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To the GOP, we are all Gitmo…

Posted on: February 24, 2016

With another Trumpster fire in Nevada, it appears the voters have given themselves some rap names – Insane Rogaines or Hate Bait or Mad Rads.  It could be over in terms of the GOP primary.Trump Quote

Yesterday, Senate Republicans said that should the President, in keeping with his constitutional duty, nominate a candidate for the Supreme Court that person would get neither a hearing before the Judiciary Committee nor a vote before the Senate.  So, according to Mitch McConnell, as Majority Leader and Chuck Grassley, as Judiciary Chairman, a nomination by a President Trump would be openly welcomed as opposed to a Supreme Court nomination by someone educated at Harvard Law School Law who was an Editor of the Law Journal.

Yesterday, there was yet another proposal to close Guantanamo.  It fell flat and deaf ears wouldn’t even turn in the direction of the plan.  No one seems to care about half of the 91 people left in Gitmo have been cleared to leave, they just have no place to go.  There are those in the Fox sphere who believe we should just kill all the detainees once we have milked them of any useful information.

The irony seems to be lost when it comes to sloganeering...

The irony seems to be lost when it comes to sloganeering…

What is the most troubling aspect of Guantanamo is that no one seems to care some of these people were “renditioned” off their hometown streets fourteen years ago.  When the sanctimonious cry “battlefield combatants” when describing the detainees, walking to work after kissing your family goodbye for the day does not a combatant make. Some of these people were cleared of wrongdoing as far back as 2006-2008, but have sat imprisoned in the cesspool that is Gitmo at $2.6 million per detainee per year with no place to go.

The reaction from the GOP – “So what,” “Meh,” or “Serves them right.”  More than most, these Gitmo detainees represent the attitude of Republicans toward the disenfranchised, the disaffected, and the poor.  To Republicans, we are all Gitmo.

Time is the one commodity that can’t be replaced.  You can’t manufacture extra time, you can’t speed it up or slow it down, but you can exhibit genuine indifference toward it – and that is the Republican attitude.

Whether it was the unemployed after the Great Recession, whether it is the working mother trying to make it on a paltry hourly wage and food stamps, or whether it’s those who worry that the next knock at the door is an ICE agent – indifference to suffering has been the answer.  Time is merely a way to measure and catalog it.

Detainees PrayingI have to admit, Republicans don’t hate these people.  They treat them much, much worse.  They treat them with indifference because as Elie Wiesel said, “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”

For those litigants who seek redress before the Supreme Court, for those who hang on each day to hourly wage jobs to keep their families afloat, for those who survive on expiring unemployment insurance – they can join the Gitmo detainees because they aren’t special, they don’t even merit consideration – they get GOP indifference.

As educator Robert Hutchins said, “The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush.  It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment.“  It is remarkable that the group so active in promoting this apathy and indifference is the very group who proclaims its love for this country at every turn and indicts anyone whose national views diverge from their own.Handcuffs

What is even more remarkable is that indifference is the equivalent of constituent service to those in the ruling one-percenter class.  You can bet the Brothers Koch or Sheldon Adelson consider inaction as a victory since inaction is indeed certainty.  If you want proof of inaction’s certainty, just ask the Gitmo detainees.

Have a great Wednesday and I encourage you to take the conversation in any direction you might like to explore.


71 Responses to "To the GOP, we are all Gitmo…"

If that quote isn’t Donald Trump’s Lonesome Rhoads moment, then I don’t know what could be.

Of course, people have to be intelligent for you to insult their intelligence.

Sue, I’m not sure even if the quote was read to his supporters if it would make a difference based upon your second comment. I don’t know what he could do to run people away from him.

Sue I love that comparison to Lonesome. That was purrrrfect!

From that Fox link:

He’s so bad, that’s not even like an F in class. He’s got to repeat the year, because he’s so confused

This…from a woman who, according to her wiki page, graduated magna cum laude from U.C. Davis and then got her j.d. from U. San Fran’s law school. She was an A.D.A. in San Francisco and then a D.D.A. in Los Angeles. She also worked on Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN as a legal analyst.

You cannot convince me that these people on Fox believe half the shite they are spouting. It has to be that it’s just for the paycheck.

Watching that clip was scary because Geraldo was actually making sense there. o_O

I spoke to chat today. She is still without internet service. Comcast at its best!

Great post. I’m not sure the blocking of the SC nomination is only about a partisan divide anymore. It more like absolute terror because they’ve realized they have no chance to regain the White House.

I think the Republican politicians are indifferent to the detainees, but there are a lot of people in the country who do hate the detainees. They’ve not just been misinformed, they’ve been disinformed. They’ve be told these detainees would not be there if they had done nothing wrong and they believe that. It’s the whole – fear becomes anger becomes hatred – thing.

@7, GAgal, I completely agree they are at a point of realization that they are a day late to the party. All I can figure is that they think the SC nomination will invigorate the fringey fringe. With Mitch, all he cares about is power — he wouldn’t care if Trump or Alf was president as long as he was a party dependable Republican.

@8, GAgal, I should send you my posts before I post them so you could add brilliant things like that. You are exactly right.

@10 Haha! The timing would be too absolute – right at the 1 glass + 3 sips of wine – mark.

You know what’s worse than watching a Republican debate? Watching a Republican debate moderated by Wolf Blitzer.

Last night, Trump said that he loves the poorly educated (I’ll bet he does.)
As of now, he could point his stubby finger at his supporters and call them “big fat, stupid morons;” and, the response would be “please, Sir, can we have some more?”

Eeek, that’s Lonesome Rhodes.

As in Randi Rhodes-ick.

@12: Exactly. It would not phase them in the least.

@13: That’s one of those funny things where you don’t even notice the misspelling because you know the word or in this case, the name.

Prolix, loved your post and read aloud to the family. Love how you point out that McConnell would evidently prefer a SC candidate to be picked by a moron rather than PBO.

Also, agree 110%, it is long past time to shut down our concentration camp. It should never have been created. Why can’t they be sent back to their home countries?

Fredster, were you talking about Kimberly whatshername? She was married to our Lt. Gov., Gavin Newsom, who is very liberal. That blows my mind, but I’ve never had the time to look into it.

@18: Yeah, the same Kimberly. When I was looking at her info on Wiki i saw that she had been married to Newsome. I mean…that alone made me do a double-take. I was kinda like “huh-what?” 😯

@20: Yes, glad he’s back. But oh some of the links he’s got on the right side.

Good afternoon Widdershins!

Are y’all interested in having a live blog of the debate tonight? Our Republican friends are winnowing down their numbers so our chances of seeing some choice insults is doing the same.

@23 Hi Fredster and all, your last live blog was hilarious. I’m not sure how much I can stand to watch. It’s going to be an important one for Cruz and Rubio.

Here is Hillary’s statement to WaPo after being interrupted by a BLM activist at an event today.

Fredster, I’ll try to join in.

When I looked at the little box at the top of the thread, just at first glance, I thought it was Tucker Carlson. That quote is hysterical. Why don’t the rethugs make it viral?

I like this – from a link on BNR “Release the transcript piece”:

View story at

Anyone there?

Cruz: Wouldn’t allow the good ones to come back in terms of immigration — because there are no good ones. Just look at my father who was a dishwasher here in TX until he ran off, abandoned me and my mother, and proceeded to whore around throughout North America.

I don’t think this is a Republican Debate: I think it is a Zika Virus Survivor’s Support Group. I can’t imagine any smaller minds.

Trump: Yes, I hired undocumented workers in Florida, but we had plenty of precedent for this dating back to the 1860s — I like history, it is yuggge!

Mario took an extra dose of ear-Viagra tonight. His left ear is trying to slap Trump.

Trump is the stuffing in a Mario/Ted abuse sandwich.

This is an absolute grand exhibit of manure writ large.

Watching Rubio tell lies about Obamacare and losing jobs.

I’ve never understood this thing of letting insurance companies cross state lines for business. If an ins. company thinks they’ll lose money in a state they aren’t going to go there to do business.

Rubio is being an attack poodle tonight.

(sigh) This is just too silly to deal with.

@34 Fredster, The term “selling insurance across state lines” is a ploy for insurance companies and Republicans who hate regulations. Any insurance company can sell across state lines if they abide by that states regulations. What they want to be able to do is set up business in a state with very lax regulations and to use those in every state – to avoid the stricter regulations in any other state in which they are selling.

I just finished cooking dinner and we turned it on. Good god! Animals.

@37, good to know.

Kasich attacking Obama, sounds ridic.

Wall, wall, wall. Bleh.

Eyes closed doctor sounds like a megalomaniac.

Sorry I got here too late guys! 😦

After listening to the final statements, Cruz reinforced my opinion that he is the most evil of the evilettes.

“I don’t think this is a Republican Debate: I think it is a Zika Virus Survivor’s Support Group. I can’t imagine any smaller minds.”

ROTFLMAO. Really. Unkind of me, I know. But, but, but, I can’t help myself.

And “Evil and the Evilettes.” Perfect. Perfect. Maybe they could start an a cappella (evil) glee club.

GAgal: Thanks for that info @37. Just more Republican b.s.

I gave up on the debate and went to grab some dinner. Then I caught two episodes of The Vikings on History and Craig Ferguson’s show “Join or Die”. That show is funny as hell!

Quixote, that glee club would be awfully glum.

I once again have internet service, and will get something together for the weekend. Hail Comcast!

Christie endorsed Trump. I guess the check cleared.

@49m hahaha! I was wondering if he was promised a cabinet position or something.

Fredster, when & where is the Craig Ferguson show?

chat, happy you’re back! Internet service is a pain. We have Verizon fios, which is supposed to be amazing…except that its not, and costs an arm and a leg.

Okay, so if Donald Trump was gay and had a lisp here’s how his speeches might sound.

@53: And annie, the guy who did that used Trump’s exact words from the speech for that take-off of the speech.

@51: The show comes on the History channel and it was after the weekly episode of The Vikings. I saw two episodes of it last night and they had me just about rolling on the floor.

Don’t know if anyone saw this part of the debate last night, but Marco decided to get brave and take on Trump. It didn’t end well for Marco.

Ferguson is on the History channel? Bizarre.

After his speech in Tulsa the other night Bernie escaped but he was later captured by the Highway Patrol there in Oklahoma.

@52 If all of Donald’s speeches were gay Donald, I might could watch them. I’d love to see the highlights of the last debate be done with all gay Rubio, Cruz and Trump. Throw in a little gay Ben Carson too.

Obviously, Lady Lindsey’s chronic case of the vapors has taken its toll — look at the quotes it has caused:

“My party has gone batshit crazy.”

GAgal@60: Oh that would be funny as hell. 😆
And whoever it is that’s doing that voice over, it sounds like the same person who did the Honey Badger thing a few years back.

Paul Krugman on Christina and David Romer’s response to Bernie’s economic “advisors” critics…

Hey y’all, it’s the South Carolina primary today! I wonder how badly Hillary will trounce that unicorn (Love it Fredster!!!)? I hope they come out in droves for her.

Earlier on CNN they said absentee ballots were at 65,000. Up from 35,000 for last election. I assume they mean 2008 presidential primary but I don’t know that.

Joy Reid interviewing guy from Boston Globe (of course because the race is tight there). She shows polls with Bernie well over Hillary in the income equality/campaign finance question. She shows Hillary way ahead in the foreign policy/keep us safe question. Then she asked if MA would consider that more important than income equality. Umm… I seem to remember something about the Boston Marathon…

Dow Chemical agrees to pay $835 million settlement since Scalia is no longer there to rule in their favor.

Great pickups there, Gagal. New thread up at 6:30.

Great links GAgal, thanks!

MB: If the polls close at 6:30 (don’t know actual time) then they should be able to call it for Hillary at, oh, 7 p.m. But then the talking heads will spend hours on why she didn’t do as well as she should have, some group still didn’t support her in high enough numbers, yadda yadda.

GAgal, last night on Maddow she mentioned a poll done in MA and Hillary was ahead by 4. That’s probably close enough for now to just call it a tie.

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