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So this is what it comes to with Republican Debates

Posted on: March 4, 2016

Hillary laughing bill background-smaller

Seriously? Really? Those guys?

So this is what the Grand Old Party has finally devolved into.  A group of four men of varying ages from their forties to their late sixties standing around making snide comments about dick sizes and making statements about the relationship between the size of their hands and penises.  Is Abraham Lincoln still lying in his tomb or is he busy trying to remove any relationship between himself and the term “Republican”?  So much for the party of Lincoln because these fools bear no resemblance to that individual at all.

 As James Hohmann wrote in The Daily 202 with the Washington Post opined:

The Republican Party does not look prepared to come out of the wilderness after eight years of Barack Obama.

That’s the takeaway of many leading conservatives after last night’s 11th Republican debate.

As he further opined, the divisions in the Republican Party suggest that there are deep wounds within the party and that those wounds are not anything that’s going to heal anytime soon and that’s good news for Democrats in general and Hillary in particular.  If you watched the debate (I didn’t) or even if you caught some snippets of it on the news, do you really think Hillary will have any problems showing up as the adult in the room?  Nah, I don’t either.  However, the Republican caterwauling about their own candidates mind you, got even worse.

Matthew Continentti of Free Beacon whimpered:

“The spectacle made me ill,”
On screen I watched decades of work by conservative institutions, activists, and elected officials being lit aflame not only by the New York demagogue but by his enablers who waited until the last possible moment to try and stop him.”

And the Republican polling guru (but lonely guy) Frank Lutz could not report any good news out of the Debacle in Detroit.

22 out of my 25 focus group members said tonight’s will hurt Republicans in the general election.
This has to stop. Seriously.
Chris Wallace saying “gentlemen, you’ve got to do better than this” scored a perfect 100% with my focus group.
and further:

Words used by my focus group to describe tonight’s :

• disgusting
• embarrassing
• childish
• sophomoric

Get the idea?

Then there was Republican pollster Kristen Andersen who does something with millenials and tweeted:
We may as well cancel the rest of the debate bc we are now in a Mike Judge film and nobody’s going to talk about anything but Trump hands.

And it gets better

These were the headlines from conservative media sites:


— Here’s a sampling of how conservative media outlets are covering the debate:

  • National Review: “GOP Implosion Accelerates in Motor City Wreck.”
  •, “GOP breaks down in Motor City”: “Much of the fight on the Republican side is centered on who can beat Clinton,” Chris Stirewalt, the digital politics editor, writes. “The growing fear among GOP voters is that the answer might be: ‘None of them.’”
  • Christian Broadcasting Network, “All That Was Missing Was Jerry Springer”: “The Grand Old Party didn’t look grand at all. Instead, they looked gross,” writes CBN political correspondent David Brody. “Reince Priebus is faced with a crucial decision now: does he go with Tylenol or Excedrin? Which medication will take away this big fat headache?”

— The level of discourse slipped to a vulgar new low with Trump’s braggadocio about being well endowed. “I guarantee you there’s no problem,” he said in a quote for the ages.


And of course I guess this was the highlight of the night:

So I dunno.  On the one hand (lol!) I’m glad I missed it but then on the other hand (and another lol) it might have been worth watching just to see how incredibly childish these grown men became.  And all ofo them auditioning to become the leader of the free world.  That’s scary.

Okay this is a completely open post and feel free to take the conversation in any direction you wish.  But please, no hand size comments nor anything about Romney being on his knees.  :o   That would take more than eye bleach!

A couple of youtubes, just because:

This song kept creeping into my head while reading the articles for this post.


84 Responses to "So this is what it comes to with Republican Debates"

Okay folks, just a little sumpin’ to pass the time.

I’m sorry but this did not get enough “air time” on the blog.

@3 Noo! I can’t un-see that!

Good news on the home front. My parents, who have been leaning Republican (cause they watch too much Fox) told me yesterday they hate Trump and absolutely despise Ted Ooze. If either of them win, they will be voting Hillary. Well, my mother said Hillary and my step dad said “democrat”.

I’ve been pretty quiet about it, just letting them watch the sh*t storm and come to the conclusion I knew they would. They may be old, but they’re not stupid.

I’m hoping a lot of other Republicans have the same good sense. I hope Kasich gets out soon. He may woo them back, since he seems sane next to the others. It’s a long time ’til November, tho’.

Fredster, thanks for posting those comments. I’ve been working til late every night and been missing out on the shenanighans. It sounds like it was a ridiculous scene.

@2, Ryan?!? I also saw when I turned on my computer, that they are also trying to get Romney. His wife will love that.

@3, love that!

Seriously, the republican party has become an embarrassment to the whole country. I talked to some repubs at work this week and they said they weren’t voting and figured Hillary would win anyway. Keep up the good work R candidates!

Will Priebus have to resign, I wonder?

@4: Sorry Gagal, but when I saw that on a site I just knew I had to steal it. 😉

@5: That’s fantastic new about your parents. I have a feeling that if Trump is the nominee you’ll see a good number of people decide to vote for Hillary.

@2: Yes Ryan! LOL!! He may be many things but thatdumb isn’t one of them. He’s not gonna leave his position as Speaker for anything other than the Dems taking the House back.

@8: They – the Repubs created this entire mess and now they have to deal with it.

About Priebus, I don’t know. If they remove the chairman of the RNC before the general election then they might as well help Hillary to start measuring drapes at the White House.

I seem to remember Paul Ryan wasn’t interested in being Speaker either…

I forgot to mention that my parents made their decision before the debate, not after. We had a freak snow, that no one predicted, and it covered the dish on the roof so they couldn’t watch the debate.

Ha ha! Newt is gonna save the party. He thinks Trump is so “inclusive”. The cherry on top is Grover Norquist says Hillary is a uniter. Uniter of the Republican party, that is. He’s got a point with all those Hillary-haters out there.

GA, that’s great about your parents. I talked my younger sis out of being republican and going for Hillary. My parents were both repubs when I was a little kid and even voted for Nixon! I started reading the newspaper then and turned into a young rebel. I got my mom to switch in the early 70s, and my Dad in the 80’s. My Dad loved the Clintons and really wanted to vote for Hillary, but he died in ’10.

I just looked at wapo and they have an Editorial about Trumpians being authoritarian, but it wasn’t nearly as good as Prolix’ (yay Prolix! You beat them to it!). They also Dana Milbank howling for HIllary to pick Warren as her VP! I still like Sherrod, for some reason. He seems intelligent and kind.

GAgal@13: Yes that’s true about Ryan (or at least he said it was) but he would have to be out of his mind to get involved in that freak show at this time.

@16: No Dana, no Warren. Not gonna happen. I like the idea of Sherrod Brown. He’s a good guy

@18, agree. I’m afraid a ticket with two women might keep some libs with a misogynist bent and middle repubs from voting for Hillary. I’m sad to type that.

Oh this is just too dammed funny. Look at what happened to this guy who shoved the young black woman at the Trump Rally in Louisville Ky.

@20, whoa! Payback’s a bitch. btw, my nieces marine bf is getting shipped to Afghanistan.

@15 annie, the funny thing is my parents aren’t the staunch republicans, at age 82, that most people would think of living in the south. They’ve voted for both over the years. My mother marched with me for abortion rights, my step dad thinks it’s nobody business. They are not religious at all. They could not care less if gay people want to marry. They were independent before it was “cool”!

I asked (begged) them a couple of months ago to please watch CNN sometimes, because Fox is not truthful. My Mom said she hates Wolf Blitzer (I agreed – I don’t watch him either unless it’s elections results) and said she wasn’t crazy about that “Cooper Anderson” guy. LMAO. But, they have been watching and they’ve noticed that, unlike Fox, there can be a civil conversation between people who hold different opinions. As we all know, Fox doesn’t allow different opinions. I asked them a long time ago why they were watching 4 or 5 five people who agree with each other – scream at each other. It makes no sense.

I’m looking forward to when my step dad says HIL-LA-REE!! Okay, that be too far… But not my Mom. We bitches get shit done.

Okay y’all, sorry, but I got sidetracked by a movie.

Yep, annie, I thought that was perfect what happened to that little Trump f’ker. 😉

And GAgal, who knows about your step dad? He might surprise you and your mom! 😆

We bitches get shit done.

You got that right!

@17 fredster, Paul Ryan is already in that freak show. He’s the young Herman Munster to the old Ted Ooze Herman Munster. He just doesn’t know it yet.

@26: Yeah, but GAgal I really don’t think he’ll get involved in this like in saying he would run this time. Now, 2020 might be something entirely different.

Well I think I’m going to call it a night y’all. Or would it be morning? 😉

Paul Ryan? Yeah, that’s a real winning idea—not. Who’s gonna vote for him? I guess he could be the Anti-Trump? They’d have to get all the other candidates to drop out for that to work.

Voting results from my rinky-dink county on Tuesday. (This county is reliably republican 75/25.)

Voter turnout was up at 51% registered
Trump 42% (3289 votes)
Cruz 26%
Rubio 19% votes
Carson 7% (587 votes!)
Blah,blah blah.. right down to Rick Santorum got 2 votes, Pataki 1 vote and poor Lady Lindsey got 0!

The Hillary-hate within the Democratic party:
Hillary 52% 608 votes
Bernie 47% 553
O’Malley got 5 votes and some dude named Steinberg got 4.
So Hillary got 55 more votes than Bernie.

So now Trump is saying everything is negotiable – even the height of “The Wall”. How are people falling for his BS? It’s pretty sad.

@GAgal: I love that link at 32! 🙂

For annie and others who were asking: I got an email from Prolix and he’s had some things IRL that are just demanding attention right now and it’s taking most of his efforts to deal with those issues. I’m sure he’ll be back when he has those under better control.

I hope everything goes well for him. I miss his colorful wit!

@35: Amen to that! He does have a great wit. 🙂

LOL! CNNs Chris Cuomo just asked Jeffrey Lord (Trump chump) “If Trump just clubbed a baby seal, would you find that meaningful?” They all cracked up.

@37: Oh my gawd!

Ga Gal the results in my county which is pretty much the same as yours 70/30 GOP Hillary got 52 and Bernie got 48. I sure would like to know where Bernie’s support was in the county as I’ve seen almost nothing here.

I saw a link to this and was just amazed at the Trump supporters’ responses. Note: the sound was kind of loud to me so you might want to adjust it before you hit play.

Has anyone noticed through this election season if republican polls ask the honesty/trustworthy question? Is it something that’s always been asked or is it new?

Woo-hoo! Our girl won La. 71% – 23%.

There were a couple of minor candidates who actually garnered a few percentage points combined. Martin O’Malley was still on the ballot and got a few thousand votes.

I can’t believe I fell asleep before they called LA for Hillary last night! Go Hillary! Here is Hillary talking about rescinding taxes on companies who outsource, etc. (and a second article about the emails)

Video of Hillary on Face the Nation here

GAgal – they unofficially called LA waay earlier for her but I was waiting until all the precincts were in on the Sec’y of State’s website before I wrote anything about it.

@44: That was a good interview.

The pundits are starting to realize that the fire is no longer Bern-ing. They are now wondering how much longer Sanders will be in the race…and because it looks like Hillary will be the nominee, they are now all up in her grill about the emails again. As before, the best they found was 104 emails that were ,b>later deemed classified. Later – that means, “not at the time of writing,” unless my command of English has slipped.

mb: WaPo also had an article on the emails and mentioned the same thing: that they were classified *after* the fact and also that she did not initiate a lot of these emails.

Clinton sometimes initiated the conversations but more often replied to aides or other officials with brief reactions to ongoing discussions.

SNL parody Trump ad that was on the show.

It’s another Democratic debate tonight. Are people going to watch?

@50: I seriously doubt that I will. I mean what’s Bernie gonna do? Just holler “release the transcripts” after every question? And then this too:

Anderson Cooper will be the main moderator. Don Lemon and Dana Bash will contribute questions.

@51 – I won’t either because you’re 100% right! And ewwww, Dana Bash. Nuff said.

@52: And honestly, you never know what the hell is gonna come out of Don Lemon’s mouth. I’ve flipped over to his show a few times and yep, still goofy as ever.

I have never watched him…I lost my taste for punditry 8 years ago. 😉

mb: I had to just about pick myself up off the floor when Lemon asked about this to a panel concerning the missing Malaysian Airlines flight. This one was just waaay too much for me.

Oh M G. How does this guy have a job on CNN?!

@56: Oh I’ve wondered the same thing and even before that little gem. I watched him a few times during the Ferguson violence and he was just awful.

I have to wonder if he’s got some dirt on someone there at CNN. o_O

Sorry for my prolonged absence here, folks. Spent yesterday at the Highland gamees, as my Clan (with a “c”, folks) Gunn was honored, and then last pm with the Scouts as my grandson was honored with an OA Founder’s award for achievements in scouting. I then apologized to the canines and slept all day.
In the meantime, my local paper doesn’t always get it right, b ut I think that they truly nailed today’s editorial. See if you agree:

Fredster, that WaPo article was enlightening. Longtime diplomats and other officials apparently don’t know what the IC consider classified either. So now it’s Condi Rice, Colin Powell and John Kerry too.

This part about a “former official’:
“They (the emails) are becoming public now only because of Clinton’s email habits and her presidential run.”

Umm,,,no. They are becoming public because Judicial Watch filed a broad, sweeping FOIA request, to which Hillary has always said to release them. Then he says:

“I resent the fact that we’re in this situation – and we’re in this situation because of Hillary’s decision to use a private server.”

Again…no. The FOIA request would have called for these emails regardless of a private or gov. address. He just resents the fact that he got called on his own inability to determine what is classified or not by the IC. (Who, let’s face it, wouldn’t release a damn thing if they had their way).

@59: Exactly GAgal. This is all about Judicial Watch and the varying rulz, regs and let’s face it – interpretations by the I.Gs.

chat do you have a better link than the one in 58? That one takes me to a signup page.

Congrats to the grandson! 🙂


That was a great editorial endorsement.

Hey Shinners!

Heard/saw parts of the debate while doing homework (yes, I’m back in school, ugh but, yay?)…

AND WTF is up with old-faht Bernie shushing Hillary, “EXCUSE ME, I’m TALKING.” After he had his chance to speak….OMG..and he wags that magic inger and interrupts her and always gets his one-trick-pony answer in…I’M FUMING.

inger = finger… OOH,so mad…ugh typing too fast. Breathe in, breathe out,…

Deep breaths SM…deep breaths. 😉

Hillary did better in the Maine caucus (36%) that I thought she might.

I wonder if he tries this shit with his wife.

I just got home and heard about the finger. That’s what I’d like to give Bernie.

@72, chat, that’s great!

@74: I got a suggestion as to where he can put that finger but I don’t know if he’s limber enough to do it. 😈

Bernie has done this once too often. Sexist much, Senator?

@76: Well so much for any chance of the womens’ votes.

What did Cooper say? Let him “scrump”?

@78 I couldn’t understand either.

I can’t add anything to this.

Great cartoon.

I just listened to that 8 times. It was a collective “what?.. un-huh…no..”. Not a BOO like Bernie’s supporters do. But I did hear a little applause. B-bros were stupid enough to clap.

@80 You make me go look and learn something with that cartoon:


There is established a Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies (in this resolution referred to as the ‘joint committee’) consisting of 3 Senators and 3 Members of the House of Representatives, to be appointed by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, respectively. The joint committee is authorized to make the necessary arrangements for the inauguration of the President-elect and Vice President-elect of the United States on January 20, 2017.


The joint committee–

(1) is authorized to utilize appropriate equipment and the services of appropriate personnel of departments and agencies of the Federal Government, under arrangements between the joint committee and the heads of those departments and agencies, in connection with the inaugural proceedings and ceremonies; and

(2) may accept gifts and donations of goods and services to carry out its responsibilities.

In other words, the GOP led Congress gets to decide who swears in Madame President Hillary Rodham Clinton AND they may take gifts and donations of good and services to do so. I can’t wait!! This should be GOOD!

@83: you found this:

consisting of 3 Senators and 3 Members of the House of Representatives, to be appointed by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, respectively

The good thing is that the President of the Senate is the veep so I’m sure Joe Biden will pick at least two Democratic Senators and perhaps all three for his choices. Now if Paul Ryan picks three Republicans then we’ll have gridlock even in the case of the Inaugural ceremonies. 😉

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