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The mess continues…

Posted on: February 17, 2016

Donald Trump New Yorker Cannonball

What do you call Trump threatening to sue Cruz and Cruz saying, “Bring it on, Donald”?  It might be, “The Almost People’s Court?”

Teddy, Donald’s pet name for Cruz, threatened to sue any lawyer for filing a frivolous lawsuit against “His Cruzliness”.  In the law, these are called “Rule 11 motions”.  Essentially these actions are sanctions for filing an action that has no legal basis whatsoever and are frivolous.  This is what I’d like to know, “When can the American people file a Rule 11 motion against the Republican Party for having a frivolous primary?”

Tonight on the “Mostly Some Nutjobs, Bastards, and Creeps” network, Donald Trump will be having an “exclusive Town Hall” hosted by his campaign chairthings #socklessdeadintern and @drunkmika.  And for another hashtag, given that Donald Trump is never wrong, always interrupting, owes lots of money, and is reviled by about 85% of the people — the new Donald Trump hashtag: #whiteKanye.

Ted Cruz Paisley Robe Teddy Bare CreepWho would have guessed that Ted Cruz was a night owl?  According to his college roommate, during college, Teddy Bare cruzed the halls of a co-ed dorm in a paisley robe. Did Creepy Ted Cruz succeed in sweeping college girls off their feet? No, the alarmed and disconcerted lasses would call Cruz’s roommate, asking him to come collect the would-be Grandpa from The Munsters look-alike.  His roommate later opined that Cruz probably went “untouched by a woman” during his college years.  If only voters had such discerning tastes as teenage Princeton coeds?

It appears that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley got herself a gift certificate for an iRobot Roomba 2016.  She’s endorsing the Roboto tonight at a rally in Chapin, S.C.

The “hair apparent” of the Whig Party will be holding his Town Hall at 8:00 P.M. EST on MSNBC.  If you are so inclined, stop by and we will be slinging our Widdershin barbs in his direction.

See you then and until then, this is an open thread.



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From downstairs:

36 | GAgal
February 17, 2016 at 12:45 pm | edit
North Carolina March 15 primary may be postponed?

37 | GAgal
February 17, 2016 at 12:51 pm | edit
Economic advisors to Obama and Bill Clinton “send letter” to Bernie

39 | GAgal
February 17, 2016 at 1:03 pm | edit
Hillary in Harlem

@4: The link is fixed.

Prolix! You’re back! I hope you’re feeling better and that dentistry worked its magic.

Gawd I love that new nickname for MSNBC. 😆

Wow. Christina Romer is a signatory of the “Letter to Sanders” on his pie-in-the-sky economics. I can’t see her coming out to say that unless her sense of economic truth was very offended.

Concerning the love-in tonight between #socklessdeadintern, #drunkmika and #whiteKanye:

Trump to do town hall with his favorite media poodle, Joe Scarborough

These are courtesy of Fredster:

Incredible, that those two are doing this Town Hall especially after these two national articles were written about NBC getting antsy over the Scarborough/Mika/Trump “relationship”.

Hey Quixote — good to see you and be seen.

@quixote: I thought the same when I saw Tyson’s name on there also.

@prolix: I loved #socklessdeadintern being called Trump’s media poodle. 🙂

@9, here is Austin Goulsbee’s remark:

The former Obama administration cabinet member concurred with leftist columnist Ezra Klien’s article calling Sanders’ plan for health care “puppies and rainbows,” telling the paper his approach has “evolved into magic flying puppies with winning Lotto tickets tied to their collars.”

Read more:

For the fun of it, I asked the google machine about Gerald Friedman. I read an article from a few years back. Friedman was the champion of a single payer system. He estimated the savings at $5.0 Trillion a year that has now somehow grown to $6.0 Trillion a year. The cost of a single payer system is about $15 Trillion over ten years. Broken down, that is still $1.0 Trillion a year in new revenue needed.

All the personal income tax collected in the U.S. per year is only $1.0 Trillion — so that means we would have to at least double the personal income taxes collected through a menu of new taxes or change the corporate tax rate dramatically. I’m sure the date upon which either will happen is the 12th of Never.

@2: Has that been validated?

@14, personally I like poodles — I would never insult them by comparing them to #socklessdeadintern.

@17: Oh I too like poodles, but they do tend to be so wanting to please their owners.

@18, yes, that’s true and they do show their arses quite predominately which is also a characteristic of #shoelessdeadintern.

You know, I used to have to look where the hashtag was until you give Schmoe the hashtag. Now I can do the hashtag without looking.

@19: LOL! You’re a better man than I Gunga Prolix!

@16 chatblu, I got the “letter to sanders” link from memorandum.

Unsurprisingly, young Mitch McConnell doesn’t agree with old Mitch McConnell. I forgot, Mitch’s first name is Addison which makes him A. Mitch McConnell not unlike “a venereal disease” or “a prehistoric creature”.

@21: Thanks.
@22: How quickly we forget.

WSJ poll is the NBC/WSJ poll — wonder what Chuckie Todd, the elfin cookie baker thinks about that?

Oh my! #drunkmika just called herself an “election analyst”.

Mika wants to sleep with Donald, but so does Joe. This could be interesting.

I think Donald just said, “My sons hunt so I will make the Heller decision a litmus test for appointment to the Supreme Court.”

Watch Mika’s lips — she’s doing a Donald imitation.

Earlier in the day Mika was preparing for the town hall event.

Looks like they handed out Flexiril to the audience.

Is this taking place in Stepford Heights, SC?

Hey Shinners! I am procrastinating on writing a report for my second gig, yes, still working 2 jobs, but Juanita Lunchbucket has to fill her and the mini-Juanita’s lunch bucket :).

Came across a great article on Hillary’s Latina outreach in Nevada and spreading to other Latino communities across the nation (just don’t read the comments for your own eyeball safety, unless you can pour Clorox in them) and wanted to share.

By the way, if anyone comes across a sign up page for Mujeres in Politics, please post in the comments section. I wanna sign up!!

Also, I signed up to volunteer for Hillary in Tampa again, was on a volunteer call this past Monday or Tuesday…can’t remember…ANYWAY, it was pretty much standard fare rally the troops type call. No word on a Tampa/Orlando FL Hillary office yet. Again, if you bump into it, please post in comments 🙂 !!!

OK, here’s the link:

Waste, Fraud, and Abuse — should be Trump’s campaign slogan.

Hey SM!! I’ll check with someone I know in FL who might have an idea about a Tampa or Orlando office.

Do you think Mark Sanford is sitting there thinking about hiking the Appalachian Trail?

How long is this supposed to be on, one hour or two?

@35: See Flexiril comment above.

Schmoe and Meeeka being called out by other media on their Trump love.

Thank you Fredster! I’m just trying to find out where and whens, but no word. I know she’s polling well here, but any little bit I can help, if not with my little contributions, then with foot power and calling power.

I’m trying to get in touch with Democrat coordinators for the Charlie Crist campaign that I canvassed and phone banked with, even did a “Souls to the Polls” event with BIG DAWG :)!! No word from them yet. Alas, the Scott campaign had their groundwork covered in the panhandle and “South Georgia” Florida, which did not help us at all.

Appreciate any news and thanks again!

This train wreck is only an hour in duration. In any event, I’m watching Modern Family at 9:00.

Of course, Schmoe and Meeeka will have to hang around and throw their shoulders out by patting themselves on their backs for the bestest Town Hall in the history of Town Halls.

Oops sorry prolix, I didn’t see your second link at @11. Feel free to delete my @38.

SM, check this out for Mujures for Hillary. (ignore the Obama in there)

Prolix@40 The neat thing to see (and it won’t be televised) is how they find a way to climb out of Trump’s arse.

#socklessdeadintern had to, just had to, get in a slap at Hillary.

@43, they will have the Trump-copter fly overhead and drop a rope ladder down into the gaping maw that is Trump’s arse.

Mika just drew a circle on her tablet and wrote “Pick up Vodka”.

“I didn’t need this Joe”…well find that other thing/place to go then Donald.

This had to be pre-screened questions. They were all softballs filled with cotton candy.

Okay, I’m off to the land of Modern Family.

I need to run to Publix now that the post-dinner crowd is thinning out.

@32: The Orlando office is at the IUPAT Hall 2053 W. Oak Ridge Road.

@42: Whoever posted that girls of color have even less chance to play sports has never watched an SEC woman’s basketball game or track meet.

We didn’t watch that thing, but we did click past it and stopped for a few seconds. The camera showed Schlump bloviating and then panned to drunksocklessdeadintern and showed him beaming at Schlump, like he was looking at the love of his life. Needless to say, it was sickening and we quickly changed channels.

annie@53: Schmoe has a mancrush on der Donald.

TY Chatblu and Fredster!!!

Imagine if Hillary staged a town hall lovefest like that. The media backlash would be vicious.

Interesting article on They analyze the question, “Does Donald Trump have a ceiling?” Signs point to yes, as soon as the race narrows down.

Via Twitter: Jim Clyburn will endorse Hillary as early as tomorrow.

@57, that sounds great! I hope its true!

I broke my MSNBC ban for a few minutes this afternoon and this was on the ticker across the bottom: (I hope she rips Andrea Mitchell a new one for this misquote)

Madeleine Albright’s first interview since her remark “there’s a special place in hell for women” who won’t vote for Hillary Clinton, with Andrea Mitchell

@60: A ringing endersement……..

@61: I saw last night on Maddow that she would be doing an interview with Biden today – I have no idea why. I wanted to tweet maddow and ask her “Hey Rachel ask Biden about those Clarence Thomas hearings for his appt to the Supremes”. Then I thought “why bother”.

@61, I don’t have your discipline about MSNBC. I was watching the Chip and Dale Hour of Mark Halperin and John Heilemann. This isn’t an exact quote, but it is close. It is Heilemann talking about Luis Gutierrez saying Bernie Sanders’ record on Latino legislation was abysmal:

There are some reporters looking into the voting record of Bernie Sanders. The investigation will uncover several things that will not at all be favorable to Sanders.

My question is this — if Heilemann and Halperin and any other combination of Twiddledums and Twiddledees know about issues that are unfavorable to Sanders and his voting records, why aren’t they reporting it? And the other question is, “Why isn’t someone asking reporters, why are they holding the story?”

Here is what Gutierrez said. I guess mainstream media is ignoring Univision until after the Nevada caucus. Gee, I wonder why..

Is anyone watching the town hall with Hillary and Bernie?

@63 Hilarious! McConnell will also need to take an ice pick to his ears so he can’t even hear the name!


Borowitz has a good McConnell take, too. His latest goodies are great.

@60, sounds like he’s trying to give Sanders a boost without actually endorsing him. The republicans are on board with tanking Hillary and getting the nom for Bernie.

@71, Thanks! Borowitz is a hoot!

Mr. Prolix, are you feeling better? Inquiring minds must know.

@66, thanks GAgal. Yeah, the media has to be careful not to step on Bernie’s delicate toes.

So much for that – oh so coveted – Jim Clyburn endorsement. No enthusiasm there. I guess he’s just a Vagina Voter.

“On Thursday, he reiterated that he would endorse in an interview with WBUR in South Carolina, saying, “Because family and friends have begun to say to me that my constituents deserve to know where I stand, and so I’ve decided that my wife knows best and so I am going to let people know where I stand.”

Hillary is still ahead where it counts: in the delegates and superdelegates.

@79, good little article!

@80, good news. Of course the bronies are screaming bloody murder about how undemocratic the use of superdelegates are; of course, they loved it back in ’08.

Fredster, how are you doing?

Great link to Borowitz, GAgal.

@82: Oh I’m okay. Just fighting the crazy weather with lows going to the 20s some nights and then during the day climbing back up into the 60s and for Friday into the 70s. Then we have another cold snap coming through next week. It just plays such havoc with my nose and sinuses. 👿

@82: That’s too bad for them because their guy helped come up with the idea.

Fredster, I’ve been feeling lousy for the same reason, hot to cold to hot weather. Its been very annoying. So far we haven’t gotten the amount of rain they said that the el nino would bring. Hopefully, they’re getting more in NoCal. But, yeah, that really plays havoc with the immune system, doesn’t it? I enjoy my shorts weather as much as anyone, but I like gradual changes in weather and enjoy a cool, rainy period.

Going to check your link.

@86: Plus it makes the humidity inside crazy! I’d rather have a dehumidifier for when it’s too humid and just suffer through when it’s too dry.

Uh-oh…I don’t like this. I can see all sorts of mischief occurring.

Folks, one of my friends lost her mother this morning, so today is pretty well shot for me. Please continue on this thread and I’ll get something up for Lazy Weekend when I get home.

Morgan Freeman coming up on CNN. His voice is obvious on Hillary’s latest ad.

@88, I saw that. No wonder people get discouraged with politics and think that voting is pointless.

chat, so sorry for your friend and her family. Don’t worry about the thread.

Interesting that Latino voters, trying to decide who to vote for, also have to consider their family and communities who can not vote.

GAgal, see link at 88.

Fredster, yeah that BNR article is great. I’m glad I looked at it again ’cause they’ve got some new stuff up.

Really? Seriously???

Damn, I knew those Bernie folks were dumb, just didn’t think they were this stoopid!

@100, what a creep!

@99, yes, tragic.

@100 Good grief! As my mother often says, that’s the height of stupidity!

Did y’all see this from the actual article?

The man was seen leaving the RJ parking lot in a maroon Toyota Prius bearing several Bernie Sanders campaign stickers. A security guard said he was also wearing a Sanders sticker on his shirt. The official Sanders campaign website lists “Don Schubert’s House” in Long Beach, Calif., as the site of a volunteer phone bank.

And you know his campaign will find a way to blow it off.

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