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SOTU Drinking Game: The Last Dance

Posted on: January 12, 2016

Good afternoon, Widdershins.  Tonight is the final SOTU of the Obama administration, and I have mixed feelings.  If you were to read the internet in a diligent fashion, you would find him to both be revered and reviled.  Oh, I suppose that all Presidents have their promoters and detractors, but this one has been a doozy.  On the average day, President Obama has either been playing eight dimensional chess on Jupiter or handing this country over to the United Nations in order to jumpstart the New World Order, your choice.

At any rate, this will be the final SOTU and by inference, the final SOTU drinking game of either the best or worst President ever, and that deserves a toast…or a sip, or a pound……to see it off.   This is, after all, the President who promised us change, then changed from hope to fear along the long and winding road.

At any rate, I have found a drinking game that’s simple and concise, courtesy of Cloture Club, and I’ll see you later this evening.

This is an otherwise open thread.



52 Responses to "SOTU Drinking Game: The Last Dance"

I saw on the newz that Obama is going to have Jim Obergefell I believe sitting with Michelle.

Not to be outdone, the Repubs have invited Cousin It, Kim Davis, to join them. Nothing like having someone who flouts Supreme Court decisions to be your chosen “guest”. o_O

I found a pdf of the Clouture Club drinking guide that Chat show up top and I’ve added a printable link to it over on the right side under Politics.

The hairy harlot, Ms. Davis, will be accompanied by the Cesar Millan of grifter-whisperers, Mat Staver, since there is a leash law in D.C. Ms. Davis, being a service grifter, is allowed indoors.

According to all news accounts, the invitation is courtesy of a secret-SOTU-Santa because no KY member of Congress will admit to inviting Itt. The rumors that she wanted to sit in front of the Supreme Court Justices, since they ain’t the boss of her, probably aren’t true since she doesn’t seem to know what the Supreme Court is or does.

You are right Fredster, there is nothing like a nation built on the rule of law, to celebrate an open and notorious law breaker.

@2: Thank you.

@3: N-O-T-E: This is not a snarky sexist comment.

I’m surprised they’re letting lil Kim in the bldg. even with the leash laws. (I love the alliteration and the comparison) 😆

chat: Of course the difficult part will be, after having several drinks, trying to keep up with what’s on the list and the quantity of quaffs you have to take.

I’m so glad for Louisiana to see this news.

“By July 1, we expect more than 300,000 hard-working citizens will have the comfort and security of health coverage,” Edwards said. “This will not only afford them peace of mind, but also help prevent them from slipping further into poverty and give them a fighting chance for a better life.”

Health care providers have a powerful incentive to help the state get Medicaid expansion up and running: Once it’s in place, hospitals can be reimbursed for the cost of care for previously uninsured patients they wouldn’t otherwise be paid for treating. In response, some emergency rooms across the state have shuttered because they could no longer afford to treat uninsured patients.

Hard headed Piyush could never understand that bolded part above (my bolding)

Welp, with Tweety, Andrea Mitchell and now McCaskill now on msnbc, I’m started the drinking early. Can’t help it.


Oh, today has not been a good day for Hillary supporters. It’s all about the bernouts today. Lord have mercy. We are completely screwed if Bernie is the nominee. We could be looking at a president Trump should that occur.

@9: Now, now Ga6th. Take a deep breath and exhale s-l-o-w-l-y.

One bit of campaign news, one state caucus, does not an entire campaign make.

@9 and 10: The last Quinnipiac poll shows Hillary 60 Bernie 30. I’m not surpised that he’s ahead in NH, as it’s next door to Vermont.

@3 & 5, not meant as sexist at all — it is grifter equal opportunity.

Isn’t it a shame that Paul Ryan’s arms have stopped working?

Marco Rubio looked thirsty.

Several drinks for jobs created.

I think Joe Biden did a whisper to Ryan so I’m taking a drink. He probably whispered more than that so I’ll have two.

He said ACA so I quickly finished one drink.

He mentioned Congress’ retirement and health packages so I’m having a drink on that one.

Bonus: Just added comment about ACA. Deep drink to combine that and the congress’ health plan.

Bernie glum – I’ll have to drink to that.

Last 7 years: Drinks on somebody.

A whisper from Joe. Glug.

Chatblu is that the quinnipac that came out today?

Annie, you had a comment in pending and I have no idea why. I released it.

He just said ISIL, drink.

@22: No. The one before that, and nationwide rather than Iowa. Interestingly, PPD shows Clinton 6 pts over Sanders in Iowa today.

One person who will be watching the SOTU is Kentucky marriage clerk Kim Davis — who is apparently attending as the guest of Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), something Jordan didn’t know until this afternoon. Surprise!

“I didn’t invite anyone,” Jordan initially said late Tuesday afternoon, as he was jogging to House votes. When pressed on whether he had given his ticket to the Family Research Council, which then gave it to Davis — which is what a Democratic aide told HuffPost had happened — Jordan said he would have to confirm with his office. “I don’t know,” he said.

What is PPD chat?

OOps – ssorry. It’s PPP (Public Policy Polling). It’s just another polling service, like Quinnipiac.
@25: That’s some outfit Mrs. Davis is sporting there.

Thanks chat. Things are tight for sure!

@27, the layered look, just like with onions, suits her.

Hey all, how was the speech? I am in Texas onboarding my team. I can see Fredster has imbibed a few times. 😢

It looked backwards at his Presidency, with some wistful hopes for the future. He did state that the rancour and suspicion had increased betwwen the parties and expressed regret. Nicki Hailey gave an interesting response, during wich she tagged the Dems with most of what was wrong with the country, but did state that the Repubs had to shoulder some of the blame as well. She then defended immigration. Interesting.

@31: Hailey and Jindal…what a pair. I wonder if she ever performed an exorcism?

MB@30: No one likes a lonely drunk drinking alone so I capped it. And actually I was drinking caffeine-free Coke Zero.

However I do remember back in the day when I sometimes house-cleaned while drinking mimosas. I particularly enjoyed dusting and running the vacuum.

I see that Allegiant Air is going to be adding some flights from Florida to Nola. That’s good because Nola could use more direct and non-stop flights. However, I’ve heard that Allegiant’s boarding and deplaning process leaves a lot to be desired.

That might just be a little rustic, even for SoFla.

@chat: Oh not, it not due to being S. Fla (actually the flights are from Jax and Tampa/St. Pete) but rather just because it’s Allegiant. They’ve had some, er, um, issues lately.

That looks like one helluva issue right there.

@35 & 36, I’ve flown Allegiant many, many times because of some the places I had to visit. I’m here to tell you, there were times when I thought the deplaning was going to be quite user unfriendly and very sudden. An explanation of inertia should be part of their pre-flight spiel to explain unscheduled mid-flight stops.

Oh Prolix, I’ve never had the (mis?)fortune of flying with them. But here’s a list of things that happened last year.

I particularly like what’s called “The Fargo Incident”.

Then, there was the incident that may be been Allegiant’s most embarrassing. An MD-80 flight from Las Vegas to Fargo, N.D., left McCarran late because of an onboard medical emergency. But by the time the flight reached the airspace near Fargo, the crew learned that the airport was closed because of a practice by the Navy’s Blue Angels precision flight team. The closure was listed on FAA notices to airmen, but the crew and the ground dispatch team apparently didn’t note it. By the time the flight was getting close to Fargo, the plane was getting close to dipping into its 45 minutes of reserve fuel.

The crew declared an emergency and landed at Fargo and in subsequent disclosures by the airline, it was determined that Allegiant’s vice president of operations and the director of flight safety, government affairs and quality assurance, were at the controls.

The FAA still has open investigations on the Fargo incident and Aug. 17’s aborted takeoff in Las Vegas.

Hey annie congratulations! You’re going to have an L.A. football team or maybe two. The Rams are heading back to L.A.

You guys are a hoot! Wish I could have been here!

Fredster, I am using my macbook and a PC now for commenting so that’s why I got hung up. No worries!

I don’t like Allegiant.

@39, that is SNL material.

@40 & 41, can y’all ‘splain — I understand the relocation of the Rams, but how is it going to work with the Chargers? They have a one-year option to take up residence in the new stadium, yet to be built, in Inglewood. What are the reasons?

Well, according to my hubbie, both the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders wanted to return to Los Angeles, and they decided it would be fun to do it together and have the city build them a new stadium in Carson!?!? The Rams, who have a super rich owner, bought the old racetrack in Inglewood and some 60 acres around it and decided he would move the Rams there and build his own stadium, with his money, but he would be the owner and get to call the shots. He said he would rent the L.A. Coliseum for the first year or two until the stadium is built.

So for a while, people were talking about us getting all 3 teams, which laker & I thought was a horrible idea. (we think 2 is ridiculous also) Also, the main freeway to get to both stadiums would be the 405, which I think is the busiest freeway in the country. It is also the freeway that Los Angeles and the counties to the north and west take to get to LAX, which a lot of us found very problematic. So many issues to be considered.

Anyway, as it turns out, the Raiders owners have made a lot of enemies over the years (they’re pretty evil) and today the other owners just handed them their asses on a platter. No move for the Raiders! Not to L.A. anyway. They voted 30-2 to let the Rams return and build their stadium in Inglewood, and added a weird option to let the Chargers join them. Apparently, the Rams owner would charge them to use his stadium.

This could affect us in a huge way. Hubs is retiring from the school district this year, and going to work in the private sector for about 3 years. He was already offered a job to work on the new stadium when it was supposed to be built in downtown L.A., next to L.A. Live, which plan fell through because the NFL & L.A. took too long. Hubs knows the two giant contractors that are likely to build the stadium and they have both told him they would love to have him. So, its a possibility, if they offer him enough to make it worth our while. If he takes it, we would have to move to Santa Monica or the West Side (of LA) for the duration because it would be too much of a drive for him from our little town in the Santa Monica mountains. As it is, he already drives to downtown 5 days a week, but driving to the Inglewood location would be harder…farther away, and the traffic of the 405. (hubs hates the 405!) So, it could be a huge deal for us, although hubs has several options.

There’s an hilarious article about the Rams & NFL coming back to L.A., in the Los Angeles Times, by long time LA sportswriter Bill Plashke. Sorry, I couldn’t get it to link. I’m using the pc.

annie said: If he takes it, we would have to move to Santa Monica or the West Side (of LA) for the duration because it would be too much of a drive for him from our little town in the Santa Monica mountains.

Could he possibly rent a small 1 bedroom or efficiency near the construction site and then come home on the weekends? Don’t laugh – I’ve seen things done like that before.

Apparently, the Rams owner would charge them to use his stadium.

I don’t know all of the particulars but the Jets and the Giants share the same stadium in New Jersey.

I don’t have an interest in it, but I wish the Chargers could get something worked out with the city of S.D. I know the team has lots of fans there.

@44, thanks Annie. I read somewhere that the new stadium would be $3 Billion. Wow!

Would you want to move? I know you would do what is best for the family, but would you mind living on the other side of LA?

@46 & 48, LOLOL! Hubs is a big tough construction guy on the outside and a big spoiled baby on the inside. He could never cope with that situation. I would be ok with the move, I am pretty adaptable. We would probably move back to our town when he was done with the job. Laker would probably stay here (he could live with one of the aunts or something) to finish school, but spend a lot of time with us. He loves LA, so it would be fine with him. I was born in Santa Monica and know it well.

@47, agree with you. Its sad when teams leave their city. I know they are frustrated with their stadium there.

Don’t get me started on stadiums. They are the embodiment of socialiam for billionaires – publicize the costs, privatize the profits. The city of Miami got stuck with a 2B price tag on the Marlins stadium. For this you would think that there would be discounted tickets for being a city resident (aka billpayer), but you would be dead wrong. The owner of the Dolphins was so upset when the city turned him down they he went to the county, which turned him down as well. Undaunted, he appealed to Broward county, and we turned him down as well. Hee finally decided to underwrite his own upgrades, but I can’t wait to see ticket prices.

@51, chatblu, you are so right!

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