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Activist Monday: Trying To Get Bernie’s Point

Posted on: February 8, 2016

Good Monday, all! It’s the day before the New Hampshire primary, and we know it’s not likely to be a happy day for fans of Hillary. Still, according to 538, if she loses, it might not be as bad as we think.

…Clinton might be more credible in claiming a moral victory if she were to lose by a margin in the single digits. Her husband, Bill Clinton, declared himself “the comeback kid” in 1992 after losing the New Hampshire primary to Tsongas by 8 percentage points. And the media bought it because Bill Clinton outperformed expectations; charges of marital infidelity in the lead up to the primary had caused Clinton’s poll numbers to tumble.

So a lot will come down to how the press interprets the margin in New Hampshire. Sanders needs to come out of the Granite State with some serious momentum. He has an incentive to run up the score.

I suppose we will see whether Hillary’s support there is stronger than it appears to be. It certainly was in 2008, when she pulled out a surprise victory against Barack Obama even after a devastating loss in Iowa.  However, Obama was from Illinois, not Vermont, as Sanders is.

And speaking of Sanders…I’ve heard some people say that hey, he’s made his point, but now maybe it’s time for him to step down. But frankly, I’m not sure what his point actually is. Is it just me?

Here are a few things that make me feel his quest is more about self-aggrandizement and enrichment than revolution.

  1. Bernie’s running as a Democrat. This is a huge red flag. Bernie isn’t a Democrat, and never has been. Why is he choosing to run for President, masquerading as something he isn’t? Isn’t that rather, oh I don’t know, lacking in integrity? He could have gone the third-party route and run as an Independent, which he actually is. But then, whatever high moral message he professed to be spreading would have reached fewer people – including the whiny brogressives who, disappointed in their former idol’s feet of clay, are looking for a new bright shiny object to worship. Isn’t it nice to have access to all those Hillary Haters who could not possibly lower themselves to vote for Our Girl? Isn’t it nice to have access to ALLLLLL their money? Isn’t it nice to let them swarm the Internet like the poisonous insects they are, stinging and biting at all those who dare support the warmongering criminal Clinton over their sainted Bern Bern?Imagine Bernie’s campaign without all of these boosters helping him to gain some legitimacy as a potential Democratic candidate. He would be an annoying gadfly, a spoiler – but not the big deal he is now. Is this really a coincidence, folks?
  2. What actually is his message? I’m pure and good, everyone else is bad and indebted to Wall Street? Follow me and the billionaires will lose? Okay, I’ll bite. What are his plans to do crash the oligarchs’ party? Yelling and pounding your fist doesn’t exactly intimidate these people, and frankly, they don’t care how much you post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.And, if Bernie’s not indebted to billionaires and Wall Street, then why isn’t he taking public financing? I don’t believe that “small donors” BS any more than I believed it when Barack Obama said it – and turned out, he was lying. Just sayin’ that I’ll bet there are more than a few bundlers (Republican ones) in that woodpile than Bernie would admit.
  3. What are the ethical standards that would satisfy The Great Sanders? This bar seems to be changing all the time. All of a sudden, it is not okay that Hillary took large speaking fees? Why not? Was any other Presidential candidate subjected to this type of purity test? (Uh, no.) There is nothing more American than making money, and yes, Hillary’s made a lot of it. I fail to see what on earth the fuss is all about, and Kathleen Parker feels the same way.This latest tempest in a teapot makes me wonder if Bernie is not just a socialist, but a communist, favoring an income limitation on all Americans. I actually wouldn’t mind some income redistribution myself, but till the day that ALL Americans are held to this standard, it’s absurd to claim Hillary should be the only one to adhere to it.  Gee Bernie, what’s in YOUR wallet?

I hope you have found these ruminations entertaining and/or distracting, as we bite our nails through the second Democratic votefest this year. I personally am hoping that Hillary gets a lot closer than the polls indicate, as she did in 2008. You never know, my friends!

This is an open thread.


41 Responses to "Activist Monday: Trying To Get Bernie’s Point"

I’ve heard that 16% of Democratic voters in New Hampshire are undecided even today. The latest polls show the swing between 10 and 14 points, soooooo….go Hillary!!!

ALl true, but the media would not buy a Hillary moral victory if she were to lose by 0.5%. It would still be an overwhelming crushing victory for Bernie.

Mmmm, I dunno, Chat. I think the media is getting a bit alarmed that Bernie has even gotten this far. He is a Socialist, after all. They want to keep their fat paychecks. 🙂

So a lot will come down to how the press interprets the margin in New Hampshire.

And as they say, that’s the money shot. It will be how the press decides to spin it. If Hillary should come within two percentage points of Sanders they’ll say she didn’t do enough and everyone knew she was going to lose in N.H. Nevermind that she’s been behind by double digits previously. If she were to get a win, the yakking heads will say that she didn’t do enough to get a decisive win. And that’s especially true for the MSNBC gang.

@3: Then why the cheerleading?

Kick ass post, MB! You brought out some points I hadn’t thought of, like if he had run 3rd, he wouldn’t have had nearly the same coverage. I haven’t heard of any of the 3rd party people. I wonder if the dems let him run on their platform if he agreed to not run as a 3rd party after the convention. But yes, where are his idealistic principles now that he’s running as a democrat, and the same principle applies to his nasty followers. Hillary’s establishment because she’s a dem and old and white, but Bernie, who is also old and white and ostensibly a dem, is not? How does that work?

Also hoping Hillary can narrow the loss tomorrow.

Is that cute little critter a kitten? Where’s its body? It reminds me of these goofy toys we had when we were kids, a ball of fluff with two roll-y eyes glued on.

@6, very cool. I hope she’s successful.

In line with the typical msm Hillary smearing, they (Politico) are now saying that Hillary is looking to “shake up her campaign staff” based on conversations with “anonymous” people. They are trying to make her look desperate and losing. I have had it with Politico. Am completely done with them. And now Hillary has to take time from her busy day to refute this craven bullshit:

ps: Uppity taught me how to link yesterday!!!

@11, that article is stunning. And scary. What were the dems thinking when they let this con man attach himself to the party?

Thanks, Annie!!

I don’t think anyone is cheerleading for Bernie (unless you watch MSNBC, which has been off my list since Olbermann showed his sexist colors in 2008). The regular media has started to turn against him. (New York Times, WaPo). Not.that they love Hillary -they never will – but they certainly don’t want a cranky old Socialist in charge of the country.

GAGal, that post by the young feminist that you linked to yesterday was completely awe-inspiring. Yes, we knew that brogressives didn’t care about women in 2008..but it is hard to admit the full terrible extent of their sexism. I applaud her for being one of the many to “stop smiling.”

@8: That cute little critter is a persian.
@13: Politico, even Salon are now cheerleading.

Great article, GAGal! Of course the Democratic Party hasn’t thought of what Bernie would do to the Party as its nominee, because it will never happen. And Bloomberg running? Oh my gosh. Is he courting the short, whiny billionaire vote? Seems like a dubious electoral strategy.

@13, MB, I am slowly seeing some of the liberal msm publishing some pro Hillary pieces, and questioning Bernie (see Atlantic piece linked above), but msnbc, as you pointed out (I don’t watch them either–since Dobermann), and other liberal outlets, especially here online are still bashing her. For two reasons I think: a) CDS and b) they up their viewership by making a horserace out of it (like Politico, saying Hillary was going to change staff). The right wing media is slavering to have Bernie win, which we all know, the Atlantic piece spells it out nicely. I think the liberal media will eventually slow down on their Clinton attacks, cuz I doubt if they really want to see the rethug machine crush Bernie in the general…I just hope its not too late.

MB, am glad to see your positive spirit! I used to have it, its just taken a bit of a beating lately.

My sister has a Persian. Its gorgeous, but mean.
chat, were you serious when you said the woman coach was “The Dark Times”? I thought you were joking.

Hmmmm…not.seeing Politico cheerleading. The front page has articles about Hillary’s alleged campaign shakeup, two positive Bernie headlines and two negative ones. I guess when I think of cheerleading, I think the press treated Obama. It’s definitely not uniformly positive for Bernie.

Don’t worry, Annie. There has literally been one caucus. Once Nevada and South Carolina go for Hillary, the momentum will swing her way. Besides, the Party will not nominate Sanders. They wouldn’t even go for Biden – and he actually IS a Democrat – because Hillary has done so much more for the Party.

Politco has been wrong so many times with their “anonymous” and “insiders” reporting, I can’t believe any other reputable news source would pick up their stories. But let’s remember her name, Annie Karni. I believe she has done this before with Hillary.

I remember calling Politico “Drudgico” back in 2007-2008. 🙂

Kathleen Wiley and Roger Stone – Kathleen was the woman who accused Bill Clinton of groping her in 1993. She has been hired by Roger Stone to be a spokesperson for his PAC to campaign against Hillary. I’ve read a lot about Stone. I’ll come back with a link about him.

Roger Stone is the ultimate right wing rat-fvcker. Evil person. I bet he’s paying off Wiley and the other women. Faux is despicable to air this bs.

Robert Morrow was co-author of the book The Clinton’s War on Women with Roger Stone. If you can manage to scroll thru his disgusting bile, there’s more on Stone here. Like I said Kathleen, be careful of the company you keep.

Looks like its Ladie’s Night here!

@19: Annie, The Dark Times” means there is no football. I’m pleased about the coach. Miami Jackson is in a tough neighborhood, but Bernice can do it, especially with Luther Campbell (of 2 Live Crew fame) as her coordinator. A lot of great players come out of Jackson.

@29, ahhh! Yeah, I should have remembered “Dark Times” means no football!

@30 – Chat always gets a bit sad after the Super Bowl. That’s why I provided her with that adorable little kitten up top.

Ah, Roger Stone. This guy is KKKarl Rove’s shadow twin. No one’s heard of him, but he’s just as evil and dedicated to bringing down Democrats.

The Blue Nation Review link on the sidebar has a few new items if you haven’t checked lately. Here’s one:

I was just reading the Newsweek article when you posted. I wish someone would ask these Republican candidates who kept talking about emails why they’re so quiet now. I just want to see them stumble and sputter through that. I doubt the media will ask since they have so much egg on their own faces.

This whole email crap started with Trey Gowdy leaking info to (I think) WaPo. Also, Judicial Watch filed tons of FOIA requests. How long has that been? Judicial Watch was another group that was formed in the 90’s specifically to bring down the Clintons. Now I have to look for more info.

Bernie’s people don’t know how Hillary is “cozy” with Wall Street, but they just think she is anyway.

My feeling is that at this point, the Sanders campaign is nothing but a 🐘 🐀🔩 with some innocents still trapped in there. Mr “money out of politics” is outspending her 4:1 in NH ( and 2:1 in Iowa). I guess revolution ain’t what it used to be. His entire message (that I did liked) is becoming a joke because of this

NYS, I’m glad to hear he’s outspending her 4:1 in NH. Strategically, that’s a bust for him. Hillary’s in it for the long run, so I would think she has spent a lot of money setting up for NV and SC and beyond – and he has no clue. His $27 donors (ha!) will have to step up their game! By the way, I love your Republican rat wrench emojis. At least I think it’s a wrench!

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