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Ciao and howdy…

Posted on: February 20, 2016

Spero che il vostro fine settimana è un grande.

Hope y’all are havin’ a great weekend.

Harper Lee


The same sentiments, the first in Italian and the second in certified Southern.  The first is in honor of Signore Umberto Eco and the second is in honor of Ms. Harper Lee.  Both were lost to this world yesterday, but both left us a bit richer for their existence – the true definition of successful lives.

While comparing some of their quotes, I found them to be remarkably similar.  On some levels that would seem odd, but in reflection it isn’t.  They both believed we all hold the capabilities of being a champion for one another.  Two examples of their words:

The real hero is always a hero by mistake; he dreams of being an honest coward like everybody else.

Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us not to try to win.

The first is from Eco and the second is from Lee.  Both hold the sentiments of making the world a better place.

So, given the downtrodden trudge of politics enveloping us of late, I thought in honor of Umberto and Miss Harper, we should direct positive thoughts this weekend with songs about making the world a better place.  Shouldn’t that be the true aim of politics?

As always, take the conversation in any direction you might desire and expect more than a few comments on today’s primaries.

Here are a few of my contributions:









53 Responses to "Ciao and howdy…"

Well let’s put it this way: It can be a wonderful world.

Imagine the mgr. saying this!

Yay!! Just watched Hillary give her victory speech!

Go, Hillary,go!

Congratulations Madam Secretary!

For the third contest in a row, turnout has been down. So much for revolution avalanche meme. Maybe, just maybe, some reporter might pick up on that and try and dispel a false narrative. Not holding my breath.

@11: As I said over at Upps, Brian (I always tell the truth) Williams said she “eeked” out a win in Nevada. She did eek out a win in Iowa. So I wonder what MSNBC will say in South Carolina after that primary?

Only 10000+ votes? I keep hearing that 80000 caucused.

@14: Well if you click on that map, a number of counties, esp. Clark County aren’t at 100%. But Prolix did say turnout was down.

True, but 20% more votes is not going to get you anywhere near 80000/.

Where did you hear the figure of 80k?

Prolix, what a lovely post! And great songs, I loved Cat Stevens when I was young. Yay for Hillary! I clicked on fluffpo when I first got home and one of the headlines screamed: Hillary Hangs On! Like she’s been losing all the time…or like she’s Jeb? or something. God, our media sucks. So biased, so phony. Not what I remember from my childhood. I hope you’re all having a nice weekend. Chat, am thinking about your poor friend, hope things get better for her soon.

@14, again, we Dems make it unnecessarily complicated — we are our worst enemies like that. The numbers you are seeing are not votes, they are county delegates selected. The turnout was about 80K or so, selecting about 10K county delegates to make the allocation of 53/47 in total delegates to the Convention.

I know it’s silly complicated, but not as difficult as baccarat.

@19, Thanks Annie. I really liked Cat Stevens too. There’s something happy and friendly about his voice — I can’t describe why, but I always liked listening to him. I liked Jim Croce and Harry Chapin too, both for the same reasons.

Off color comment: Stop reading if you are “offendable”.

With Jeb Bush suspending his campaign and calling it quits, all the stories repeatedly talk about the sadness associated with it. All the reports are saying the announcement was made by an “emotional Bush” which to me sounds like script direction in a porn movie.


@23, loved that song!

Sorry Bernie….things will only get worse from now on. Your small, but overly hyped, base just isn’t going to carry you any farther.

Honestly, I have no idea why Jeb! thought anyone would want him to be President after.the mess his brother caused. I guess self-delusion must be a family.trait.

Interesting thing here. Now after their previous behavior, who am I gonna believe now?

@20: Ummm…no one told me math was involved. 🙄

Okay good movie on TCM, Seven Days in May, and this post is gonna kill the browser each time it reloads.

@27, interesting post, I’d heard about this earlier. So the Bernie supporter says they were shouting “neutral”?!? Who would think of something so weird. I’m with you, and believing the Hillary supporters.

Fredster, I watched the video clip, and it was too noisy to tell who was yelling what, but there was some kind of disturbance about Huerta being up there. The Bernbots are trying to spin it.

@30: After the way they have trolled Hillary’s supporters on twitter and elsewhere and the other dirty tricks they’ve pulled, I’m sorry but they have no credibility with me.

Fredster, I just read the comments under the article. As you can imagine, it’s a fight. This guy made the most sense and what he said sounded like what I heard:

“Steve Sobek

Thanks for the link to the long video, Marcia! Only the moderator said English only (“We’re going forward in English only”), followed by Sanders supporters applauding no translation to Spanish rather than letting Huerta, or Huerta plus a Bernie supporter, translate. You must have heard all the shouts of “No”s, Marcia, in addition to the “Neutral”s you mention.
Starting around minute 54: 1) The moderator says 1st person on stage can translate. 2) Lots of shouts of “No” to keep Huerta from translating, followed by shouting “Neutral”. 3) The moderator tries to get a compromise from Sanders supporters of correcting Huerta if her translation is slanted in favor of Clinton. 4) Lots of clapping by Sanders supporters when the moderator gives up on compromise and says “We’re going forward in English only”, rather than let Huerta translate. (At one point we can see but not hear a discussion on stage, presumably Huerta saying let’s have two translators.)”

Anyway, the Bronies are calling Huerta a liar, but clearly whatever was said, the main fact is, she went up to the stage to translate and the Bronies weren’t having it, cuz she was wearing a Hillary shirt.

Another good comment:

“Rebecca Gavin

Clinton will be sure to have translators there. You folks are so blinded by your infatuation with Sanders that you totally don’t get it. Why didn’t the Sanders campaign have a translator there at the ready, chosen and hired in advance? They know how many Hispanic voters there are in Clark County. That is real racism…not name calling, necessarily. It doesn’t matter what they said. They were not prepared and preferred to let the Spanish Speakers be in the dark rather than improvise and accept help that was generously offered. It is not even seeing the people as real enough to anticipate what should have been an obvious need on the part of the Spanish speaking attendees.”

@34: And let’s face it: if Huerta had tried to slant anything there were plenty of Spanish/English speaking folks there that would have said something.

I loved this write-up from the LA Times and especially Bernie’s statement.

“We have a corrupt campaign finance system that is undermining American democracy and must be changed,” he told them.

Nice try Bernie but you’ve been outraising (and outspending) Hillary.

I was just called by Bernie 2016. They do not give up.

chat, that is a good article. A little scary.

@39, excellent article.

Interesting piece on how feminism and sexism are viewed differently by young women yet to go into the workplace and those who have.

@39: That article is scary!!

I love the Berned Doodz trying to insist they were saying “Neutral.” What does that even mean, in context? Somebody wants to translate, so you respond with “neutral”? ?? It makes about as much sense as responding to “Would you like some coffee?” with “It’s raining outside.”

Another entry to go down in legend and song next to those “blahs.”

speaking of outspending (@37), does anybody know where Bernie is getting all that money? College students, even when white and male, are not huge political contributors. But suddenly Bernie is floating in doubloons. Has anybody traced that stuff? It smells of Rove to me.

quixote@46: I seem to recall seeing something in a tweet that had a document of some group that was linked to Karl Rove. If I can find it w/out too much difficulty I’ll put it up here.

Hmph. Fascinating. Off to read the links now. Thanks, Fredster!

@50: No problem. 🙂

There’s a lot of similar info in all three articles.

Fredster, the Salon article said Rove wasted over 300 million trying to get Romney elected. Here’s hoping he wastes even more in his ridiculous mission to take down Hillary. And when she’s being inaugurated, maybe that will finally be the end of the creepy Crossroads.

annie@52: Well you can well believe that the money he got from the likes of the Koch Bros. and other billionaires to spend on Romney the last time, will be easily replenished to keep fighting Hillary. I think there will always be these fools who’ll donate tons of money to fight against Dems.

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