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Activist Monday: The Krug Answers Today’s Burning Question…

Posted on: February 29, 2016

Why is the Republican Party surprised by Donald Trump’s success?

I’ve been wondering this for a very long time. Say you’re an “establishment” Republican like our vaporous friend, Lady Lindsey, or Mitt “The Glove” Romney. You have taken to loudly professing to be horrified by the way Donald Trump is embarrassing your Party. He’s not a REAL Republican, you claim. From where I sit, however, the more you yell about Trump, the dumber and more out of touch you appear: because everything Trump is saying, you’ve been saying too. For a long, long time. So why are you freaking out because the crazies are running the asylum, when you’ve been supplying their hallucinogens for the past 40 years?

As usual, Paul Krugman knows the answer.

What I find even more amazing, however, are the Republican establishment’s delusions about what its own voters are for. You see, all indications are that the party elite imagines that base voters share its own faith in conservative principles, when that not only isn’t true, it never has been.

Here’s an example: Last summer, back when Mr. Trump was just beginning his rise, he promised not to cut Social Security, and insiders like William Kristol gleefully declared that he was “willing to lose the primary to win the general.” In reality, however, Republican voters don’t at all share the elite’s enthusiasm for entitlement cuts — remember, George W. Bush’s attempt to privatize Social Security ran aground in the face of disapproval from Republicans as well as Democrats.

 Whaaaaaat? You mean Joe and Jane Republican don’t hate, hate, hate the New Deal with a passion, the way the super-rich cretins at the top of the food chain do?! Amazing who people who are in the working and middle class don’t really support policies aimed at making the top .0001% even wealthier and turning America into an Austerian dystopia. Unfortunately, what the base does buy into is the putrid slop of racism, sexism and xenophobia that Lady Lindsey and his like-minded loooooosers have been feeding the credulous fools who now make up the base of the Party. The Donald has simply regurgitated this goop, added some food coloring and Splenda, and made it taste and look even more appetizing to his mouth-breathing followers.

I’m sure to us Widdershins, this all seems too obvious to even write about. However, according to Krugman, the bigwigs in the RNC have been blinded to what their voters want by something called “wingnut welfare” – a practice that means, the Party takes care of its own. And the more you show your conservative colors, the more welfare you get.

So what’s the source of this obliviousness? The answer, I’d suggest, is that in recent years — and, in fact, for the past couple of decades — becoming a conservative activist has actually been a low-risk, comfortable career choice. Most Republican officeholders hold safe seats, which they can count on keeping if they are sufficiently orthodox. Moreover, if they should stumble, they can fall back on “wingnut welfare,” the array of positions at right-wing media organizations, think tanks and so on that are always there for loyal spear carriers.

And loyalty is almost the only thing that matters. Does an economist at a right-wing think tank have a remarkable record of embarrassing mistakes? Does a pundit have an almost surreal history of bad calls? No matter, as long as they hew to the orthodox line.

So just because the Party elites constantly reap the benefits of being a loud and proud conservative, Reince Priebus and his cohorts seem to believe that their base will see things the same way. Even though it’s obvious that modern conservatism isn’t appealing to rabid Trump fans, Party elites are still leading their attacks on Trump by attacking his orthodoxy. How stupid could a bunch of over-educated Master-of-the-Universe types be? The base loves Trump because he ISN’T LIKE THEM.

If it’s any consolation, it now seems to be dawning on these self-satisfied morons that their base is totally out of control…or “batsh*t crazy,” as Lady Lindsey so succinctly put it. But what can they do about it? What will they do about it?

It should be a very interesting next few months.

This is an open thread. Please feel free to discuss Super Tuesday, which is looking rather rosy for Our Girl.


104 Responses to "Activist Monday: The Krug Answers Today’s Burning Question…"

CNN/ORC national poll
Clinton 55
Sanders 38

More effective solving the countries problems
Clinton 63
Sanders 33

Better understands problems facing you
Clinton 49
Sanders 48

More honest and trustworthy
Sanders 69
Clinton 36

Better to handle the responsibilities of Commander-in-Chief
Clinton 73
Sanders 24

I wish someone could explain to me how Hillary can have a 50 point lead on the CIC question, yet score so low on honesty/ trust? I just can’t seem to square that. People are weird.

Here’s a little history on Bernie’s thoughts about the Democratic party. “You don’t change the Democratic Party from within the Democratic Party”.

You mean Joe and Jane Republican don’t hate, hate, hate the New Deal with a passion,

Nope they don’t. As illustrated by the infamous tea partier placard which said something to the effect of “No Obamacare socialized medicine” and also “leave my medicare alone”. o_O

“Keep the government out of my Medicare”!

Only liberals can save this country… by voting for Rubio? I don’t think so. They broke their party, so they can fix it. I do agree with this tho’ – Marco Rubio would be a terrible president.

I don’t know if that linked right @5. When I clicked on it here it went past the article and to the comments.


How ’bout this? Fred.

Hello Shinners :), first day of early voting in Hillsborough County, FL, proud to vote for Hillary :), hopefully volunteering here soon come Wednesday at the Hillary Tampa office open house with our mayor :).

Hello GAGal! Think about it, has Bernie ever—meaning ever is a looong time—has he ever come out of his safe Vermont enclave to do ANYTHING for ANYBODY? The answer is no. All he does is complain about how we do it so wrong, yet then joins us after decades of talking crap about us. Dude, ya did nuttin and now you want to sit at the dinner table? Bye bye, Bernie.

You know how “liberals” (aka “brogressives”) can save this country? By losing their addiction to CDS, sexism and racism. If they actually bothered to do any research instead of darkly proclaiming facts not in evidence, they would be much better advocates for social change. Instead, they whine and puke all over the Internet and wait for a rainbow to come lift them into Utopia. Nagahapin, children. Change is HARD.

EXACTLY MADAMA B!!! Sing the truth loud! We recognize this smelly stench of faux-gressives.

Thank for the link fix, Fredster. I always check my links after I post and that one went haywire.

Thanks SM77!! 😀

@11: Oh no problem! 🙂

Wonderful post, MB! And I love the Moody Blues video! I’ve seen them several times, and Justin solo a couple of times, even recently, and he can still sing and play like nobodies business. He has a charming way of talking also, and tells fun stories.

Well, in a few hours, you Right Coasters will start voting! Happy Super Tuesday Everyone!

The SEC primary has – well, kicked off!

Happy Super Tuesday Annie, Chat and all! I am expecting a good day for Our Girl, and some more telling stats for the Bernouts.

I hope so. She’s due,

She’s ahead by 20 points or more in every Southern state, according to CBS This Morning on Twitter. Y’all are stepping up big time!!

The South will raise her up big-time. If she gets FL in two weeks, that will be huge as we are winner-take-all.

Valdosta, GA Black students are removed from Trump rally before he began speaking.

@23: ROFLMAO!!!!!

@23 LOL, It’s just Obama playing 11-dimension chess again!

@23, Hysterically funny! Omg, it could be true! I wonder if Obama should try it!

Does anyone know of a good place to watch the results?

I am watching MSNBC. Their discomfiture is amazing and gratifying at the same time.

@27 I’m looking forward to all media discomfiture tonight. This time they won’t be able to change to sports or reruns of the R debate. Also, MN and CO don’t start their caucuses until later so they’ll be stuck trying to qualify Hillary’s early wins – for hours. I sure hope Hillary gets CO and MN but would not be surprised if she doesn’t.

Hey Shinners!!! Less painful is

CNN calling Hillary the winner in Georgia and Virgina 🙂 !!!!!

Of course, Sanders won Vermont.

Jake Tapper: This is a good “moral” victory for Bernie, not so much in delegates..HAHA okay Jake- whatever gets you through the night. What the hell is a moral victory when you just got blown out?

I’m seeing a live stream on Youtube with a funny cockney accented guy adding some sound effects and commentary a little LOL here but unforch it’s CNN…still on,

Let’s play the state songs as Hillary racks them up:

AL and TN for Hillary! OK too close to call.

Tennessee has 7 state songs. Here is a medley:

Massachusetts too close to call, but HILLARY’S GOT THIS!!!! THANK YOU real DEMOCRATS.

Hillary got TEXAS 🙂

John Lewis coming up on CNN. Hillary’s speech at 8:30.

YES, John Lewis :)!!! Thank you real DEMOCRATS.

CNN falling overthemselves over Hillary’s win, like as if they can’t say anything good…LOL.

Like Maya Angelou said, Run, Hillary, RUN

Lewis is on MSNBC, not CNN. Rachel Maddow’s questions to him are all about KKKTrump. She’ll do anything to keep from talking about Hillary’s wins.

How many delegates does Vermont have again? 😈

LMAO, Madama B, let’s see…Bernie’s sister-in-law, 2 guys that bernie bought ice cream from and a Grateful Dead cover band drummer and guitar…LOL. Bye, bye, Bernie.

Madama B, you are psychic! You saw this coming 🙂

madamab, OK leaning toward Bernie. How many delegates does OK have again? (she asks with a look of oh-so-innocent concern)

I am please to see from the GA map that Hillary won dear old Rabun County.

Vermont = 16 delegates, OK=38.

I think Hillary can afford 30 delegates compared to her 500+ lead 🙂

Yeeee-haw! Texas!!!

Ah, ladies, you give me too much credit. I am far from the only one who saw this coming!

I think we have all learned a lot from 2008. I know I was really naive about how the nomination is won, and how much CDS, sexism and racism are endemic in our Party. The loss of that naïveté came at a terrible cost, but ended up as a win, because we all found each other! And, we are much better at figuring out what to worry about, and what not to. 😊

Georgia is representing tonight! What else can we expect from a state that gave birth to no less than four Widdershins? 😊

Who knew that you would end up knee deep in Southerners?

My God. Are y’all seeing this stage set up for Drumpf ‘s speech? Hilarious.

MSNBC calls OK for Bernie. Hillary 6 points up in MA with only 35% in. This one’s a nail biter.

Madama B, we need a one-act play from the BernieBro enclave looking at Super Tuesday returns, just for yuks…:)????

Massachusetts will go for Hillary, maybe by a small margin, but it’ll go for her 🙂

Real Democrats came out in full force for our girl 🙂 THANK YOU, DEMOCRATS.

LMAO, Drumpf saying he’s going to be good for women’s views, LOL.

I just can’t believe I actually watched Celebrity Appreciate and liked the damn show…ugh…

@62: Oh, yeah. He just luvs wimmenz, doesn’t he?

HA! Drumpf’s not gonna be good for this woman’s views. Every time I see him, I turn him off.

Who woulda thought a cockney Brit would tell us like it is:

Here’s Hillz full speech, we need to relish this dammit!!!

Eww. Just turned the TV back on and there was Ted Ooze. He did say something I agreed with before I turned it off again. “America does not need a President who uses words that we would be embarrassed for our children to repeat.” Not in public anyway.

For those who saw Trump’s talkie time with Christie-kreme in the background, can I hear an amen that:

Christie-kreme needs to work on his Nancy Reagan adoring, love-sated eyes look. He no got it!

What was the big announcement in the Trump speech? Did I miss something significant?

@70, got me. I didn’t hear anything, but I was only listening with a quarter of one ear — I fear if I listen too closely to Trump on any level I will develop an unhealthy fixation on all things orange.

Hey, I was surrounded by Southerners as a singer, and I have mostly worked in the South as a consultant. So it makes sense I would be amongst Southerners as a blogger!

SM I have been thinking of writing another play!

ABC calls Hillary’s wins a “delegate tsunami!’ She’s got 921 to Bernie’s 268.

Ugh, Brazile Nut on ABC. I have not missed her at all. Talk about failing upward.

Just checking in briefly. I had to watch the Beverly Hills hausfraus and then switched over to watching some of the election coverage…enough to see our gal kick a lot of Bernie butt tonight.

And…I’m trying to get things together for taxes. Meh.

@73, as we used to say in consulting, the Brazile Nut is “chronically over-employed”.

Massachusetts continues to be a nail-biter, She’s ahead, but not by much (2.4%).

69 @ Prolix: Christie was imagining Drumpf like a life-sized Cheeto stick or a walking puff of orange cotton candy, all the while dreaming of a VP spot-yet-waitng-for-a-Drumpf-heart-attack.

Hey, Christie’s from New Jersey. He’s gonna steal from New York any-which-way he can.

Massachusetts just called for the Lady from NY, Arkansas, and Illinois. Tulsi Gabbard is now trying to dig herself out of a hole that seems uniquely designed for herself by herself.

@77, SM, yes an ambulatory Cheeto sums it up quite nicely. It is very rare that I read Jennifer Rubin in the WaPo — but I did today. She is on the warpath about Christie-kreme saying he’s a ruined failure who is now the laughing stock of Republican politics. I’d suggest those two thing are synonymous, but never the less, bag-o-donuts is in a world of hurt.

SM thanks for posting Hill’s speech. I was mad at myself for missing the first few minutes. I still hate that I missed when she came up on stage and the crowd reaction. That’s the best. I did the same thing Saturday after the SC win.

After her SC win, Axelrod and another pundit were talking about Hillary’s ability to do what most speakers or candidates can’t. Her crowds go wild, but when she speaks everyone stops, tunes in and really zeros in on her message. (You could hear a pin drop) They were very impressed by her “command” (for lack of a better word) of her audience. They were saying it was something most candidates are unable to do and you don’t see that very often.

@77: He would need a food taster,

MA!! Hell to the yeah!! MN not looking good, but way early.

I didn’t watch Bernie’s speech but apparently he said “By the end of the night, we will have won many hundreds of delegates.”

Here’s a link to an editorial asking Christie to step down.

What? They’ve called MN and CO for Bernie? Damn. Oh well.

@86, Wow! Christie-kreme won’t need a colonoscopy for another year — that is pretty much the most scathing editorial I could imagine. Once a failed local politician, always a failed politician — it’s just a different arena with a better backdrop.

Just looking at MN, its state bird is the Common Loon — nuff said for both Berning Bridges and Wuss-in-Boots.

Prolix, did you see Andrea M. had Debbie W-Shultz on this morning to talk about Gabbard stepping down from the DNC? DWS was very cheery and polite about it. All smiles. I think she was glad to get rid of her.

Of course Andrea did what she (and most) always does and asked DWS a question she knows would be inappropriate for DWS to answer. Long, rambling question about the NYT article concerning Hillary’s involvement with Libya decisions. DWS patiently waited her out and said, as usual, “Well, as head of the DNC I’m not here to talk about any single candidates’ issues, but..” then changed the subject.

Andrea knew damn well DWS wouldn’t answer that question. It was just another way for her to get in a dig at Hillary about Libya. Tomorrow I start my boycott of MSNBC again.

@90, GAgal, I didn’t see it. I’m with you though Mrs. Greenspan has always seemed to have the long knives out for Hillary.

Here’s what I haven’t a clue about and no one ever touches it — why on God’s green earth is Mrs. Greenspan covering Hillary’s campaign? She is supposedly a foreign affairs reporter who also has a daily show — why is she on the hustings, on rope lines trying to trip Hillary up, other than some type of bent vendetta.

No one can tell me that she doesn’t have the seniority to call her shots — I saw her yesterday whining about the way Hillary dared not answer her questions on a rope line. Give me a break — talk about an entitlement mentality — methinks Mrs. Greenspan certainly enjoys a huge heaping helping of entitlement.

That’s okay. I have amused myself this evening watching the Repub operatives twist in the wind wwhile they wonder how the hell they will ever win an election with the endorsement of the KKK as the wind in their sails.

The scariest part about Christie is that he is not looking to be VP. It’s even worse. He wants Attorney General. {shudder}

That is an ugly vision.

@93: GAgal, that’s what I think, too,
At least, he wouldn’t cover the bare breasts of Lady Justice.

Tee-hee. 😉


Love the Christie video. See, I told you guys not to be scared of him. He was this year’s Rudy “NineEleven” Giuliani. His appeal, such as it is, doesn’t stretch outside the borders of the Garden State.

Did y’all hear that Trump is claiming he didn’t hear Jake Tapper’s question about David Duke properly? What a load of elephant dung. If that were the case, then why was his denouncement of Duke so petulant and defensive?

@mb: It’s C.Y.O.A. and it’s not going over very well.

Yes, totally agree.

Guess what, Hillary is winning white voters too. It’s hard to see what argument Bernie has that he is more electable, except with brogressives who claim to care about issues like income inequality, but forgot that completely when Obama decided to keep the Bush tax cuts. Sorry boys, you don’t get to pretend you have principles now. We remember everything.

Well, a great night for Hillary, and us, but I’m disappointed about MN and CO. In fact, I don’t get it. Fortunately, Massachusetts makes up for it! 🙂

I cannot believe you guys are up this late, or up so early!

@96, that is hilarious! Fredster, how do you find this stuff?

@102: It was being awake still…I was trying to read some of the post-election stuff being written.

I think I saw that vine clip at buzzfeed.

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