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Lazy Weekend Music: Blizzards, Downpours, and other Such Miseries

Posted on: January 23, 2016

Looks like Winter Storm Jonas is a nasty one, dumping 2 feet or so of fluffy white material liberally down the Eastern Seaboard from New York through North Carolina, hugging the Appalachians through to Kentucky and Northern Georgia.  As for those of us down here Where America Ends, we are, have been, and will be treading water,  It had rained and rained, followed by brief cold fronts of 36 hours or so, then it warms up and rains and rains and rains, add cold front and repeat.  Rain is atypical at this time in SoFla – El Niño has a muy picante sense of humor.

I’m certain that those Widdershins who are covered with snow would gladly trade place with the wet Widdershins to your South, and I can somewhat see why, but ask yourself if you would enjoy three weeks worth of virtually unremitting rains interspersed with wildly fluctuating temperatures.  At any rate, the weather appears to be miserable for all in a variety of torments, so we make the best of it.

I’ve found a lot of songs about Winter, and any number about rain.  For the most part I’ve found them in Classic Rock, but I’m good with that.  Post your tunes as well as anything else that might strike your fancy in this absolutely open thread. 

Stay warm and dry, Widdershins.


(1) Rhythm of the Rain – The Cascades

(2) Who’ll Stop the Rain – Creedence Clearwater Revival

(3) Hazy Shade of Winter – Simon and Garfunkel

(4) A Winter’s Tale – Queen

(5) First Snow on Brooklyn – Jethro Tull




53 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: Blizzards, Downpours, and other Such Miseries"

I like this Ella version.

I’m copying Prolix’s comment from the previous post to here because it has a good link to check out.

A really good article on the media narrative of “it’s close in Iowa.”

Not snow or rain but it’s cold and I like Ella.

I hope you Widdershins are all safe, warm, dry, comfortable, and well fed. Looks like it’s going to be a nasty week, weather-wise, for all of you.

What Annie said! Everyone take care.

I remember the Berkshires did seem dreamlike in the winter, all covered with “frostin'”. That was when I was younger and didn’t mind the weather so much.

Nice songs. 🙂

The Des Moines Register endorses Hillary Clinton.

I guess Sanders and the bernieboyz will say it’s that pesky establishment thing once again.

Fredster @3, followed that link and had to pick my jaw up off the floor. The selective reporting of “only bad news for Clinton all the time” is bad enough. But then the little fact that the one poll trumpeted everywhere included Republicans, but nobody mentions that!

So report only the one very unfavorable-to-Clinton poll AND don’t note that it used bad methodology that makes it meaningless!

Can plain old knew-jerk sexism really cause that much dishonesty? Or is it time to reach for the tin foil hat? ??

(knee-jerk, dammit.)

quixote, isn’t that enough to just drive you insane? Have no idea whether it’s sexism or what. Now, can you imagine how they’ll spin it if she does get the win in Iowa? They’ll blow off the Iowa win with some type of lame excuse and never concede it’s a win at all.

In case you missed this from the other night.

@17: That video needs a trigger warning.

Warning: Trigger

@19: Sarah’s voice, among other things. ( I was just kidding you. )

I did like the warning-Trigger video. 🙂

I thought the small picture of Sarah would be a hint.

That horse could dance!

Better than me, that’s for sure.

Okay, no music, but too cute!

@13, quixote, what is maddening, everything is spun for “click bait” — spin the race to be close, then there’s more clicks especially from the more tech friendly Bernbot fans. When you look at the way this has been spun, all the media has come to the conclusion they have to engender competition to pump up their online ad revenue.

Hillary has her ground crew from 2008 plus the Obama ground crew from 2008 plus Emily’s List plus NARAL plus a couple more. It is the most effective Iowa ground game ever assembled.

@26: I saw some of that on the news with the panda. He was having a great time out there.

Prolix, I am sooo hoping that she gets the win in Iowa with a good percentage because I want to see how some of these pundits are going to explain the win. Naturally it goes without saying that they’ll never give her any credit in it.

Actually, I’m glad to see the media spinning toward Bernie. That means they have the polls in their hands that show a different spin. But, oh, they do love to spin. It’s what they do.

@29, their line in retrospective rationalization will be, “Quite unexpectedly, Hillary over-performed. Of course, her ground game was far superior to Bernie’s since Hillary had all the establishment support. Bernie is expected to do much better in NH as we shall see.”

@30, you’re right, they are spinning so hard because they know once Hillary and Bernie hit SC, the race is all over. Even before the first vote is officially cast, Hillary is something like 8% of the way toward the nomination with the super-delegate pledges.

GAgal said: But, oh, they do love to spin. It’s what they do.

That’s sad because what they used to do was report the news. Or at least I seem to recall it that way.

Journalism is dead.

@33, you said it Fredster!

@34: Ah…then we’re terribly screwed.

annie, y’all back from NAMM? I’m not going to ask if you had a good time because I know y’all always enjoy it.

I see someone else besides me is up late/early – but I’m about to call it a night/morning (?).

prolix, re how it’s all about clickbait. One some level, high up in the forebrain, I know that. But I keep forgetting on an intuitive level. You’re right. Viewed through a clickbait lens, it all falls into place.

If they (media) had any vision, they could try some clickbait along the lines of “Girl Makes Good!” “Wow, Look At Her After All They’ve Thrown At Her!” “What A Winner!” “We’re So Cool, We’re Not Even Sexists!”

But of course they are. So calling her a winner just feels squicky to them. And they can’t even figure out what their problem is. There’s no cure for stupid, and even less for motivated stupid.

@37, today is the last day. We’re just heading over there now.

@40, so right you are — especially about the motivated stupidity.

The lack of self-awareness is astounding. They don’t have the wherewithal to even consider, let alone even ask themselves, might we be sexist in our treatment. No, the question becomes how hard can we hit her in order to ensure clicks among those exhibiting CDS.

It would be different if she was a fly by night, Jodie come lately to the political scene. How can they still pretend, beyond pandering to prejudices, that there is anything we don’t know about Hillary’s background?

It is truly anger-making.

@41, have a great time Annie!

Glad to see we have our heads on straight about Hillary vs. Bernie. The idea that this man, who could potentially win, perhaps, 4 states in the primaries (I’m being generous here), and who is behind by huge swaths of percentage points in the other 46 states, is somehow ahead of Hillary…well, it really doesn’t even merit consideration. Not to mention that Bernie is not a Democrat, and none of the superdelegates will vote for him. His chance of getting the nomination is nil.

I will baldly state that in my opinion, if Hilary were a man, no one would be running against her. It’s laughable to consider anyone else more qualified or more capable than she is.

P.S., we got 25 inches of snow from Jonas. Thanks dude! So much for my travel to Texas this week. :-p

This is awesome and dead-on:

@46: Love it! ROTFL!

I never watch SNL anymore but I heard that Tina Fey did a hysterical take on Palin’s Donald endorsement.

MB said: So much for my travel to Texas this week

Didn’t I say something to ya about maybe not counting on Monday too much? 😉

I saw on a nola tv station that even Louis Armstrong airport was being affected. They interviewed a guy trying to get back to Mexico whose flights were cancelled (can’t figure that one out) but he finally got rebooked to Mexico, via Chicago. 😯

WHOA DENVER!! (I think I saw Tom Brady crying)

@48 – you did indeed! All three of us had to cancel our trips.

@49 – I gotta say, I was really shocked that the Patriots lost. Well, let’s see if Peyton can win the Super Bowl this time. The media seems to feel he’s entitled to it.

mb@50: I kept looking at the NWS and the weather channel and seeing those projected snowfall numbers increase. Just based on what I had seen after previous blizzards it was a good guess that they would be slow in getting back on schedule.

I read online that for whatever reason the Pats don’t play well in Denver.

The media seems to feel he’s entitled to it.

Sentimental favorite, could be this is his last year.

@50: However, if he does the pizza thing or sings/hums the insurance song, no more sentimental fave.

If you see something, say something.

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