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Almost speechless…

Posted on: January 7, 2016

Words rarely escape me, ergo, the always too wordy screen name of Prolix.

If I don’t know the word, as is often the case, I have a googling machine just brimming with them.

There is no word in my vocabulary or in the billions of pages of the internet sufficient to describe Andrea Tantaros, one of the hosts of Fox’s Outnumbered.


Except a word that would cause me to compromise my ethical standards.

She’s not worthy of causing such an act.

Discounting murdered first graders to appease the politically ravenous surpasses even treachery in Dante’s ninth circle of Hell.

Her hateful loathsomeness begins at about 1:10 and runs to about 2:10.  I would not ask you to subject yourself to more of this verbal excreta than absolutely necessary, but be sure to take note of the chortling of the other panel members.

One last thought, henceforth, for anyone using the intellectually lazy dodge of false equivalency between Fox and the other cable news channels, this video is ground zero of proving how incredibly, mind-bendingly blinkered they are.



This is an open thread.


39 Responses to "Almost speechless…"

Okay let’s see:
• He didn’t cry for the Paris attacks
• He didn’t cry for the folks in San Bernardino
• He didn’t cry for Chicago

But he shed a tear when talking about “those kids”.
Let me explain to you (I’ve been called one so it’s okay) bitch:

The kids in Connecticut were exactly that: Just kids. They were totally defenseless. They won’t grow up, the won’t marry the person they love, they’ll never go to college or have any future. Their future was wiped out by a deranged psychopath.

I have only one thing for you Andjrea Tantaros.

I was also a little disappointed to see Meghan McCain on there. I actually thought she had a little more sense than that. But I guess everyone needs a paycheck.

I saw that on Trevor Noah last night. What a nasty piece of work that woman is, no class, no humility, no dignity. Just when you think Faux can’t get any lower, they manage.

Your ethical standards are much higher than mine, Prolix. When I see this woman talking, I imagine her hair coming to life – where it begins to twirl and braid itself into ropes that start wrapping around her head covering her mouth, then nose leaving only huge terrified eyes showing. And it happens on live TV. But, that’s just me.

Sorry to have been AWOL today folks. Real life has an uncanny way of intruding on my other plans.

@2, I, too, was disappointed in Meghan McCain. I don’t mind her making a living, but I would hope she would be a little more considered in her opinions. I thought her comments were cheap and completely without a discernible basis. Determining someone’s sincerity is like determining someone’s level of faith — can’t be done and for those things that can’t be done, don’t pretend to do it because we know you can’t.

@3, Annie, I saw it on Trevor Noah last night too and it just made so freaking angry. I’m pretty even keeled, but to dismiss murdered first graders to make a point for these bloodthirsty Obama haters is the lowest of lows. I’m sure these Faux fungibles are always trying to do something to curry favor with Ailes and the front office. This Andrea is just as you say — a classless waste of otherwise good air.

@4, GAgal, I have always been voted best ditch witch when it comes to standards. Let me be really honest when I say, just because I didn’t type the words, I said them — repeatedly, with great inflection.

Your scenario sounds like something that would happen on American Horror Story Hotel. Send it in, but make sure and make a claim of copyright.

GAgal: Oh I love that and Prolix is right; send that idea in to Ryan Murphy, but make sure you protect your rights and credits for the idea. 😉

Prolix@6: Perfect summation there: Determining someone’s sincerity is like determining someone’s level of faith — can’t be done

That blond woman (not Meghan) at the beginning says “and I feel bad about those kids in Connecticut, without question your heart breaks for them, but it’s ONLY about this that he gets so upset about, but never about terror.”

To me that’s worse than what Andrea said. I wish for one minute that she could feel what those terrified children felt when this was happening. When I think about it my throat closes and I can’t breathe. Sheer terror for 6 & 7 year olds. I know this all over the internet but something must be done to insure the two women lose their jobs and are shamed into isolation. There needs to be a huge uproar. Enough is enough.

@11, absolutely. When I threw this video up, I hoped that there would be an outcry about these two women.

I didn’t go into this, but this is the level of hypocrisy evident at Fox and the RNC in general. Whether it be the anniversary of Charlie Hebdo (6th) or the Tuscon shooting (8th) or a month after the Sandy Hook murders (December 14th), the chorus from Fox and the RNC was a full-throated outcry at the infinitesimal tightening of the Abrams tank sized loopholes in the gun laws. Not a word about the 90 people a day who are killed — not a word about the teenage suicides — not a word other than throwing grenades about “Obama’s insincerity”.

But then, on the very same day, you have Jeb! and Carly Fudgenuts both talking about their losses to drugs. Not to belittle and my respect for their losses and hardships, but those 20 children in Sandy Hook were shot dead and they had to suffer through the terror before the bullets tore them apart. That is sorrow that is unspeakable for a parent.

I know Carly lost a child. I know Jeb! had a daughter who was arrested and did time for drugs. Their sorrow is real and they know sorrow — how about just a tiny amount of understanding for the parents or spouses or children or friends of those who were shot because of guns instead of pandering.

This isn’t a big ask. Instead of fluffing for the gun industry how about a hint or a whit of human understanding in the unspeakable losses. They sure milked their own loss for headlines yesterday so they should know the feeling.

but it’s ONLY about this that he gets so upset about, but never about terror.”

“Terror” or terrorism is actually a supranational issue. It’s not just the U.S. that faces this. What happened in Newtown, Lafayette La, California, Colorado etc. were incidences of homegrown violence and in most of the cases involved people with mental issues of one type or another. But if you had to prioritize these things, then yes, Newtown was probably the most awful of them because it involved children as the victims.

Prolix, but they DON’T know the feeling. Their kids were adults with drug problems. I know that feeling somewhat. My 17 year old nephew died 10 years ago from a drug overdose and my sister and this family still have a hard time with it. Never, EVER would my sister equate the loss of her son to 1st graders being the victims of mass murder in their classrooms. That’s because we are capable of empathy and they are not. None.

Everyone who is opposed to the simplest gun safety measures should be forced to view pictures of what cops, SWAT, first responders, medical examiners and so on… saw that day. Those images cannot be erased from THEIR minds ever …I cannot even imagine what the families of these little ones see in their minds. Fox “news” idiots, Carly, Jeb!, Trump, Cruz, Rubio (who’s been doing a whole lot of preaching lately) and the NRA need to be hammered with this. Heartless. That describes the (R) party in a word. Heartless.

Off topic but interesting. Because of the earlier-than-normal high water moving toward Nola, the Corps of Engineers is going to open the Bonnet Carre spillway above New Orleans on Sunday. The normal criteria to open the spillway is when the river gets to flood stage at New Orleans or the flow rate of water gets to 1.25 cubic feet per second. The article states that at that rate it would take one second to fill the La. Superdome. This is also the earliest the spillway has ever been opened. (oops! That was supposed to be 1.25 million cubic ft per second)

Here’s a drone video of the spillway.

@14, GAgal, I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say. Seeing little dead bodies stacked up like cord wood is unfathomable in its gruesomeness, but yet these people have no appreciation of it.

People, particularly pundits, are giving outsized importance to “anger in the electorate” — when you dissect the “anger” it is in a small slice of the electorate who just happen to make up the 30% base of the Repub party. The anger of this bunch of pitchfork wielders short-circuits all other normal emotions that we regular folks process and feel.

@15, that is amazing — one second to fill the Superdome. It’s hard to visualize that much power. An old contractor friend of mine always said, “There are two things that always win — one is gravity and the other is water.” In the case of the Mississippi, it has both.

Why is this more shameful than everything else Faux lies about every day? Are we really surprised Faux would stoop this low? They lied us into a war where millions of innocent children were killed, injured or made homeless. Haven’t they compared Obama to HItler, too?

Maybe my outrage meter is broken, but I think they’ve done far worse. They make me so crazy that I will not watch them.

In other news: Planned Parenthood endorsed Hillary today. First time in 100 years they have endorsed a presidential candidate. I think we.can stop worrying about New Hampshire and Iowa. 😀

@17: My bad for leaving out the exceedingly qualifying word of million in that comment.

The C.o.E. is now talking about keeping Bonnet Carre open through February and most likely opening the Morganza Spillway above Baton Rouge also.

Fredster, is the extra water coming from the Mississippi? Or a surge from the gulf?

MB, I wasn’t worrying about IA & NH. I usually ignore it, I’ve always thought it was ridiculous that these two states, with such tiny populations get to go first. Although seeing the repubs and teapartiers making idiots of themselves at that state fair is good for a laugh or two.

@22, Annie, I saw that and we have a version of that traveling through the legislature here in the natural habitat of the folliclely-gifted Kim Davis. Here in KY, given the trail blazing of Her Hairiness in ignoring the law, the legislature is considering a bill to just ignore (not review, just plain out ignore) all federal law regarding gun ownership.

Here in the Commonwealth, you can always have another child and most people do with vast numbers of sundry humans, some not even related to them, but once you find yourself a good assault weapon or large capacity long rifle, well, ain’t nobody gonna come between a shooter and what makes him shoot.

Idiocracy, the movie, is playing out in real time around here.

Did y’all see this? Missouri is considering a law that would require the reporting of sex with a lobbyist as a gift. Mercifully, there will be no requirement that a dollar amount be assigned. Those “Show Me” people are true gentlemen and ladies.

annie@20: That is water that’s coming down the Mississippi from up north and from the west. It’s coming from all the places that had the big rainfalls. The Miss. is a huge drainage system for a lot of the country.

@25, good lord.

@26, that’s what I imagined. Great graphic!

@27: Thanks Annie. So you can see that’s a lot of water heading down the pipe. The good thing is that there are “relief valves” all along the route of the Miss. when it threatens to overtop levees. Also, when the river gets that high it also runs fast and that makes for difficult navigation of it. The Corps has already put restrictions in place on the number of barges that can be in a tow.

Good thing the Bundy guys brought a few of their wifeys. Somebody has to cook lunch and dinner. It doesn’t mention breakfast. Also, Jon Reitzheimer, the guy who made the teary video for his kids, says he’s lucky to have a wife that works and he’s drawing veterans disability pay. PTSD? That would explain a lot.

@GAgal: From that article:

Operating costs at the refuge are small. Utilities are paid for courtesy of the federal government.

Turn ’em off.

“They’ll think nothing about taking half their paycheck and using half of it to buy ammunition and guns,” Johnson said.

As the movie said “You can’t stupid.”

@29, now let me make sure I get this right — these militia mental midgets are complaining about government oppression — in case they don’t know what that means, it means the government is doing something bad to them and their freedom.

You have them holding up in a federally owned building with utilities paid for by the federal government. Some have federal pensions paying for their families and their designer camo-wear. Their families draw stipends, medical care, and schooling from that oppressive government. They are loaded to the gills with guns and repeatedly point them at non-existent oppressors.

And that same oppressive federal government who through its largesse is acquiescing to their little glamping trip, has not sent one officer of the law or National Guardsman to interfere with their getting in touch with nature or their bird watching.

Truly, I don’t know how they stand such oppression.

It’s not like they were unarmed black folks marching down city streets in Ferguson, MO protesting decades of systematic government financing of their minority white city through the arrest and fining of the poor black residents with a police department that is 99.99% white with a history of violence. Now that is where the armed National Guard with war tanks need to be stationed in order to wrest those fines from those poor black people living in projects so that the white city council can rule in the fashion to which they have become accustomed.

Just wanted to make sure I had that right.

Signs going up all over Mexico this morning:

1 day since El Chapo escaped.

Exactly. First-graders. And a teacher who tried to shield them with her own body. Eff her and every single one of her ignorant viewers.

Fox and Rush have systematically made a nation of ignorant, hating assholes and now they’ve found their standard bearer in Trump.

From an account of the shooter of the Philly police officer:

Family and friends said he was paranoid, insecure, talking to himself, impulsive, distrustful, and loved his guns.

Sounds like to me he was a model NRA member.

@33, Sophie, you are exactly right. Fox, Limbaugh, and Hannity have created this clutch of angry haters with the time and resources to influence the Repub nominating process — the RNC is reaping what they have sown in the last fifteen years.

What’s more, Trump isn’t as scary as the actual officeholder Cruz. While Trump has no standards, but Cruz has malintent and malicious Machiavellian motives — I truly believe there isn’t anything Cruz wouldn’t do.

This morning on CNN Smerconish (for some weird reason) asked Pat Buchanan “If Bernie Sanders wins both Iowa and New Hampshire, would you think the dynamics of that race will change?” Buchanan says “If Bernie Sanders wins Iowa and New Hampshire, I will think Bernie Sanders won Iowa and New Hampshire.” Heh.

@34 All the RW media will ignore the mental health problems because he said the word Islam. Then they’ll be telling us there is no such thing as a mentally ill Muslim. Then they’ll say all Muslims are mentally ill.

That cop was beyond lucky. Eleven shots at close range. He really needs to buy a powerball ticket today.

@37, the cop needs to teach invisibility at the Police Academy.

What’s more, Trump isn’t as scary as the actual officeholder Cruz. While Trump has no standards, but Cruz has malintent and malicious Machiavellian motives — I truly believe there isn’t anything Cruz wouldn’t do.

I agree completely. The thing that scares me most about Trump is that every offensive, hateful, mean, or fascist thing he says–his followers cheer. I am afraid for America that there are Trump supporters. (Or Cruz supporters for that matter.)

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