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Buttering your bread…

Posted on: January 6, 2016

In the 1300s, Petrarch, the father of the Renaissance, warned:  Five enemies of peace inhabit with us – avarice, ambition, envy, anger, and pride; if these were to be banished, we should infallibly enjoy perpetual peace.Petrarch

What Petrarch didn’t foresee is the boundless financial largesse presenting itself to those promoting these enemies of internal peace – not only promoting, but sowing the seeds of derision in order to give these enemies purchase upon our well-being.

What I’m proposing for your consideration today is a simple premise:  The Bundy Boys, Kim Davis, hatred of Obamacare, resentment of government assistance, essentially the Tea Party platform – are all products of avarice, envy, and anger.  It’s just that simple.  Somewhere along the way, a large portion of our population came to see the world in terms of zero-sum – meaning if someone gains, someone must lose.

For instance, the Bundy Boys, a/k/a Vanilla Isis, a/k/a alQracker engaging in YeeHawd (h/t GAgal and Fredster) out in a snowy Washington state bird refuge, are simply envious, greedy, and mad as hell.  They are angry because the federal government, after paying the owners for the land some hundred years ago, doesn’t see fit to just give these crackpots a windfall by ceding millions of acres to them.

Bundy Bros.What the Bundy Boys don’t seem to understand is that the zero-sum game they so deplore, works both ways.  If the land is given to them and their extremist cohorts, they are taking the land from the rest of us.  It was the same for Daddy Cliven, his failure to pay $1 million for years of grazing fees dictated others had to make up the difference for his scofflaw ways.

While rhetorical criticism was probably not a favorite subject of Ammon Bundy, it appears his logic fails in a half-million ways given his federally enabled loan for $530,000.00.  In any event, his victimization of being tyrannized is suspect given he and his armed friends have been illegally occupying a federal building for four days without a hint of government action or oppression.Kim Davis

Or take Kim Davis – a salary of some $80,000 a year for a high school graduate who has never collected a paycheck outside the government office her mother held or she currently enjoys.  Instead of resigning in protest, she claimed the office as her own personal entitlement to be conducted in accordance with her religious beliefs.  The Bush appointed federal judge correctly pointed out, “The Clerk’s office does not belong to Mrs. Davis, it belongs to the people.”

Or take any objection of the Tea Party, whether it be to Obamacare or need-qualified benefits, it is the same anger based upon a zero-sum fiction.  Somewhere along the way they forgot, if they ever knew, the ethical imperative of helping those in need.

What Petrarch didn’t foresee was the ability of those like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Rubio, Hannity, Limbaugh, or Alex Jones to flame the fires of avarice, greed, and anger for their own purposes.  What is really rich in the irony is the purposes of these instigators are the same as those they incite – avarice, greed, and the perpetuation of anger since they are the legs of action.

TrumpTheir paychecks, their livelihoods, their multi-million dollar salaries are all directly tied to fomenting the anger that drives the torment of living a life in perpetual resentment of the “other”.

This flirting with extremists, giving them an ear, a nod, and a wink helps Conservatives harness the anger in the electorate.

A poll released this weekend by NBC, Esquire and Survey Monkey found anger is particularly intense among Republicans:  Seventy-seven percent said the news makes them angry at least once a day (compared with 67 percent of Democrats). Seventy-three percent of white Americans are angered daily (vs. 66 percent of Hispanics and 56 percent of African-Americans).

As much as these things change, they remain the same or it does for the 73% of tyrannically oppressed white Americans.  Petrarch was right – and Columbus was still two hundred years in the offing.





57 Responses to "Buttering your bread…"

Yes! I love you, Prolix…what other political blogger would include the sentence “Petrarch was right” in a post? You are a treasure. 😀

I would add that Republican candidates exhibit the other characteristics antagonistic to peace: pride and ambition.

@1, thanks MB. I agree about the pride and ambition, but if they really had pride, they would crawl in a hole with shame and hopefully, their ambitions will be be cut mercifully short by a lady named Hillary.

The worm hasn’t just turned, it’s spinning. The mini-skirt wearing wraith, a/k/a Ann Coulter, has said Ted Cruz isn’t a natural born citizen.

The ambulatory clothes hanger joins the leader of the Republican Party, Jabba the Limbaugh, in saying attacking Cruz on his citizenship is just fine with him. The 2016 Hunger Games begin.

Listen, if this works out for the Bundy boys, I plan on moving into the Art Park and announcing that it’s mine by right of citizenship. More on this diabolical plan later.

@4, Art Park? Why don’t we all move into the Ark Park and dub it Widdershin Wonderville?

These guys don’t have a lick o’ sense. They want this only for themselves. What would they say if every rancher in surrounding states shipped all their cattle in to graze, and started poaching and drilling or whatever right beside them? If it’s good enough for them, they shouldn’t mind everyone else joining the free for all. Of course they’re not very good at thinking things through.

Dumbest, most ridiculous excuse for an “interview” I’ve seen in a while, including her choice of headline. Notice at the bottom it says “Interview has been condensed and edited”. Gah.. no kidding.

Sorry I’m late to the blog today, internet problems once again. It get’s so old.

In another showing of “how dumb can you get?”, Roy Moore, the, ahem, chief justice of the Bama Supreme Court has dictated that nope, can’t issue any of them thar same-sex marriage licenses in the Gawd-fearin’ state of Alabama. His astute legal reasoning is:

Chief Justice Moore also wrote that “a judgment only binds the parties to the case before the court.” The Obergefell case included litigants from Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee.

He also pontificated that:

that probate judges should not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of a State Supreme Court decision that upheld Alabama’s marriage prohibitions. The conflicting decisions in Washington and Montgomery, the chief justice wrote, led to “confusion and uncertainty” among Alabama’s probate judges about how to apply the federal court’s opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges, which established a constitutional right to same-sex marriage.

They must not have taught anything about the Supremacy Clause at the Univ. of Alabama law school.

I do hope the various probate judges give Moore’s “order” all the due consideration it deserves.

From the Mother Jones article, I love this:

The convicted ranchers have rejected Bundy’s takeover of the refuge center, saying Bundy and his comrades do not speak for them.

And I’ve seen that the locals of Burns Oregon have not-so-politely asked Bundy and his buds to just get the hell out of town.

Their paychecks, their livelihoods, their multi-million dollar salaries are all directly tied to fomenting the anger that drives the torment of living a life in perpetual resentment of the “other”.

Now if only the folks who follow these *leaders* could understand this.

@6, after those Bundy idjits sent out a Facebook call for “snacks,” the Federal authorities released a statement to the effect, “If y’all want to go to the grocery, go to the grocery because we aren’t really paying any attention to what you are doing.”

@9, ah, Roy Moore, like so many before him, has fallen for the alluring wiles of Kim Davis. Let’s start an internet rumor: Roy Moore and Kim Davis are going to be gay-married — guess which one has lived a lie?

@11, it’s not like the Bundy gang are paupers — those guys have some serious coin.

@Prolix: and I wonder how much of that coin was courtesy of free grazing rights?

Oh good Lord! Now we’re concerned with Marco Rubio’s footwear.

In a period of time, a long time ago, those were referred to as “fruit boots”.

@15, as far as grazing rights, at least $1 million. On aimless Ammon, his loan was underwritten for about $23K. So, I figure we all are owed a glamping trip at Big Sky Bundy.

@16, those are not Florsheims. I wonder if Marco put them on his state Republican Party credit card. Maybe he’s a big fan of Wayne Brady and saw “Kinky Boots” on Broadway.

Saw this headline:

The Colossus of Rhodes was destroyed in an earthquake in 226 B.C., only 54 years after its construction.

Wonder if they bought the extended warranty?

@16: Down here, those are known as “roach stompers”.

@19: I hope they plan a revolving lounge or restaurant at the top. 😉

I can understand Marco wanting the heels for that extra lift. 😆

@21, the observation deck is on the palm of the outstretched Colossus’ palm. So like a bipedal hookworm, you enter through the foot, circle around the tibia and femur, past the ample Grecian groin, up the torso and out to the observation deck on the palm.

Greece is going to have to raise a bunch of goats to pay for all this.

I don’t like the Colossus, look at that thing, straddling the two peninsulas like that…it reminds me of the stone titan in old Jason and the Argonauts movie (the one in the 60’s). I had nightmares about that when I was little.

@9, Roy Moore, ugh. Wish he’d retire and go away.

Great post, Prolix! I’ve heard of Petrarch, but never read him. I’m pretty sure there’s a scripture in the new testament that says pretty much the same thing.

The Coulter thing sounds hilarious, must check that out!

@33P: Or stick Germany with the bill.

Prolix@23: No, no, no! They need to have a revolving thing in that bowl or whatever he’s holding above is head; just like they used to have at so many of the Hyatt Hotels.

@25, Annie, as much as Cruz would like to pretend otherwise, there is nothing settled about what constitutes a “natural born” citizen. In fact, outside someone born in one of the 50 states to two American parents, there’s uncertainty.

Cruz is different than McCain (American parents living on an American base in Panama), Goldwater (American parents living in Arizona before it was a state), George Romney (American parents living in Mexico). Only one of Cruz’ parents is American and was living in a foreign country at the time of his birth. He also had dual citizenship.

The irony of all ironies is that Trump’s birtherism might snare Trump’s mini-me Cruz. It doesn’t get better than that.

@26, I think Germany might have had enough of paying Greece’s bar tab although I’m sure it occurred to them.

Well Wednesday is/was Twelfth Night, or Epiphany whichever you wish to follow.

It also marks the first day of the Carnival season in New Orleans and the event is always marked with a streetcar ride by the Phunny Phorty Phellows. They roll out of the uptown streetcar barn, down St. Charles Ave. to Canal Street and back. You can read a little bit of their history here.

@27, that does sound like a winner design. If they put it in the bowl, they could call the restaurant, “The Grecian Urn”.

@29: The talking heads were just discussing the Cruz citizenship thing on O’Donnell’s show (the replay).

@29: If I recall, George Romney’s presidential bid was nipped by his birthplace.

@31: And they could have a house special of a cocktail called…Grecian Formula. 🙄

@34, nicely done.

@33, was that what did it? Was Romney the one who said he’d been brainwashed by the generals or was that someone else?

@35: Well, ya know…it was there.

LOL! I’m listening to Bernie talk about “Chiner” and “North Koreaer”.

@37, Bernie hired Nina Turner as a surrogate. She was for Hillary, but evidently Bernie made her an offer she couldn’t refuse since she’s lost two straight elections. I heard her last night and she was making some thinly veiled accusations that Hillary was taking the AA vote for granted. Most unnice.

@29, Prolix, I agree the “natural born citizen” definition does not seem “settled”. It’s very interesting, reading about all the details that add to the speculations: John Jay’s letter to Washington, the grandfather clause, the issue of not wanting a president to be “beholden” to another country, etc., and all of the statutes that came in the 1800s and 1900s. Interesting stuff. I wish they would settle it, one way or another.

btw, people have been talking about rebuilding the Colossus since I was a kid. Silly business. Greeks have more important things to worry about. Like food for themselves and the million+ refugees that come to their shores in dire need of food and water. I’m glad to hear that the Greeks have mostly been very hospitable and generous. There are lots of pix of out-of-work Greeks working at soup and bread lines on the beaches, feeding the refugees. I’ve had lots of people, from the ME, tell me that when they immigrated out (of fled in the middle of the night), they went through Greece, before coming here and that the Greeks were wonderful, putting them up and feeding them. My own late papa had the same spirit, always working to feed the poor or raise money for sick children, among other charities.

Prolix, I didn’t even recognize the name until I googled it. Meh. Hillary has more than enough support from Sherrod Brown and others in Ohio. And besides, she’s got John Lewis’ endorsement in the A.A. community.

I was just watching Obama on tv. Gosh, he has really aged. Presidents always seem to age faster than anyone else. What a godforsaken job. Hillary, please take good care of yourself when you’re Madame President!

@41, yes, what do you think of Sherrod Brown for veep?

@37, Bernie’s accent does make him more entertaining!

@39, the thing that is an impediment to settling it is the most basic of problems when you are bringing a lawsuit. There has to be someone with standing — meaning someone who is actually, demonstrably impacted and harmed in such a way as to produce damages. Just an interested citizen doesn’t cut it. It has to be someone who has standing and that means, most likely, another candidate. It would be interesting.

@41, I just don’t like “hired surrogates” who find salvation immediately following a direct deposit.

@45, yes, I remember hearing that during Orly-gate. Pity, it would be interesting, and good for the country to be done with the issue. (There are so many other things we can argue about online!)

@43, I can live with Sherrod Brown quite nicely. As is often the case, his wife is more impressive in lots of ways. Her name is Connie Schultz and she was a columnist for the Cleveland paper syndicate. She teaches journalism now. I saw her interviewed a couple of times — she is very impressive.

Folks, I have appointments tomorrow so I must bid you adieu for the evening.

@48, that sounds lovely. I really like Brown, and he would bring Ohio, right?

Prolix, yes, fgs, you should hit the sack! Sorry if I kept you up so late! Forester & I used to bs together all night long over at Uppity’s back in the aughts.

Gah! Fredster, not Forester. Damn autocorrect!

@46: Oh nice one!

annie, that’s great how the Greeks helped out the refugees.

And I think Brown would be a great selection for Veep.

LOL annie, that went completely by me.

Good grief, no one won the Powerball. The estimated prize for Saturday’s drawing is $675 million. 😯

I’m getting ready to crash but if anyone comes by go read Rude Pundit.

@51, Annie, you didn’t keep me up, your company is always most welcome.

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