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Thanks Donald…

Posted on: March 9, 2016

Good morning Widdershins.

Last night was another delegate-rich evening on the road toward celebrating the inauguration of “Madam President” – our gal is over halfway there. It’s all about the delegates – not vanity, not messaging, not settling some 1960s dorm argument.  Just in case anyone dares overlook it, this is the first time in our history a woman with scary lady parts is the favored candidate to win a major party’s nomination – that my friends is the definition of progressive.


Trump Red

There are some things you never expect to say.  For me, thanking Donald Trump is one of them.  The Donald is a guy who was born in the 20th Century with good old-fashioned 18th Century values.  Those values have laid bare the GOP’s Grand Old Con.

Professor Yoda Krugman explains it this way:

The Trump phenomenon threatens the con the G.O.P. establishment has been playing on its own base. I’m talking about the bait and switch in which white voters are induced to hate big government by dog whistles about Those People, but actual policies are all about rewarding the donor class.

What Donald Trump has done is tell the base that it doesn’t have to accept the whole package. He promises to make America white again — surely everyone knows that’s the real slogan, right? — while simultaneously promising to protect Social Security and Medicare, and hinting at (though not actually proposing) higher taxes on the rich. Outraged establishment Republicans splutter that he’s not a real conservative, but neither, it turns out, are many of their own voters.

Shell gameKlandidate Trump has dared to utter heretofore unspeakable things like, “This country was lied into the Iraq War.”  Amazingly, it appears a third of Republican voters agree with him.  As surprising as it is to wild-eyed neocons, war-mongering interventionism isn’t the flavor of choice for these folks.  These GOP voters would rather spend trillions, not on foreign adventurism, but on infrastructure and the jobs they provide.

Jonathan Chait summed it up in an excellent piece in The New York Magazine. His terse truth:  The Republican Party isn’t racist, but it can’t win without racists.  Chait explains the most repugnant of codependent relationships, that of the GOP and a host of race-baiting segregationists, by saying:

The Republican Party has, for decades, been organized around a stable hierarchy of priorities, the highest of which is to reduce taxes for the wealthiest Americans, i.e., “job creators,” and loosen regulation of business.  Trump’s popularity suggests that maybe average Republicans aren’t maniacally obsessed with shrinking government after all.

What conservative intellectuals fail to acknowledge, in reality, William F. Buckley spent the civil-rights movement mocking Martin Luther King Jr. and defending white supremacy and spent the ’80s defending apartheid in South Africa. [Even the sainted Ronaldus Maximus vetoed anti-apartheid legislation and was overridden by a Republican Senate.]

Trump has also exposed another, equally deep insecurity among right-wing intellectuals: the fear that Fox Newstheir movement appeals to rubes. The conservative movement’s tightening grip over the Republican Party has coincided with its elevation of leaders incapable of explaining their policies cogently like Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and Sarah Palin.

The secret fear lying beneath Rubio’s accurate depiction of Trump as a “con artist” is that Republican voters are easy marks. The Republican Party is constructed as a machine: Into one end are fed the atavistic fears of the white working class as grist, and out the other end pops The Wall Street Journal editorial-page agenda as the finished product.

A perfect example of the Republican “con game” is tax policy.  Without mind-buckling precision, here’s the dime store window version.  The Bush tax cuts cost $1.5 Trillion over ten years, but now account for, along with the unpaid for wars, over one-half of the national deficit.  That is our benchmark for comparison.

bush-geddan-aWith all the savings going into the pockets of the very richest Americans and corporations, here are the costs of the various Republican tax plans.  Over ten years, Trump’s plan costs $9.5 Trillion or 6+ Dubyas.  Cruz’s plan costs $8.6 Trillion over the same period or 5+ Dubyas.  Rubio’s plan, the most frugal of the three, would only cost $6.8 Trillion over the next decade or over four times as much as the Dubya tax cuts.

Anyone who believes The Wall Street Journal’s “other end” poop is suffering from something much more pernicious than gullibility; this is not voodoo economics, this is anthrax-laced thermonuclear economics.  It is devastating to our economy and our way of life.  It is a devastation designed and delivered by those who just can’t quit the segregationist rubes who fear “Those Others,” who also just happen to be the very same ones who guarantee tax cuts to the wealthy.

Sorry, but it seems I’ve over-written about the GOP’s Grand Old Con.  I have several other subjects I’ll add tomorrow, but until then, take this conversation in any direction you might like to discuss.



90 Responses to "Thanks Donald…"

Yup!! I think the GOP IS racist, though. They certainly showed their true “colors” after Obama was elected, didn’t they? Why else did the Tea Party form?

The Republican party has needed all manners of fringe people in order to win. They are indeed the “big tent” for all in that particular range of humanity.

@1, in the hierarchy of loathsome behaviors, is it worse to be racist or to consciously enable racism to facilitate political gain? Personally I’ve always thought knowingly engaging in reprehensible behavior to further personal gain is more egregious, but I’m open for discussion.

I have a theory on the Tea Party. It is a tool created and funded by the Koch-topus in order to stymie all legislative progress which to the Brothers Koch is a great victory. Racism was the rallying point, but the objective was just another GOP Grand Con.

@2, yes, the GOP is the big tent and three ring circus of the fringiest fringe freaks. The price of admission is a dull ax to grind.

Did everyone notice Trump’s rambling speech, where he hawked Trump steaks and water? Most of the networks did not even cover Hillary Clinton’s speech for this. I believe that C span carried it, and MSNBC replayed it after he finally stumbled to a halt.
If this annoys you as much as it does me, let CNN know.

I didn’t catch it Chat…I can’t stand to listen to him for more than a few seconds. 🙂

It’s disgusting how they are giving this demagogue everything he wants. All the exposure, brand awareness and attention anyone could possibly desire. Where’s the vetting? Anyone? Bueller? They let him do a commercial for his products, for heavens’ sake!

I actually don’t think there is any difference between being racist and enabling racism. No one can judge what is in another person’s heart. If you’re dogwhistling to racists and burning crosses on black folks’ lawns, you’re a racist in my book.

@5, done.

@6, don’t disagree at all, but when it comes to occupying the 9th Circle of Hell, it seems that someone who consciously uses racism for profit gets there first.

Someone did a run down of all those “Trump” products and he didn’t make any of them, just like the buildings, he just pasted his name on them. Trump is nothing more than a Century 21 agent with bad hair — he licenses the name.

Pazuzu, the king of demons, has taken a bride. Her name is Carly. Fiorina endorsed Cruz.

While I know for a fact they’re are racists in GOP and the Tea Party (I live in GA) the tea party is a product of the libertarian Koch brothers mostly through Americans For Prosperity. The Kochs have been working on this for decades influencing through the Glenn Becks and Sean Hannitys. It is mostly anti-everything – government, spending, immigration and are totally anti-compromise.

These people have no idea they are being duped. They truly believe they are part of a grassroots movement. If you try to prove otherwise they would just call you a liar.

@10, agree with you 100% GAgal. The Tea Party is just another part of the Kochtopus. The Koch network is larger, with a greater reach, than the GOP.

chatblu, thanks for the CNN feedback link. Done.

Georgia is not alone, nor even the Dirty South. The midwest is rife with them, and the west seems to get the bulk of the militias. Hate is hate.

Looking at a Michigan website, I see Hillary lost to Bernie by 18,425 votes. There were 19,428 who voted uncommitted. Add in 3000+ more for O’Malley and some guy named Rocky De La Fuente is 22,629 votes. There were four people on the ticket and 19 thousand+ people took the time to vote uncommitted. I’d love to know that breakdown and why. Maybe they should choose a new party next time.

Nice work there, GAgal. This was also a fully open primary, which likely skewed it a bit.

In my feedback comment to CNN I didn’t even mention Hillary. I asked why they allowed a free infomercial to Trump while the people of this country wanted to see important election results coming in. I also said if I see Trump on their network talking about anything other than how he plans to implement his policies, I’ll turn it off again for good.

@17: Well said.

Hello Shinners, finally home and ready for the debate. Jorge Ramos, one of my favorite news anchors, is moderating the Univision debate in Miami. Right now, I’m on the porch drinking a cool glass of “sit-cho-azz-down-and-relax,” with my little flowers and happy bushes. Going inside to watch on TV is too hard right now (first world problem, I know).

So if you want to watch from your computer, Quiz 360 has a live feed on Youtube: , just don’t feed the trolls in the chat section.

OMG, Chatbu, I can’t believe they are that clueless. OMG. I, I’m at a loss of words. I need to sip more of this draaaank, just so I don’t punch the screen.

Melissa McEwen at Shakesville is calling out BernieBro=ing racist dog-whistles:

[CN: Racist violence; murder] Meanwhile, Sanders supporters started a #MississippiBerning hashtag on Twitter yesterday. Yes, for real. If you don’t know the context: “Mississippi Burning” refers to a trial in which three civil rights workers, one black man and two white men, were murdered after investigating a black church burning and mass beating done by the KKK. The appropriation is staggeringly insensitive.

In summation, I’ll say again: I don’t begrudge Bernie Sanders fighting for the nomination. But I have serious concerns about the way he’s doing it. And I don’t still don’t see any evidence that his most fervent supporters are prepared to lead, or even participate in, a progressive revolution.

@21: Yeah. Missed the bus bigtime on that one, didn’t they? It is important to know history.

Chatblu, they missed the whole history lesson in the civil rights movement, the one that their dear leader participated in Chicago.

On another note, SUPER PISSED about this awful anti-choice law that the Floridian Voldemort is gleeful to sign:

Hope they talk about this in the debate.PLUBs in effect.

@24: Heigh, ho! Heigh, ho! It’s back to court we go!

LMAO! Spoken like a true trooper!

What is it with all these states trying push these abortion bills through knowing full well they will be challenged in court – costing the state big bucks? They know they’ll be fought everytime .These guys need “UNDUE BURDEN” tattooed on their thick skull foreheads.

Seeing it on Univision, the moderators are top notch reporters 🙂 Jorge Ramos and Maria Celeste Salinas are awesome journalists.

How beautiful to see this young singer in a charro suit, yes, he’s also American 🙂

GAgal! Hey lady! I think it’s just political posturing to film them fighting, just to play out during election time. 😦

Yes, had to come inside, have to hear the debate in Spanish and English, remote zapping between Univision and CNN.

OMG, Bernie is still doing the one trick he knows best.

Go HIllz, she’ll be here tomorrow and can’t see her 😦 – Maria Celeste asking what went wrong in Michigan , now she’s asking Bernie about Bernie about the delegate and point deficit, and he’s pointing at the astounding win in Michgan…..6 points????

@24, 25, and 27, as with all things political, “never underestimate the ability of Republicans to overestimate the tolerance of the voters or the courts.” The Supreme Court, as remarkable as it seems, just put one over the bow of all these anti-choice zealots in the Louisiana case. It is just like the Texas law. I think we might have finally come to the end of the road on the “reasonable regulations” arguments.

Paula Ramos, Jorge’s daughter is working for Hillary’s campaign, disclosure, but Jorge is hitting her hard on the emails.

Hillz coming on hard back with the emails, Ramos contesting her answer. Ramos asked if she’d drop out, she said “I’m not even answering that question.”

I love the little Hilary bounce when she gets sassy 🙂

HIllary laughs at Trump question, LMAO!

I said BASTA to trump, LMAO.

Hillary is a sponsor of the comprehensive immigration reform with Ted Kennedy and John McCain, that is the truth. Still supporting it and will always will.

LEGAL COUNSEL and DUE EFFING PROCESS. Go Hillary, calling him out, oh wait, here comes the Bernie cough and wagging finger… I just can’t with him.

.Obama has a bad rep now as a “deporter-in-chief” due to, my opinion, giving into the Republican B.S., … and thank you Jorge Ramos for calling out Obama on his failed promise.

Bernie is taking credit for nothing he DID. STFU. Taking credit for doing nothing.

Yes, HILLARY, call out your foreign experience, you have the respect and experience of all of Latin America, ..Bernie, where were you??? And now he goes back Wall Street…..blah, blah, blah,,….

Obama is not a liberal Dem. We tried and tried to tell people that. He was so heavily backed by Wall Street that Hillary’s backing looks like child’s play.

Amazing post, Prolix! And the visuals are perfect!

And don’t even go to how you were friend with the Lion Kennedy, I was born and raised in Massachusetts, I remember Bernie Sanders shitting on Kerry and Kennedy always, he called us pushovers.

Was astonished when I saw that MSBerning meme. The bernbots are totally clueless, and tone deaf.

Chatblu, and this is exactly why we didn’t support him the first time around. Obama is too middle ground, Plain and simple. Hillary was always been the strong liberal an doesn’t back down nor give up. We need more of that in our party.

WOW, nice wonky answer to the mom with 5 kids, thought that was a great answer.

@44, didn’t know that! The more I know about Bernie, the less I like.

Love Hillary’s opening up to Karen from Washington Post, good honest response, not a natural politician like Pres. Obama or Pres. Clinton, but trying to do the right thing…..OMG, Here goes Bernie with Wall Street again…. GOTTA REFRESH THE DRINK

SoCal, he’s a piece of crap that shit on all of Democrats…I wish a Kennedy can come out that knows the truth and call Bernie’s bullcrap out.

@15, thanks for those numbers! Also, agree 100% with your comment about these ridiculous anti-abortion laws that the right keep trying to push.

And then when it’s soooooo convenient, he signs up for our party after he crapped on us and all of our candidates. EFF U

@51, preach! He is no democrat!

O Please Bernie, now he’s saying he’s fought them all, at almost 40 years of being in the same position and you’re not the establishment??? And then the fighters that fight that have the backbone to stand up to everyone ….OOOHHH Ramos asked a Benghazi question, the audience booooed, LOL..YAY, go HILLZZZ!!!! THAT’s right! 11 hours!!

At one point I was tolerant of Bernie — sorta like a crazy uncle locked in the attic. Now, he’s acting like a Fox barking head — he is doing damage based on nothing more than innuendo and conjecture — he gives my hemorrhoids sneezing fits. I can’t stand him.

@45 annie, the bernibots thought nothing of using MSberning because they think we’re post-racial. There’s no such thing as racism anymore in their minds. It was obvious from their reaction to Hill winning the southern states by landslides. Just like they’re post-feminist (including some young women).

LMAO!!!! Maria Celeste coming for gold!!! Calling Bernie out for being a career politician! NO RECORD, did nothing, has stood by no one except for himself.

Oh, now he works with Republicans…ok….:\

C’mon Hillary, let’s talk about women, please ….

Viva, Maria Celeste!

@56 Oooh, sorry I missed that. I tried to watch but didn’t make it long. I’ll catch the highlight clips. Glad you’re keeping us up on it!

Thank you that they are not cutting to Bernie’s wagging finger, OMG…here we go… let me change to the translation….OH! Not calling them “the blacks” anymore, and now “African-Americans”…

The Kochtopus has one agenda, the Tea Party another. The racist dogwhistling used to recruit Tea Partiers, aka “movement conservatives,” is well-documented. That is what Krugman is saying. The real Trump slogan is “make America.white again.” I said it the day before Krugman, and I stand by it.

I cannot believe the #Mississippiberning tag. Horrendous.

If Bernie is wagging his finger all the way through Hill’s answers again, I want that televised. Don’t cut away, distracting or not.

@51: In a very literal sense, he does share a “workplace” with some Repubs……….just to be fair here…….

@62 yes and the tea party has no clue of the Koch brothers agenda or that they are being suckered.

Univision is not going to go ugly with ugly, they cut away the waggy finger and cut his cough mic 🙂 THANK YOU UNIVISION!!

There is no way Bernie is being funded by millennials living in their mom’s basement…has to be Koch money, even Rove came out on it, they want to kill Hillary’s chances at any cost, even to support the Castro-loving candidate.

@62: Even dumber when you consider that he did not carry so much as a single precinct in Mississippi.

@67: Shades of the Obama campaign.

LMAO, God forbid that Bernie is the candidate, they’ll pull out every picture taken with Castro, Chavez, the FARC, Tupac Amaru, and every shitty dumbass revolutionary marxist bullcrap POS idiot …and it will not be photoshopped. , did Bernie just sneeze?? Univision, shut off the mic!!! Excuse me!!! I’m talking!!!

Oh boy, here we go with Warren, not happy about this…the Virgin mary of the BernieBros…I support Paul Krugman as the Secretary of the Economy 🙂

YES, HILLARy, always hitting on the Democratic presidents, you have always shit on us, you are in office because the Republicans and dumb independents who are commitment-phobes BOOOOO,.

FOREIGN POLICY….finally!!! Go’head Hillary!!!

@54, yes, exactly!

And the Rethuglicans will pull pictures of Bernie smoking Cohibas in the 1970s with Fidel….LMAO, they got the tape!!!!!!

LMAO, if Univision can pull tape on Bernie talking awesome about these guerilla idiots assholes…imagine what the CIA has on him…LMAO….go’head Maria Celeste…get him!!!

There’s even more tape of him with Hugo Chavez — by the time this would be over, Castro would be his Veep and Chavez would be raised from the dead and be Sec. of Defense.

Prolix!! LMAO, they will have Bernie and Chavez and Castro doing Palo Mayombe rituals drinking the blood of the Chupacabra, just right when the Chupacabra kills Lady Liberty busting an artery….oh, it’s not going to be pretty.

Here’s where Latinos lose Bernie, our countries have lived through his crappy, bullshit rhetoric with failed policies that have our people fleeing….please let Hillary laugh and laugh…

@71: again, you do not remove a reliable Dem vote from Congress in this situation.

@65 – Completely agree!

I see from our intrepid SM77 that Bernie is up to his usual one trick. So tired and played out. Yes, SM77, you are dead-on with your comment about Latinos and far-left revolutionary rhetoric. Been there, done that to greatly tragic lengths.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some trust-busting, economic populist rhetoric, but I am smart enough to know that I’m too dumb to understand how to make it happen. That’s why I want a brilliant woman like Hillary to figure that out for me. 😊 Bernie has neither the temperament nor the political skills to get this done. That’s why he is nothing but a big bag of hot air, filled with Cheeto dust and old man smell.

@67, so true! Have really enjoyed your live blog SM!

@81, hear, hear!

Chatblu, I’m Ok with Warren,because she’s smart enough to know where her civil service, knowledge and power is most needed at this point in time..she is doing great things in Massachusetts and for our country. Massachusetts is not Vermont, nor ever will be. My home state is a lot more diverse than Vermont and Hillary won through the coalition she’s built with voters and elected officals all these years, decades upon decades of support.

Bernie is too caught up with his delusions of reliving the 60s, oh yeah, yelling about Wall Street, which is across the bridge where he grew up… then did the civil rights stint in Chicago, then he quit that when it got too hard…then fled to Vermont to shout on top of a mountain, all the while enjoy his privileged status as a US senator to crap on those trying to do for our country, yet sit and praise Ortega, Fidel Castro and the like. He is Karl Rove’s wet dream, sorry, the image is awful. Run on sentence, but dammit, it’s a rant that I must say.

I just pray that Hillary can pull through Florida and Ohio. 1 more week and we’ll know.

C’mon Hillz!

A good night all in all, Widdershins.

Good night ot all!

81 @ MadamaB, the Cheeto dust is from Trump’s toupee! Oh! The imagery there…if the wig could talk, the things that sepia-tinted fake cashmere has seen!

Folks, just for the record, one-fourth of Hillary’s emails that are now being considered “classified” — not classified when they were sent, but classified now courtesy of the pissing contest among agencies, one-fourth of them, 25% of them, are being classified because of just their subject line. That’s right — not the body, not the information, just the subject line. Ridiculous!

@43, thank you Annie.

I love that it took Univsion to finally vet Bernie! Hillary feels she can’t and the republicans are holding their cards. No more. Of course, the first question Hillary will be asked next is “Do you think Bernie is a…?” communist, socialist, blah, blah, blah. Similar to “Do you think Trump is a racist?.” Because she wouldn’t call him out right – then “How would you describe Trump’s character?”. She handled it well, of course as she always does.

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