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Activist Monday: Things To Do While Waiting for Iowa

Posted on: February 1, 2016

Gooooood Monday, all! Can you believe it – the first votes of 2016 are FINALLY going to be cast today. This day has been 9 years in the making, Widdershins, and oh, how thankful I am that you’ve all been here with me, helping us all deal with the incessant ups, downs,Despite being on a plane half the day and working the other half (plus,) I will somehow make the time to obsessively check the results approximately 1,002,748 times, right along with all of you. Unfortunately, for those of us not in the Hawkeye state, it’s all we can do.

Or, maybe not! Here’s a list of things to do while waiting for the results of the caucus. Perhaps one of them will ease the ever-present anxiety prior to the publishing of the final tally.

  1. Read the latest polls. Most of us like the site 538, so here’s how things are shaping up today based on the most historically accurate poll in Iowa: Hillary wins by 3%. Der Trumperer wins by 5%. Yay, and ewwwwwww!
  2. Binge-watch that show you’ve been saving up for just such an emergency.  After hubby and I finished watching “The Wire” (Just. WOW!), we started on “The Blacklist.” The first season was $19.99 on Amazon, which equates to about $1/episode. 22 hours of insanely delightful “WTF” in delicious 48-minute bits.
  3. Try to understand what a caucus actually is. Perhaps you have grown up with the caucusing process, but as a woman who’s only lived in primary states, it doesn’t make all that much sense to me. If you are still a bit fuzzy on the details, here are a few pointers.
  4. Read this hopeful and fascinating article about feminism in the Washington Post. Long story short: feminism isn’t dead – it’s evolving, strengthening, and expanding.
  5. Google “Iowa” and watch/read random things about it, like this.
  6. Stop by TW and gnaw your nails here until things settle down.

However you choose to spend your time, I think today is going to work out the way we want it to – at least on the Democratic side. So I’m hopeful too, like Chatblu. May we all be celebrating tonight!

This is an open thread.


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Well here’s something you can do until later in the evening: you can go check out my fave Mardi Gras krewe, the Krewe of Barkus. It’s a canine carnival parade. The theme this year was”from the dog house to the White House”. You can read the article and then there’s a photo gallery.

Adele has told The Donald that no, you cannot use my songs at your events.

For those (like moi) who do not quite get the whole caucus thing, the LA Times explains with Gummy Bears:

Great post, MB! I’m working on our taxes, but will check out all the links, and will be back tonight!

If the gummy bears lesson is right, it looks like the repubs have a saner version of a caucus.

Adorable doggie parade!

annie, that was my favorite lazy day parade to go to. Get yourself an adult beverage, bring a chair and enjoy the pooches going by.

Well, here’s hoping none of us have a breakdown before the results come in. I have been waiting for this day it seems like forever. The stress has been pretty bad these last few days. I’ve really been stressing over this primary but I think I have primary PSTD after 2008.

@8: Oh, absolutely. I’m a wreck. On the lighter side, I just listened to Chuck Todd and Rachel discuss how Bernie could break the Dem Party wide open rather than following Obama’s path….hmmm,,,,,,,wasn’t that why we couldn’t have Clinton last time, because Obama was going to shake things up? Now we shouldn’t have her because he didn’t? I remain confused.

Well, even if Bernie somehow wins Iowa, it will be meaningless, because everyone knows he can’t win much more than that. There is no large state, or delegate-rich state, in which Hillary isn’t ahead by a ludicrous amount.

I’m stressed O.U.T.!

I tried meditation, but found myself using profanity as my mantra. Then I tried napping, but had a nightmare of an old crusty white guy yelling at me. Then I just gave up and started stress eating. I’m now chewing on cardboard and cellophane because I’ve grazed through everything in the refrigerator.

I’m digging through the phone book right now to have the Crisis Intervention number in case I need it.

@7, that sounds lovely.

I’m not stressing out. I think our girl will win, because I think the media has promoted their horse race because that is beneficial to them. And even if by some fluke Bernie did win Iowa, as MB points out, he would have a massively uphill climb after NH.

I looked at the fluffpo page that is monitoring IA, and it shows that Hillary already has 6 delegates, before any of the voting has started. I’m guessing that is superdelegates?

Oh, but if Bernie wins Iowa we’ll be subjected to weeks more of this Feel the Damn Bern nonsense.
I want to know what the h*ll is wrong with people like Maddow? It’s patently obvious that Bernie is an awful candidate. Yes, he excites SOME young people and some old lefties but that’s about it. It’s like the press takes their talking points from liberal blogs or something.

Prolix, you’re so funny!

I read a trippy article @ nyt today that says that Clarence Thomas hasn’t spoken up or asked a question during the Supreme Court arguments in 10 years!?!? He thinks its rude, or something. I wonder if he is getting Alzheimers or dementia. My Dad slowly stopped talking over the years he had it. Isn’t that bizarre? I don’t think he should be allowed to stay there. Maybe there should be a competency test of some kind. RBG is clearly still as sharp as a tack, but you have to wonder about Thomas.

@9, yeah, that confuses me also. What hypocrites.

To all of Hillary’s ground crew in Iowa – We’re all here cheering you on! Go get ’em and bring us back a win! Hil-la-ree! Hil-la-ree! Hil-la-ree!

@13 – Sadly, Maddow has always intensely disliked Clinton. She has a hellatious case of CDS. She would support a rhinoceros if it primaried Hilary. That is why I have NEVER watched her, as smart and funny as she can be. I don’t forgive these bullsh*t women pundits who were so quick to denigrate her in 2008. Inexcusable.

@18, hear, hear!

@19, well said, MB!

@18 – Well said GAGal! Our Georgia ladies are in fine form tonight.

Prolix, you may have discovered the newest fad diet; Cardboard and cellophane! How can you fail to lose weight?

SNL, eat your heart out. Now THIS is funny – check out…Republicats!!!

@everyone: I’m not watching the prognosticating pontifications of any of the political poobahs. CSPAN3 has the repub caucus at Des Moines Area community college and CSPAN2 has the dem caucus at Roosevelt H.S. in Des Moines. The repub one is like watching grass grow. The dems are a bit more lively.

Only 41% of caucus goers are newly registered. Apparently not the number that Bernie wanted. It seems he needed twice that number.

@15, Annie, since the day Clarence Thomas climbed from below the rocks of sexism and pornography, slithering to a seat on the Supreme Court, he adhered to the words of Abraham Lincoln:

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

Fredster, you are OG with your C-Span! Go on, now!

@24 – Bernie’s fantasy world will soon come crashing down. No problem for him – he got beaucoup bucks from the brogressives. Ugly Cheeto-stained trolls that they are. (Can you tell I got up at 4 am today and am drinking a glass of wine? :-D)

mb – I’m just not gonna play their game (the talking heads) and get myself all worked up with whatever they say.

They just had the precint captain with the dems just tell folks they were getting ready to start and it was last call for a p break; no leaving after they start! 😯

Then they showed a room full of Bernie supporters chanting “Feel the burn…feel the burn.” Too bad I just thought of this but others should have started chanting U.T.I.! U.T.I.

@13, and get this — anyone with walking around sense would know better than this, but earlier today they were oohing and aahing over the fact that Bernie, if he won the nomination, would not moderate his views and would run straight through as a tax-raising, unapologetic Socialist.

Maybe the remnants of the Democratic Party could then be taken to the great flood Ark Park as an example of things that don’t survive..

I’ve been awake since 3 am today. Got a refill of my meds and everything is just fine.

Hi Widdershins!! Happy Iowa Caucus night!

Geez, they’ve got folks showing up saying they’re undecided. o_O

@27 – OMG…hahaha

@28 – Not sure what the big deal about raising taxes is? Hillary has been straightforward about the fact that she will raise taxes on the wealthy. Is this supposed to be the Worst Thing Evah now? Please enlighten me, oh Wise One. 🙂

By the way – I’m more of a socialist than a Democrat, but I actually care about women’s rights and gun control. Unfortunately, Bernie – not so much.

Hey Sophie! Hey Beata!

Hi Sophie!!

Beata – did you bring enough for the class? 🙂

@mb: I know it’s supposed the feel the bern, but the thing autocorrected!

A number of the Bernie folks sat in the chairs set up for “undecideds” leaving them no place to sit.

Record turnouts are being reported by both Dems and Rethugs. Gee, I thought a threat of snow during the winter would keep Iowans home since they have no experience dealing with such unusual happenings.

@35 – Ill-mannered children chasing an old, cranky unicorn. 🙂

@34: With all due respect, get your own stash.

What’s the best network to watch? I can’t stand another minute of Wolf’s droning.

@39: You know MSNBC isn’t going to be any better and fuhget Fox.

@40: I switched over to C-SPAN2.

They have 459 dems for the caucus in the one precinct they’re showing on Cspan2.

Hahaha! I did mention I was drinking wine, didn’t I? 🙂

Whoa, Rubio is winning by a lot right now. 21% of districts reporting, Hillary solidly ahead. WOOT WOOT!!!

@44 – Hahaha! Oh, the sincerity of it all!

Those poor pundits on CNN…they’re so desperately clinging to the idea that Bernie could seriously challenge Hillary. “Oh he’s doing well in New Hampshire!” Keep dreaming, idiots.

@32, Maddow was going ape crap crazy about Bernie running as a tax-raising socialist — raising taxes on the middle class, on the wealthy, replacing A.C.A. with universal coverage and additional taxes. She was excited about his integrity — in short, she was searching for something positive to say.

If Bernie were to win and run without trying to modify his stances, it would be worse than 1972. He might carry Vermont or Massachusetts, but not much else.

The Democratic results by county:

Mad, where are you getting your results? Huffpo show HRC 200, Bernie 186.

On cspan right now they are having the surrogates speak for their choice of candidates. Interesting.

So Hillary won a precinct 55-45 and the delegates split evenly between them anyway.

Apologies Chat, am watching CNN. 48% reporting, Hillary still winning.

Oh brother, Vam Jones. Just STFU. No, 48% does not mean Bernie Sanders is a strong candidate.

Oh now Van Jones thinks that Elizabeth Warren would have crushed Hillary. What an *ssh0l3.

Van Jones is so over-employed.

Assuming the current results hold up (Cruzoid ahead by 3%), I wonder if we can look forward to Trump making a big deal out of it by singing that old Beatles song:

I’m a lo-o-o-ser, and I’m not what I appear to be-e-e-e.

PS. loved Fredster’s idea of a counter-chant. UTI indeed!

I am loving Trump’s humiliation 🙂

O’Malley out in about 45 minutes.

O’Marty is reserving a linen closet so he can talk with his supporters ever so earnestly about an extended nap.

@59 – splutter!!!

Whooooo…it’s close – but Polk County is still solidly for Hillary. That’s Des Moines – where all the people are.

CNN talking heads are shocked to hear, after 20 years of character assassination, that Bernie Sanders is doing better in the category of “honest and trustworthy”.

Lots of uncounted precincts in Polk County.

Widdershins! Here getting my Hillary on 1000% with my Hillary Holdouts. Keep the faith, she’s not out!

And screw Iowa and New Hampshire. I hate the fact these two states, unrepresentative of our nation as it stands, lead our political process that affect, not just the nation, but the WORLD. Yes, I said it. EFF THEM and goooo HRC!

Secondly, these BernieBros are Obamabots on nuclear steroids.

Listening to NPR, here’s the stats:

Current Status
Iowa Democratic Caucuses

As of Feb. 1, 2016, 10:15 p.m. EST
81.3% of precincts reporting (1,367 of 1,681)

Name Votes Percent
Hillary Clinton 556 50.3%
Bernie Sanders 543 49.1%
Martin O’Malley 6 0.5%
Uncommitted 1 0.1%
Other 0 0.0%

Source: AP

I’m holding my breath here. Hang in there Team Hillary!

SM77!! Hey girl. I agree 1000%.

What did I tell you guys about Rubio….1 pt behind The Donald. Not that I like Rubio, but I feel Der Trumperer’s star fading as we speak. As for Cruz, he is tailor-made for the crowd in Iowa, but not in the rest of the country.

Yeah, Hillary is ahead by 8 points in Polk County. So when they come in hopefully they will call the race for Hillary.

Madama B! You know I’d be by your side 🙂

EWWWW, Rubio! He’s more like Rubella. No lo queremos en la Florida, ni menos para presidente de los Estados Unidos. 🙂 Latinos para Hillary 🙂

Repub update:

Christie at the donut shop choking on a bear claw; Kasich karate chopped an anonymous old lady, she’s expected to recover; Jeb! is calling Barbara, she’s expected to take his call; Huckabee is having phone sex with Kim Davis; Carly Fiorina is sucking on a shot glass to plump her lips for tomorrow morning’s talk shows.

More later.

quixote@56: Hey, I’m slow but every once in awhile I come up with a good one 😉

Sorry, that was Latinos por Hillary…eek. I swear, English is my first language, lol!

BTW, this would be me if there ever was a President Trump:

I went to pick something up for dinner so I’m catching up.

Forgot what channel, CNN or the other but they showed a very empty, dark O’Malley room (victory party?) and it was just so sad to see.

She’s still in!!

From AP via

Current Status
Iowa Democratic Caucuses

As of Feb. 1, 2016, 10:31 p.m. EST
85.5% of precincts reporting (1,437 of 1,681)

Name Votes Percent
Hillary Clinton 590 50.0%
Bernie Sanders 583 49.4%
Martin O’Malley 7 0.6%
Uncommitted 1 0.1%
Other 0 0.0%

Source: AP

Okay, I’ve tucked a tablecloth under my chin and I’m going to eat my order of ribs.


Eat those ribs, Fredster!!! 🙂 Enjoy!

Current Status
Iowa Democratic Caucuses

As of Feb. 1, 2016, 10:37 p.m. EST
86.8% of precincts reporting (1,459 of 1,681)

Name Votes Percent
Hillary Clinton 601 50.0%
Bernie Sanders 594 49.4%
Martin O’Malley 7 0.6%
Uncommitted 1 0.1%
Other 0 0.0%

Source: AP

Oh, Marco. You’re so d*mn predictable. Gawd, guns, poor background, wife, kids, Hillary is “disqualified from being President,” American exceptionalism. If he were a woman he’d be Sarah Palin.

So long, Huckabee.

She’s still in, fighting for every vote!

Current Status
Iowa Democratic Caucuses

As of Feb. 1, 2016, 10:40 p.m. EST
87.7% of precincts reporting (1,474 of 1,681)

Name Votes Percent
Hillary Clinton 612 50.0%
Bernie Sanders 605 49.4%
Martin O’Malley 7 0.6%
Uncommitted 1 0.1%
Other 0 0.0%

Source: AP

On behalf of Latinos from Florida, we deeply apologize for the Rubella. Trust me, we did not vote for him.

Minute by minute, Hillary’s holding out:

Current Status
Iowa Democratic Caucuses

As of Feb. 1, 2016, 10:43 p.m. EST
88.6% of precincts reporting (1,490 of 1,681)

Name Votes Percent
Hillary Clinton 620 49.9%
Bernie Sanders 614 49.4%
Martin O’Malley 7 0.6%
Uncommitted 1 0.1%
Other 0 0.0%

Source: AP

Huckabee says that he’s out, thank God. (Pun intended.)

Ann Coulter is stress eating over the Trump loss — she just ate an olive without the pimento.

Oh wow, my icon changed from purple spastic blob to blue super-thingy, lol!

C’mon Hillary!

Current Status
Iowa Democratic Caucuses

As of Feb. 1, 2016, 10:49 p.m. EST
89.5% of precincts reporting (1,505 of 1,681)

Name Votes Percent
Hillary Clinton 628 49.8%
Bernie Sanders 625 49.6%
Martin O’Malley 7 0.6%
Uncommitted 1 0.1%
Other 0 0.0%

Source: AP

Hillary ahead by .2%!

This could make O’Malley suddenly a very important man.

Current Status
Iowa Democratic Caucuses

As of Feb. 1, 2016, 10:55 p.m. EST
89.6% of precincts reporting (1,507 of 1,681)

Name Votes Percent
Hillary Clinton 629 49.8%
Bernie Sanders 626 49.6%
Martin O’Malley 7 0.6%
Uncommitted 1 0.1%
Other 0 0.0%

Source: AP

Still ahead by 3!! GO HILLZ!

Current Status
Iowa Democratic Caucuses

As of Feb. 1, 2016, 11:01 p.m. EST
90.5% of precincts reporting (1,521 of 1,681)

Name Votes Percent
Hillary Clinton 634 49.8%
Bernie Sanders 631 49.6%
Martin O’Malley 7 0.6%
Uncommitted 1 0.1%
Other 0 0.0%

Source: AP

DAMN, now down to 2 votes. I hate this.

Current Status
Iowa Democratic Caucuses

As of Feb. 1, 2016, 11:04 p.m. EST
90.7% of precincts reporting (1,525 of 1,681)

Name Votes Percent
Hillary Clinton 636 49.8%
Bernie Sanders 632 49.5%
Martin O’Malley 7 0.5%
Uncommitted 1 0.1%
Other 0 0.0%

Source: AP

Wait, four votes!!! Holy crap, I made a boo boo before,

Current Status
Iowa Democratic Caucuses

As of Feb. 1, 2016, 11:04 p.m. EST
90.7% of precincts reporting (1,525 of 1,681)

Name Votes Percent
Hillary Clinton 636 49.8%
Bernie Sanders 632 49.5%
Martin O’Malley 7 0.5%
Uncommitted 1 0.1%
Other 0 0.0%

Source: AP

Most votes are out in Polk County — Hillary is going to win despite Bernie crowing about a huge turnout favoring him.

She’s still in the game!!

Current Status
Iowa Democratic Caucuses

As of Feb. 1, 2016, 11:11 p.m. EST
91.4% of precincts reporting (1,537 of 1,681)

Name Votes Percent
Hillary Clinton 642 49.8%
Bernie Sanders 638 49.5%
Martin O’Malley 7 0.5%
Uncommitted 1 0.1%
Other 0 0.0%

NOTE: Democratic vote totals are “state delegate equivalents” — an estimated number of delegates that will be sent to county and state conventions to formally select the delegates who will represent Iowa and the winning candidates at the national convention. Democrats do not immediately report the raw vote and never report what share of the raw vote each candidate won.

Hillary 50.2%
Bernie 49.3%

via CNN

Oh, I like that one better,

She’s up by 9!

Elections 2016
The Event Is In Progress
Welcome To The Iowa Caucuses

Current Status
Iowa Democratic Caucuses

As of Feb. 1, 2016, 11:17 p.m. EST
91.8% of precincts reporting (1,544 of 1,681)

Name Votes Percent
Hillary Clinton 661 50.2%
Bernie Sanders 650 49.3%
Martin O’Malley 7 0.5%
Uncommitted 0 0.0%
Other 0 0.0%

Hillary up by 10!

Current Status
Iowa Democratic Caucuses

As of Feb. 1, 2016, 11:32 p.m. EST
93.6% of precincts reporting (1,573 of 1,681)

Name Votes Percent
Hillary Clinton 671 50.1%
Bernie Sanders 661 49.4%
Martin O’Malley 7 0.5%
Uncommitted 0 0.0%
Other 0 0.0%

Ugh, 3 again:

Current Status
Iowa Democratic Caucuses

As of Feb. 1, 2016, 11:38 p.m. EST
93.7% of precincts reporting (1,575 of 1,681)

Name Votes Percent
Hillary Clinton 655 49.8%
Bernie Sanders 652 49.6%
Martin O’Malley 7 0.5%
Uncommitted 0 0.0%
Other 0 0.0%

Current Status
Iowa Democratic Caucuses

As of Feb. 1, 2016, 11:51 p.m. EST
94.1% of precincts reporting (1,582 of 1,681)

Name Votes Percent
Hillary Clinton 659 49.9%
Bernie Sanders 655 49.6%
Martin O’Malley 7 0.5%
Uncommitted 0 0.0%
Other 0 0.0%

Current Status
Iowa Democratic Caucuses

As of Feb. 1, 2016, 11:54 p.m. EST
94.3% of precincts reporting (1,585 of 1,681)

Name Votes Percent
Hillary Clinton 660 49.9%
Bernie Sanders 656 49.6%
Martin O’Malley 7 0.5%
Uncommitted 0 0.0%
Other 0 0.0%

FWIW, according to fluffpo, Hillary has 28 delegates and Bernie has 21.

I am so confused between delegates, votes and what have you…….

99 precincts to go.

They’ve called Hillary the winner in a squeaker or at least I saw Kristoff at the NYT do it.

At this point, I am good with a squeaker.
All I can find id “dead heat”.

Squeakers is good for me, too. CNN says “we” may not know tonight, while John King shows the precincts left to report are in counties that have been Hillary wins by a large spread. MSNBC is atrocious.

Help me here, can someone tell me why MSNBC, especially Chuckles Todd, is setting their hair on fire about Hillary declaring herself the winner. I watched her speech. I did not hear that. Did I miss something?

She very carefully avoided saying that, or anything remotely like that. Here it is:

No, you didn’t miss anything. Chuck should have been watching CNN where they saying (sarcasm) ‘well, she didn’t exaactually claim victory now did she?’

It’s a sad situation when I’m actually liking Tweety better than Rachael right now.

I agree, Tweety seemed more measured than Rachael. I don’t want to dislike Rachael, but I’m getting awfully tired of her fanning the Bern.

@108, thanks Chat. I was afraid I had missed something.

I can’t take it anymore. My head is esploding. This race will not be settled tonight.

What fresh hell is this? The Iowa Dem Party is asking the campaigns to confirm their numbers and the Sanders camp is accusing them of not properly staffing 90 precincts?

I’m back! Ribs were good. However internet acting “wobbly”. That should be me instead since I’m so stuffed. Also had fried green tomatoes because…

We gonna be seeing this for awhile.


GAgal I heard something like that too!

@114, my bet: It’s a diversion by Jeff Weaver and Ted Devine to keep up the fever pitch of the Berniebots and keep the dollars flowing. They want to announce record breaking online fundraising numbers overnight and tomorrow. If there’s a conspiracy, that heats up the Berniebros.

@114: Let me guess here…..the ones he did not win?
@118: I wonder how many of those dollars are contributed by Repubs who would rather run against a self-described Socialist than a moderate?

Sort of like being behind Spiro Agnew 110%.

Iowa Democratic Party just denied the Berniebro accusation in total.

All 90 suspect precincts actually had Chairpeople who will report the results. Nice try Berniebros, but epic fail.

I don’t know. It could be ones he won and shenanigans were reported. But Prolix is right. It will be used as a fundraising tool. Hey Sanders camp! – we get it, you hate the Democratic party all around. Just like your leader. It’s probably not a good idea to p!ss off the Iowa State party either way.

@120 Haha! Wonder what channel that was. That reminds me of a Bernie speech I saw. You know how we say ‘do the math’? Bernie says ‘Do the a-rith-mah-tic!’.

@122: It was the fault of the Iowa Dem party and Microsoft.

I’ve been awake for almost 24 hours. I can’t compute anything.

‘Night, all.

Sleep well, B.

Night Beata. I know just how you feel. We’ll hold the fort down.

@125 You mean because Microsoft is one of those big, bad corporations that has Hillary in their pocket?

GAgal@128: No, supposedly Microsoft was supplying some kind of stuff to the Dems and Repubs but apparently some (Berniebros?)

Some online charged that Microsoft founder Bill Gates had donated “millions” to the Clinton Foundation, making the company’s creation of the apps suspect. However Microsoft created apps for both the Republican and Democratic parties, so others said that seemed unlikely.

Oh, so no one, including the Rs, trusted the new app. Maybe the State party was asking for confirmation for the precincts who had a hard time reporting. I wonder if any Republican precinct had trouble with it.

Aargh! I’m also hitting the sack. I enjoyed the thread and visiting with Widdershins! Tomorrow’s another day! And this primary ain’t over!

MSNBC: Clinton has been named the apparent winner. Their words, not mine. Hell yes!!

CNN just acknowledged but will not put up their graphic with a big old yellow check mark for her like they did for Ted hours ago. No. They just want to deny a little more.

WOO HOO Hillary!!! Thank you Team Hillary!! Hell To The Yeah!!!

Just sat thru 15 commercials before MSNBC came back with their big blue check graphic. CNN nope. Then they went to commercial again.

Oh my. I had gone ahead and called it a night however my rib dinner decided to wake me up.

CNN not calling it an “apparent” victory for Hillary but man they are giving her some serious shade about the margin of the win.

Oh? So MSNBC finally awarded her a check mark? How noble of them.

Ah geez. CNN saying that the Iowa Dem party says one precinct is still out so they won’t call it yet, hence neither will CNN.

Yeah, where’s John King when you need him? Poor dude is not fitting their narrative. I hope whenever, whatever, they will actually reward him for his hard real work and let him check the effing box.

Went to sleep, couldn’t take it. Does anyone else notice that Bernie’s narrative is just like Obama’s? Ooh, small donors! Ooh, outsider! I fail to see how a billion-term Senator can call himself a Washington outsider….and I suspect there are more than a few big donors to Sanders’ campaign, who do not fit the swooning vision dreamed up by his supporters.

Sander’s campaign has learned to churn pseudo victimhood with passive/aggressive behavior for the big bucks. Plus, a whole lot of deflection/projection too. But hey, they’ll raise a couple.. or three million from their deceit. It’s already a pattern, but the media will blame the victim. This is where Hill’s social media needs to raise hell. (I’ll never know unless someone links)

This kid knows better than MSNBC.. apparently.

Just saw former Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia on CNN. He was brilliant. He said Bernie was spinning a loss as a tie and compared this race to the kickoff to the Super bowl. He said Hillary is the candidate who talks about the issues people care about, not just the big banks and billionaires and corrupt campaign financing. He also said that 45% of Iowa Democrats self-identify as Socialists, which makes the state very friendly for Sanders. Did not know that!

Excellent! Hillary has good spokespeople out there if the media will just allow them to speak! Ex Gov Jennifer Graholm was great too Sunday.

Good grief! CNN showing people lining up to see Hill’s next event. What time did she leave Iowa last night? This is what bothered me about adding all these townhalls and debates so suddenly. This event would be okay, but enough is enough. Hope it backfires on Sanders, his idiot advisors and the media outlets who demanded it.

Hi guys GOOD morning. What I don’t get is how the Sanders people manage to spin successfully this persona of him. A guy in Washington since before the Clinton why did he wait till his seventies to start a revolution. Democrats have a problem.

Hi owanaa. Good morning. If you don’t understand the media spin against Hillary for the past 25 years then I don’t know what to say. Bernie is not a Democrat so those of us who are have no problem at all. But thanks for your concern. Have a great day!

When was the last time Donald Trump got through a speech without cussing? (as we say down south) Really. I don’t mind if my president cusses like a sailor behind closed doors, but I don’t speak like that in front of kids. Is it too much to ask for someone running for the highest office in the land to stop teaching our kids foul language?

@148: As we also say down South, bless his heart, he just cannot help talking ugly.

I am not sure what did you get out of my comment, but it seems like not much from what you said

What I mean is the media is only too happy to spin for Sanders, because they have been hating on Hillary for many years. Also, Bernie is not a Democrat. He will be out of the race after Super Tuesday (March 1st). So we Democrats don’t have a problem when it comes to Sanders. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

Just like they pushed Obama, yet now we have this:

Be of good cheer, Widdershins! Neither Phil nor General Beau saw a shadow today.

I”m less concerned with Phil, Beau, Boudreaux the beaver or B’ham Bubba than I am with this mess. It’s 75° on Feb. 2nd and I have this. They keep moving the elevated line further and further east.

It’s in the 80’s here. No self-respecting groundhog would be out in the sun today.
yep, you’re just a groundhog’s eyelash shy of that line. Stay safe, or consider checking in to the BW Eufala for the night.

@155: Oh no chat, B’ham is right in the middle of the orange. But on the timing yeah midnight to 5 a.m. – you really want to have a possible tornado in the middle of the night. 😯

@155: When they saw this developing last week, the “elevated” portion was just the tip of the northwest counties and over into Miss. Then the last two days the wx service has moved it progressively east. Love it. 🙄

Oh and now they’ve decided to throw this one in just for giggles:

Hillary interview tonight on Tweety’s show at 7:00 EST.

I’ve seen parts of it. It seems as if Tweety finally gets it. Of course, he has a dog in this fight — his wife is running for Congress and he wants some of Hillary’s skirt tails to help his wife.

He seems to finally be favorable to Hillary — wonders will never cease.

@158: Well this shall be interesting.
I had forgotten about his wife running, Prolix. What state is she running in?

@159: Maryland
@158: She has raised millions fi othder Dems as opposed to Bernie’s zilch thus far.

@160, Bernie has been in Congress since 1990. His hero, Fidel, only took three years to create his Revolución, Bernie is in his 26th year. Does that mean Fidel is nine times better than Bernie? It would be a question Karl Rove would ask.

@158, Thanks Prolix, I’ll try to catch it. So it would be 4pm here?

@160, Good point, Chat. I hope these other dems and their teams will return the favor and point out that Hillary helps all dems and Bernie just helps himself.

Fredster, that looks terrifying. I hope you will be someplace safe tonight.

Thanks chat.

annie, I will be “hunkered down” as they say. One good thing is we’ve had some rain ahead of all this. That will help to lower the CAPE values and the helicity which may help calm down the storms.

@162, Annie, it will be on Tweety’s show, Hardball. It is taped, so I bet the time won’t be 4:00.

Okay, I checked the TV Guide for LA — it looks like they air Hardball at 7:00 PST on MSNBC.

Our local stations have all gone to local wx broadcasting since there’s been a tornado touchdown in the tv area. I’ll still be able to catch Tweety but I’ll probably flip back and forth.

Well…it’s 6pm central time and MSNBC is showing a live Trump news conference. 😦

Good article to read here.

@168: Excellent article, Fredster. Hillary won a historic victory in Iowa last night, fair and square, and we should rejoice in it!

I tried to post this song earlier today but it didn’t work for some reason so I’m posting it again.

Thanks Beata. I keep forgetting to check that site daily.

@168, Fredster, thanks for the link. You should post it at Upps if you’re able. How’s the tornado watch?

Oops, that was me, not laker.


I’m sorry I couldn’t come to the site today guys. Silly work stuff!!

I’m so excited about this. Remember Trump was leading the Iowa polls by 20% at one point…could Our Girl pull off an upset in New Hampshire? Mwahahaha….

Fredster, stay safe tonight!

The worst of our weather has passed now. Still, earlier the lightning was just amazing to watch, there was so much of it. I ended up unplugging the computer and the tv for awhile.

@175, that sounds scary. Glad you’re safe and don’t take chances.

@174, I will check it out.

Prolix, there is another Cruz/Birther story at fluffpo. (Illinois Board of Elections proclaimed him an NBC). The article is boring but the comments were LOL funny!

@176, thanks Annie, the comment about Cruz, as a cold-blooded reptile, hatching from an egg was well worth the read.

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