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Lazy Weekend Music: Love, Or a Reasonable Facsimile Thereof

Posted on: February 13, 2016

Happy Valentine’s Eve, Widdershins.  After another salty week of political fun, frolic, and frenzy, I think that we need a little rest, relaxation, and whatever passes for romance in our lives.   Whether that means a weekend getaway with your life partner, or just a quiet time to chill out and think happy thoughts, let’s remember love in the best possible way.

There are literally thousands of songs celebrating love, from every genre and every era – our selections reflect our age, preferences, and life experience.  I read an article whose author had actually counted and found 1127 songs with the word “love” in the title, so I know that you should have zero difficulty in finding tunes to post.  Of course, as this is the usual open thread, you can throw topic to the wind and do as you will, just as long as the usual rule of civility is followed.

Have a great weekend, Widdershins.

(1) Higher Love – Steve Winwood (1986)

(2) When I Fall in Love – The Lettermen (1961)

(3) I Can’t Stop Loving You – Ray Charles (1962)

(4) There Is Love (The Wedding Song) – Paul Stookey (1969)

(5) You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling – Righteous Brothers (1964)


55 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: Love, Or a Reasonable Facsimile Thereof"

Great article, chat, and from Dana Milbank no less!
I wonder if he’s fathered a daughter since Hillary’s last campaign?

At the very least, he has had an epiphany of some sort.

Nice article by Milbank, but did you read the comments? It doesn’t seem to matter if she gets minimal good press or massive bad press the comments always seem to be overwhelmingly hostile towards her. I really can’t take much more of this shit storm of undeserved hatred towards her. Honestly, it terrifies me.

Hi, cats. Yep, it’s the usual cavalcade of “she’s old and ugly and he’s so coooooooool”.
Second verse, same as the first.

Ignore the bullshit, but this is confirmation of his passing.

Wow. Imagine the forthcoming bloodbath in the Senate.

Exactly! But as I tweeted: Obama gets a freebie, Hillz will get 2 and Notorious RBG ain’t goin’ nowhere! 😆

Justice Scalia was an American hero. We owe it to him, & the Nation, for the Senate to ensure that the next President names his replacement.

I refuse to put Cruz’s tweet in here.

With our gifted, smooth-tongued orator and writer feeling poorly with dental issues, let’s blow off a separate post on the repub debate tonight. To be honest, I’m not sure I’ll even watch it. I’m sure there will be a highlight reel around someplace.

Lordy. There’s another Repub talkathon tonight?

By all means, rest up, everybody. And prolix, hope you can get relief soon! I need you folks to let me know what Our Gal is up to. The Repubs can go talk to the hand.

@14: Quixote that’s the way I felt too. I guess the big question will be who attacks whom on the stage? Will it be Trump against Bush or will he-Trump take on Cruz? Will Rubio go into robot mode again? Dunno and I’m sure there will be something else on teevee to occupy my time if not my mind.

And the other thing is I don’t want to see them rending garments and gnashing teeth over the passing of Scalia.

@16, agree, we had no intention of watching it. btw, I didn’t link it here earlier cuz I thought chat wanted a politics free weekend, but there is an awesome post up at dailykos that is a comparison between Hillary and Bernie. I think its called Feel the Fraud. I’ll link it if anyone wants it. It is linked @ Upps. Its a fabulous post, and the author obviously put a lot of work into it. I highly recommend it, its uplifting.

Poor Prolix! I hope the weekend flies by so he can get it fixed.

@17: Well current events have changed the non politics thing.

annie, sure – go ahead and put the link here.

@20, Fredster, I screamed when I saw your retweet of that! Wicked funny!

chat, I do love all the songs you posted.

Isn’t that Peter Paul & Mary on that youtube that says: Noel Paul Stookey?

@23: Looks like it.

@23: It’s Paul from PPand M. He wrote it for Peter’s wedding ceremony.

Ahhh…thanks chat.

Here’s the piece at kos that annie was talking about. It’s a l-o-n-g diary.

I see that Move is creating a controversy about superdelegates. I don’t remember them having a problem with it in 2008 when they supported Obama. I don’t know if the Sander’s campaign has joined in but Tad Devine had a part in the creation of delegate allocation.

After being the delegate tracker for Jimmy Carter, then working for Dukaukis… from his wiki page:

“As lead negotiator for the Dukakis campaign at the 1988 Rules Committee, Devine was involved in the Democratic party’s 1988 reform that eliminated winner take all methods of delegate selection and established proportional representation as the exclusive system of delegate allocation in the Democratic Party.”

I know the superdelegates are a different story, but this guy knows the delegate game better than most.

Ouch, sorry to hear about Prolix dental problems. Why do these things always happen on a weekend?

I heard the R debate was quite the spectacle. Something about Trump accusing Jeb! of mooning someone? Keep it up guys!! America needs to know!

@29: Isn’t that the way it seems to happen sometimes? They just cheerily tell you “Oh the doctor can’t see you until Monday” and you are wanting to scream into the phone “But I’m dyin’ here!!”.

I don’t know about Prolix but for me dental pain seems to be just awful. They can give you some meds but I know for me it’s just a brief respite from the pain. And when I take hydrocodone meds, Lortab/Vicodin, if I take more than two doses of it I start getting really nauseated.

Elvis has left the building!

@27, it is long, but a lot of it is big pictures. Hubbie actually read it though and he is not into politics.

@32: Yeah, I read it annie. And there were the usual berniebro comments there along with supporting ones.

@28: Isn’t it amazing how everything that was just fine when done for Obama is an outrage when done for Clinton?

Believe it or not, I see a way for Obama to get by the Senate. He appoints a moderate, pro-choice Democratic senator, maybe even one that gets along with some Repubs and dares the Senate to vote down one of their own. It could work.

@29 and 30: Oh, we’ve heard that one before. We know you are not really dying, you just want to, and there’s a difference (snark).
Opiates slow gastric motility, and that’s why you’re nauseous.

Hi folks. Thanks for all the good wishes — this is going down in the books as a lost weekend courtesy of better living through pharmaceuticals.

I didn’t want my peeps to be unarmed. As you would guess, the hog turds being breaded and braised by the Repubs are nothing but lies. The lies I’m referencing are the ones concerning the 80 years since a Supreme vacancy during an election year. First, it is highly unique to have a death and an election year coincide, ergo, the 80 years — it’s not about foregoing a confirmation process as a conscious precedent.

Second, to get to the 80 years, the Repubs have to ignore Justice Kennedy in 1987. The exception they cite is that there were other nominations before Kennedy in the year prior. The rejoinder to that is simple: It was all a part of the nomination process as contemplated in the Constitution. The confirmation itself happened in the year immediately preceding the election. Each nomination stands on its own.

Finally, when the Repubs talk about the providence of 2016 voters, when did the providence of the 2012 voters shrivel up and die? It seems the voters elected Obama (by the biggest majority since Ike) to do the job for 4 full years, not 3 years and change.

Here’s an excellent article from the SCOTUS blog on vacancies:

And here is an article about the unlikelihood of a vacancy/recess appointment:

To paraphrase the NRA, the only thing that is going to stop bad guys from lying are good guys with facts. Consider yourself an armed truth teller.

@38: Better living through chemistry!

@36, ah, that’s why those things make me so sick!

Prolix, glad to see you! Hope you get in to the dentist tomorrow.

No Valentine’s music today other than GAgal? Come on, people, it’s Valentine’s Day.

We know you are not really dying, you just want to,

Oh yes, those tooth nerves exposed to the air tend to want to do that to you, don’t they?

They do indeed.

These Republicans crack me up. After Mitch McConnell stuck his foot in his mouth saying ‘No’ before Obama even hinted who it would be, they had to come up with something else. So they say there is no precedent for seating a SC judge in an election year? Oh, really? Where is the precedent for saying you can not? No where.

I’ll throw one in here for V-day.

I saw on twitter that 19 SCJ’s were anointed during an election year in the last hundred years. McConnell is full of it.

Percy Sledge is a great singer, but he is essentially a “one-hit-wonder”. Nevertheless, he is in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. Groups like the Moody Blues and the Doobie Brothers, who each have many hits, are not. The RnRHoF is really weird. If any of its board members, or Rolling Stone Magazine alumna don’t like a group, they don’t get in, they could have 30 top 100 hits, sell over 100,000 albums, and still be touring to sellout venues, but nada to them. Sorry for the useless info. For some reason, whenever I see that Percy Sledge song (which I love btw) I am reminded of that.

I love Linda Rondstadt, probably my fav female singer.

@46: You are absolutely right, but that is just about the ultimate love song of my generation.
He did a few others, though:

@47: One of my faves too.

All great songs chat. You outdid yourself this weekend!

Thank you, ma’am.

Good article about the “Thurmond Rule” and the hypocrisy that the Republicans employ when they talk about it.

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