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Posted on: February 10, 2016

When you are selecting the leader of the free world, how do you explain Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders winning a primary?  It’s like choosing between Bernie Madoff and Martin Shkreli, the pharma-bro, as your financial advisor. As Lady Lindsey said, it’s a choice between a gun or poison, either way you are dead.  I’m not going to attempt an explanation since I have the self-awareness to know I’m neither a prophet nor a delusional, although I’m much closer to the latter than the former.

As I watched the drive-by punditry last night, my mind kept wandering back to this clip.  I think it explains New Hampshire on both sides of the primary.

I love that scene.  It sets to words the emotional need to strike out against some chimeric foe.  In the scene, M’Lynn just wanted to hit someone until they felt as bad as she did.  Last night, New Hampshire voters played the part of M’Lynn.

In preparing for what I felt sure was on its way, yesterday afternoon I started investigating just why New Hampshirites might be so angry.  By traditional measures things look pretty good in the Granite State – unemployment is 3.1% — below what is traditionally considered full employment.  It’s safe; it is 48th in violent crime.  It’s well educated; 7th in the country in percentage of people over 25 with a bachelor’s degree.  It’s affluent; 10th in the country in personal income and 6th in home ownership.

New Hampshiremen and Hampshirewomen seem to fear immigrants given what Trump supporters said.  They seem to believe socialism will right the slights of Wall Street according to what Sanders’ supporters proclaim.  Competency can’t compete with sloganeering.  Dreaming is preferred to reality.  Pie in the sky sells better than meat and potatoes governance.

After last Saturday night’s outbreak of Marcolepsy, all the talk on the Republican side seemed to revolve around the glitch in the Rubio matrix.  Everyone seemed focused on his personal weaknesses as a candidate without taking a look at the programming of those around him.titanic bank sinking

When you look at the Republican field as a whole, it is remarkably similar to the musicians of the Titanic.  As the ship sunk, they just continued playing their favorite tunes in the face of impending death.  This gaggle of candidates, without so much as a hint of remorse, play the same old policy songs:  repeal Obamacare, cut taxes, sink additional trillions in the strongest military the world has ever known, lament any form of diplomacy as appeasement, and advocate a foreign policy based upon the notion that the failure to acquiesce to the will of the U.S. equals betrayal meriting reprisal.

Trump is the maestro of the Titanic band – he calls the tune and sprinkles the playlist with xenophobic fear, disdain for establishment hierarchy, nativism, anti-intellectualism, and contempt for political correctness.  This orange-hued Trump remix of the John Birch philosophy was music to the ears of a little more than a third of New Hampshire voters.

When I look at Bernie Sanders I can’t help but measure him by the criterion of Australian critic and auteur Robert Hughes, which by the way is one of my favorite sayings:

The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize.

Bernie Sanders has no doubts.  In his own mind, he is holier, more righteous, purer, and more deserving.  He’s the love child of Ralph Nader and Ross Perot genetically engineered into some kind of an economic agnostic.  Bernie Sanders is where vanity meets insanity.  His healthcare plan costs as much as the country takes in by way of personal income taxes — over a Trillion dollars a year.  Then there’s free college at $95 Billion a year, untold trillions in Social Security increases, tens of billions more in veterans’ healthcare, and nothing but platitudes substituting as financing mechanisms.

Bernie Sanders Its HappeningSweden had St. Bridget and it looks as if the 74-year old Senator is campaigning to be St. Bernie of Burlington.

No one, at least to my knowledge, has asked Bernie the simple question of “When?”  When is this revolution going to happen?  When will college be free?  When will there by single payer healthcare?  When, when, when?  Like dreams fueled by mail order Viagra, Bernie’s erstwhile promises will flop if someone dares to put a timeline on his hallucinations.  The reason:  You can’t pencil in blue-sky fakery on a calendar.

A Bernie Sanders nomination is the equivalent of booking a stateroom on the aforementioned Titanic and requesting a view of the iceberg.  We can take solace in the fact the music of the Republican band will remind us of our impending doom.

To paraphrase from the disembodied RubiOS cyborg glitch:

And let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that “the Donald” and Bernie don’t know what they’re doing.  They know exactly what they’re doing.  Pandering without consequence is a talent and they are very talented.


Have a great Wednesday and I encourage you to take this conversation in any direction you might want to explore.


38 Responses to "NH WTF?"

And like Nader and Perot, Sanders won’t care what devastation his vanity project wreaks on the county he professes to love (somewhat) as long as he gets to be the holier than thou spoiler.
Why, someday, “The American Experience” may dedicate a whole hour just to him.

Christie is leaving the race. So long, blowhard from NJ. Now all that’s left are the blowhards from New York, Texas, and Florida for the most part.

@1, I totally agree. Winning the White House is against the odds as it is, his vanity project is making it all the more difficult.

@2, what do you think about the idea that some of the GOPe wants him to stay in to completely bedevil Wuss-in-Boots?

They probably couldn’t pay his bridge toll to get him to do it.

NH is the 2016 version of a freak show it seems. Trump and Sanders the nuttiest candidates in a long time win in the state.

Carly Fiorina has suffered a fatal error message and her campaign has encountered a blue screen message.

In a related message, Fiorina scheduled a press conference for tomorrow to announce her candidacy for the 2020 nomination.

@4: I have not heard that.

Hey Shinners, I left work early today because i have this awful cold that is going around the company. Despite the hazmat-ing the cubicle farm I pertain to, I got caught in the biological warfare.

Here’s a very good article from WaPo and why Bernie can’t connect with my brown and black bretheren:

ALSO, on the way home from work today, the Takeaway was on NPR and they spoke of the same thing. Can’t connect because the message that the Bernie campign is sending is, OH YEAH, minorities, we’ll fix the economy and racism will go away. BernieBros were calling in defending the “economy fixes racism,” trope.

I wanna vote for the REAL DEMOCRAT. Ugh.

Hey Shinners, just submitted a comment and I think the cyber-bodyguard caught me. Don’t taze me, bro!

You are free to move around the thread.

The BIG loser today was Disney.

With the withdrawal of Cruella de Vil and Shrek, the Disney production of Republicans on Ice doesn’t look like it is a realistic possibility any longer.

Thank you Chatblu!! You are the best :)!

Hi Sweet Sue, Ga6thDem and Prolix!! 🙂

And here, Janell Ross summarizes exactly why Bernie just can’t get our votes:

It is as if the campaign believes that voters — particularly voters of color — are supposed to reorder their priorities to align with Sanders’. They are to simply suspend their own knowledge of their own experiences with the real and continued meaning of race, the persistence of pervasive racial and ethnic stereotypes, and the policy that this combination has spawned.

All of that, quite frankly, is far easier to do when a voter is white.

I must add that, marching for civil rights in the 60s means nothing today if you haven’t been publicly fstading by our side when it wasn’t policitcally expedient for you.

ALSO, Many, if not ALL Latino immigrants came to the U.S., because of super right or left wing governments that royally effed things up down there for 100+ years. Not that the U.S. government had anything to do with that…(sigh)

Sorry, but that isn’t going to go away with raising the minimum wage and getting free college, as I heard a BernieBro call into an NPR to promote this asinine theory.

Ok, on cold medicine and might fall asleep soon. so Hello/Goodbye 🙂

SM, did you see that Sanders was supposed to be having a breakfast meeting with Rev. Al?

I’d love to know how that turned out.

Fredster, I also feel supremely betrayed, because they let a candidate who has forever crapped on Democrats, sign up to be a Democrat just to run for this election.

It’s a rat-effing move, just like Ralph effing Nader.

Ok, really going to try to get some rest. Hugs to all 🙂

Bernie best get himself some industrial strength SPF sunscreen because just like Icarus he’s about to get his a$$ burned.

@17, SM be sure and come back after your rest. We’ll keep the lights on for ya.

FREDSTER, I can’t quit you! Ok, so what I heard was that Rev. Al was meeting with both Bernie and Hillary, separately of course. After that, he’ll endorse someone.

Prolix, now I’m hyped up after that chicken soup I had…lol!

@16, it was for Sharpton’s consolation prize Saturday show. Of course, Sharpton had an agenda to make sure he got as much coverage as possible from it. The morning after the primary gave Sharpton the significance he so desperately craves. Bernie is just now remembering he was a civil rights marcher back in the day. That didn’t play a big part in his Senate runs back in Vermont.

Hillary is also going to be on the show.

Hillary is also going to be on the show.

Odd how the talking heads didn’t mention that part. 👿

SM @8, how can you doubt that fixing the economy will fix all things? It’s well known that rich people, whose economies are about as fixed as they can get, have completely integrated communities!

quixote said: It’s well known that rich people, whose economies are about as fixed as they can get, have completely integrated communities!

Yes indeed they do. That is, until the end of the work day when the “staff”, the gardeners, etc. leave the area. 😆


@28, that would win The New Yorker caption contest. LOL

Rev. Al was just on Chris Hayes. I missed most of it, thank goodness. “No Rev Al!!! Do not look into the eyes!!”.

Prolix, meant to tell you, loved the gifs, esp. happening Bernie. LOL!

This post and thread are hilarious! What funny people! SM, I’m glad you came back here, you’re a hoot! I wasn’t here back in ’08. Very uplifting to read all this comedy. TV can’t compare.

@15, Fredster, that is some seriously scary sh*t. You should post it next door. The more I learn about Bernie, the less I like him. Also, I don’t think he stands an ice cubes chance in hell of getting elected prez. If (god forbid) he wins the nom, the floodgates will open, and all of his dirty laundry will come tumbling out, and we’ll end up with trump. I was reading about his healthcare scheme. Insane. Totally insane.

Oh my gawd. So in love with this post and comments!! SM77 I keep missing you, girl. I wish we could get some of that Satire on a Budget back! Tell me Bernie isn’t ripe for some Howard Dean-ifying!! 😀

I really really hope the Repubs do not get smart and nominate Kasich. If Rubio’s record skips a few more times, he will be OUT!

I think Bush will wait till some of the Southern states kick him in the b*lls…then he’ll take his toys and his senile brother and go home to pout.

BTW – that graph showing the states with the highest delegate counts that have the highest non-white populations – very illuminating. I saw that the Congressional Black Caucus will be throwing in its support for Hillary shortly as well.

As for Bernie, well – it’s just disgusting how much he’s ripping off the Obama template. Come on – “A Future You Can Believe In?” That’s, literally, only two words different from “Change You Can Believe In!” Just like Obama, Bernie is targeting the young, foolish and idealistic who want to believe there are simple solutions to wicked problems like racism, sexism and income inequality. And just like Obama’s supporters, Sanders’ supporters are lapping up the horseshit like it’s premium French chocolate.

At this point, watch for Hillary to go on offense in the debates. She will have him sliced, diced and ready for the compactor by the SEC primary. He will not know what hit him. 👿

@35: Let’s hope not abt Kasich. The problem with him is that he looks like a “normal” candidate but he’s another Bush, or at the state level, a Jindal or Brownback. I don’t know where he gets all of his numbers that he throws out about Ohio’s economy and budget but they could be as phony as Jindal’s smoke and mirrors were in La.

annie I think upps saw that tweet I put in at 15 because I “liked” it and she follows me and vice versa so pretty sure she saw it.

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