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Activist Monday: Who Will Hillary Pick as VP?

Posted on: March 7, 2016

Good Monday, all! Now that Super Tuesday and this weekend’s primaries and caucuses are over, it seems pretty clear, even to the disappointed dummies on MSNBC, that Hillary’s delegate lead would be “challenging” for Senator Sanders to overcome. And since we aren’t the Republicans, who very well might end up with a brokered convention or some other mess, once Hillary wins Florida and New York, that should be the final hurrah for this year’s brogressive unicorn.

Now it seems like we can stop worrying about Bernie Sanders pulling an Obama from 2008, and start a fun game called, “Who Will Be Hillary’s VP?” It would be irresponsible NOT to speculate!

We have many different guesses already. From the lesser-known but intriguing (Tom Perez, the current Labor Secretary) to the 2008 option (Could she Feel the Bern too?) to the ZOMG She Wouldn’t Dare option (Elizabeth Warren – an all-female ticket!! Gyn-tastic), minds are whirling and lips are flapping all over the Beltway.

Here are some of my thoughts on these, and the list of 19 at PredictIt:

  1. Could be: Any prominent Democratic Latino male. Whether it’s Perez, Julian Castro, the current HUD secretary, or someone else we don’t know about yet, a Latino male brings a lot to the ticket. If Cruz or Rubio end up being the Republican nominee, an alternate to vote for would be an excellent thing for Democrats to offer.  This is not to say that I think Republicans are all that attractive to Latinos – but they’re likely to continue to put a huge amount of effort into gaining some ground in that community, since Repubs are not likely to win any other non-white voter groups.
  2. Could be: A prominent Democrat from a key swing state, like Ohio or Virginia. Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, brogressive darling, and former Democratic governor of Virginia Tim Kaine, are being floated around. I favor Sherrod Brown, just because Hillary is perceived as centrist, and that’s Kaine’s political orientation as well. A centrist white guy doesn’t do a lot for her in the general election, but Sherrod Brown’s liberal creds would be very appealing to the Sanders holdouts. Only thing here is that he’s 63…in 8 years he’ll be 71. As we know, Hillary is always thinking about the future of the Party. A younger man would be a smarter pick.
  3. Nagahapin: Bernie Sanders. Really? A 74-year-old Socialist? I don’t care how many people suggest this, it’s an incredibly dumb idea. See above.
  4. Nagahapin Part Deux: Elizabeth Warren. I see her in a Cabinet position IF the Democrats retake the Senate and we don’t need her there any more. Otherwise, another white woman who is actually LESS liberal than Hillary, who is a one-issue candidate, who is only two years younger, and who is from a state that Our Girl will win hands-down…sorry, what was the point of this again?

What do you all think? This is an open thread.

107 Responses to "Activist Monday: Who Will Hillary Pick as VP?"

My nickle is on Julian Castro. He’s young, Latino, and not in Congress where every Dem vote counts.

I agree Chat, I think that is a strong pick.

At one point I was favoring Cory Booker, but he is both a Senator and from a blue state, so I guess that isn’t as likely.

@2: I think that the push for the Latino vote makes all the difference this time.

Michael Bloomberg will not run.

Hey Shinners, I’m with Chatblu (hey awesome one!) My vote is with Julian Castro, our Secretary of Housing and former mayor of San Antonio, just the best of the best that our younger political leaders have to offer…and I will fight even harder to get him and our girl Hillary elected. He’s got experience, super smart, witty and connected with issues that matter to real Democrats. :). Yes and he’s also Latino and has a great feminist matriarchal family, ok, so I’m partial there!

He would add a great deal to the ticket, and possibly set himself up for a run of his own down the road.

I love the entire Castro family, the Mexican-American one, not the Cuban dictator one, 🙂

@7 – Wow! Cruz and Rubio, eat your hearts out. That man is the real deal.

I would love for Castro to be on the ticket. His little girl was so cute in the video tossing back her hair! Most people in the country are looking for a VP for one reason – to take over the Presidency if something drastic happens. He needs to be introduced soon because too many people don’t know him at all; and establish his creds so people will know he’s capable if need be. If so, that would be an awesome ticket!

They seem like great people.

I’ve been looking at wiki pages on some of the people on the PredictIt link. Cory Booker has always been impressive with his education, accomplishments etc. He’s also known for rescuing someone from a burning house, rescuing dogs, going on hunger strikes and so on. Just some crazy things:

Booker won his mayoral election in Newark on May 9, 2006. In late June, before taking office, NJ investigators foiled a plot to assassinate Booker led by Bloods gang leaders inside four NJ prisons, presumably because of his “tough on crimes” proposals.

Also, he attended a contentious city council meeting where several council members walked out in protest. For lack of a quorum, Booker cast the deciding vote. The other guy’s supporters stormed the stage and were held back by riot police, who eventually used pepper spray on some of the crowd.

Riot police at a city council meeting? I guess they just happen to be there. It’s Jersey, after all.

It’s always bigger in Jersey. From Snooki’s hair to Christie’s waist.

Here’s Julian Castro on Colbert, denying that he’s in VP-school, right before the SOTU 2016:

@14 LOL! I guess Jersey’s trying to out do Texas.

@15 Can they just go ahead and start running together already?! My patience is wearing thin. Just a couple more weeks…

Hey y’all! Just checking in. Tree pollen here is driving me craaazeee!!! We’re supposed to have rain coming through later in the week and I hope it rains enough to just wash this junk out of the air, the trees and everywhere else!!

I’m going full West Wing with Jimmy Smits.

Hey Fredster! Pollen is bad here too. We have a poplar tulip tree in full bloom and jonquils are everywhere. I use a saline mist to relieve my sinuses. Have you guys seen this BNR article from the sidebar?

It’s been awhile since i visited Randy Rainbow’s website but he had a couple of videos he did concerning GOP Droupouts and they’re kinda cute. Here’s the one for Ben Carson who put the BEN back in Ambien.

And here’s one he did for Carly.

I saw Castro on Colbert, and he is very impressive. I’d be happy with him, will no doubt be happy with Hill’s choice, as long as its not Bern or Liz.

annie, I don’t think there’s a chance that Bernie will be on the ticket.

This is stunning. Republican big wigs with Halperin. Just listen to these guys.

Randy Rainbow GOP dropout is great! Got to email to a few people now. Hope he gets tons of hits.

Randy Rainbow is just hilarious. And he’s got a good voice too. Here’s his website:

@25: Good article and totally true. I really believe he doesn’t understand how to connect to A.A. voters, whether it’s in the south or anywhere else.

GAgal@24: Those movers and shakers in the Republican party are just in shock that Trump has gotten this far and may indeed be their nominee.

annie, that WaPo article is now a bookmark. I can’t believe a former head of the NAACP would think this is a way to promote his candidate:

“I think the easy part of getting black voters to turn to Bernie Sanders is what happens when they actually listen to him,” said Ben Jealous, a Sanders supporter and former leader of the NAACP. “The hard part is getting beyond the Clinton brand. The Clinton brand is a bit like Coca-Cola. You know, it’s a Southern brand. ­Everybody knows it. It tastes good. The question you have to ask is: Is it the best option for you?”

@30: Ben Jealous has been a sellout to the A.A. community ever since he left the NAACP.

Yeah, resigned to spend more time with family:

@30, 31, I know, I thought that comment of Jealous’ was so ridiculous. And the Coca-Cola illustration…lame.

@31 Right before the Michigan primary Jealous asks -Coca cola tastes good, but you have to ask yourself if it’s the best option? I bet it tastes a helluva lot better than the water in Flint. Tone deaf, just like his Berniebud.

I bet it tastes a helluva lot better than the water in Flint

LOL! That would be such a great tweet response! 😆

Send it on. I don’t tweet or facebook.

Just watched 5 minutes of Meeeka and Joe. The guy whose not Halperin just excused Trump’s Heil Hitler – raise your right hand – shit by saying the elections have gone on too long. Trump is fatigued from his busy schedule. He’s not thinking straight. That’s perfect!! Trump has said for months that Hillary doesn’t have the strength and stamina (she makes a speech and goes home and sleeps for four or five days) Poor wittle trumpy needs a nap…

@36: Is this the one you’re talking about? John Heilemann?

Yeah he’s a jerk too.

I have to try to get some sleep! My schedule was sooo messed up yesterday and if I don’t try now then I’ll sleep later and be completely messed up again! Arrgghh!!

Bob Barr is on CNN to convince us that Cruz would be better on foreign policy than Trump. Scraping the bottom of the barrel now. How much worse can this get?

@37 Yep, that’s the one. My sleep time is outta whack too. Need to sleep now so I can watch Hillary win tomorrow… no.. TODAY! Oops, Jennifer Graholm is on.

I have such a crush on Colbert. He’s brilliant, funny, creative, feminist, has a great singing voice, and is a raging liberal. Pretty much my dream man if I weren’t spoken for. 😄 I love.that he had Castro on recently..let’s see what happens in the next few weeks. I would not discount Tom Perez either.

Anyway…about Cory Booker – he was the mayor of Newark. Newark is rough, people. Think any major inner city…lots of poverty and crime.

I think it’s very interesting the way the press is finally admitting how narrow Sanders’ support is within the Democratic Party. I think it was a combination of CDS, sexism and a desire to keep things interesting that kept the false narrative of Bernie-mentum going.

P.S., Randy Rainbow is great…and that Showtime clip was awesome. I’ll bet 90% of those guys vote Hillary over Trump, if that is the choice. If they can stop Trump from getting enough delegates, though, the brokered convention is a.certainty.

Michigan…looks like another for Our Girl.

Happy IWD, everyone. Nice video on Google about this.

Our firm is doing a ton of presentations this week and next – I was on the planning committee for our event yesterday.

I love that article! What a nice change from all the media nonsense about Nancy Reagan. 😊

Rosalynn Carter will always hold a special place in my heart.

Happy IWD to all of the female Widdershins here – which is most of you! 😉

I think it’s very interesting the way the press is finally admitting how narrow Sanders’ support is within the Democratic Party.

They really don’t want to talk about how the majority of his support is from white folks. I read one article that said Sanders was awful at “retail” politics which is something that both Bill and Hillary excel at. He just cannot connect to people on that level.

What a nice change from all the media nonsense about Nancy Reagan.

Well as one person said “she’s with her Ronnie now” and good for her. Had she and her addlepated husband done more at the beginning of the AIDS crisis who knows how many lives could have been saved.

If Trump is going to bring back all of these jobs and businesses to America, perhaps he should start with his own branded products.

@48, absolutely. Raging hypocrite.

Good article here from The Daily 202 from WaPo on Hillary’s election strategy.

Oh my. It looks like the Cleveland Police Dept wants to gear up and get ready for the Republican Convention.

Cleveland is seeking to buy 2,000 sets of riot gear, including riot-control suits and collapsible batons, as part of the city’s latest move to spend a $50 million federal security grant for July’s Republican National Convention.

Does it come in any other color?

Not sure. Would you prefer Star Wars Stormtrooper White?

Or perhaps a nice summery shade of coral.

The Rude Pundit once again has a great post up.

A snippet of it (it includes some adult words which Rude just loves to use)

The Rude Pundit was talking to a friend in Tennessee after the primary there on Super Splendiferous Tuesday last week. “Yeah, I voted for Hillary,” he said. Why? “Because all these Bernie people in town are just such assholes about it, so fuck them.” The Rude Pundit talked to him again today, and he said that the Bernie voters he knows have said that they won’t vote in November if Hillary is the Democratic nominee.

To which the Rude Pundit responded, “Oh, tell them to shut the fuck up. They’re gonna vote for Hillary and they fuckin’ know it.” –

@55 -LOL!! Of course they will. Whiny babies.

@56: Exactly!

If it’s a choice between Hillary or Trump/Cruz whatever, they’re picking Hillary.

OMG Madama B! Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart is my mini-me’s teacher of life, the universe and everything. BTW, did you see Colbert’s take on Fiddler on the Roof?

Fredster/Chatblu,if I lived in Cleveland, I’d be smart to wear one of those suits, just in case one of those “good guys with gun” encounters all those other good guys with guns.

@59: Good God, woman, you live in Florida! We should all be wearing them24/7.

@59: LOL! True. Also true for chat.

First polls getting ready to close in a few minutes in Miss. Projections to follow.

CNN and MSNB-Rachel say Clinton wins Miss.

LMAO Chatblu! We need to get together soon and wear our alligator stormtrooper gear, LOL! Seriously, you have my email :).

Hating that I’m going to miss a Tampa event with Hillary this Thursday, I have to work, but I do know that at least I’m on the volunteer list :).

Just for laughs before the final election results are in, another Daily Show alumni is KILLING IT! Samantha Bee is coming for everyone and she is bolder, brassy, classy and just shutting it down, enjoy:

Still an hour to poll closing in Mich.

@SM: That clip was great! I loved Samantha Bee on TDS but I keep forgetting to catch her show on TBS – dammit!

It must kill Bernie Sanders and his supporters how ungrateful “the minorities” are…after Bernie put in all that time (a couple of years at most as a student) 50+ years ago in Chicago to empower “the blacks” to get out of the “ghetto” and to join the “political revolution.” The horror.

Yay Hillary on MS!! I was bitching that the guy on CNN wouldn’t shut up so I could hear who was talking in the background at the Hillary event. Turns out it was him on the big screen TV in the background, but delayed by a minute! LOL!

@67: I know…smh…those ingrates!

Suburban vote in on Michigan, Bernie up by 8%, but Detroit metro area is not in yet…

@64: No Gator wear for me. That’s a dirty word in my Bulldog household. That’s why I was inquiring about summery shades.
@70: Isn’t Wayne Co. Detroit? He’s up there, too.

@SM: I heard something about different time zones in Mi. so that may be a small number of returns.

Hey Chatbu, Bulldogs…Georgia, right? Or is it Duke? I no comprendo!!

Frester, maybe early voting/absentee results?? OH BOY, stubby-fingers projected to win Mississippi.

Too close to call in Michigan – GO HILLZ!

@73: Georgia. Duke is the Blue Devils.

@75: That could be. Also, check that link I put in 76.

Wayne County in Mich isn’t in yet.

0% in Wayne County, so we still have hope :), according to John King and the MAP.

We’re ahead in Wayne Co per Huffpo, with <1% in.

Mississippi may be a 70% or greater win. Feeling the Bern?

OMG I hope she wins Michigan…how could that be so close. D*mmit.

Building the wall with Trump Bricks shaped liked Trump Steaks (TM).

Someone @ Uppity’s said that exit polling showed a lot of independents and repubs voted for Bernie in MI. I see decisiondesk still thinks she’ll win though, thank goodness. The stupid dem party needs to get rid of caucuses and open primaries, imo.

Fredster love the Pundit remarks.

@85: I have no idea and the Decision website automatically updates each minute or so.

@87: I agree totally on these damned open primaries. 😈

HATE THE DAMNED OPEN PRIMARIES, why do they allow assholian commitment-phobe voters to vote for OUR parimary candidates?

You know why? Because they want to save money on polling those damned “independent swing voters.” HATE IT.

parimary = primary, sorry, angry….CNN giving waaaay too much time to Trump, WTF…

I swear to God, if the media doesn’t run Hillary’s entire speech tonight after letting Trump ramble on and on…

I want to see John King’s county breakdown updates! Not Trump bloviating!

I want John King and the MAP!!!

Closing the gap…

Ok, going to bed now, have to get up in about 6 hours from now…hoping our girl pulls through Michigan, hugging all of you!

Hugs to you too SM!

{{{hugs SM}}}

Hillary has been speaking in Ohio, its on cspan.

You too SM!

Come on Wayne county!

Bernie speaking without his crowds. Did CNN show any of Hillary’s speech at all? I know Cspan and MSNBC did.

@100: The caption I saw said “Impromptu news conference” under Bernie’s moving yap.

Don’t know if CNN showed any of her speech. I saw the delayed thing on MSNBC.

I don’t know – either way they pretty well split votes, and she walloped him in MS so she is still well ahead.
She’ll have to pour on the coals in Ohio.

There may not be enough votes still out there, but hopes she closes the gap some more. Let’s see what the delegate count is.

Should be 63 each in MI, 31/2 MS per Huffpo:

Damn! CNN is calling Mich. for Sanders.

Not freaked out with a 2 point spread. I had turned it off because I was tired of the pundits saying the people of MI blamed Hill for singlehandedly implementing NAFTA (?) and how they all forgave Bernie for his vote against the auto bail out because of evil Wall Street. That’s right… MI hates Wall Street more than they like having those auto industry jobs. Besides, the auto bill passed anyway and Bernie gets to stay pure. Win, win for MI. Bernie sticks it to the man and they got jobs anyway. Or so CNN tells us.

Ugh, I cannot believe this. The pollsters really got Michigan wrong. Before reading.the polls, I had thought Bernie might do well there due to demographics, but then it seemed like Our Girl was going to win!

On to Florida, where I think SM77 has already guaranteed her a victory!! 😄

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