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Let’s review…

Posted on: February 3, 2016

Here are eight things I learned Monday evening.Iowa caucus 3

  1. People who are not Democrats love them some Bernie Sanders. Bernie won over two-thirds of Independents participating in the Iowa caucus.  Interestingly, he lost Democrats by a rather resounding 56% to 39%.  As a prelude to coming attractions:  Guess who cast over half the votes in the 2008 New Hampshire primary?  That’s right – Independents and ever-helpful Republicans who, as good Samaritans, want to assist their Democratic friends by selecting the most unelectable candidate.
  1. Forty-three percent (43%) of Iowa Democrats consider themselves to be Socialists. This statistic supports the rather unique proposition that Iowa is truly representative of what a non-representative cross-section of the Democratic Party looks like.  Accordingly, only 47% of all Americans (that’s Ds, Rs, Is, and everyone else) would even consider voting for a self-described Socialist candidate.  So much for the Socialist Republic of Iowa.
  1. Channeling Walter Mondale’s “Mr. Reagan will raise taxes, and so will I. He won’t tell you.  I just did,” is not usually considered a masterful political stratagem.  Bernie’s braggadocio about raising everyone’s taxes isn’t a purity test.  It is dumb.  It reinforces every liberal stereotype.  It answers the prayers of Republicans.  Bernie is painting with a broad brush and he is smearing all Democrats with this meshugas.  It needs to stop.Bernie Sanders
  1. Hell hath no fury like an Obamabot scorned. It seems as if a vast majority of Berniebots are merely Obamabots whose warranty ran out.  It is amazing to watch the contortions, without anything resembling logic, these Berniebros put themselves through in order to try and square the circle of their support for Obama before he became the “Disappointer in Chief”.  A perfect example is Van Jones, a paid CNN talker, who is massively over-employed in a role where logic couldn’t have been a prerequisite for hiring.
  1. In yet another example of the idiocy in allowing Iowa to play the inaugural role in selecting nominees, minorities comprise only 9% of Iowa voters. Conversely, in the Democratic primaries as a whole, minorities will represent four in ten voters.  Unlike Independents, minority voters aren’t feeling the Bern.  In fact, Hillary won three-fifths of minority voters in Iowa while Bernie attracted less than a third.  Nationally, Hillary polls even better than this among minorities and in the delegate rich environment of larger states, minorities will play a much more important Hillary-friendly role.
  1. Marco Rubio seems to have studied the lessons of Dubya being appointed President. After months of polling in third place, clad in his ego-boosting boots and his overbite, Rubio marched out and declared himself to have overcome all the odds by securing – third place.  The originating genius of the “expectation mirage” is James A. Baker, who was tasked with being Dubya’s “manny and minder” during the 2000 election.  Baker declared Dubya President and began assembling a Cabinet.  He was also behind the great Brooks Brothers Riot in Dade County.  Rubio, or more likely someone babysitting Rubio, learned the lesson of expectations management quite well.
  1. Poor Jebra Bush ended up spending about $2,800 per vote. That’s a record and doesn’t count Super-Pac spending.Hillary in front of the flag
  1. And this is probably the most important lesson for Hillary supporters. When is a win not a win?  Answer:  When Hillary is the winner.  These were some of the headlines on Tuesday:

The New York Times: “Hillary Clinton Campaign, Unnerved by Iowa, Braces for New Hampshire”

The Washington Post: “Photo finish reveals shortcomings of candidate who once seemed invincible”

Politico: “How Iowa went wrong for Hillary Clinton”

CNN: “Did Hillary Clinton really win the Iowa caucuses?”

No one in the press seemed to remember, other than Dana Milbank, that the margin of victory for Rick Santorum over Mitt Romney was a scant 34 votes.  Rick Santorum and his sweater vest were treated as conquering heroes in the press.

This incredibly unfair double standard was never more evident than when Hillary made her statement and the talking heads immediately faulted her for claiming victory.  This criticism frothed while they admitted, “She didn’t explicitly say she had won.”  CDS has risen to new heights of illogical hallucinations.

This also brings me to this learning – something is “bad wrong” when watching MSNBC makes one want to turn the channel to Fox for less biased commentary.  MSNBC is again infected by and has surrendered to CDS.  Monday night MSNBC was Fox-lite when it came to Hillary prejudice and Bernie-gasma.

Unfortunately, these conditions are not going to get better in the short-term.  It will take another three weeks for things to right themselves.  Nevada’s Democratic primary is set for February 20th and South Carolina’s is set for one week later on February 27th.

Until then Widdershins – mind these lessons.  Enjoy your Wednesday and take this conversation in any direction you might like to explore.




105 Responses to "Let’s review…"

Good stuff. I’ve got to go back and read the links, but here’s more on the media who just can’t seem to accept she won. Even Bernie has refused to concede his loss. He’s still talking today about coin tosses and how his people are re-checking the numbers and may contest her win. I hope the people of NH are paying attention to this.

(Via Blue Nation Review and the Des Moines Register) About that coin toss story:

Officials who reported county delegate totals without using the party’s smartphone app weren’t required to signify if the win was the result of a coin toss, said Sam Lau, a spokesman for the Iowa Democratic Party. Lau said seven coin flips were reported statewide, and Bernie Sanders won six of them.

Of the flips first reported that went Hillary’s way, Sanders won three of the five counties affected, anyway.

She won in spite of the coin tosses. Not because of them.

So the whole coin toss story was, most charitably, lots of people reporting a hallucinated rumor as fact. Less charitably, plain old lying.

The fluffing of the whiny Bernie is getting tiresome. I don’t know but i saw Chris Matthews come down on him along with some others at MSNBC. The whole he keeps whining about Iowa and shopping conspiracy theories seems to even have gotten on the nerves of some at MSNBC. Chris Matthews tagged him as a NDC Democrat–November Doesn’t Count. The kind that we used to nominate who lost in landslides. I have no desire to go back there. Bernie would probably cause even some of the “safe” seats here in GA to have to fight to win.

Bernie is going to try to snatch Hillary’s iowa delegates according to the Hill.

Might as well try. It worked out well for Obama.

Of course, Drudge is hyping the great cointossgate conspiracy. Before we know it, the coins will have been used to kill Vince Foster.

@1, GAgal, fabricating an issue out of Iowa is easier than just making up some lie about Hillary. More convenient and we sure wouldn’t want the press to break a sweat covering real news.

@2, quixote, Fredster linked to this story from Blue Nation Review yesterday. It is exactly the same narrative:

@3 & 4, NDCs, in the proud tradition of 1972, 1984, 2000 (surrendering without a real fight so the NDC became No Direct Confrontation), 2016 seems about right for another go around. Trouble is, 2016 will determine the Supreme Court for a generation.

It appears Rick Santorum will suspend his campaign. His sweater vest has pledged to stay in until after South Carolina.

@10: LOL!!

I forget his exact phrase but Matthews did congratulate Clinton on her win in Iowa. It was something like despite MSNBC’s position or some other thing Congratulations Madame Secretary.

@quioxte and prolix, I’m going to add Blue Nation Review over on the right side, probably under Politics.

Prolix, looks like Rand has ether dropped out or “suspended” his campaign also. Says he wants to concentrate full time on running for his Senate seat.

This was funny. Let me see if it works here. It’s a little risque in parts but that’s The Daily Show.

Rand is out, Rick is out, and Carson went home to do laundry.

@15: But Yeb! is still in there. I have no idea why, but he is.

I’m not surprised Chris Matthews is saying nice things about Hillary this time around. His wife Kathleen is running in the Democratic primary for Maryland’s open seat in the 8th Congressional District. Chris knows Hillary will be the Democratic nominee and the next POTUS. He wants Kathleen to ride in on Hillary’s coattails.

@18: Good point Beata.

Really enjoyed the post, Prolix, thanks!

@17, LOL!

@16, yes, why is Jeb? still in? There’s a clip making the rounds, where he’s in NH giving a speech and he asks the audience to clap for him!

@18, ah! That explains that!

@13, yes, Rand is coming home to concentrate on being another six embarrassment to the Commonwealth. He ginned up all the foofaraw to change from a primary to a caucus — now the Repubs will be wandering around in the woods for weeks looking for dead animals because they think its a carcass. Of course, Kim Davis believes she can’t issue licenses to carcass participants because it is something akin to bestiality.

That “NDC” comment is great. I’m going to have to check out tweety’s interview.

Oh, did everyone see the latest Trump/Cruz brouhaha? Apparently Cruz sent out emails to the repub party people in IA suggesting that Carson was dropping out, so they should encourage Carson’s supporters to vote for Cruz instead. This sleaze will do anything for his own profit. God help us if he makes it to prez.

@21, ROFL! Did KY really change from a primary to a carcass?

@21: Is there any serious competition from another Repub for Rand?

annie said: God help us if he makes it to prez.

Well all we Dems have to do is nominate Bernie and we could see that.

@23 & 24, yes, the Repubs are going to have a caucus because there’s a state law that says a candidate’s name can’t appear on the ballot twice. It is an old hold over from when the drunk reprobates would sign up for half a dozen different offices in hopes of winning one.

Nope there aren’t other real viable candidates, but there are those of us who believe Rand isn’t viable either.

If you ever still get bothered by telemarketer calls there’s a nifty little thing you can do.

Next time someone calls you for sales purposes, simply tap “add call.” Dial 214-666-4321. Merge the calls. Then the Jolly Roger Telephone Co., a voice recording that will frustrate and confuse that telemarketer, will take over.

The robotic script is designed to trick someone into trying to engage it for as long as possible. Along with affirmatives like “yes” and a curious “OK,” it mixes in questions like “Sorry, could you start over? Who’s this? Why are you calling?” It also goes off on entire tangents and distractions, leading annoyed salespeople to try and find lucidity and understanding in a totally lifeless recording.

Here’s a clip of it in action and it’s hysterical.

Annie wrote about Prolix’s post over at Uppity’s site. I added this comment there:

“Prolix manages to combine brilliance and humor in his posts. He always amazes me with his knowledge and wit.”

Thank you, Prolix, for being a Widdershin!

Fredster, Chat, and MB, you amaze me too. I am so grateful for you all.

Sometimes it is hard to believe we have been together for almost 8 years!

@27, hysterically funny!

@27: I love it! He’s definitely having too much fun with himself.

When I left today Bernie was threatening to forgo the NH debate tomorrow unless Hillary would agree to add more debates. This is the debate he insisted on having, in NH, with the primary a week away. I wonder what NH thinks about that. I guess they’ve reached a deal of some sort.

What was funny was his insistence than one of those be held in New York (specifically Brooklyn). Good grief. Considering Hillary was a very popular Senator there (during 9/11 in fact) and all Bernie does is talk about the evil Wall Street, that’s a pretty stupid demand. But go ahead Bernie – have at it.

@28, Beata, that is so unbelievably nice. It has made my week. I’m now happy Prolix. Thank you!

@27, that is hilarious. I was giggling all the way through it. Yes, yeah, there’s a bee on me!

@29: Thank you, Beata.

@32, GAgal, I think he may want to beard the lion, so to speak. Go into the lion’s den of Wall Street hedge fundies and call them out showing that he is Bernie, hear him roar, in a mind too small to ignore.

Thanks very much Beata. 🙂

According to WaPo, there will be four more Democratic debates:

“The first of these will be tomorrow night in New Hampshire, to air on MSNBC. The second will be in Flint, Michigan (as Hillary Clinton has requested) in March; the third will be in Pennsylvania in April, and the fourth will be in California in May, a source close to the talks confirms.”

GAgal@32: Also, Brooklyn is where a lot of the hipsters in NYC live. A sure Bernie audience.

Bernie is from Brooklyn. So is my mother but I don’t think they are related.

Boring personal story: When my boyfriend and I went to NYC recently, I got to see the house in Brooklyn where my mother lived. I had seen it only in pictures before. The neighborhood is Hasidic now. It used to be Irish.

Wonder what’s going to happen at the townhall tonight. Will a “leaning toward” Bernie supporter tell Hillary that everyone he knows thinks she’s dishonest again? How about another Berniebabe telling her what Joe Biden thinks? And let’s not forget the tweet “This is the first time I’ve seen someone use 9/11 as an excuse to take Wall Street money”.

Maybe someone will ask Bernie to actually admit he lost Iowa. You LOST Iowa Bernie! Why can’t you be gracious enough to admit that?

Oh my…Chris Hayes trying to be “objective” is not a pleasant thing to watch.

I think the L & O reruns on Ion are better than that.

Beata@40: That’s nice that you got to see the place in Brooklyn.

Me@39: I forgot to say that I *think* Brooklyn is where Hillary’s headquarters is.

@41: Hmmm…a town hall tonight with Cooper, a debate tomorrow with chuckles and rachel. Our cup runs over.

@44: I’ve got my meds ready!

Bernie really needs to get rid of those idiots who are running his campaign, Jeff Weasel and Toad Devine. But I hope he doesn’t.

@45: I’ve got some of those too but may need to ration them to get through the entire primary process and the general.

@46: When Hayes had Devine on, the image totally reminded me of this.

@29 – Bless you, Beata. You are a kind and generous soul. It is amazing that we’ve been together for so long…may we all see Our Girl finally take the Oval Office in November!

Prolix – great post as always. Of all the reasons Bernie is not electable, I think the fact that he is a Socialist is top of the list. Even FDR, who really was a Democratic Socialist, didn’t call himself that.

I’ve been thinking lately: What if Bernie had run as an Independent? If he is so pure and outside the system, then why is he running as a Democrat? Again, the narrative of a very VERY long-term Senator being an outsider doesn’t scan for me at all, and I am less and less impressed with him as his campaign continues.

I wish Hillary would address the Wall Street connection criticism. She has a very detailed plan on what she would to ensure they’re regulated.(I posted a link here the other night) As for speaking fees, so what? She’s got a right to make a living even if she later runs for president.

If the people who work in the financial industry donate to her maybe it’s because they think the economy will do better with her. If everyone does better, Wall Street does better. Why’s that so hard to understand? I’m a lot more concern with Congress taking their money. You know, the ones who actually write the laws to begin with.

There’s a lot of people out there that have all their investments and retirements in Wall Street and are very leery when they hear Bernie’s constant howl. They’ve already been hit once. To them, Bernie’s talk seems like more instability.

I love many of Bernie’s ideas. I just remain unconvinced that he has a coherent policy ti get us there. Sort of like “replace Obamacare with something better” – outstanding! Now, tell me what that might be, and how we do it.
What’s the plan?

@52, Bernie’s health plan is 8 pages long. According to estimates, it will cost, conservatively, $1.0 Trillion a year — not over ten years like the A.C.A., but $1.0 Trillion a year. The entire U.S. budget is only $3.5 Trillion. What he also doesn’t admit, is that it will require rationing like the European models. This isn’t the scary “death panel” stuff, it is the reality of the European models.

Here’s a great explanation from Vox:

Just passing by before bedtime. Latinos and African-American democrats and Women, you know, the ones who do all the heavy lifting for the party? Yeah, we are waiting in 48 other states to prove Hillary’s always had our back. Since day 1.

Where has Sanders ever been vocal, especially after his cushy senator job, when has he ever come out about any of our issues on a public national platform?? Crickets are louder than his actions in the past 30 years in public office.

How sad is it that this public servant, who spent 30 years of his life in public service, has nothing to show for it on a national scale? No ither experience except defending his enclave up in Vermont. Lotta good it does to shout from a mountain top, what about down here in the muck and grime of standing face to face with families and victims, kids and women, of all colors, not just in the civil rights era, but TODAY? EVERYDAY? TOMORROW?

How can democrats elect a man who never, ever gave a crap about us Democrats..until somebody convinced him to run as one? Psssffft.

Hillary, estamos contigo.

@55: Si,, seguro.

Prolix, I’m just now getting through all your links. Did you know 1. and 4. have the same link? Because I was thinking last night about the 43% of Dems in IA who identify as socialist. That should have brought Bernie’s numbers up more than it did. Then he wins huge with independents but loses Dems?

You’ve got first time caucusers, youth vote, still pro Obama vote, upset with Obama votes, etc. In Iowa, with very little racial diversity. It’s fascinating. Then again, it’s just Iowa. What a way to start a presidential election!

@57, yes, I picked two points out of that piece — I should have mentioned it. The article I really liked out of all of them was The Atlantic article. Ron Brownstein is someone who wouldn’t be on my “deserted island list of companions,” but he is intellectually honest. His article is about the most informative of all of them.

Didn’t they endorse Hillary?

Bostonboomer has a must read post at Skydancers.

Here’s why I won’t be watching the debate on MSNBC and that doesn’t even include the fact that Chuckles the Clown and Maddow will be moderating.

Woodward appears to be qualified in psychoanalysis.

Woodward later brought up Clinton’s volume again after the conversation turned to whether or not voters trust Clinton. “I’m sorry to dwell on the tone issue, but there is something here, where Hillary Clinton suggests that she’s almost not comfortable with herself,” he said. “And self-acceptance is something that you communicate on television.”

@65, Bob Woodward?

@66: Yep. Cokie Roberts tried to defend Hillary, explaining that she was at a rally, so shouting/loud voice okay. The rest weren’t buying it.

Former DNC head Howard Dean then came on the program to defend Clinton’s demeanor, suggesting that she would be under less scrutiny if she were a man. “Oh my God, that’s desperate,” co-host Mika Brzezinski scoffed.

Atta girl #drunkmika!

Hey Widdershins!!! Drinking watching this debate, have to, got the day off tomorrow.

Apologize for the grammatical errors in advance :).

Hey SM! Well let us know how it goes. I’m just not going to go there, not with that crew.

THANK YOU Rachel Maddow for asking the question I have had since Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy: WTF in your 30 effing years trashing Democrats, then by convenience, boom! Suddendly, he’s a Democrat…and I’m supposed to do what with that?? Accept it??

I’m voting for the REAL DEMOCRAT. Hillary. Dass it.

The cocktails are getting me sassy, :), even the daughter is getting annoyed at me shouting at the TV like a heavyweight title fight is on – BUT IT IS!!!

Hillary killed the “Democrat” Bernie Sanders, just rocked his footing.

SHE JUST CALLED HIM OUT on the “artful smear” of her taking speaking fees – BOOM!!!!! You need to watch this!!!

WONKY AGGRESSIVE HILLARY IS KILLING IT. Blowing up the Wizard’s curtain.

She called out Bernie’s voting record in 2000 supporting banking deregulation, BOOM. POOF. GONE. Bye Bernie.

HI FREDSTER!!! No lie, I was secretly jealous of your Nawlins ribs order the other day.

The moderators are letting them go at it. GOOD.

They are talking Wall Street, Hillary has superbly defended herself. She went on the speaking circuit like every former official did, she was hired to speak about her experience, but in no way did they ever influence a vote or her stance on an issue. And anyone who knows her knows that she can’t be bought. BOOM!

SM@73: Oh no sweetie, I’ve been in Bama for awhile so they were Bama ribs.

Plans are to get back to nola, just not sure exactly when.

She said that Paul Krugman supports her plan – BOOM!!!!

Bernie is back to the economic stump speech, and politely said to Hillary, “this is not directed at you…but,” and then went in on the Wall Street thing. Again.

BTW, Rachel Maddow is the more aggressive journalist. Chris is BernieBro-ing with his tail between his legs amidst his Bernie and the H.B.I.C.

Aaaaaand Bernie got hit with his massive hole of lack of experience. NATIONAL SECURITY AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. Hillary came on with tactical and effin smart force, no combat troops on the ground, but intelligence and training.

Bernie’s only one-trick pony was the “I did not vote for the Iraq War.” IT FELL FLAT.

Hillary having Obama’s back on the strategy, which is commendable.

@77: There have been a few times lately she’s been “nasty-nice” about Clinton on her show – not really objective. That’s why I really didn’t want to watch it.

FINALLY Chrissy’s BernieBro diapers came off, asked Bernie “no one knows who your foreign policy advisors will be, who are they, what are you planning?”

Bernie goes back to the “I did not vote for the war in Iraq….blah blah blah…”

Fredster, on the contrary! Rachel had been the true journalist here!

Nasty-nice is ok, as long as the journalist allows the candidate to respond.

Hillary is giving a MASSIVE LECTURE on foreign policy and proving what she did with Iran sanctions and trying to change Iranian behavior.


@83: Oh, this was something I saw on her regular show, not tonight.

A journalist has to push and shove their subject in a corner, and the skill set varies. Every journalist has their personal style of getting the truth out. Rachel has a way that works for her, but I can say that she’s been fair.

When Rachel asked Bernie the question about not being a Democrat all his political life until now, showed me, at least, she’s doing her homework.

They a lot with each other, and I must say that Bernie is a lot more gracious than Obama ever was when it came to agreeing.

Commercials. Hillary left a trail of ashes and sad, bitter Berniebro diapers after that foreign policy segment.

They AGREE lot with each other… typo, I apologized earlier.

OOOH, Rachel Maddow going after Bernie Sanders campaign staffers doing dumb crap to sabotage Hillary, the database lists, the impersonations of union members, etc….!!!! THANK YOU.

Don’t come trying to be Holier than thou and have your minions doing dirty work…


When asked if Hillary wanted to respond? She said: No,


I HATE THE WORD MINORITIES. Yes, It’s a word that describes a demographic that is of lesser math value than others. But it’s a word that diminishes the identity and power of a demographic segment.

Bernie Sanders just used it. She never has used it, at least to my knowledge.

SM, Thanks so much for doing this for the debate! I couldn’t watch because it would violate my newly RE-enacted policy of banning MSNBC.

Very gracious ending, shaking hands and very nice of both Hillary and Bernie to shake hands and was a stateship-like closing.

Hillary made the case exponentially, Bernie did for his base, but not all the way across the Big Tent. The glaring black hole is Bernie’s lack of foreign policy experience.

I think ou girl is still UP and she’s in it and 48 states with the REAL DEMOCRATIC BASE are waiting: Hispanic/Latinos, African-Americans and WOMEN.

I did appreciate that Rachel Maddow and Chris/Chuck let them go at it.

GAGal!!! Our girl rocked it! She had him shaking!!! She defended herself powerfully with proof and conviction. Wall Street, yes, I spoke at their events like every former govenrment officer, but they cannot buy my vote or support, they know me, you know me, everybody knows me. DEAD. Her life is basically an open book.

She slayed Bernie with his voting record on guns, on banking legislature that he supported and his voter base was still wearing training pants when it happened – BOOM!

Rachel Maddow’s question about Bernie joining the Democratic party, SPARKLING. Please YouTube it. It’s been the question I’ve been asking all this time. I’ve been a Democrat all my natural life, born and raised in Massachusetts. I remember Bernie being a wacko from outer space hating Democrats since day 1. And now, when it’s convenient for you, NOW you are a democrat???

SM, thanks for live blogging the debate! 🙂
I may watch the repeat of it after what you’ve written here.

You rock, SM. Thanks for the info.

Ah, chat beat me to it! What the heck…SM, you rock! Loved reading your hilarious comments on the debate, which I didn’t get the chance to see. Boom! (Love that!)

SM, I’m nominating you for the Widdershin equivalent of a Peabody Award — the Widderbody. There’s no honorarium, only a heaping helping of honor. Most excellent summation of the debate. Thank you for doing this!


I guess since the politickin’ is over for the two, a shared fondness for the guitar has now led to this.

SM77 – Awesome drunk blogging, girl!! I love the Widderbody, Prolix! I am sorry I missed it….was on a plane flying home from Texas.

Even Chris Cilizza of the WaPo, a hardened CDS sufferer, had to admit Bernie lost the debate.It was hilarious to read his reluctance. Feels so good to see these bros squirming.

98&99 Fredster, those are hilarious!

They put a lot of research into this: (2008 sexism)

Oh.My.God. It’s just one poll but Quinnipiac last poll:

Clinton 44
Sanders 42

Wait! That was a national poll. They said last poll before NH and that confused me.

GM! Please, oh please read this article. It’s a list you can send to a BernieBro, you know, just for convenience. That way, they can pick and choose their Hillary-conspiracy of-the-week all in one handy list. LMAO!

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