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Posted on: February 11, 2016

Good evening Widdershinners — it’s Thursday evening and it’s time for another debate.Clinton Sanders Debate

This evening for our debating pleasure it will be live from Wescottsin and be aired on PBS (Please Be Splainin’).

This Democratic debate will be shown live on PBS and simulcast on CNN (duller cousin of PBS), beginning at 9 p.m. EST.

PBS NewsHour anchors Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff will moderate the debate.

If this simulcast between PBS and CNN goes swimmingly, expect to see WolfBlizerton Abbey this fall.



134 Responses to "Debate Post"

Bring it on Hillz!

Good evening Widdershinners!

It’s the Wescottsin Wrestlin’ Wranglers — the WWW.

All snark welcome and the smarter you are feelin’, the more welcome you’ll be. Have at it.

Hiya SM.

Hi Prolix 🙂 – ok, here they come.

Hillary in a blazing yellow jacket, 🙂

Bernie won the coin toss to start first. Here he goes with the campaign finance talk.

BS: Four score and nine months ago, I became great with a campaign. After a successful gestation, I gave birth to a scampering, pooping little group I like to call Bernie Babies. I took my rhetorical training from Marco Roboto — I say the same stuff over and over and over…

Bernie mentioned the political revolution again, but not a solution.

I love it when Hillary talks low like she has just smoked a pack of Pall Malls and taken a hit on a bottle of Johnny Walker’s.

LMAO Prolix! Hillary’s talking African-Americans, immigrant families, discrimination, economic equality for women – HELLO? PROGRESS.

PBS is having a fund drive.

Are Bernie’s shoulders now higher than his head? It looks like they are growing north at an alarming rate.

Bernie isn’t going to get to talk around answers. Judy called his hand and made him answer the question.

I’m not sure he answered the question. Wonky Hillary answered it: 40%. And she’s breaking it economics down.

Hillary brought her “Tanya tapper” and is kneecapping Bernie. He’s going to end up about 3 feet tall before the night is over.

BREAK IT DOWN HILLZ, what is it that you are planning, Bernie? What is the plan?

All he does is point out the problems, but no concrete solutions.

LOL Tanya tapper!

Question from Gwen: Expanding government, is it fair for those who fear government to fear you? She said for them to do their homework and she has given detailed proposals.

Bernie is a bit snippy. He’s going to be cantankerous before the night is over.

$100 Billion dollars a year with taxes and closing loopholes, exactly – I like what she said about being honest with, especially young people, what the government will do for them and how much it will cost.

And he said, Sec. Clinton, you’re not in the White House yet… LOW BLOW. Didn’t go over too well.

Zing — Hillary just put Bernie in the position of defending Bald Spot Walker.

YES, and then he changes the subject.

What I hate about the spin of NH is that 55% of women voted for Bernie. Those were republicans and independents rat-effing.

Now comes the Albright comment.

Great line about 200 presidential debates and this is the first time women were in the majority on the stage.

Very nice indeed! Now Bernie is bringing his pro-choice record.

BS: Bernie is about to announce he has had an honorary vagina implanted.

Wait, he’s repeating everything that Hillary said!

Hillary, I am a LEADER on these issues! A LEADER on these issues who LEADS on these issues.

LOL! His Bergina is just flowing with…whatever.

LOL — Bergina.

Why is it the white woman that puts out the anti-woman questions?
Answer: she expects to have a white man to fund the most important social markers she has. Her house, her neighborhood, her kids’ schools. Her job is almost, always after 20 to 30 years of dismantling equal employment, a jobette. His job matters, hers is what’s left after the divorce.

Black women? Not so much. Could be why black women support her overwhelmingly.

OMG, He’s stealing her line from the first debate about Republicans loving big government for women’s issues.

Hillary is schooling everyone again. She is so wonky-sexy. I love it!

Bernie is just writing the ads for Karl Rove — Karl Rove has a massive woody right now.

THANK YOU! Not just stop the dirty cops, provide education, jobs, respect the community they are sworn to protect to serve.

Bernie, yelling again and agreeing again.

Hello pdxpat!

BS: He’s just making crap up now. His platform is: We are going to get black kids off street corners. That’s not a plan, that is something you read on a bathroom wall.

Hillary is talking about my peeps — the poor genetically inferior in Appalachia. She’s talkin’ to me. Testify sistah.

I’m noticing they through the question first to her. WHY? It should be by turn.

He just rebutted the race relations under Obama question with … Wall Street.

I think he didn’t answer the question specifically with the white working class.

He’s repeating everything she said.

FINALLY, they started a round of questioning with him.

OMG – “or even a mother”
paraphrasing, but that tonedeaf Sanders didn’t even seem to know that parents in prison for fucking minor offenses are overwhelming women.

THESE are the ones who are burdened with the never-to-forgotten record of a criminal record. THESE are the ones committed to giving the next young ones life. THESE are the one Sanders didn’t know existed until 2015.

SM @39 That’s what they did in 08 with Obama, too. All the tough, especially foreign policy questions went to her first. Then O just said I agree. Don’t you remember that time Hillary said ‘Okay, I’ll go first again’ and media gave her hell for it. At one point she asked if he needed a pillow for his back. They hated her for that too.

YES, Comprehensive Immigration Reform! HE voted against it!!!! BOOM.

Bernie is just clueless. You are right pdx!

Bernie was just taken down to 2 1/2 feet on the Ted Kennedy bill.

BS: Bernie is using the oldest trick in the book — take one isolated issue from opposition research and then bend it, mangle it, and use it again and again. One size fits all.

I think that then Hillary mentioned supporting Ted Kennedy, that was code for Democrats: We support each other, we don’t vote against each other. He’s not a Democrat.

YeeHaw – she has said (and she does not lie) that she will oppose private prisons. This is one of the bleeding ulcers of our country – to make a *profit* off of the administration of justice to its citizens. Arizona is one of the leading culprits.

Bernie is getting trashed all over twitter.

Can you imagine the vault of opposition research that the Republicans have on Sanders? I bet you they have him hugging Fidel and Hugo while smoking Cohibas.

YES, Hillary, tell him about women and widows!

OMG to answer a question about seniors getting $16 a month in food stamps Bernie starts out with ‘You know, you judge a country not by it’s millionaires and billionaires’… That’s it.

“Vigorous agreement” Score!!!

OMG, he is asking questions on behalf of progressives and online blogs.

The Koch Bros. just upped their contribution to PBS.

Hillary is about to clean Bernie’s clock.

So he is asking questions on behalf of bloggers who used 25-year old Republican-sourced biased bullshyt???

GO’HEAD Hillz, defend your honor and Obama’s on that. NRA donating to Bernie!

BOOM — NRA just hung around Bernie’s neck.

This is what is pissing off African-Americans, how Bernie is smearing Obama underhandedly. Good for Hillary on defending him.

My mother just called me (imagine this conversation in español): What the hell is this old goat yelling and going on and on? Look at him! He face is red and looks like he’s going hit somebody! Hillary’s cool, calm and determined. He’s a crazy man!

LOL — that is great!

It’s a good thing they took a break. I’m a little worried about Bernie. I say that sincerely.

He really does look as though he’s been sprung from a home for the bewildered, treated to a haircut at some beauty school, and nattily attired in a blazer from Goodwill.

When you look at the highlights, Bernie is Karl Rove’s dream that is so wet it ought be called a Niagara dream. It is nothing more than give away after give away after give away.

Is there any doubt with Hillary’s answer on security that there is no one more qualified to be POTUS!

Hello Widdershins. I’m here but have a sore shoulder – slept wrong so I’ll just mostly follow along.

LMAO @ Prolix, he is the answer to every Republican operative’s prayer.


Aw, Fredster – feel better!

OMG, vote against Iraq again.

SO he said that Saddam was a terrible dictator, but admires Fidel.

Thanks SM. Aleve, then some ice later and after, some heat.

What is this, a history lesson?

Bernie has support hose that say, “I voted against” on one and “Iraq War” on the other.

Hillary, please take the mike.

@72, Right on SM!

Bernie no likee what Hillaree saying right now.

Boom — a vote in 2002 is not a solution against ISIS in 2016.

AMEN! Bring it to the future! Not on the past, but the FUTURE!

Ugh! I find him so hard to listen to.

You guys are a hoot btw!

Judgement matters as well? WHAT ABOUT FACTS??

BOOM, she got him on the 1999 vote.

Bernie you gave Fidel Castro a reach around.

WOW, mentioning Kissinger.

BOOM!!!!!!!!!! Who are you listening to, Bernie??

Bernie stop with the hand-raising!!

Bernie talk about slipping Hugo Chavez tongue while you were wearing a string bikini.

Good to see you back again, SM77! Love your posts!

I guess I’m just weird among the formerly prosperous nerds of the 80’s in that I said even then, “Tax me – I’ve got more than enough to live on”.

I live in a country that carried forward the ideals of the French revolution – not God, but humanity has the right to govern us. All of us, from the king to the meanest streetsweeper, has the right to self government. The US is a 200 + year old experiment in this kind of democracy and we are unique in the heterogeneity of our citizens. ALL people, ALL citizens. Not apriori right of birth to anything..

Bernie has never been more eloquent than, “Dah di dah di dah dah.”

Oh bullshit Bernie, going from Kissinger to trade costing american jobs?

A new country – Krimeria.

He’s trying to paint her as Nixon with a pantsuit.

I loved her response in listening to Kissinger and specifically to opening China. Does she agree with him? Hell no.

YES, Hillary, throw in your UN resolution!

Hillary’s jacket has Bernie thinking about China.

There he goes — lovin’ on Fidel.

Bernie, go ahead and tell us one country you have negotiated with and Settlers of Catan doesn’t count.

what the hell is talking about now? The question is about foreign policy.

BS: I really enjoyed Lincoln’s first inaugural address. I sat by Mary Todd.

Hillary is killing it. My husband keeps saying, “he talks and talks and says nothing.”

Ooops – this thaing posts before I do.

What’s BERNIE doing denouncing a Communist country on trade????

China’s overwhelming advantage (and Vietnam’s) is that they dump goods on a capitalist world market based on non-capitalist price factors. Their prices are not determined by anything remotely related to capitalism: resources are not market priced, but most importantly wages are not market priced. All the survival expenses we in the U.S. have to bear through market forces are borne by the state in Communist countries: food and housing being the most important. In return, there is an amount of control 99% of Americans would never, ever consider: where to live, where to work, what degree of government intrusion is allowed.

For countries that have had to come from having their own citizens enslaved or nearly so, in the 20th century, Communism may have been the only lifeline to bring the majority of its people into living above desperation.

That is not the U.S. We have more to build on. And you can’t both invoke the Communists and rail against their effects on labor in this country.

Bernie has smelly stuff running down his leg.

what was the low blow?


YES HILLARY, call him out! You are running for president as a DEMOCRAT, and you talked crap about him!!!!!!!!!

when now speaking, Hillary looks calm and takes notes. Bernie drinks water and coughs his lungs out. Is he ok?

Bernie is about to get his old crusty a$$ handed to him.

Bernie said Obama should have been primaried???

YES HILLARY, rally the Democrats. We don’t want a fake DEMOCRAT representing our party.

@109, yes, in 2012 he was actively saying Obama should be primaried.

That’s what Hillary said!

The Bernie blimp just sprang a big old leak.

Here’s the comment that bernie said obama should be primaried:

That is a GREAT GREAT GREAT closing statement. That should be her campaign speech going forward.

Whoa. She is light-years ahead of him.

Do y’all want to stay here for after debate or go to CNN or go to MSNBC?

Agree Prolix! Bernie was feeling his victory in NH tonight, but boy or boy, was he humbled.

REAL DEMOCRATS, please rally for the REAL DEMOCRATS.

Hubbie just commented on how insane it is that when a woman is competing with a man for a job, she has to be 20x smarter, cuz that’s what it looks like tonight. I don’t get the bern.

I have to go to bed, have to wake up early at 5am. Hugs and love to everyone!

Bernie is a one-note candidate — continually sung in B-Flat.

@114, and he has the gall to say what she said was a low blow?

Night SM — you have brought me many laughs tonight.

one-note is right. He could barely handle it when they got off his pet topic. Is he sick? He didn’t sound or look well.

Hugs back SM! Thanks for all the funnies!

Also loved her closing statement. She was on top of her game, looked fabulous and cool as a cucumber. I think she got the best applause also, at least when we were watching.

I think she did get the most applause.

I’m not gonna watch any of the talking heads and their cr@p. I’m sure there must be a special on the BBC about cheddar or something else.

Thanks everyone for a most enjoyable evening. I’m going to bring back the regular post.

I flipped over to CNN (and promptly flipped it off) but didn’t realize that Bill Press is now butt-sniffing Sanders. Thought the man had more sense.

Thank you Prolix! You and the others were funny and on target, as usual. Wish Bernie could learn from you guys.

Thanks to you all so much. I could only watch two minutes at a time. Not because I was worried about it, but because Bernie was just sooo bad. I just watched CNN for a few minutes afterword – very entertaining. They know Bernie got stomped, but Bill Press just can’t let it go. It must have been embarrassing for him to sit there and watch that – knowing he was going to have to defend it. I can’t wait to see the clips (or better yet a transcript) later without the media narrative.

GAgal: I don’t know what, if any, tv show Press may be on now but haven’t seen him in some time and I was surprised that he was a Bernie supporter. As I said, I really thought the man had more sense.

Hey all…Great debate blogging! I feel like I was there instead of suffering through 8.5 hours of travel yesterday.

Beata, in case you read this, I agree it’s all good. Come back after.the primaries are done. Take care and stay healthy!

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