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It’s Saturday night, bring on the debate…

Posted on: February 6, 2016

Circular Firing Squad

Tonight — live from New Hampshire — another Republican circular firing squad will be televised.  So if you were wondering, a Quentin Tarantino movie has not broken out.

We are interrupting our regular Chat broadcasting of all-time great Super Bowl ads for a few hours just in case any of the participants might say something noteworthy or Donald Trump discovers something else to insult.  Chat’s post will magically reappear courtesy of the giga-wizards of WordPress after the debate.

ABC DebateThe debate will be aired on ABC, starting at 8 p.m. and will be moderated by David Muir, the anchor of  “World News Tonight” and Martha Raddatz, co-achor of “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.” Joining them will be  WMUR political director Josh McElveen and conservative journalist Mary Katharine Ham.

Get the popcorn and make your bet on whose family will be bummed-out come Wednesday morning because daddy is coming home.



113 Responses to "It’s Saturday night, bring on the debate…"

I can’t wait for the moment Carson goes off topic and attempts to publicly shame Ted Cruz. Of course this won’t work because Cruz has no shame.

Oh my. I see Bill Kristol sitting there among the talking heads. *That* should be interesting.

This should be fun. The rules are if a candidate mentions another candidates name, the named candidate gets 30 seconds to respond. I can see that going on for days with the back and forth.

Christie going after Rubio should be fun. I hope Marco brought his big boy boots.

I’ve heard a rumor that Babs will be standing in for Jebra tonight. Even at 90, she can destroy all the other candidates with a disapproving look. Watch as she sends them to bed without their supper.

Oh boy, here we go with the Carson/Cruz stuff. It ought to be good.

Even when Cruz is trying to play nice, he is auditioning for a remake of “The Omen”.

Carson played nice-nice and Cruz was, as you said Beata, just Damien.

And see? Carson played that “mention my name” thing well. 😉

I think Carson just said something about Santa being real. Great hands though.

Rubio: The stimulus was a bad “Obama” idea? Really?

Christie gave Rubio a bad grade for attendance in the Senate.

Carson used to sell Tiffany engagement ring ads — marry these great hands.

Rubio’s lips are quivering as Christie goes after him. Is it fear or dehydration?

It is so creepy when Christie turns his big old mullet head and stares at me.

Christie is now running for VP.

Oh I like this between Rubio and christie. (I’m not capitalizing anymore).

Just remember chris: rubio has great boots!

OH gawd, muir just had to mention bush’s name just so he could get a chance to speak.

Poor sweet Jebra finally gets to talk. Says he has steady hands.

beata@12: it’s those hot lights and probably the heels on his boots are too high so he’s getting dizzy.

Is this a debate or a weather report — hurricanes and snow storms.

Nobody likes Wuss-in-Boots. He’s going to have a bad night.

Hope someone factchecks cruz’s statement on clinton 1st term, n. korea. Just because he lies so much.

Cruz is rubbing his legs together chirping lies. The man looks like what a hydrophobic cricket might look like.

Oh gawd here we go with the emp again. shades of ben carson.

Cruz just EMP-splained again. It’s not a real thing except in the movies.

Wuss-in-Boots is mewling about something — sounds like he wanted to say to make him seems relatively plugged in. He missed.

we’re gonna preemptively shoot down a missile? we don’t have a good track record with that.

kasich, now we’re gonna let the japanese shoot down a missile? who knew?

These amnesiacs are forgetting it was Dubya who allowed North Korea get the weapon.

Oh, Jebra said asymmetric.

Wally Rubio understands the questions but gives rehearsed unrelated answers anyway. Because good hair.

That “I got mentioned” thing is gonna be hilarious.

Now Trump wants North Korea to nuke China.

W-i-B — we betrayed Israel — a message brought to you by shameless pandering to Sheldon Adelson.

@30: That could solve so many things.

Christie: Just how many lapel pins are too much — a GQ article in the making.

@30: That’s Trump’s new trade policy with China.

@33: I was wondering about that. Is he auditioning to be a waitperson at Applebees?

Kasich just sealed his fate — talking sense-ably never works with this crowd of pitchfork chuckers.

Cruz: We’re gonna triple this and quadruple that and double this other thing – screw the budget.

Cruz: I will hurt as many people as humanly possible for 8 whole years.

@33: “Honey, do these lapel pins make my ass look smaller?”


2 rubio: did you run from your immigration bill? rubio – Yes, like a bat outta hell.

Rubio: “I don’t care what you’re asking. This is my bought and paid-for scripted answer.”

W-i-B is going to start stinking from stress sweat.

Donald: healthcare savings accounts only work if you have the m-o-n-e-y to put in them.

Does Trump think the year is 1350 with the Black Plague?

buy healthcare across state lines. that involves insurance companies. how is that better?

Cruz: We will repeal every word of Obamacare, in fact, we will abolish the right to say health or care in the same sentence.

Trump is looking like a failed pancake that had to be thrown out.

Dr. Ben: the health insurance companies are already telling customers if you don’t like it that’s tough.

rubio just looked *up* at Yeb! and decided he needed higher boot heels.

Trump not feeling the love tonight.

Quiet Jebra — I have to insult the entire audience.

I am smelling W-i-B’s stress sweat.

Trump: Elderly women are such losers. Who wants to have to look at them?

Chris Christie should have called Belfor after Sandy.

ABC commentator at halftime: I’ve never seen Christie come at Rubio so strong and I’ve never seen Rubio so rattled. He repeated himself three times.

David Muir is a handy pocket-sized news anchor who can be Federal Expressed anywhere in the world on a day’s notice.

I don’t believe all of those guys got back in time from the break.

Kasich going for the GOP compassionate vote. Good luck with that.

@57: I heard it but was fixing a cup of tea.

@58: He *is* quick to go in a moment’s notice.

@60: Splutter! Yeah, tell that to the teachers in Ohio.

Who in his right mind ever thought Wally Rubio was a great communicator?

Kasich and Christie need to get a room — with a California King Bed of course.

Christie and Kasich having a Goveromance.

There has been a software glitch in Rubio’s programming.

@66: I just heard him say “Danger, danger, Will Robinson!”

@67: Then smoke came out of his head and he completely broke down. He will need to be completely rebuilt in Vegas before the next debate.

Rubio is “Lost in Face” — the guy really doesn’t have anything but memorized lines.

So far, not a one of these bloodthirsty panderers have said anything but kill civilians.

Jebra learned the lesson of indiscriminate bombing not solving anything during last Thanksgiving when his brother told him.

Carson: I win because I said Libya first which means I said it before anyone else said it and being that person, I’m pronouncing Libya right.

Republicans believe in torture by having these debates.

Cruz: If real life was written like an episode of 24, I’d follow the plot line and hurt people because Republican voters like hurting people.

Rubio has one line: Obama is bad. He’s da debil.


Trump wants to make out with Congress.

This bs about the 10th Amendment is exactly how the 2nd Amendment crap started. The 10th Amendment had no purpose other than a sop to the anti-federalists.

I can’t and won’t even comment on Kasich’s babbling about vouchers to the states or whatever and then cheered on by Yeb!. We *know* how well that works.

Kasich neutralizes Jebra by performing better in the establishment candidate role.

I got news 4 ya ted. you get elected and we’ll all have drug and alcohol problems.

Cruz will do anything — telling that story is shameless pandering. He will say or do anything. He has no conscience.

What’s that other pin chrsite has on? Is it a fickle finger of fate or something?

@81: LOL!!!

I’ll be back in just a few. Gonna go pick up something I ordered for dinner.

@83, it is a New Jersey prostate probe for the sphincterly challenged.

Carson: “Benghazi. Poverbs. Word salad.”

One-half of the commercials during that break were from the Petroleum Council.

My G-d. Is there another hour of this drek? I can’t take it anymore.

The Zika virus is horrible, just look what it has done to these candidates!

I need a drink of fresh air. I’ll be back later if I still have my thumbs.

Christie: Our young women should aspire to do anything they want, er…other than having access to Planned Parenthood.

@92: or have an abortion.

@89: where are those meds beata?

That guy Josh Mcgriddle or whatever used to be a local reporter in nola.

@Yeb! on pro life: where you had to name the baby daddy to get benefits and to publicly shame yourself.

If I hated where I lived as much as Christie hates NJ, I’d call Two Men and a Truck and pedal my way somewhere else.

Who’s going to win the Super Bowl?

Jebra: Since I don’t know any black people, Peyton Manning.

@98: christie would hate anywhere he lives because…he’d be there.

I think Kasich has been drinking during these breaks.

Peyton’s for yeb! ? No more papa johns for me.

Christie has New Hampshire pin electile dysfunction. It’s drooping just like his lapband.

kasich: I’ve held 100 town hall meetings cuz i have nothing better to do.

Wuss in Boots wants his children to walk in his boot steps especially the girls since they wear heels.

@105: Hee-hee!!

Oh boy! Now the post-game analysis. 🙄

Whatever bill kristol sez, it’s the opposite of what’s correct.

Bill Kristol is a prime example of the claims against genetic science.

saw the shot of ted cruz leaning over to talk to the audience. thought he was gonna eat their faces off.

Happy 99th Birthday Zsa Zsa Gabor!

@111: She’s still around? Wow!!

Okay folks, from your friends here in Widdershin World, we would like to thank you for visiting with us this evening, but now we return you to our normal programming.

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