though, these votes by the Republican Senate come on the 40th anniversary of a mine disaster that killed 26 people.

Read more here:

I remember the WV mining disaster. Reporters discovered a long history of multiple flagrant safety violations. When they interviewed Elaine Choi, she was asked if the fines had not gotten the owner’s attention. Ms. Choi replied that she did not believe in fining recalcitrant owners. She preferred a “partnership” arrangement where her agency would “encourage” correction.
Yippee! When can the rest of uslook forward to such accommodation?

@1 – Ugh! These guys are just pure evil!

On the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, she wrote: “Many people believe the Democrat Party had JFK killed because the socialists and Communists in the party did not want a conservative president.”

I’m sorry – did she just say JFK was a conservative?!

@3: By today’s standards he would be a Blue Dog, but there again you see the dangers of judging historic figures by current values. I assure you that he was ahead of the curve in 1960

@2, Elaine Chao, or Mrs. Mitch McConnell, the Juan and Eva Peron of the War on Coal.

@3, the woman who is running for the seat is a real, certifiable nut job. Of course, she has the patter down — it is the world out to get her, everyone is against her, she is the only one out there fighting the good fight. Come to think of it, she sounds like Bernie.

@5: And where is Mother Jones when you need her?

@1 & 2, that’s terrible. I can’t believe the horrible violations these companies still get away with. There was an old tv show called Leverage, which was about a group of con artists that went around helping people and one of them was set in the mines. I always wished Leverage was true and there could be some real justice for some people.

@5, perfect! Also, love the post!

Two things from the Lexington paper article:

The state has somewhat different responsibilities and greater enforcement powers than MSHA, which must check underground mines at least four times a year and surface mines twice a year.

Citing “a duplication of efforts,” Girdler said his bill would reassign the state’s 62 inspectors to different but more valuable duties as “mine safety analysts.” As safety analysts, they would stop issuing citations for violations. [bolding mine]

Bingo! No issuing citations for violations.

I remember the Scotia mine thing because I still had family members then who worked in the mines.

I see that Bevin is doing his Piyush Jindal imitation with higher education in Kentucky.

At least you still have some Dems in your legislature Prolix and maybe they will be able to stave off the worst of his cuts.

From that WaPo piece on the Heritage Action guy:

He believes that underneath the bluster, the businessman is malleable on specifics — specifics that Needham and his team could provide.

“A President Trump who tries to find policies that address the themes he’s been addressing would be a fantastic opportunity for us to shape the policy agenda,” he said.

Interestingly, this 1964 LBJ ad from the race against Goldwater has been getting some attention lately.

@12, who is that guy? He looks familiar.

I turned the googling machine loose on him. His name is Bill Bogert and has a long list of credits to his name. I think I remember him from Benson or The Mary Tyler Moore Show (I had such a crush on her), but he was in:

Gilmore Girls, Hope & Faith, Chappelle’s Show, Law & Order, Ed, Profiler, Spin City, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Melrose Place, Empty Nest, Mr. Belvedere, Growing Pains, Amen, The Wonder Years, Webster, Matlock, Trapper John, M.D., The Colbys, Benson, Knots Landing, Hart to Hart, The Greatest American Hero, Square Pegs, The Fall Guy, Hill Street Blues, Fantasy Island, The Incredible Hulk, M*A*S*H, Alice, The Facts of Life, The Jeffersons, Quincy, M.E., One Day at a Time, Barney Miller, Lou Grant, Eight is Enough, Baretta, McMillan & Wife Starsky & Hutch, Police Woman, Taxi and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

In 1964, Bogert starred in the “Confessions of a Republican” ad for Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1964 U.S. Presidential election Bogert was a Republican when the ad was made, which was a requirement for the casting.

@8, I liked Leverage, too.

@9, thanks.

@10, it is so maddening. It is the clearest example of a Republican con I could find. It is a bald-faced example of putting a price on the life of a human and saying, “We pick corporate profits.”

@11, yeah, Bevin must have read the Piyush playbook because he is following it step by step.

Yesterday he stepped in it by posting a bogus Facebook video. He thought it was funny. He’s the only one who did. Everyone piled on his Facebook page and called him everything but a smart man.

He is going to have a long, long four years.

@11, oh, and the other thing he’s doing is trumping up bogus charges against the two women’s health clinics that perform abortions. One is a Planned Parenthood, the other is an independent.

He is following the same old tired Republican playbook.

@13: You were more curious than I. Yes he did look familiar when I watched it the first time (shades of George Will perhaps – my first impression) but I didn’t google him.

I had an uncle who worked for MSHA when Elaine Chao was the Sec’y of Labor. After he got out of the Marines he went to work in the mines and then decided he wanted something a tad more safe. He learned what he needed to learn from the mines and then got on with Labor. He said when Chao was there that the morale of the employees was just at rock-bottom.

@Prolix: Here’s a picture of an older Bogert and he seems more familiar with this image.

Sort of like a young Gregory Peck.

Repub Debate in Miami tonight. However, A&E is running all of The Vikings episodes so I’m probably going to watch that and maybe flip over to the debate periodically.

I’m going to try and watch the Repub debacle — I’m thinking Pazuzu, King of all Demons (Cruz) might try and mount Puss-in-Boots.

Then there’s the possibility that Cruz will admit that he is, indeed, the Zodiac Killer.

@22: Or maybe Cruz will have that thing again on his lip/mouth. And another eww was that CNN had Carly on just a few minutes ago.

@23, I thought Cruz might have had a hair ball because you never know where those evangelical lips might have been.

Hmmmm….. Ben Carson met with Trump and will now endorse him. Surgeon General, perhaps?

@25, either Surgeon General or Chief Ambien Tester.

John Kasich always looks like he just came from electroshock therapy.

That thing in Jake Tapper’s pocket looks to be a tablecloth trying to pass as a handkerchief.

Maybe it’s a poncho just in case a Gallagher show breaks out.

This H1B question about visas and Disney, Rubio should have said, “It’s a small world after all.”

Pazuzu Cruz just said he would cut off all federal funds for NYC, San Francisco, or any other sanctuary city.

Oh, and for the 9 millionth time, here goes Rubio telling about washing up on the shores of Florida in an inflatable bassinet.

According to Trump, Ben Carson is endorsing Trump tomorrow, that is if he wakes up on time.

I don’t care what anyone says, there is a 666 somewhere on the body of Pazuzu Cruz.

In one paragraph, Trump has just crapped on just about all of our allies world wide.

Hey Shinners!!! Here’s Hillary in Tampa, watched this live from work :(, but thank GAWD WE GOT A JOB, so here’s the next best thing, authentic and Democrats in action…the real ones 🙂 :

Okay, CNN is hosting a debate in FL, a demographic melting pot, the questioners: 2 white guys, a white woman, and a burn victim that calls itself Hugh Hewitt.

@29: ROFLMAO!!!!!!

BTW, the Hillary rally in Tampa, I could not go despite me being an official Hillary volunteer, cuz yeah, gotta pay bills.

And, just for shitting on your adversary without honor, despite you swinging the badge of being so pure and true. …TODAY IN TAMPA…Bernie is also doing a rally here at the Florida State Fairgrounds, which started opening doors at 4pm.

So…the plot thickens and the game is afoot.

SM, how do you think the I4 corridor is going to fall between Hillary and Bernie?

Rubio said, “War on Coal,” so he wins the Juan and Eva Peron aqua fondue set with matching long forks.

I4 tells the tale in FL.

Prolix, as it always does here: a bloody finish… Hillsborough County (where Tampa is located), is a bellwether county, but dammit…we need to get more of us to effin vote. It’s about the “what’s in it for me,” situation. We have too many transplanted people who hated wherever they came from either the politics or the weather…or both.

Me? Oh, it was the weather.

Trump’s hair spray isn’t holding tonight. Must be the humidity in Miami.

Hillsborough is a true purple county, and we do not have many of those.

@40 and 41, do y’all think those folks in the I-4 corridor are so disaffected that they would actually vote for a moron like Trump?

Some will. There’s some rural-ish areas in which I’m certain that he is playing well.

We also need to get more Democrats and liberals engaged in rural counties in Florida. I was out in massively awful places that I’d probably get shot at, but I had my kid unit with me and wanted to show her the process of “Democracy…we were shaking hands and saying hello and letting them know about the 2014 election…not in a condescending Northerer way…, but in a hey, just vote….

We have a lot of people who will go our way, but we just need to take the time and $$$ to get canvassers out here. i did it for a few of our local and state candidates…but there’s places that my blatina Masshole butt is not looking for bullet holes, dog or snake bites…and that was me canvassing for the Crist campaign in 2014. It was scary. The dueling banjos from Deliverance played in my head each time we went outsie the safe city boundaries of Tampa.

Ahem. “Deliverance” was filmed in my hometown. The local populace played themselves – the Sherrif, the doctor, etc. Clayton is actually a very nice little town.

Fall upon your knees and pray toward your nearest commode — this might have been the very last Repub debate of the season.

@47, where I’m from, Clayton would be considered urban metropolitan.

At the time, the population was roughly 1200. It is the county seat of Rabun Co, GA. It’s now 2500, mainly displaced Yankees and Floridians. So much for my quiet little Smoky Mountain hometown

Chatblu, wow! They deserved ever Oscar awarded from then to the 25th century, because they scared the city-daylights out of me.

I showed my ignorance and fear in my previous post.Where we cacassed was deep int he heart of I-4, in Plant City, right between Dixie flags and migrant worker camps.

BUt I did make some connections that summer with people I’d be too afraid to speak to…and when we get to talk to one another, get to know another, at least we get to know we both exist and can both equally be happy by voting our conscience… aatrue learning lesson for me and the kid.

I believe that you will find most of the people in that area, Battle Flags and all, to be regular hard-working people. If you are kind and respectful, it will be repaid in kind.
I had much the same learning curve with Hispanics when I arrive in SoFL 35 years ago. Some are great folks, others are truly exasperated that I have not abandoned English and learned to speak fluent, perfectly accented Spanish in a variety of dialects so that they need not bother assimilating. (Just to get even, I do speak Spanish to them – just recall that I am from Georgia, went to school in Georgia, and had Spanish teachers with Georgia accents. The rapidity with which they recall the English word is startling.) Tolerance and respect will get it done over time, and we might just as well start now.
PS – I too was born in MASS – my father was stationed at Westover AAF base. We left when I was six weeks old, so it’s a tenuous claim at best.

There are so many funny comments, I am too lazy to list them all, so…applause!

That’s interesting chat & SM born in MA & ended up in FL. Is MB from Mass also, or NY?

I didn’t know that the townspeople in Deliverance were played by the real McCoys (pun unintended). They were impressive.

@53: MB is from Baltimore.
@54: Up to and including the folks at the Dillard House restaurant, which is near the end.

My grandsons went to scout camp in nearly Toccoa. They returned quite surprised that there were whole townsfull of people that sound like me. They are equally surprised when the visit their dad’s relatives in Mississippi to see that there are lots of people there who sound like he does.
What is life without whimsey?

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