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Thank you, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz!

Posted on: January 17, 2016

Dear, dear Debbie Wasserman-Schultz*

Thank you so very much for not scheduling this debate against a football game.  Perhaps someone pointed out that Democrats and leaning Indies watch football, too?  Anyhow, the grateful, Democratic, football-lovin’ portion of the nation salutes you, and we’ll back that up with a toast.

Just for variety, let’s play bingo tonight.  The rules are simple – you check off a box, you take a sip.  You get bingo, finish your drink.  Oh, and you might want to yell “bingo” first, depending on the size/contents of the aforementioned drink.  At the end, let’s all have a toast to DWS and the gift of better timing.

See you on the other side for an open comments thread.  Bottoms up, Widdershins!

*Full disclosure:  DWS is my Congressional Rep.

27 Responses to "Thank you, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz!"

Yep, b/c Pitt/Denver is still on and this game is t-i-g-h-t. OMAHA!

But honestly I’m not expecting much from the debate. Let’s face it, we don’t have a Trump, Cruz or Rubio, not to mention Christie. I mean, really…what’s gonna happen…O’Malley beats up on Bernie and Hillary?

Let’s have a celebrity deathmatch between Bernie and Hillary.

That would be interesting, but likely not.

Well, here goes nothing.

So far, I’ve got black lives matter, NRA, renewable energy, Sanders on guns, and Wall Street. Several sips, no bingo.

That’s okay, I’m an only child, so I can play by myself all night long.

Clinton donors, super pacs, Trump, and some mild criticism of Obama/ Check, check, check, and check. Sip, sip, sip, sip.

I watched all the debates from start to finish, but 40 minutes is enough for me this time. Sanders looks like he’s about to blow and I don’t want to witness that on live TV. I’m more embarrassed for him than I am for O’Malley at this point.

He does look somewhat plethoric, doesn’t he?

Dammit! Somebody please say “koch brothers”.

No bingo, no joy,

Hey, this is my source for blow-by-blow accounts of this stuff. Y’all watch it so I don’t have to! And it looks to me like you’re falling down on the job.

Ah well. Can’t say I blame you. At all.

@10 ‘ya know what doomed you on your bingo joy was because Koch Brothers was on the board twice. Not fair.

I’s a shame I couldn’t make myself watch this one because it was a biggie. But, when Bernie was asked that first YT question about local prosecutors investigating police shootings such as Tamir Rice – aside from not hearing the question – he came back with ‘yeah there’s a problem with people dying in police custody’. Tamir Rice was the kid shot by cops 2 seconds after pulling up to the scene. He did not die in police custody. My thought was Bernie saw that young black woman who asked the question and assumed she was asking about Sandra Bland. And don’t think BLM didn’t notice that either. Maybe he still didn’t hear the question after Holt repeated it, but he was still confused.

You know, every time I switched over to it, all I saw was the three of them agreeing on something. Unity for the party = wonderful. For a debate, not so much.

GAgal said: Maybe he still didn’t hear the question after Holt repeated it, but he was still confused.

Aha! That’s why David Brock was going to demand that Bernie release his medical records. Never mind about the complete medical records, let’s demand that Bernie have a hearing test.

quixote: It’s a shame but it appears that we have no certifiable nut jobs among our candidates. You have to admit that nut jobs do make for great theater.

And I have to add…I am never thrilled watching Mrs. Alan Greenspan.

Per USA today, Bernie was spectacular and won the debate hands down. We must have been watching different debates.

@18: Oh wait until the reviews come in from HuffPo.

@13 All I can say is there is no way Hillary would have answered a question about local prosecutors being in charge of investigating shooting deaths with ‘yeah, there’s a problem with people dying in police custody’. I don’t know if Bernie’s deaf or just tone deaf.

I wasn’t home. Sounds like I didn’t miss much. Chat, sorry I missed the bingo!

@13, Wow! Bernie flubbed that! I hope the stupid news will pick up on it.

@20: And I was making a lighthearted comment that was in conjunction with the fact that David Brock of Correct the record was going to put out a demand that Sanders release his medical records. It was a joke – sorry it didn’t come across that way.

G’nite everyone.

@22 Oh! I knew you were joking about that craziness. My thought when I first saw that Brock crap was – it’s Politico. Full of “anonymous, some say, and people who know his thinking” crap. But hey, Sanders campaign did what they always do. Jump on to the lies and fundraise off of it anyway. Just like the data breach. They still think they’re victims of that too.

This debate sounds like somebody was trying to prove will Rogers point. “I don’t belong to an organized political party. I’m a Democrat.” (Only he said it better.)

I haven’t seen the reaction elsewhere (I’m serious. I come here first!), but from what you’re saying, it sounds like Job #1 in the media and too many people’s heads is to tear Clinton down.

The country desperately needs a genius, and we only got one.

@24, Q, you have that right — there’s only one in the race.

Sorry Quixote, I had to work this weekend. A lot!

And frankly I am really annoyed with Bernie at this point. He must be a complete idiot to think he will ever go past a couple of teeny primaries/caucuses.

FYI, I am convinced that if Hillary were a man, no one else would have run against her. It’s beyond obvious that she is the only person who can do the job.

Sheesh, madamab. How can you let frivolous pursuits like a job get in the way? Next you’ll be telling me you have a life!


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