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Lazy Weekend: Musical Questions

Posted on: January 16, 2016

Good Saturday to you, Widdershins.  I don’t exactly know why I selected this topic, perhaps it was because I listened to repetitive questions during the debate – followed by non-answers and innumerable “Hillary Clintons”, of course.  Anyhow, I thought that this might be the perfect weekend to explore songs that pose a question.

Once I got started, I found that there are literally hundreds of them to be found, in practically every musical genre that one might consider.  The songs seem to be skewed more toward open questions, but there are plenty of closed questions to be found, and your ninth grade English teacher will be proud of you if you can remember the difference without the Googles.

So, let the questions begin forthwith.  Otherwise, this is a totally open thread.  Here’s hoping for a great weekend for all, but stop by for a bit and post.

(1) Who Let the Dogs Out? – Baha Men

(2) Do You Believe in Magic? – The Lovin’ Spoonful

(3) Who Wrote the Book of Love? – The Monotones

(4) Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? – The Shirelles

(5) Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? – Chicago


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And while we’re at it

Excellent choices!!!

For those new college graduates asking the question, “What do I do with a BA in English,” from Avenue Q:

In honor of that great questioning songwriter Hal David who gave us “What’s it all about Alfie,” “Do you know the way to San Jose,” and this one:

And for those who are encountering a pharmacological “bad chemical day”:

And for those gentlemen of a certain age:

And no list would be complete without this one from Ms. Franklin:

I love the bee gees but this video is hilarious …

Again, while I’m at it

There is great consternation in the conservative collective. Disappointment is raging. Down has turned to up, evil to good, bitter to sweet — millions in negative advertising has been wasted with Ted Cruz being admitted to a psychiatric care facility for observation.

Iran has complied with the negotiated requirements of the nuclear deal.

Way to go, y’all!

I refrained from a few videos because I consider them cruel and unusual punishment. Like Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Suppose to Live Without You?” or “what does the FOX say”.


When Marco Rubio grows up, he wants to be Cliff Richard.

what Marco is really thinking:

Ellen lip synching Do you know where you’re going to (about 3 min mark)

I’ve watched that a few times. This is one of my favorites:

An old British / Appalachian folk song my parents used to sing:

Oh my…the Rude Pundit has his post-debate take on, well, the latest Republican debate. It’s totally hysterical so check it out.

“My dog didn’t mean to ruin your clothes. He can’t help it.”

Hey, Widdershins!:

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