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2016 fast-forwarded to 1968…

Posted on: January 27, 2016

Dear Bernie-bros:

These thoughts are my own.  I speak for no one else other than myself.  If these comments cause you to loosen your man buns, climb upon your trusty hoverboards, and descend upon us with your keyboards blazing, I apologize to our regular readers for the inconvenience.

My dude-a-licious friends, just let me know where I can go and I’ll gladly follow you to a more suitable environment for my gravatar water-boarding.  With that said…Camaro

1968 was a very good year.  There was the first generation Camaro.  There was the release of the song America on Simon and Garfunkel’s Bookends album.  And there was a great northern migration of about 36,000 hippies to Vermont.

Bernie Sanders arrived in Vermont in 1968.  He’s currently using America in a very moving ad.  And if he was a car, he would be a Camaro.

The Camaro was a muscle concept car designed to appeal to a young, male demographic.  The Camaro had an allure kindling a lifelong attachment between car and owner.  That cachet was legendary until 2002 when Camaro production ceased.

Production resumed in 2010 and suddenly, for a whole new generation, the car was new again; and thus, an exemplar of Bernie Sanders.

Just as the Camaro, through some testosterone-fueled anthropomorphism, spoke to young men symbolizing their ideals, the brogressives are hearing an old idealized message being made new and shiny again through the Bernie megaphone.

Graphic on IncomeLet there be no doubt, it is a wonderful message – if, and only if, bitcoins grew like dandelions after a spring rain, insurance companies employed people with hearts, and all university admissions officers were trained unicorns.

Bernie is a certified dude-whisperer.  Forget economics.  Ignore reality.  Deride incrementalism.  Preach revolution.  Neglect politics.  Pray Republicans will be struck mute by the gods after an Asgard toga party.

What is the magic of this Sanderscology?  It’s a “creeper whistle” primarily perceptible only to young, white, affluent, men.  Not people of color.  Not people of need.  Not single-parents.  Not minimum wage workers.  Not ordinary Joe and Jane Lunchbuckets.

One aspect of this “playa magic” is that Vermont, New Hampshire, and Iowa are the win, place, and show states for liberalism in America.

Another aspect of this prog-prestiditation is that a large portion of Bernie’s support is solidly middle-class earning between $50k and $150k.  It strikes me as peculiar being lectured on America’s obligations from a group immunized from the stark realities of need.  Conversely, a mainstay of Hillary’s support comes from those making $25K or less — folks who understand need firsthand.Liberal Chart

For any of this Sanders wish list to materialize, nothing short of a revolution would have to occur.  Democrats would have to hold each and every seat they currently have in the House, win a majority of the remaining toss-up districts, and then pick up at least two-dozen Republican-leaning districts.  Bernie acknowledges this is impossible – something that just doesn’t seem to compute with the bro-homie brigade.

All this raises a basic issue the Bernbros avoid like Chlamydia brochures at the free clinic:  Most of these people were Obamabots in 2008.  Their support promptly soured.  They voted in higher percentages for Romney than Obama in 2012.  As former Obamabots, they are vocally critical of the lack of progressive wins put on the board by Obama.  All this leads to the question:  Why should anyone listen to the newest fascination of these fanboys and take their recommendation?

Simply put, the Obama idolatry of 2008 has morphed into a feverish avidity for the showroom shininess of Sanders.  Such fickleness is the stuff of Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes – not candidates for the Oval Office.

One last 30,000 foot observation:  No matter how much the bros hate incrementalism, our system of government is built upon deliberative processes.  Two legislative bodies and an executive must agree in compromise without intervention by the Supreme Court for government to work.

What Obama didn’t understand and this cohort of brogressives fails to appreciate is that leadership is inextricably intertwined with teaching.  Educating and reeducating the electorate on policy is the leitmotif of politics.

Progress, whether in incremental steps or in one fell swoop, must always be preceded by instruction in the importance and logic of proposals.  True policy gains are only realized through battle-hardened perseverance – a characteristic exemplified by Hillary over the last twenty-five years.

Bernie in 1968The guttural growl of the Camaro has a mesmerizing quality.  The seductive nature of the growl promises performance even though it is loudest when the car is standing still in neutral.  Regrettably, any perceived power is ultimately checked by speed limits and speed bumps.  Such truisms are never explained on the showroom floor.  The same is true for politics.

Enjoy your Wednesday and take this conversation in any direction you might like.




66 Responses to "2016 fast-forwarded to 1968…"

I think Bernie is more of a Volkswagen Beetle.
Dammit, now I really want a Camaro 😦
Great post, as us.

Thanks Sue. My first car was a 12 year old Chevrolet Impala Super Sport fast back with the rear window larger than a living room picture window. It had, what my father termed — birth control seats, bucket seats with a console large enough for a coffee table.

Oh, crud. Hillary said that Obama would make a great SCOTUS judge.

@4: It’s not often that I agree with Milbank but he’s right (partially) on Sanders. The Republicans will tear him apart with that one word: Socialist!

@5, Sanders is a dream for oppo researchers. Run his Hugo Chavez or Castro statesments along with the Socialist tag, then ask one question: In the Oval Office? It would be a 1972’esque landslide.

Prolix said: leadership is inextricably intertwined with teaching. Educating and reeducating the electorate on policy is the leitmotif of politics.

That’s something Louisiana’s newly elected governor is going to have to do.

Through the magic of basing his budget on $60-70 bbl oil, Piyush left office with a $750 million hole in the current budget. Now John Bel Edwards has to clean up Piyush’s mess. There’s not much choice other than to raise taxes and the fastest way to get the extra $$s is to raise the sales tax by a penny. Of course the main group he’s going to have to educate are the Repubs in the lege.

The Treasury Secretary (who also wants to run for Vitter’s Senate seat) has said “Oh we don’t have to raise taxes. We just need to do away with lots of state contracts. The amount of money spent on contracts is UGE! in the hundreds of millions of dollars”. The funny thing though is he won’t provide a list of those expensive contracts. And of course this has been picked up by citizens as gospel.

@7, I’m not sure if I can name an instance where a Dem following a Repub didn’t have to clean up a fiscal mess.

@8: Exactly! Piyush went through the process of “sweeping” every account, trust or whatever that might have had a dollar or more in it, so there’s no magic bullet out there.

If the proposed budget cuts have to be made the two areas to be hit will be healthcare and higher ed. LSU has mentioned the possibility of just canceling their summer session and of course any new hires would be on hold.

And to think I was concerned one day driving into downtown nola and seeing a woman in the other lane driving with one hand while holding and eating a po-boy with the other one.

Prolix, love your art-y post! Love how you used a Camaro to illustrate your points.

My mom had a Camaro in the 70s. It was a cool looking car, but it had a weird flaw. When you put your foot down on the accelerator, it paused for a second or two before going. Apparently, it was a design flaw, and she took it back to the dealer several times to get it fixed, but they never could fix it.

@10, my god, what a fool. I hate it when people are doing other crap while driving.

@10, that sounds like just a normal Saturday night, 3:00 a.m., 20-year old Toyota, no pants, porn on the telephone, and getting thrown out the sunroof. Just another weird, freaky accident for a 58-year old. Who’d think anything could go wrong?

Did you guys hear some of the other news? They arrested a group of the y’allquada idiots, shot and killed one, wounded another. There are still a small group left at the reserve. The others, including the 2 Bundy boyz are under arrest.

Also, what do you all think about the latest Trump brouhaha?

I read that Milbank piece last night. Didn’t really appreciate his harsh words about Hillary, but yes, he’s right about Bernie getting crushed if won the nomination (he won’t).

Prolix@13: I know. The guy was just minding his own business and wham! But I feel badly for the widow if there was one. What would you really say to her?

annie@14: If Trump doesn’t show or if he does, either way he’s probably guaranteed Fox high ratings for the debate.

Regarding those clowns in Oregon, they got what they deserved. I imagine the ones left at the reserve will not be budging from the place.

@14, the guy who got killed seemed like a gentle man, but had some pretty crazy notions. I saw him interviewed a couple of weeks back. He had 11 children. Just think how screwed up they must be with the thinking he represented.

Prolix, I read that his kids were foster kids and he made over 100,000 per year for taking them. Here is one article:

I read somewhere that he used the kids to work his ranch! I have no doubt the poor kids are screwed up.

Are you sure he’s gentle? He is said to have charged the cops before they shot him.

@17: Was that the guy who had the foster kids or something like that that he was getting benefits for?

I see that rang a bell for both of us annie.

@20, LOL! Actually, I’m not sure how many of the kids were foster. Maybe some of them were his and his wifes own.

Fredster, I still haven’t gotten sorted out yet from the NAMM Show. When I do, I will email you a couple of pix.

@18, he was the guy who sat all night in the lawn chair with a blue tarp over his head. When he was interviewed he seemed gentle and soft spoken. He had crazy ideas and talked pure goofiness about protecting the Constitution. All that stuff about the foster kids I didn’t know.

That is terrible!

@18, that is horrible. How does someone like that get licensed to care for children?

Oh he was tarp guy! Ahhh.

@22: Thanks! I look forward to seeing them.

This goes beyond the condition of terminal stupidity.

@26, Branch was the guy who was the carrier captain in the PBS documentary, “Carrier.” If you haven’t seen that, it was great. It’s a good binge watch.

@27: I saw a mention of that in the article. I wonder if I can find it online some place?

@28, it was great. I didn’t realize how big and complex a carrier is. They picked several sailors who were basically just kids and followed them around in their jobs. One kid was a pimply faced deckhand who helped with ordinance loading on the fighter jets. He had a girlfriend back home who fooled around, got pregnant, and broke up with him. He was devastated and probably was just like thousands of other kids who enlisted.

Here’s a poll finding I’ve not seen before:

More Democratic voters think Hillary Clinton, as opposed to Bernie Sanders, is the candidate who would be the most likely to change Washington.

Prolix said: One kid was a pimply faced deckhand who helped with ordinance loading on the fighter jets

That’s one of the amazing things about the military: take a young kid who would probably be stocking shelves at the local grocery or Wal-mart and then have him handling live bombs hooking them up to a multimillion dollar fighter plane.

@30: Interesting and appears very similar to 2008.

And on another but similar topic, I’d love to know what was said in that meeting today between Obama and Sanders.

When will it end, if ever?

Just watching MSNBC and Mrs. Greenspan is now spinning it is really Hillary’s fault that Bernie Sanders won’t agree to debate next week.

It is just amazing at the CDS and the number of women who engage in it. I’ve given up on the men, they are hopeless and pretty much worthless.

As of noon: According to 538, Hillary has a 76% favorability to win Iowa.

That’s the only poll that I really trust.

@33: Where on earth do they get this stuff?

On morning schmoe, #socklessdeadintern and #drunkmika were trying to spin it that Clinton originally didn’t want a lot of debates hence the schedule and times that the DNC selected because according to those two, the DNC is in Clinton’s pocket. Yeah, sez those of us who remember the DNC in 2008. But the dynamic duds say that now since she’s behind, Hillary wants lots and lots of debates. Mika honey go make yourself some of your special tea that includes the miniature bottle of Skyy vodka.

Joe we all have gas cans, lighters and kindling wood if needed.


@37: ROFLMAO!!! You guys are so funny!

Oh my goodness, Wapo has a new editorial out today (by the editorial board) that slams Bernie!!! The Bernbots heads are exploding! You should check it out. Sorry I’m not linking it, but I’m using hubs work pc and I don’t know how to link on it.

Wow! Didn’t we see things like this before from the 2008 election?

@40 Ha! That WaPo article has over 3500 comments. And there sits Susan Sarandon behind Bernie. Remember in 07/08 she said – yeah I want a woman president, just not THAT woman.

@42: I was really disappointed to see Sarandon supporting Bernie.

@43: Ditto. And also hugely disappointed to see Bonnie Raitt supporting Bernie. What the hell. Even some of the Dkos folk are seeing that Hillary’s plans are so much better. Sophie has a link to an interesting post by one of them over at Uppity’s.

@39, yes, we did.

Hmm, this article says Hillary’s 2008 campaign was accused of doing this same thing. I don’t remember that, but I don’t know much about Nevada.

@39 Oops, I just saw your link to this above.

@47: No problem GAgal. Another view on the same issue.

@44: Bonnie Raitt is supporting Bernie? That is sad. I always associate her song ” I Will Not Be Broken” with Hillary’s 2008 campaign.

My mother would never let me date a guy who drove a Camaro. Mama knew about these things.

@42: Yep, Susan Sarandon is pictured behind Bernie in that WaPo op-ed. You can tell she understands “real folks” and their problems because she’s wearing a flannel shirt. Yeah, right.

Forgot to say – Great post, prolix. I’ve wanted a Camaro since I was 15.

I’ll admit I was watching a movie on TCM.

Just switched over to the debate to see Cruz lie about Obamacare being a “job killer” even though that’s already been disproved. Don’t think I’m that interested in hearing more of their lies.

Susan Sarandon was asked today why she wasn’t voting for Hillary. She cited the vote for the Iraq war and added that it’s “patronizing to women to think we all follow our genitalia to pick candidates.” That’s pretty much it, but here’s the link.

@54: And I’m sure we all remember what Madeleine Albright said too.

I’m so friggin’ sick of hearing about “the vote”. 🙄

Another rock star has died, Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane & Starship. We’re losing all of our generations music makers. So sad.


I guess we have to leave it up to the BBC to get any reporting on some of Sanders supporters behavior on social media. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Someone needs to ask Sarandon if the “vote” bothers her so much why was she a John Kerry supporter in 2004. She could have supported a 3rd party candident if she felt so strongly about it.

@58: Excellent question!

I was reading the state of Georgia’s voter registration website the other day. I learned that you are not eligible to vote if you have been declared mentally incompetent. Wth? If you qualify in all other ways and you’re competent enough to work the machine you should be able to vote. Do they think there are that many who would vote and change an election or something? Weird.

Wapo did it again! They just posted a response to Bernie’s response of their earlier editorial. I can’t believe it! Bernie is finally getting some vetting! Heh heh!

@annie: D^&*! I got hit with the limit of my free reads of WaPo so I had to sign up for a one year subscription. 👿

Anyway, here’s the link to the piece you were talking about annie.

Oh my. Things are not all happiness and sunshine at Politico.

@54 – I wonder if Sarandon regrets her support for Obama, given that he pretty much whiffed on all his campaign promises? Or am I giving her too much credit for actually thinking about stuff? 😀

“Or am I giving her too much credit for actually thinking about stuff?”


I don’t know if there is anything to this, but it’s about a guy who works for the Inspector General office that is looking into Hill’s emails…

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