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Lazy Weekend: Best All-time Superbowl Commercials

Posted on: February 6, 2016

Good Saturday, Widdershins.  Welcome to twilight.  Tomorrow is Superbowl 50, and then The Dark Times will fall for the next six months.   Some of us are serious fans of the sport, others not so much.  As I’m sure you know, I thoroughly enjoy football, and will happily watch a game between just about any two teams.  I don’t have a great attachment to either team, so I’ll go with my back-up team picking plan, which is by the number of alumni from my school on each team.  Yep, it’s the “number of ‘Dawgs in the fight”criteria, so Carolina (3 Bulldogs) beats Denver (1 Bulldog), paws down.  I kind of hate it, as I am not a fan of Cam Newton – he was famous for less than adherence to the rules while in college , but it is what it is, so go, Panthers.  Woof!

One thing that we can all agree upon is that the commercials are fabulous.  I actually know people who watch the game for the commercials.  So list your faves below, along with anything else that’s on your mind.  It’s been a tense week and we deserve a little R and R.

This is an open thread.

(1) Mean Joe Green (Coca-Cola), 1979

(2) The Force  (Volkswagon), 2011

(3) Out the Wazoo (E*Trade), 2000

(4) Terry Tate, Office Linebacker (Reebok), 2003

(5) Lost Dog (Budweiser), 2015


72 Responses to "Lazy Weekend: Best All-time Superbowl Commercials"

The Budweiser ones always get me.

They never disappoint, and have been known to be better than the game itself.

Hello Chatblu :), Sophie CT and all the WS family. You want good news? GOT SOME!!

Some of the black women leaders who endorsed Clinton include, actress Angela Bassett; Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner, who was killed by police in New York; actress Vivica Fox; Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman in Florida; Alexis Herman, former Secretary of Labor; Alice Huffman, an NAACP board member; Shonda Rhimes, Executive Producer of the hit television show “Scandal”; actress Holly Robinson-Peete; and Democrats Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington D.C.; Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas; Rep. Maxine Waters of California; and Rep. Donna Edwards of Maryland.”

OK, some more light in the BernieBro madness, and Gloria Steinem explained why young women are “so-called” supporting Bernie Sanders:

“Women are more for [Hillary Clinton] than men are…First of all, women get more radical as we get older, because we experience…Not to over-generalize, but…Men tend to get more conservative because they gain power as they age, women get more radical because they lose power as they age.

And, when you’re young, you’re thinking, where are the boys? The boys are with Bernie…”

@4: So this is it?

Chatblu: LMAO! Basically!

This is a must read article. Another BANG-ZIP-YOW-BOOM moment, from Vermont former Vermont governor, Madeleine May Kunin. After reading it, doesn’t this sound too familiar?

Women draw on a different network than men and can share an alternative definition of “qualified.” Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff, according to Fast Company, is over 50 percent female. Sanders’ campaign began with a a predominantly male inner circle and continues to face accusation of keeping women out of the top ranks.

When Sanders was my opponent he focused like a laser beam on “class analysis,” in which “women’s issues” were essentially a distraction from more important issues. He urged voters not to vote for me just because I was a woman. That would be a “sexist position,” he declared.

@7: Great article – that’s quite a find.

Meryl Streep tribute from 2012

When GAgal asked that question in the earlier post, I was thinking “they’re just young and clueless and want to be cool.” But it seemed to need to be better articulated to be worth writing down. Now Steinem has said it better and more clearly than I ever could.

She’s hit it exactly.

If I was confronted with one of those entitled little whatnots, I’d probably say something like, “It’s nice to feel so safe you don’t have to fight for yourself. I hope it lasts for you.”

How is stereotyping young women going to get them to the polls in support of Hillary in the primaries or the general election?

Hi Widdershins. My Charter internet is fubar’d once again so I’m tethered to my cell phone. Can’t stay but wanted to check in.

@11: I am referring to Gloria Steinem’s statement in her interview with Bill Maher. Steinem is supporting Hillary, isn’t she?

Another thing Steinem said – gratitude doesn’t tend toward radicalization.
That’s what I meant by – they have what was fought for by those before them, so they are complacent. The problem is that those things are being chipped away, so there’s no room for complacency.

That Boston Globe article was great and the comments predictable.

Widdershins, we will break for some words from those other guys, then return to this thread post-debate. I’m going to a Boy Scout Awards program with the grandmonsters, so Prolix and Fredster will be your debate hosts, Until then-

@15: Let’s put it this way: I’m hoping I’ll be here but I’m at the mercy of my wonderful (snort!) internet connection.

Somehow, some way, there’s a bit of Karmic something or other when a runner dies participating in a Krispy Kreme race where at one point he has to wolf down a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. This poor guy expired before he got to the donut shop.

The debate tonight was interesting y’all. Rubio basically shot himself in the head live on tv.

He shot himself not once, but 4 times right between the eyes with the worst confirmation possible of the biggest criticism of him.

@20: I don’t foresee any repeats of his Iowa speech, that’s for sure.

Barney Rubio’s highlights during tonight’s debate:

@22: LOL! That was about right. I have to admit though, it was wondrous to watch as he kept repeating the same lines, time…after time…after time.

One of the better comments I’ve seen about tonight’s debate:

the atomic bomb references aside – it seems the debate came down to Fat Man vs. Little Boy.

This is where the software glitch happens, then happens again, and again, and again, and again. This will get so much air play over the next two days. This is on par with Lloyd Bentson saying to Dan Quayle, “I knew Jack Kennedy…”

If they throw Marco a retirement party, this will be engraved on the plaque.

Oh wow! Already on youtube. I honestly don’t know how he explains this.

The GOPe wanted Bush’s Right to Rise Super-Pac to stop the hurt on Rubio. I doubt that is going to happen.

Oh annie, you missed it tonight! This one was a doozie.

Good grief, who do you think they’ll end up with? So many choices…all of them horrendous.

That youtube is devasting.

oops. bad spelling.

@28: After tonight I’m willing to bet some of those folks listed in that piece are going to have a change of heart.

Annie, you missed the best part. Ben Carson wouldn’t go on stage. The stage hands kept motioning for him to go on. Donald Trump then didn’t want to let him be the last on stage and then he decided not to go on stage. It was a huge FUBAR.

I’ll look and see if I can find the youtube.

No biggie about the spelling. I do it all the time.

That’s a very good question you ask. I think the fact this happened on a Saturday night will give all of them a chance to start discussing alternatives if they wish to.

You can’t make this stuff up. Given that this is a Super Bowl post, this moment belongs in the Super Bowl of all time debate screw-ups.

It starts at about 25 seconds in:

From Politico:

Christie led the charge on stage, and rival campaigns joined in, gleefully tweeted out a new “Marco Rubio Glitch” Twitter account that captured the robotic repeats and gained more than 1,000 followers quickly after the debate wrapped up.

That’s what happens when you don’t properly hydrate your bot.

@36: Oh that’s hysterical! And these are the guys that want to be the leader of the free world? o_O

@36, wow! Carson and Trump looked like idiots. And it looked like they forgot about Kasich, which actually seems kind of par for the course. What was Carson doing, I wonder?

@3, fantastic! Thanks sm!

I saw Gloria last night, and I don’t really agree that the young women for Bernie are there for “the boys,” but I think it’s more that its gone around the youngun’s that Bernie is cool and Hillary is not. I certainly don’t think they’ve researched Hillary’s accomplishments and Bernie’s lack thereof.

Gloria has said stuff I haven’t agreed with in past years, but she’s truly a feminist trailblazer and she’s 81, and she was on Maher’s show, who is very un-pc, and he gets his guests to say un-pc stuff all the time. I’m cutting her slack, and if the young women bernbots knew anything about her, they would too.

Fredster, enjoyed your links! Am hitting the sack! Catch you tomorrow!

@40, also LOL! Okay, I’m definitely off to bed now!

annie, didn’t mean to leave you here by yourself. I got involved in watching a movie and figured everyone had called it a night. I’m about to do that.

Beata @11. You’re right of course. Stereotyping isn’t going to bring anyone to our side. I’m going to have to remember to be polite in actual conversation!

(But, dammit, Steinem *did* hit it exactly. Doesn’t anybody remember any more what they were like at 20? At least for me, it’s more of a “Oh gawwwd. Yes. Been there. Done that.”)

Here’s a commercial from 2015 that is on point:

Hello football heads! Hope you enjoy the game. America the Beautiful is certainly sounding excellent.

@53, yes, America the Beautiful is my favorite of the “America” songs. I wish it was the national anthem, with its themes of the country’s blessings and brotherhood, as opposed to the Star Spangled Banner, which is about some obscure battle, and horrible to sing. That being said, I think gaga did a good job.

Who is everyone rooting for? We’re rooting for the Broncos.

We’re rooting for Peyton.

I read something earlier that makes some sense of why young women are flocking to Bernie. He has everyone on an “anti-establishment” crusade and has convinced all these young people that Hillary is part of the establishment.

I don’t believe they know much about her either and are listening to rw criticisms from the left. It’s frustrating that they won’t do their own research. It’s all there at their fingertips if they really want to know.

One other thing I remember clearly from 2008 was young women saying their relationships were broken off because they supported Hillary instead of Obama. So there is that, too.

@54 and 55: OMAHA!! 🙂

@56, yes! I remember I wanted to be “anti-establishment” when I was young too. However, I was also a feminist and would have been insanely happy to have a woman president. As you said, it’s frustrating they won’t take the time to go to Hillary’s site and do other research.

@58, I had to ask hubs and laker what that meant!!! Good one, Fredster!

@60: For the rest of his days, I’m willing to bet that when people see Peyton they’re gonna scream “Omaha!”. 😉

I’m sorry I missed this on CNN. Bernie calls out his Bros.

@62: Yeah, uh-huh. Like Ted Cruz scolded his workers in Iowa over the misleading phone messages that Carson had dropped out of the race. Uh-huh, right Bernie.

Ouuuu…the Panthers got a doink on that f.g. attempt. 🙂

I see Hillary went to Flint and Bernie went to SNL. Well…

This is good. In the article, Cruz’s former dorm roommate (who’s been doing a lot of tweeting) says ‘Getting emails blaming me for not suffocating Cruz in his sleep in 1988.


Wow! There may be some young women out there that need to read this.

Great Prius commercial:

@67: Amazing article.

@67, GAgal, thanks for posting that. I wouldn’t have read it otherwise. I made it all the way to the end of the article and agreed with Sady 100% on all her points. Perhaps it is just my optimistic nature, but I think there are more men than she thinks who agree with her. Or, at least I hope so.

Peyton got his fairy tale ending, which is nice. I do hope he retires now and doesn’t wreck it like Favre. My late step-son loved Peyton, he was his favorite player, so we are extra glad because of that. Sounds goofy, I know. Laker has all of his brothers Peyton trading card from when he was a Colt. Have they gone anywhere since they let him get away?

@71: have the Colts gone anywhere? Just back and forth to the Lucas Oil Stadium. 😉

I’m happy for Peyton too. He got that fairy tale ending yes, but he made an extra $2 million for making/winning the playoffs and another 2 mill for winning the Super Bowl. That’s a lot of incentive. 😉

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