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Forty months and counting…

Posted on: January 15, 2016

13 Hours

Our session last evening produced over 160 comments.  That is a heavy lift for every refresh when loading the site.  Fortunately, there was an article today serving as a nice coda to Wednesday’s post.

In an exclusive interview with The Washington Post, the CIA officer in charge on the night of the infamous Benghazi attack has spoken out.  It is indeed worth a read especially since the 13 Hours movie opened this weekend.

The operative does not reveal his name since his identity has not yet been cleared by the CIA.  He is called “Bob” throughout the story and is described as:

[A] former Army medic who spent 32 years with the agency…Libya wasn’t Bob’s first war zone. The former veteran case officer, now in his early 60s, spent time in Central America, Iraq and Afghanistan as a clandestine case officer assigned to the Latin America and Near East divisions.

“Bob” unequivocally dismisses the claims made in the movie as to the notorious “stand down” order that September 11th, 2012 evening.  As we discussed Wednesday, Bob strategically ordered the contract security team to wait, “If there was any delay, it was a matter of minutes. It took a good 15 to 17 minutes just to get ready,” Bob said.

As you will note in the article, the book upon which the movie is based was not submitted to review by the CIA.  The anonymity of the security officers allowed the author to skirt a national security factual review.  That fact, in and of itself, should discount this Michael Bay pyrotechnic extravaganza.

Without a doubt, 13 Hours will become the truth of the conspiratorial Right.  As with so many things, the truth of the Right stands at the gate of the land of delusional sophistry.

As always, this is an open thread.


15 Responses to "Forty months and counting…"

Donald Trump is renting out a theater in Iowa to provide a free showing of the movie.

Donald Trump would rent out his mother for a tenth of that publicity.

I’m going to have to quit blogging. You can’t say anything without a Bernie Bro having a meltdown.

@4, Georgia, what happened?

oh, discussing Bernie’s pie in the sky stuff. He has not released a health plan so his supporters are just making it up. and then the moron sues Wikipedia. What the heck is wrong with him?

@6, G, what is wrong with him is that his “pie” is not politically palatable or viable. There is no one in Congress, not a soul south of the Ohio River, adjacent to cornfields of the Midwest, or on a Rocky Mountain high who are going to vote for a 9% across the board tax increase. That will not happen.

Bernie can’t tell the truth about that prior to Iowa, but he can talk about the pie-in-the-sky of Medicare for all. It will never happen and will ensure the gains of the ACA will be lost.

Bernie is suing Wikipedia? And the dem party? what the what?

Prolix, thanks for posting this. I was wondering about that insipid looking movie.

This is part 1 of a 4 part series about starting with his early years. Really in-depth research…

@8, here’s another article and it does an even better job of dissecting the falsity of the movie.

This is a long cut and paste, but it is central to the rabid Right’s claims about Benghazi.

13 Hours’ second major error is even worse: It claims that US air support could have helped end the attack, but that the US military prevented planes that were in range from taking off.

The contractors in 13 Hours are constantly talking about how they want air support, that without it, “we’re on our own.” The reason they don’t get it, the movie says explicitly, is military incompetence.

During the attack, a CIA officer calls the US military and is told that there’s a plane in Italy, a “puddle jump” away from Benghazi. When she asks for air support, the military asks for her “authorization.” The authorization, she yells, “is that we’re UNDER ATTACK.” The planes never come, and two more people (contractors Tyrone Woods and Glenn Doherty) die in a subsequent mortar attack.

The clear implication is that air support could have saved two lives but was held up by bureaucratic incompetence. “I called for air support,” the officer says, stunned. “They never came.”

This is, without a doubt, 100 percent made up. The House Armed Services report found that “the Department of Defense had no armed drones or manned aircraft prepared for combat readily available and nearby on September 11 [when the attack occurred].”

According to the report, the planes in Italy “were configured for training flights.” None of them, the report found, were ready to fly a combat mission. Getting them ready couldn’t have been accomplished until after the attack was over.

The nearest armed craft was in Djibouti, which (as one general put it in Senate testimony) is about as far from Benghazi as DC is from LA. It simply couldn’t have gotten there in time to do anything.

@9, GAgal, that is an amazing amount of work represented in that article and it is only the first part. Wow, that is a major commitment of time and energy.

@11 Yeah, the other three parts are too. She deserves recognition for all that work and this needs to be widely read.

I read the Shakesville (just pt1) and Vox pieces, very good, thanks for posting the links. Bernie is even creepier than I thought.

Okay, it is 11:00 a.m. EST, let’s take over and under bets on when Donald Trump will take credit for the release of the prisoners. You know it is coming.

Trump: Those Mullahs know I’m Yougggge and going to win the Presidency. Let me tell you about the polls. They know I’ll turn that sand so glowing, their sun screen will need sun screen. And what gets me the most, not one word of thanks from Obama — you’d think he would be grateful for my help.

I expect Trump will take credit tonight. The scariest part, he will believe it.

If the GOP had the White House, Libya’d be Dem Campaign Strategy #1, complete w/ un-ironic !Benghazi! sloganeering. As things stand, a mysterious confluence of worlds exist in which the invasion of Iraq caused ISIS, yet Sen./SoS Clinton had nothing to do with either that war’s authorization, or expanding the vacuum to include Libya.

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