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Live from the Widdershins: It’s Saturday Night!

Posted on: February 27, 2016

Good Saturday, Widdershins.  In roughly thirty minutes the polls will close in South Carolina, and polling (the other kind) shows Hillary Clinton winning and winning huge.  Most polls (still the other kind) show her winning by 20+ points, and a recent one done by Clemson University shows the margin to be a whopping 50 points.

So, grab some snacks, pour the libation of your choice, and let’s watch the results.  This is the kickoff to the “SEC Primary”, and hopefully the first brick in a solid firewall that begins in South Carolina and ends in the convention hall in Philadelphia.  After that, with any luck whatsoever, the members of the Republican party who still possess critical thinking abilities will arrive at the same conclusion that Lindsay Graham did when he uttered those immortal words “……my party has gone bats*t crazy”, and will vote with us.

Widdershins,let’s settle in for what promises to be a great night.   Oh, and if anyone finds a source for those great “Vote Hillary, y’all!” tee shirts, please let me know.  I must have one.

92 Responses to "Live from the Widdershins: It’s Saturday Night!"

I haven’t seen the Vote Hillary Y’all tee shirts yet. That reminds me – when we marched in Washington for abortion rights our group of NOW sold “Pro-Choice Y’all” buttons. Sold out in less than an hour. We should have brought more.

Go Hillary!!

I’ve seen them on tv, and I covet one big time.

Race called! By CNN and MSNBC! Hil-la-ree!!!

Dana whats-her-name: It’s a PSYCOLOGICAL win. HAHA!

Clinton 53/47 under age 45

Rachel says Hillary spent so much time in SC it may cost her in super Tuesday states. Ahh… the spin

Brian Williams and Andrea talking about the Hill’s SERIOUS email problem.

Will be interesting to see if CNN keeps split screen to see if Bernie’s HQ will boo Hillary’s victory speech. Oh wait!!! Reporting there is no TV in Bernie’s HQ tonight! HAHA! I wonder why…

And they cannot understand why no one cares aabout the “chilling” email finds du jour. I’m amazed that no one has accused her of smothering Scalia.

Oh geez, what a pathetic group on MSNBC – Brian (I tell the truth!) Williams, Rachel (I’m not biased but Go Bernie!), Chuckles Todd and Mrs. Alan Greenspan. Don’t know if CNN will be any better since they have Van Jones. 🙄

Hillary with – over 65 black vote 96 to 3 %.

@!) – there’s always Fox……….

There’s also Captain Phillips on FX. and a movie on HBO.

Fantastic speech by Hillary! And on CNN they are giving her many, many compliments about the speech.

Good lord, she has an 86% share of the AA vote, outperforming Obama in SC.

Upps said:

Uppity’s spies are over at Bernie’s location –and they spotted two of his campaign workers –under Susan Sarandon’s supervision —dragging him back to his hotel room.

Weekend at Bernie’s?

My Gawwd. 50 point lead. Amazing.

MSNBC already talking about the Repubs.

Have you guys seen this Bill Maher clip? Michael Eric Dyson is obviously a yoooge Hillary supporter.

SHE WON!! Of course she did 🙂 We know what’s up!!!

Mini-rant: Bernie never ever, ever, ever did a damn thing for us or our party. He reminds me of President Coin in the Huger Games series.

Right when there’s a chance, years and years later after hunkering away in safe, lily-white Vermont, safe in his senatorial seat while letting the other districts burn, starve, toil away—except now that he (like President Coin) decides to run as a candidate for president of our party, after leaving us for dead after all these years?????

Let’s get on the party bus!

@SM I officially “like” your comment. 🙂

@21: He and his wife disagreed in ’08 – she was for Hilary, he was for Obama. He has mentioned how disappointed he was with Obama any number of times.

Hello Shinners!!! Frester!!! Chatblu!!! 🙂 🙂

Here’s the giant dinosaur-sized elephant in the room: WHY DOES HILLARY WIN when it’s in closed primaries??? Look at 2008 and now in 2016. Because actual live, registered democrats, those who have the conviction and character to publicly affiliate ourselves with the Democratic party, overwhelmingly support her.

i say enough with open primaries, too much rat-effing!

@23: To be fair, Bernie did co nsider primarying Obama in 2012.

@22 and 24, LMAO!! I’m not on Twitter, but I’m sure it’s on fire tonight!

@31: Oh indeed it is! 🙂

Fredster quote @28 “Maddow said Hillary is offending Bernie supporters by winning by 50pts.”

I’ve been trying to imagine how they could make this into a bad thing she did. Must admit, never thought of this one. (There are enough *eyeroll* icons in the world, y’know?)

@33: Isn’t that interesting? And they’ve already stopped their live coverage. They had Citizen Trump, will be followed by a Hardball College Tour followed by the ever-so-popular Lockup shows. But remember: MSNBC: The Place for Politics except for when it doesn’t follow their script. 👿

Here’s a link with the #ImWithHer hashtag, just precious:

GAGal! Hey lady! I loved the clip and FINALLY Michael Eric Dyson SHUT IT DOWN. Finally!

GAGal, and I also liked that at least that P.O.S. Bill Maher acknowledged Hillary’s not the enemy. Still, he’s a smug P.O.S.

@37: SM I thought Dyson was going to run out of breath before he got that one statement finished!

Fredster, Dyson was getting started…very happy to see the discourse come out. SHe’s the best because she’s the best, OK, starting the Lazy Weekend with ChatBlu for Hillary’s win in SC:

CNN shut down their coverage too and started re-running the GOP debate. Next up, the Lisa Ling series. OMG! They are SPEECHLESS because Hillary killed it.

Who would’ve thought that Rachel M. would turn out to be such a whiny little bitch? Hillary offended Bernie supporters by winning by 50%?!?! wtf? Can you imagine the shit she would say if the numbers were reversed? btw, when I looked at fluffpo a while ago, they had a pic of Hillary, with the stark headline: SAVED…like she was hanging off a cliff with her fingernails or something. The msm is just shameless. You can see these idiots trying to keep this primary going as long as possible. If Bernie had a shred of patriotism, he’d step aside in March and let the Dems focus on November.


We watched her speech tonight. Amazing. And she looked wonderful and very elegant.

SM! Yeah, Maher can be such an ass but sometimes he manages to get it right. There’s a clip of him talking about the young white men who keep commiting the mass shootings in this country – he had it down pat. I might look for it another time, but not tonight. Tonight belongs to US and HILLARY!!

Poor Rachel was perplexed because Hillary said “Tomorrow, this race goes national”. Rachel said ‘well, I guess so – if you mean the south’. Yeah, Rachel the south. And a few states up north. And Colorado. Guess what? That’s national. Not to mention the rest of March.

@45, wow, she is really being a poor loser. Not to mention the fact that as a journalist, she should be impartial, at least when she’s on air.

@46: I have stopped using the term “journalist” when it comes to the bobble-heads at MSNBC. “Opinionists” yeah, maybe. Perhaps even political analyst, but no way in hell are any of them journalists because to be one of those you have to be objective. That’s completely beyond any of them.

Does anyone know the name of the song that they were playing when Hillary left the hall?

Just checked Fox News. I have no idea how they covered the D election today, but it was the Kelly File from sometime today. An interview and town hall with Rubio. A woman asked about a Muslim who served in our military who wanted to go to a shooting range that had “No Muslims Allowed” signs posted. Rubio sounded sane. Really. Jihadists are not what Islam is all about. Uh oh.. for Rubio. I hope Trump makes a bigger ass of himself with that. I’m sure he’s already on “The Twitter”.

MSNBC interviewed Kathleen Parker, who as much as said that there would be Repub crosssover votes if Trump wins out. Very interesting.

Let’s just get real here — Rachel will simply never get over DOMA — it was her first activist undertaking and it is her lasting formative prejudice. We all have them for certain things, but most of us focus them on the actual perpetrator, not the spouse of the perpetrator. Rachel’s self-awareness is remarkably opaque — why she can’t see with a little reflection that her emotional evolution is stuck in the mid-90s and it is coloring her opinions about the spouse of the President who signed the legislation. In her first interview, that is exactly where she went — DOMA.

And to make the emotionalism even more acidic, her unforgiving nature is subservient to lusting for professional adulation for the “get” of an interview with either the offending spouse or her husband. Talk about some serious f’ed up mojo — no wonder she comes up with cockamamie theories about “running up the score” that was last a significant concern in most people’s lives around little league and was solved by the ten run rule.

Hey Hey Widdershins!!! 50 points. Sorry Bernie. Reality bites, doesn’t it?

Did y’all see this?

“I took on a lot of people as mayor of Burlington,” Sanders said, according to DNA Info Chicago. “I think I can stand up to Putin and all the others.”

It’s this type of thing that will make it more difficult for Hillary because it fits into the conservodroid narrative.

Putin = citizens of Burlington, VT?? Wow. Just – wow. Does he maybe mean that he’s comfortable around socialists?

@54, when you read the context around it, it was a straight up question about his lack of foreign policy experience (interest) and he counters with, “I dealt with lots of crazy people wanting their potholes filled. I can take on Putin.”

Here’s the story:

Maybe since he went to the old U.S.S.R. on his honeymoon, he has some hidden super power.

Ah, so. Putin = potholes. Even better.

@53,54, I saw that. Incredible he would compare citizens of a tiny American city with the lunatic leaders of the world.

@53-56: But Bernie…but, but Bernie, did the crazy citizens of Burlington have nukes, armies, navies and air forces?

Prolix I loved this part from the Politico piece:

The Vermont senator recently reached out to Lawrence J. Korb of the Center for American Progress, an expert on defense policy, to invite him to be a senior adviser on foreign policy for the campaign. Korb agreed but also told POLITICO on Wednesday that was the last he’d heard from the Sanders campaign.

As mayor of Burlington during the 1980s, Sanders visited the Soviet Union, along with Soviet satellites Cuba and Nicaragua.

See? He’s made foreign trips – he knows this stuff. Piece of cake.

@51: Oh hell…now I’m going to have to look up Maddow and DOMA. bleh

@59, Lawrence Korb was one of several in another article I read about Sanders’ invisible foreign policy advisers. One person actually said, “I don’t know how my name got on his list.”

@60, I don’t know if I read it or actually heard her say it on her show, but her first activist dive was on DOMA. She actually hit the road around the issue. She was hugely offended on a personal level.

Here’s one that is just too rich to believe, but I promise it is true.

After Christie-Kreme was a lowly failed county executive, he raised money for Dubya and got himself appointed U.S. Attorney. Ever the opportunist, he set out to bust himself some big kahunas for the PR. One of his first, if not his first, was a wealthy Democrat developer named Charles Kushner.

Kushner was a generous supporter of skeevy McGreevey. Christie-kreme got the conviction and after the appeals, Kushner went away for about two years for a government sponsored holiday.

Well, Kushner has a son named Jared Kushner, owner of the New York Observer and is also known as Mr. Ivanka Trump.

So yesterday, Trump was endorsed by the man who put away his daughter’s father-in-law. All I can say, if Thanksgiving is an extended affair at the Kushner or Trump houses, this year’s ought be a good one.

@Prolix, nope, nope she was genuinely offended by it and here’s an article concerning that.

However, her MSNBC buddy Steve Kornacki takes a more nuanced (and probably more correct) point of view on Bill and DOMA.

@51 Prolix, you’re right. I remember Hillary’s first “interview” with Rachel. Rachel blamed her for everything Bill, George, Dick and Ted ever did. It was disgraceful. I’ll never forget and not likely to forgive.

@48:Chatblu, it’s a Katy Perry song (she’s a huuuuuge Hillary supporter, and I think it’s called “This is my fight song.

It’s called “Fight Song” and it’s composed and sung by Rachel Platten.

Thank you, Sue.

Hey Shinners 🙂 – got news that Hillary’s campaign opening a Tampa office this Tuesday with Mayor Bob Buckhorn :), will be there! Very realistic numbers article in USA TOday, Dr. Susan McManus is quoted, she’s a political professor at USF, super-respected and accurate:

Greetings to my blog wife and all her Widdershinners!

Ah, it’s a GOOD day, isn’t it?

I think it is an original Rachel song though, so I have no idea which version Hillary plays. Both great performances. Love the song.

Guy on FOX says ” Hillary’s only impediment to the nomination is the FBI primary”. They just keep hoping against hope. So sad for them…NOT!

@71 chatblu, that’s hilarious and the comments are great.

That was written the day before the primary. Oh, yeah – she’s got problems. {{snort}}

Hello Miz Upps! Yes indeed, it’s’ a great day!!

A few things to notice from the WaPo piece:

• The youth vote did not come through for Sanders this time. Clinton actually won black voters under 45 by a three-to-one margin, and there were not that many white voters under 45. Voters under 30 made up a smaller share of the electorate in South Carolina (about one-sixth) than any of the first three states.

• “Hillary crushed Bernie among voters who agree that our economic system favors the wealthy. That’s his wheelhouse, and he won only 30 percent of their vote,” Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum notes.

• White liberals do not a winning coalition make: Hillary will very likely win all the states with large black or brown populations. Bernie will win a bunch, but by no means all, of the states that are overwhelmingly white. (Hillary actually carried whites 54-46 in the South Carolina).

Let’s see if this video works or not. If it doesn’t it’s at the WaPo link.


Wonder if, when David Duke was outfitting the Trump campaign, they had to send a California King-sized sheet for Christie-kreme?

@83: Saw a clip of him yesterday getting off Trump’s old, used 757. (snark intended) I guess Christie will do anything to avoid going back to New Jersey to do his job. Yeah…I can relate to that.

Methinks he is angling for AG.

@85: Oh gawd! That would be as bad or worse than Ed Meese! 😯

Oh my…Trump just got the endorsement of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, Senator from the gret stet of Alabama – Roll Tide. o_O

@87, Sessions had to follow the grand wizard David Duke.

Hi Upps! Yes, the world is starting to make sense again. Bernie’s support is being shown to be as narrow and weak as we thought. Independents and “brogressives” might go for him, but the Democratic base prefers Hillary.

The elections in Iran show positive change for Iranians:

That’s good. Maybe the Middle East will calm somewhat.

Meh. The Republicans are just upset that Trump is showing the world the actual mindset and ideas of the Republican Party. They created this monster by pandering to the far right crackpots — and now they will have to live with it. Boo Hoo. If you ask me, the whole lot of those ‘leaders’ love them the KKK in secret.

And personally, I want Trump to win, because it will destroy that horrid party and force them into a circular firing squad —and because it will concurrently be a true gift to Hillary. Truth be known, Bernie wants to destroy the Democratic Party too, only he’s just a whiny old wrinkley-assed dud who mem’rized ten lines in 1966 and is still repeating them today. He and his White Frat Boy base will get what they deserve. Personally, I think Bernie would be better off if he absconded with the money left in his pot and took off for Venezuela, where he will fit in better.

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