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New Hampshire Primary Live Blog/Open Thread

Posted on: February 9, 2016

Good afternoon and evening Widdershins!

Well it’s here:  the first primary of the 2016 election cycle.  Hillary got a win in the Iowa caucuses but how will she do now in New Hampshire?  She was trailing in the polls prior to the election, but will she get a win in New Hampshire?  After all, New Hampshire gave us The Comeback Kid.  If she loses, but by a small margin, will that be enough for her supporters to consider it a win and then move on to South Carolina?  At this point we simply don’t know.

So with that in mind we’ll use this post as a live blog on the primary and any other election related or other comments you wish to make.  It’s an entirely open thread.

While we’re waiting on results, go check out this article.  I thought it was amazing.  Silly me, here I was thinking we were looking for the next leader of the free world when it really appears that for some folks (and they vote too!) they are just looking for the “cool one”.  A presidential version of The Voice or American Idol perhaps?   Who knew!!

Finally, today is Mardi Gras in New Orleans and also in other parts of Louisiana.  Not everyone celebrates Mardi Gras by watching parades going down St. Charles Avenue in nola.  Out in Mamou and Eunice, the middle of Cajun Country, Mardi Gras is an entirely different “animal” so to speak.










91 Responses to "New Hampshire Primary Live Blog/Open Thread"

I have to admit I’m almost afraid to look at the “newz” channels, both because of the possible results and because of the spin the talking heads are going to put on things.

@1: Me, too.

On the bright side, here’s what 538 has for South Carolina right now.

I’ve been battling a fever for the last few days and feel like the sheeted dead.

Hoping for better than expected results tonight. See you all on the other side of NH.

@4: Oh pauvre Beata ! 😦

I hope you’re feeling better soon.

CNN is showing lines out the door and traffic backed way, way up who can’t get in to park. They will be allowed to vote no matter how long it takes. It’s gonna be a long night for those. I’m turning on CNN every once in a awhile because I don’t want to hear them either.

This what the media does – A few minutes ago, my mother asked me “Is Bernie beating Hillary in NH, TOO?” It’s the second time I’ve had to remind her that Hillary WON Iowa.

I read this comment elsewhere today, but I don’t know enough about the breakdown of delegates to know if it’s true. Someone smarter than me may know.

“So let’s put this in perspective. New Hampshire is a proportional state with 34 delegates to the nominating convention. If Sanders takes 65% of the votes and Clinton gets 35% of the votes, then Sanders has 22 delegates and Clinton has 12. In Iowa Clinton had 29 soft delegates to Sanders’ 21.

Do the math. Sanders is ahead by two delegates and it takes about 2,500 to win the nomination. Yes, dark clouds indeed. A real blowout.”

Hey Shinners!! Get it? Lent starts tomorrow? Ugh, ok.

First off: Beata!!! Please feel better!! If the fever has been more than a couple of days, you should go get a prescription for antibiotics.

Listening to , much better than the cable TV channels.

I must say that I’m very grateful for this site still being up. I feel like Richard Gere in an “An Officer and a Gentleman” :

SM, we are delighted to have you back.

Hi GAgal !!! I almost spelled Gaga, lol!

Beforehand, any typos are the fault of the phone/computer thingy. 🙂

I hate how Democrats nominates our candidates. It’s just as arbitrary and out-dated as the electoral vote.

Yes, in 2008, we got screwed over the last time since my primary vote in Florida and in Michigan were halved. Yes, still a half-person here, not over it, and I severely dislike Iowa and New hampshire over it.

So Bernie, since this is your first try at being a Democrat, I sure hope that your supporters can deal with it, just like we did.

🙂 Chatblu :), always!

CNN is saying there are 24 delegates at stake. I’m so confused! By the way, I just heard my parents talking about how Hillary won Iowa because of a coin toss. I give up!

I’m with SM @8: Thank you all for being here! It’s you and Blue Nation and Susie Madrak and Sady Doyle, … and then a long time nothing. Well, I guess Melissa McEwan of Shakesville has done some good work lately, to be fair.

The problem for Clinton is all the sexism shoves itself in your face if you support her, and who wants to deal with that? Much better to let the country go down the porcelain fixture.

Well GAgal, that is why Iowa stinks! How are you going to do this in a democracy? How can you make the rest of our party look bad, just because you wanted to go home early? Why gamble the chances of millions, BILLIONS of people around the world just because it was late and you were too tired to fight over it?

Just like the this coin-toss story and the the wonderful after-product their state produces, aka manure, Iowa stinks.

GAgal @ 12. Show this to your parents: Maybe read it to them, to make it even less effortful!

quixote, that’s exactly the way I felt last night. I just felt like really saying eff it, go ahead and vote for him berniebros. There’s no way in hell he’s going to win the general if he’s the nominee.

Last night Maddow was talking about her talk with Hillary with the Flint Michigan water issue. She said Hillary stated that Chelsea would also be going to Flint to assist. Maddow appeared (to me) to make it out to be a political move but I suppose she forgot that Chelsea has a Master’s degree in Public Health.

Yeah, it’s political Rachel. 🙄

Hello Quixote! I’m with you too. Thanks for the links :).

Looks like AP is calling it for Bernie, but only 3% of the votes are in.

Fredster, Chelsea ROCKS. Maddow needs to know this info, but it doesn’t fit with the narrative :(.

Based on exit polls they’re calling it for Sanders and Trump. I’d hate to be one of those still standing in line and hear the race called.

Just FYI, if Hillary gets within a 10% margin in New Hampshire, Bernie’s win basically…eh.

South Carolina and Nevada are coming up and what type of Democrats live there? African-Americans and Latinos, and we’re heavily towards Hillary :).

C’mon South Carolina and Nevada! Let’s elect the REAL DEMOCRAT.

BTW, New Hampshire’s primary allows independents to vote in primaries, which I think should be banned. Yes, I said it.

Yep it looks like CNN is calling it also. But let’s bear this in mind:


Sanders was ahead in the polls there and as it’s been pointed out so many times, it’s his next door state. It’s the area he is known in.

And don’t forget that the SEC primaries (yes nicknamed after our wonderful sports conference) are coming up. I’m going to add some info on it in just a minute.

Okay, as I said, the SEC primaries are coming up.

History has shown us that the South is generally overlooked when it comes to choosing the President of the United States. States with smaller populations and scattered election dates have caused the South to be pushed aside for states and regions with a larger concentration of delegates.

To remedy this “Southern neglect”, Secretaries of State, led by Brian Kemp of Georgia, banded together to move the primary election dates of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia to March 1, 2016 (with Louisiana just a few days later).

The formation of an “SEC Primary” creates a region in which candidates must invest their time, energy and money or take a massive hit on the road to the Whitehouse.

The 1,010 delegates from these states will be up for grabs as an army of candidates marches through the South to claim the right to represent their party in the November General Election.

SM@19: Yes indeed. Maddow should have known about the Master’s degree and it makes total sense that with that background Chelsea would be willing to be there to assist as they try to fix that horrible mess the Republican governor put the city in.

What is the delegate deficit that Hillary would have, 5-10? It means NOTHING. Come by my state and see how Hillary’s gonna roll this one:

Fredster @#3 – the media forgets that African-Americans and Latinos are a core segment of the Democratic party. Bernie has never, ever gone out of his comfort zone for us. And we remember things like that.

Nevada is a little tighter, but she easily leads by 20+ points:

@26: SM I believe it will be a totally different ballgame when she swings through South Carolina and the other southern states with large African American voters.

Here’s Texas: Hillary leads way over Sanders by +25 points, lot’s of Latinos and African-American Democrats there –

California is a little tighter, but Hillary still is on top by 13%

I think we were both commenting at about the same time. 🙂

For sure, Fredster! Watch how the narrative will shift. But we know what’s up.

You Southerners are encouraging.

I hope everyone saw GAgal’s link to the Daily Beast on the last thread. It calls Bernie out for the fraud he is, with his love of the wasteful F35. That article needs to go viral. I put it up next door.

Anti-establishment my ass.

Hey annie! Yep I truly do believe that once out of the NE we will see a change in Hillary’s election fortunes. However we can’t take anything for granted.

Here’s how RCP is going at the next states, Hillary’s on TOP:

This all smells like a rat-effing campaign to me. Can you imagine all the crap opposition researchers can get on Bernie? Swift-boating will be peanuts compared to what they’ll dig up on him.

I just refuse to believe that true Democrats would elect a candidate who has never, in their professional political life, was ever a Democrat until he decided to run for president. He has crapped on us his entire political career. And he’s not the establishment candidate? Bernie’s held political office longer than Hillary!

Whatever. Moving on. Bring it SoCa!

Fredster, am glad you’re back!

Beata, do take care of yourself!

@34: (sigh) Internet issues once again. 👿

Socalannie! LMAO! Indeed! Bernie’s been in polical office much longer than Hillary has! Since 1980s!!! LOL. Yeah, ok.

(How ’bout this?…F)

Prediction: Bernie folds after Hillary wins the SEC primary. New Hampshire is the last state he will win.

Ack! Fredster, somebody, HELP! I tried to post an animated gif, but I failed miserably. It was the Jennifer Lawrence “Yeah, ok” gif. 😦

MB: I tend to agree with you. Some of these differences in the polls are extremely wide in the later states and I don’t see the makeup of the electorate as anything remotely friendly to Sanders. Of course if you keep mentioning “free” stuff who knows. 😉

MadamaB! From your mouth to God’s ears.

SM, I was trying to figure out what it was. Gimme a few minutes and I’ll see what I can do.

is anyone watching Van Jones bloviate on CNN?

Thank you Fredster!! This gif personifies my feeling the bern and all the BS…oh wait, those are also his initials.

@44: No problem. 🙂

Hillary’s giving a great speech right now. Yeah she conceded but she’s going beyond that.

I am watching Hillary give a barn burner of a concession speech on CNN. They aren’t even commenting or cutting away. It’s amazing.

{Waving at everyone}

@MB Hallooooo!!!

I just saw the speech, and this one goes out to the Hillary Haters:

GAgal, I saw something about that! 😯

Oh, that speech was fantabulous!

Full speech here, my other link cut out 1/2 way:

SM, that comment at 57 got hung up for some reason.

I learned something new today. Growing up on a farm, I always thought hogs were pigs once they reached a certain weight. It turns out that all hogs are pigs, but not all pigs are hogs. I’ve failed as a country girl.

Fredster at #60, you are dead on, all over from NPR to the intertubes, just kept reading how there were N.H. voters over and over again explaining how they were between Donald and Bernie…I mean WTF? Is it the NYC accent thing that gets them going?

@59, don’t feel bad GAgal. Even though I spent a lot of time on ranches as a kid, I never saw a chicken until I was 18. And it was in NY, btw.

@60, I LOVE IT! I literally screamed with laughter. Must go find that on twitter.

@61 SM they have convinced themselves that Bernie is an “outsider” like Donald and hates the government who has supplied his paycheck for his whole career.

Saying goodnight and HELLO to South Carolina, this is to my WS family. One of my favorite movie music moments:

Democrats are gonna come home, at least the REAL ONES.

GAgal, the Bernie has been a politician longer than Hillary!!! HELLO???

Seriously? Between Trumped and Berned? I mean, *really*? 😯

What they do have in common (aside from some anatomy) is a “Burn, baby, burn” platform.

Can’t you just see the reaction if Hillary could dump all her scruples and went after that market? It’d look like an apocalypse film with millions running for their lives. :mega eye roll here!:

g’nite SM! Glad you came by and it’s great to have you here!

annie, just click on the picture and I think it takes you to twitter.

Awright. The use of a certain word in here is just generic, okay?? But for all the Bernie folks.

This morning on CNN a pundit was on a shuttle bus from whatever college taking the students to their polling place. He asked a girl “So who are you voting for” she said “Bernie Sanders”. He said “why Bernie?”. She said “”Cause free college sounds awesome”.

Now, if had been me, I would have said – but you’re already in college, so how is that going to help you? I guess they think Bernie’s gonna pay their parents back…or something.

@70 You know who can say “bitch” and it’s spot on? All women of color and gay men. Coincidentally, they’re both the most fun to be around. In my experience.

Is that Whoopie Goldberg?

@71: Ya know…I just wish that once one of these pundits would ask “So how do you think this is going to be paid for?”.

@GAgal, well I fall into one of those categories…just sayin’. And yes that’s Miz Whoppie from The Color Purple.

@75 Fredster OMG! You’re a black woman? Well, I’ll be damned…(hee-hee)

Yes, that’s me!!

Yesterday I said remember the name Annie Karni from Politco. On memorandum she has an article now (didn’t click) titled “Clinton Allies Grapple with Crushing Loss” Good grief. I guess she hasn’t been paying attention.

Same thing with Amy Chozick (another woman on my list) from NYT – “Hillary Clinton Backer Urges Pulling Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright From Campaigning”. Albright’s problem was the timing, not her often repeated line. And who knew appearing on the Bill Maher show was part of Hillary’s campaign? Did not know that.

@GAgal: That headline from Karni reminds me of something from The Enquirer. Pathetic.

Widdershins were on fire tonight! I was downstairs in the hotel restaurant and Bernie’s speech came on. This group of guys came in and one of them said, “This is probably the biggest day he’ll ever have. Good for him – no way he’ll go the distance though.”

I’m in Texas, btw. 😀

Too tired to blog more. Hugs and smooches to you all!! Fredster, thanks for the QE wave. 🙂

@71, LOL!
@78, Politico has been vicious lately.

Okay, I’m gonna watch my fave trash show, the Beverly Hills Housewives. 😆

MB: We were happy to provide that for you! LOL!!

Here’s something to watch. As of right now, when I’m linking, the delegate count in NH is: Hillary 15, Sanders 13 with 28 of 32 delegates accounted for. Four more to report.

@85: How odd that they display that info only in terms of Sanders.

Sanders wins
Sanders leads
Sanders loses

Fredster yeah, I noticed that, but they also did it with Trump so I assume it’s only the front runners.

Okay people, spread this far and wide FAST and sign the petition. Bernie needs to OWN his feminist, pro-choice credentials. As if.

Here’s naral’s website.

@87 & 88: Thanks for that GAgal.

From Andy Borowitz at The New Yorker:

Carly Fiorina Cheers Self Up By Firing Campaign Staff

“Every failure is an opportunity, and in this case I had an opportunity to give some people the axe,” the former business executive said.

@90: Splutter!!

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