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Doesn’t revolution mean spinning?

Posted on: February 5, 2016


Blood, Sweat & Tears released Spinning Wheel in 1969.  Bernie Sanders climbed up on his painted pony last night and reprised the hit in a stunning redux of BS sans the T.

Have you seen Bernie?

Have you seen Bernie?

Bernie forgets that “revolution” also means spinning round and round in circles.  If, like BS&T, you have the benefit of proper psychedelic assistance, spinning becomes a beautiful thing.  In politics it’s not.

Radical revolution means tipping off your axis – creating havoc, losing your way, falling out of sync with your orbit.  With a well-meaning heart and eyes fully scrunched shut as he dreams of another day, radical spinning seems to be Bernie’s goal.

Bernie’s curmudgeonly naiveté seems hell-bent on destroying the Democratic Party for a generation, but why should he care – he only signed up three minutes ago.  After more than 20 campaigns where he deigned the Democrat label as somehow impugning his credibility, Bernie searched his soul, screwed up his courage, and bravely checked boxes on forms at the Federal Election Commission.  Voila he’s a Democrat.

This conjures several observations:

(1) Is Bernie a progressive or just a pragmatist borrowing a label for the sake of expediency?

(2) Could the pragmatism of checking the “Democrat boxes” on the F.E.C. forms have something to do with access to the DNC voter and contributor rolls for fundraising?

(3) Bernie Sanders’ behavior in demanding debates, their locations, and criticizing the DNC is like inviting a guest to dinner and having that guest criticize the timing, the food, and the place setting?  That is not a guest – that is the dinner party scene from Beetlejuice with someone who is possessed by something other than clear-headed thinking.

Funny, he looked like Larry David...

Funny, he looked like Larry David…

When it comes to the banking fubar, here are a few thoughts.  Bernie’s banking proposal is 4 pages long – a whole three pages more than one page.  Those four pages represent little more than a call for the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall.  Great – that’s something anyone who has read a newspaper in the last seven years can smugly proclaim at a dinner party.

Would Glass-Steagall have stopped the 2008 crash?  No, not in the least.

Without going into detail, the 2008 crash was occasioned by the shadow banks – the money-market funds, hedge funds, private equity funds, and broker-dealers – that are one self-fulfilling panic away from causing another run on the banks.  Bernie’s call for the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall has not a thing to do with shadow banking.  Hillary’s plan, as endorsed by Paul Krugman and other reform-minded economists, does – it reins them in.

A few thoughts tangentially related to the banks regarding speaking fees.  First, hundreds of thousands of dollars for a speech is hard to fathom for those of us who regularly go “change diving” in our sofa cushions.  Second, the egos of Wall Street CEOs, which happen to be slightly larger than Montana, require an ever-escalating competition with one another to land the biggest talking fish for paid speeches.  Don’t ask me why, but it is a weird zipper-less competition of my “speaker” is bigger than yours.

Why is the competition so fierce?  Because the competition doesn’t cost them a thing courtesy of tax loopholes allowing them to deduct every last cent of the fees.Greenspan

And one more thing I want to make crystalline:  I don’t care if I ever again hear Mrs. Alan Greenspan feign breathless, stunned stupefaction about speaking fees.  Someone, I don’t know who it will be, needs to call Andrea Mitchell out on the fact her husband has wallowed at the trough of speaking fees, even grunting and snorting for the shadow bank precipitating the 2008 crash:

Alan Greenspan, $250,000 per speech: Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan has been able to bring in the bucks since retiring through giving speeches. Only a week after his retirement, Greenspan spoke at a Lehman Brothers dinner, earning himself $250,000.

Andrea Mitchell – suck it!  Since you drag Bill into every Hillary story as fair game, take your bileful Clinton hate and go crawl into bed with your quarter-million dollar talking prune who, by the way, repeatedly ignored the ever-increasing signs of the 2008 crash during his tenure.

One last thought about last night:  Bernie and his day-care tenders, a Tad Deviant (Tad Devine) and Jeff Weevil (Jeff Weaver) are strategically betting primary voters won’t care about foreign policy and the role of Commander-in-Chief.  No one knows who, or even if, Bernie has talked to anyone about foreign policy.  Even those who are supposedly Bernie’s advisors don’t know how their names got there.

“Apparently I had a conversation with him last August,” said Tamara Cofman Wittes, a Brookings Institution Middle East scholar, after checking her calendar upon hearing that her name was on a list of people the Sanders campaign said he had consulted in recent months. “My vague recollection is that it was about [the Islamic State] but I don’t really remember any of the details.” Wittes added that she backs Clinton.

“I don’t know how I got on Bernie Sanders’ list,” said Ray Takeyh, an Iran scholar at the Council on Foreign Relations who says he spoke to Sanders once or twice about the Iran nuclear deal at Sanders’ request in mid-2015.

Vampire Squid (1)This is something of which I’m sure – Karl Rove, the Brothers Koch, and dozens of other billionaires funding the Right’s vampire squid of dark-monied creations do care about foreign policy.  Have no doubt; they are paying close attention to this primary.

Last night wasn’t about revolution.  It was about spinning the wheels deeper and deeper into the mud of political gridlock. Bernie’s angry outbursts will feed the dark-monied vampire squid through the fall election.  Be assured, we will hear his outbursts again.  But why would Bernie care – he won’t have to defend against them.  Hillary will.


Have a great Friday.  Feel free to take this conversation in any direction you might deem appropriate.  And if appropriateness doesn’t do it for you, just have fun.



75 Responses to "Doesn’t revolution mean spinning?"

You’re such a great writer, Prolix.

Great – that’s something anyone who has read a newspaper in the last seven years can smugly proclaim at a dinner party.

I love this because this is what I keep telling everyone. What he says I say all the time, and I am just a regular person talking from my couch. What did he DO exactly(beside talking) during all those years in washington to affect change. He continued his cushy job enjoying all the perks while paying lip service to the cause like anyone else. Now he thinks that qualify him to be the commander in chief. The only people who put Hillary down are the ones who have no much stakes in the coming government or any other government. people whose situation will not change if ACA get cancelled, ss get cancelled. they would do well in any situation, so they have the luxury to treat elections as a game, it’s not their life that at stake. Also there is that morbid jealousy.

Hello WS! Hello Prolix and Sweet Sue, here’s a great post-debate rant. Kenneth is “sick and tired of this sh*t,” – please let me warn you that there are grown up words, so listen with headphones or make sure you’re not at place where salty words are not welcome:

48 other states full of African-Americans and Latinos are waiting to vote!

The part 2 is not uploaded yet, but I’ll post later.

Prolix & ownaa – It’s the yoooouge elephant in the Democratic room: Bernie Sanders has never, ever been a Democrat, so why the heck should we vote for him as one? He just joined the party to run this year.

And what a sorry shame that 30 years of being in Washington DC, yet nothing, NOTHING to show for it. What has he accomplished? When has he, in the past 30 years, ever stood with AAs, Hispanic/Latinos and other “minorities,” (I HATE THAT WORD, but he uses it quite often to describe us).

I want to vote for the REAL DEMOCRAT who is a fighter, not the DINO.

Bring it on, Hillary.

This is a great post Prolix but I’ve got to vent first. Watching CNN all morning, they were discussing Bernie’s yoooge lead with young women and actually with women over all. She interviewed young women at a Bernie event and one after the other said it was not important to them to elect a woman this time. No they don’t care because THEY assume THEY will see a woman president in their lifetime.

I can not tell you how pissed I am about this. I remember this crap from 2008 too, but this is worse. It is insulting not just to Hillary, but to me and every other women who marched on Washington and elsewhere, scratching and clawing to get – then keep – women’s rights for these entitled ungrateful sh!ts.

They are willing to take a chance on losing the White House to an effing Republican to appoint a right wing Supreme Court that their idiotic little asses will be suffering under for years to come. A prominent Hillary supporter needs to come out and smack them down LOUD! Maybe Planned Parenthood or anyone as long they get far reaching coverage. How dare they? I hope Bernie is proud of himself.

Thank you and now back to your regularly scheduled program…

What Gg said.

GAgal, my mother longed to see a woman in the White House (specifically, Hillary) in her lifetime and was bitterly disappointed when it became clear that she wouldn’t.
Well, guess what, Jezebels and friends, time is running out for me, too, and I can’t wait for “someday.” Do these airheads think that a Hillary Rodham Clinton grows on trees? She’s a once in a lifetime candidate and we may never see her like again.

Great comments everyone!!

OMG! Jake Tapper on CNN just mentioned “the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits” when talking to women Senators traveling NH for Hillary! They laughed and said “We knew you were going to say that!

Prolix, regarding Mrs. Greenspan…whenever I see her on tv that’s an automatic channel changer for me. She was really odious during the 2008 prez cycle and I vowed then never to watch her again. And on Mr. Greenspan, I do recall reading somewhere that in hindsight he thought that maybe yes he could have done a little more to be on top of the financial disaster that happened. It was words to that effect.

SM, during the debate last night (I watched the repeat of it), Sanders started to go into something on crime and said something along the lines of “too many of the blacks are being incarcerated at a young age”. He corrected himself later and said African-Americans but I’m sure “the blacks” is not going to go over well with people if they caught him using that phrase the way he did.

GAgal@5: I think it was on CNN afterwards, not sure, but they had a writer from Time on the “post-game analysis” of the debate and her thoughts were that younger voters feel that yes, Hillary has a lot of knowledge and experience in many areas, esp. foreign policy, But her opinion was that the younger voters feel that inequality – the 1% versus the rest of us, weighed more heavily with them. So I guess their belief is elect Bernie so we can get that universal health care and free college and that issues with Russia, China, North Korea, the Middle East and the rest can take care of themselves because we have to do the other stuff first. And really, like any of his ideas have a chance of getting passed in this House and this Senate.

I’m telling ‘ya, I was livid. They talked about these girls (yes, girls) through several segments. When one girl said “My feminism is so different than Hillary’s feminism” it just lit me up! I was waiting for Tamron Hall to say something like “How so?” or just any follow up, but noooo. I would really like to know. The nerve of her.

I’ve got news for these women who ALWAYS think we’ve got other things to do first:

Prolix, I don’t know how you come up with such amazing posts, over and over again. I wish it could be on twitter or something. Its way too good to be only seen by our little group, and whatever lurkers come by.

Fredster! You got exactly what I’ve heard! “Minorities,” The Blacks,” and yes, being a person of color and a woman makes me doubly sensitive to discriminatory and derogatory language. He certainly did not mean it that way, but yes, nuance and language, choice of words matter. But since Bernie’s supporter base is mostly under 30, male and white, the trifecta of American Privilege, they’d never hear what I’m hearing.

GaGAl, so very happy that these young foolish supporters are taking their ignorance to live TV. “My feminism is different than Hillary’s feminism.” LMAO.

@13, well, if the little morons get their way and bring down Hillary, they can spend the rest of their lives under a conservative supreme court and watch their rights disappear for a generation or more. Just reading Bernies sexist and insane rants about admiring dictators tell me he is not the person he pretends to be and doesn’t have a shred of character. His so-called “plans,” which are really just ideas (without workable detail) are utterly ridiculous. Sometimes I wish the two extreme ends of our population would just go the hell away and start their own little theocracy, and their own little commie paradise (you really couldn’t call it a “workers paradise” since none of them want to actually work).

SweetSue, my Dad also wanted to see Hillary in the White House. He died in 2010.

There’s a great post up next door at Uppity’s.

Fredster, agree with you–Andrea sickens me.

I’m with socalannie, shine more light on them. I think it makes a great case for how dangerous a Sanders nomination will be for all women, of all ages.

Just wanted to add: Prolix, love the song and visuals you picked. They are post-perfect!

Catch up with you all sometime later tonight.

SM!16: Hey, I was waiting and wondering if he was going to say schvartzes the next time the issue came up. If he had said young black males and incarceration (or whatever) it would have had an entirely different connotation. But yes choices of words do matter and believe me, watching and listening, it certainly caught this older, white male’s attention. If this was a slip (charitably speaking) what does he say when the cameras are not around and he’s not on a stage?

annie said: I wish it could be on twitter or something

Amongst the many hats that he’s worn, Prolix also has a law degree. Find me the attorney who can stay within the twitter limits of 140 characters/letters. 😆

Fredster: EXACTLY! This is what we are hearing. I forgot what political blog I was reading, just a casual glance at an article about the election. I made the mistake and scrolled down to the comments—the BernieBros were arguing with African-American and Latino commenters on why Bernie is the better choice for THEM. Because AAs and H/Ls don’t have a clue, they’ve been too oppressed, too maligned by society to have a cohesive thought about what is good for them. I was livid. And don’t get me started on the “feminist” blogs. UGH.

Ooh, I have a name for it: Bernie-splaing. The explanation by the self-proclaimed “more educated” Bernie supporter on how wrong [people of color, women] are for not supporting Bernie.

@24 Ha Fredster! Good point!

Got an email from Hillary saying Sanders raised $5 million more in January than she did. Plus, the 3 million in the last couple of days. I can’t help her out, but I did send a few emails to people who can. $20.16 if nothing else.

GAgal, I hope and believe Prolix knows I’m teasing with him.

Folks, sorry I’ve been scarce today. I had a couple of appointments and it took the greater part of the day.

Thanks everyone for trudging through my absence of patience with this insanity. I am just fed up with this circus.

Making such a fuss over Bernie in the second and third most liberal states is like going to a three ring circus with world-class acts and everyone is lined up and paying attention to the sideshow of the dog-faced boy — although in this case it is the geriatric Tasmanian Devil geezer.

@1, 5, 15, Sue, GAgal, Annie, thanks so much! I wish I could type in red since it would be the color of my blushing.

@2, Ownaa, you are exactly right. There is not a person on this blog who could not sit down, right now, and write an 8 page position statement on the financial industry that would rival what Bernie has floated. The other thing is the simplicity that he peddles as something insightful, profound, and instinctual — it is pure, unadulterated tripe served with a perforated ladle over a bed of steaming hot, pungent manure.

@5 & 7, I have long wanted to see a woman as President, but just as y’all say, I don’t care if Hillary is some sort of he/she/it cyborg — she is a once in a lifetime candidate who presents qualifications unheard of and only dreamed about by political scientists.

I have a theory and it is just a theory — tell me if you disagree, because that is the way I’ll learn. When I was coming up, in the 1980s, it was tremendously difficult for women. I watched it and I saw the effort my female friends had to make to just be treated fairly. It was wrong.

Things have gotten better in the last thirty years. There’s still a long way to go, but young women today are now standing on the shoulders of women like the ones populating this blog — the women who had to work ten times harder to be treated one-half as fairly as men. There’s no “fierce urgency of now” — the only urgency is falling prey to the platitudes of feel good pie-in-the-sky.

That’s my theory. Help me flesh it out or tell me it’s wrong. I’m intensely interested in this.

@27 Well, his name ain’t prolixous for nothing. There’s also a male enhancement drug called Prolixus. hmm…

@3, SM, lovin’ that rant — I am heartened by the sophistication of seeing through the clap trap that is the superficial pap of Bernie.

I love the line, “My mother made me watch the politics my whole life.” More mothers should raise their children to be so discerning.

GAgal@32: LOL! 😆

There’s still a long way to go, but young women today are now standing on the shoulders of women like the ones populating this blog — the women who had to work ten times harder to be treated one-half as fairly as men.

Coming from a similar background of a white male I agree with your theory prolix. And p.s.: didn’t we fight this same shite the last time around in ’08?

@10, Fredster, Greenspan has “evolved” on his part in the crash. At first, he was innocent, he didn’t know. Then it was he couldn’t have known. Then it was intentional acts hiding the fraud. If he lives another year or two, he will be to the point of 2008 not happening at all.

This I know: He was a cheerleader for the exotic loans that served to blow-up the world in 2008. Housing, as a part of GDP has historically been around 4.5%. During the boom, it was up to 6.5% — you can’t tell me someone at the Fed didn’t notice that. There’s more, but it just makes me angry and tired.

Here’s the deal: If someone like Greenspan who was always supposed to be the smartest guy in the room, who lived to exacerbate his reputation as the smartest guy in the room — when you are caught with your Johnson hanging out for all to see that it is just like everyone else’s — don’t lie about it. Own it like a man and say, “I f’ed up the world. I hurt too many people for one person to be allowed to hurt. I’ll regret my lack of diligence to the end of my time. I’m massively sorry.”

That’s all it would take and at his rates for giving speeches, it wouldn’t cost him more than about $25K to say those 4 sentences.

@32, GAgal, ya think I could get an endorsement deal? Just sayin’.

Folks, putting on my polling hat here, but head to head polling on beauty contests with two candidates are inherently unreliable. Polling firms do them for the name recognition and notoriety. The science is really shaky on the modeling so the weighting relies heavily on the “art” and not the science of polling.

Long and short of it — the Quinnipiac Poll is not anything to take seriously.

Prolix, there is no ” fierce urgency of now” because the hardest work has been done for them and just handed to them They didn’t even have to lift finger for it. They think no one will ever take it away. Hell, I just signed a petition 1/2 hour ago to NARAL because John Kasich – running for President as we speak- is getting ready to sign ANOTHER anti-abortion law. At least I lifted a finger to do it. Marco Rubio says no abortion in cases of rape or incest.

It’s happening all around them and they’re oblivious. They think Bernie is just as good as Hillary on these issues ’cause a bill came across his desk and he “voted right”. Hillary has done the actual hard work and all he did was show up to vote. At least, he lifted a finger (or maybe raised his shaky hand).

Hey Prolix! :), had a day off today from work, so naturally I had to come back for post-debate talk :).

Your comment here made me sad and worried for the future:

“Things have gotten better in the last thirty years. There’s still a long way to go, but young women today are now standing on the shoulders of women like the ones populating this blog — the women who had to work ten times harder to be treated one-half as fairly as men. There’s no “fierce urgency of now” — the only urgency is falling prey to the platitudes of feel good pie-in-the-sky.”

@37 I’m positive Prolixus would let you write the ad copy!

Prolix said: Housing, as a part of GDP has historically been around 4.5%. During the boom, it was up to 6.5%

And folks knew (just like Area 51) that they were writing bad paper that was probably going to go into default, and yet they still bundled all of this mess as investments.

Fredster, oh yeah we saw this in 2008. You know what they said? “Hillary can go next time. The time is right for Obama.” Well, here it is next time and guess what? To the frikin’ back burner again. I guess they forgot that AA men had the right to vote 50 YEARS before women of any color. (Not that they really allowed them to vote) Are they going to wait another 50 for a woman president?

We’ve got the person we need right here, right now. Do ya’ll remember that MS. magazine cover with Obama ripping his shirt open and a Superman “This is what a feminist looks like” shirt underneath? Boy, I do. Now imagine that with Bernie.

@39, do you think it is that these young women have never been without and only until they are without, will they choose to educate themselves? Sadly, it will be too late.

@40, SM — hope you had a great day off. Do you think the theory has some credence? I’m not sure, but I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time now — I know young women who don’t seem to be excited about a woman President. I can’t understand that.

Prolix, did you ever see the skit by Bird and Fortune on the subprirme crisis? It’s hysterical!

@43, GAgal, I remember that magazine cover. If there was one for Bernie, it would have a vest t-shirt, boxers, and support socks.

And, riddle me this: Why aren’t people demanding an explanation of his essay about women “fantasizing about rape”?

Now honestly, if there was anything 1/1000th as salacious as this with Hillary’s name on it, it would lead the news for months.

I think the reason people aren’t talking about Bernie’s essay is because it’s so far out there, they can’t wrap their heads around it. Plus, it’s icky.

You can bet the Republicans are sitting on it patiently. I wonder how much of Bernie’s donations are from Rs trying to help him win. We know Rove is invested SuperPac money somewhere. All he has to do is spread it around and voila!… donations.

Here’s a longer version of Bird and Fortune on investment bankers…naturally relating more to English banks than American ones but the same issues apply.

@46, Fredster, I had not seen that. I think it is so funny because it is all true what they are saying. There’s so many grains of truth, it ought to be indexed under Beach viewing.

@48, you are so right — Rove is probably auditioning people to play the characters in a dramatization.

Sigh… This is from a link in a link from SkyDancers that is still worth reading, but sadly there is no comment section to correct this. This is not the first time I’ve seen PUMA brought into the conversation this election with this completely uniformed type of statement. We all know what happened and if I ever see it where I can comment, I’ll do a little educating. If they only knew who we really were. And worst of all she blames Hillary for this bunch of lies. This is in relation to Berniebros.

“Sanders drew off a bad batch. If he hadn’t, someone else would have. Hillary drew a bad batch too, with the overtly racist PUMAs in 08, and I suspect they, too, wanted to vote against a black man rather than voting for an actual candidate. But to this day, one of my biggest reservations about endorsing her is the fact that she did not kick them to the curb. It was a stupid, ugly thing to allow, a mean and degrading moment of hedging her bets, in a race that was already defined by stupid, ugly, degrading things. It really just wasn’t excusable. And it’s why I do, actually, have sympathy for some of the people who don’t trust Hillary. That’s the kind of thing that changes people’s willingness to invest. Sometimes permanently”

By the way Prolix, the song Spinning Wheel should be played over and over at every Sanders rally. Perfect.

@52, Sady sounds as if she believes she is true North in the middle of a magnetic field. She’s just spinning and dancing. I’m not sure what’s she doing other than processing and if this is any indication, it’s going to take quite a while.

@53, being helpful souls, I think we should suggest that to the first Berniebro we see. GAgal, you go first,

@54 Actually Sady has written some great pieces, she’s just ignorant about this. I know that PUMA was – later on – used by others that were not with us. So, that’s probably where she’s coming from. Wouldn’t she be shocked to know a lovely, give-em-hell Latina coined the phrase. I would be nice about it. She needs educating because she has bad information (so she really needs to stop spreading that shit). She may not believe me, but I would never just let it go by.

@56, I think I was around that day when PUMA first made its debut. It’s hard to believe it was 8 years ago.

@55 Hey, if I wanted to sign in on Disquis, I could link that video over and over until I got flagged so many times I’d be banned forever. And I would. I use to love crook&liars, but I seldom go there anymore. Heaven forbid someone say anything the least bit positive about Hillary. Susie Madrak has left for Blue Nation Review (good for her). The Berniebros aren’t capable of discussing Hillary/Bernie policies (gee, I wonder why) but they would attack Susie personally. That’s who are. Actually, that’s who they’ve become.

My internet connection is whacko tonight. I keep having to redo because it disappears into neverland. Let’s see what this does.

@57: PUMA was coined by SM.

I love this link on memorandum that I will not click because..MSNBC.

Ari Melber/MSNBC
Clinton Spending more on polling than six Gop candidates combined…
Discussion: RedState, Washington Freebeacon, Rush Limbaugh and DailyKos

DailyKos has finally joined the other side when it comes to Hillary!!

@60, I remember everyone talking about it and the buzz.

Hello all. Same thing with me GAgal on the internet. Perhaps it’s a rightist plot? 🙂

Prolix if you enjoy that Brit humor, there are tons of their clips on youtube.

I really hate that Charles Pierce has gone over to the Bernie side. Now there apparently are sinister plots by Clinton and the Iowa Dem party…I guess.

@63, the Berniebros are in charge of the internet. I will say no more.

@66: Ah, I didn’t even think of the bros. A nefarious plot, most likely.

Oh this is too funny. Now the Berniegals are politickin’ on the dating app Tinder.

@66 I WILL! They sucking up the juice, man! Just to throw a wrench in. Like this:

That makes me laugh after a tough day. Full screen even better.

@69: One hit wonder. 😉

@47, that article of Bernie’s offended me to my deepest core. I think it tells us all what he really thinks of women–that we’re so stupid and craven that we would actually fantasize about horrible acts of violence.

@47, also I look at the npr spin piece about Bernie’s article. I don’t know which was worse, the article or the vile comments blaming the whole thing on Hillary and accusing npr of being shills for Hillary. As if.

annie@73: I’m sooo reminded of 2008 all over again.

“60 | chatblu
February 6, 2016 at 12:08 am

@57: PUMA was coined by SM.

Oh gawd, don’t remind me. It was a joke that we had fun with during the most devastating slap-in-face moments by our Democratic leaders. My sarcasm and smart-assed-ness always kicks in to defuse any bad situation.

But I’m still 1/2 a vote for that primary (grrrrr). What is so wrong with not agreeing with your party’s decisions? And why did we not follow our “one-person-one-vote” right as a democracy?

Had the leaders of of the Democratic party (I’m side-eyeing you, Howard Dean!) accepted our votes as FULL votes, not 1/2 votes, then I would’ve supported the primary vote count as it fell. Whatever. It is what it is. Obama, despite his middle-of-the-road approach to everything frustrates me, but I am ultimately happy that he’s our president. He did make economic progress, our country is more safe, but I don’t like undocumented working moms being arrest and sent to detention camps, while their kids are in foster care or in another detention camp for kids. SIGH.

The possibilities were good on PUMA, but had I known it would be co-opted the way it was by DINOs or saboteurs, to paint us as racists or Reagan Democrats, especially when I’m a brown H/L Dem from the bluest of the blue of of the polictical spectrum, it was awful. ANd the infighting? Awful, truly awful.

I probably would’ve stayed shut had I known all this would become a massive shitstorm. But I am glad we’re remembered in some way as Hillary supporters who won’t take sh*t.

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