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Activist Monday: 2016 Predictions

Posted on: January 4, 2016

Ohhhh, too much champagne

Gooooooood Monday all, and Happy 2016! (I think my fellow Widdershins have amply covered 2015, so I will just move on.) I have many predictions and prestidigitations for the year to come, but none bigger than this one: My fellow Americans, we will elect the first woman POTUS in 2016!

I’ve been pretty certain of this since Hillary announced, but at this point, you can pick your position as to why you think she’ll 1), be the nominee, and 2), beat the pants off any Republican dumb enough to throw his hat in the ring. There’s the electoral college argument, which my politically astute stepmother favors. If you subscribe to this view, Democrats have 85 combinations of swing states to get to the magic 270, whereas the Republicans have only 72 – and none are all that likely (they must win both Ohio and Florida, and if we can get out the vote sufficiently, Hillary should win both states). You can also choose any of these 8 reasons – my favorite of which is, “Hillary is the most presidential.” Isn’t that a beautiful statement?

Don’t be fooled by the media’s shameful obsession with Donald Trump’s gaseous emanations. They have certainly done their best to remove issues and platforms from the public discourse…but according to Eleanor Clift of the Daily Beast, they aren’t succeeding, and Our Girl is connecting directly with the people who count most. That’s We, the People!

[Clinton’s policies] may not lead the nightly news or go viral on social media, but they are breaking through with voters in Iowa and New Hampshire. There are two-dozen in all, fleshed out with fact sheets according to a tally provided by the Clinton campaign, and they range from national security to quality of life issues.

It’s a liberal’s wish list, but the problems Clinton tackles are universal, and there’s something for conservatives too in taking on student debt, lowering the price of prescription drugs, providing a tax credit for care giving, and, in the midst of the holidays, announcing an ambitious $2 billion plan to find a cure for Alzheimer’s by 2025.


In an election cycle that has been anything but conventional, Clinton is running a textbook campaign, methodically laying out her proposals from what she would do about ISIS and terrorism, down to her views on GMO’s (genetically modified organisms in our food). Clinton was asked about GMO’s at a recent Baltimore fundraiser. A donor who was there told Grandmaison that he thought that would stump her, but she has a three-point program.

It’s almost comical how prepared Clinton is, especially when compared to Trump, who offers very little in the way of conventional policies. “She has a different electorate than he does,” says Matt Bennett with Third Way, a centrist Democratic group. While the Republicans are focused on style and rhetoric, the race between Clinton and Sanders is much more substantive, “and she’s got to make clear what she stands for. And because she is the favorite to become president, she is acting like a president.”

Yes, 2016 will be the year we finally take that giant step forward for humankind, and radically change the American political landscape for the better. Here are a few other things I feel confident will happen:

  1. Obama and Congress will do nothing important. There may be a few Band-Aids put on our horrendous gun violence situation, and there may be some blustering and posturing about the Middle East; but nothing major will change for the better. There certainly won’t be any “national conversation” about race despite a huge amount of tragic opportunity in that area. That’s just how our boyz and girlz roll.
  2. Marco Rubio will be the Republican Presidential nominee. He looks good on paper for the Republicans (young, reasonably photogenic and Hispanic-ish), and as dim, noncommittal and dishonest as he is, he’s the best that pathetic group of losers can offer the American people. I look forward to taking on this moron with our Widdershinian sarcasm turned up to 11.
  3. The momentum towards equal pay for equal work will continue to grow, both in the corporate and public sectors. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sheryl Sandberg, for starting something that can’t be stopped! The furor about how corporate America treats women will continue to grow, and it will be less and less possible for our big businesses to ignore the income disparity and lack of female leadership rampant in their practices. Change is in the air…even my IT firm, which has only 20% women IN TOTAL (our percentage of women leaders is far worse) has pledged to grow to 30% in the next three years. It’s a start. And on the government side, California just passed “the strongest equal pay law in the country.” Gooooo, Jerry Brown!
  4. The media will be sexist towards Hillary at least seven times. (Number picked at random.)
  5. More women will vote in this election than in any in history. Who won’t want to vote for the first female President? I’ll bet even some Republican women will cross party lines.

Do you have any predictions for 2016? If so, please share them in comments. If not, this is an open thread as always.


30 Responses to "Activist Monday: 2016 Predictions"

I guess I should have included more domestic terrorism in my predictions…😢

I love that video. I’ve seen it before, but it should be watched every so often to remind oneself of the power of words.

MB, I like your predictions, but I think Trump will run a third-party campaign. He will wake up one morning feeling slighted and the siren call of the camera lights will be too much — he’ll guarantee President Hillary.

That will be the impetus of the Hillary illegitimacy argument — Big Dawg’s illegitimacy was garnering less than 50% of the vote with Perot in the race, Obama’s has been the Kenyan birther argument, and Hillary’s will be that Big Dawg and Trump colluded to put Hillary in the White House.

The argument will be something to the effect, for putting Hillary into the White House, Trump’s picture will be on the $10 bill, but in a concession, he will appear in drag. Something along the lines of Nathan Lane in Birdcage, but not as attractive.

With #2 on your list, if Rubio is the Repub nominee, I predict he will not bring in the Latino vote that the Repubs think he will. I’m not even sure he can pull that many votes in Fl, but chat would be the one to more fully discuss that.

Mexican Latino or Hispanic voters will remember him not even backing his own bill on immigration reform. “Huh? What? No that’s not my immigration bill.”. And although his parents came to the U.S. before Castro came to power in Cuba, there’s always been that special dispensation for Cubans fleeing the island to get to the U.S. Explain that one to people coming from El Salvador or Guatemala.


Sometimes I wonder how many bong hits a person has done when they write an article like this one.

Then I check out the writer and see this:

Goodman is also the author of Breaking the Devil’s Heart and Logic of Demons, a widely acclaimed series of existential fantasy novels.

Ah!! Well, there ya go.

@4, that ding dong has written before along those lines. His “stage writing name” is H.A. Goodman, the “Ha” says it all.

We are going to hear a lot this week about Executive Orders and how Obama is running amok issuing EOs right and left like they were popping out of a Kleenex box. Again, facts are pesky things:

Reagan issued 381 Orders
Clinton issued 364 Orders
Bush issued 291 Orders
Obama has issued 227.

@6: Good point and yep, I’m sure it’s going to be brought up but they won’t bring up the other numbers.

LOL! Over on some of the commenters are referring to the Bundy group as Vanilla ISIS. 😎

@8, LOL — that is genius!

I’ve been telling people for months I thought Rubio would edge his way to the top. I either got a funny look or dead silence.

@8 Also around the internet today about the Bundy guys… they are Y’all Qaeda engaging in YeeHawd or the white American terrorist group, alQracker who have taken over a bird sanctuary federal building and gift shop.

@10, LOL — these are great. I need to get out on “the intertubz” more.

@10: Oh those are hysterical.

Hahaha GAGAL and Fredster!

Prolix, Trump won’t do that. He doesn’t actually want to be President. He just wants to be adored. Once he doesn’t have the attention of the media, he will go on to something else to fuel his insatiable ego.

@13, I would have said that too before he spent any money. Actually writing a couple of million in checks, he believes he can win this. He is eaten up with Significance (entitlement and gets every ounce of his self-esteem from the way others see him, ergo, I’m rich, I’m smart) and he now has found his ultimate high — politics.

I remember back in the 80’s seeing these full page ads begging for money. There was a picture of a little girl (maybe 6 or 7), black and white photo, background – third world country, missing an arm (maybe). Underneath it said “Another victim of a botched abortion!!”. People fell for that crap and sent money. Those people today are known as the Carly Fiorina base.

Ben Carson’s base is the people who practice whatever that religion is that “speaks in tongues”. They know what he’s saying.

I don’t think Trump ever imagined he would go this far, but now that he has, he has no choice. It’s a Republican party failure. Let’s see what happens when he has to spend the big bucks. If he drops out his supporters are going to be a scary crowd.

@15, GAgal, don’t know if you saw it, but after Carly’s epic fail at pandering and tweeting out she wanted Iowa to beat her alma mater, she was asked about it. Typically, she said she was just “having fun.”

Two questions before that she was dissing the other candidates for being untrustworthy, like Christie and Rubio, for saying one thing and then turning around and saying something else.

Finally, something about which she has source credibility and experience.

GAgal said: Let’s see what happens when he has to spend the big bucks.

I’m wondering about that too. He’s had such a free ride from the media that if he has to start shelling out his own money it may be a different story. I can see the statement now:

I’m stopping the campaign because there’s simply not enough R.O.I. on the job. I already have a house/bldg that’s much better than the White House. It’s (add your own number) 20 times bigger than the White House and I already have a plane at my beck and call so I don’t need the hassle of all of this.

@16 & 18, today he dropped a million bucks in Iowa with $750K already placed and bought in air time. The story is just a few hours old, but the NYT has it.

@19: Any idea of how far a million goes in Iowa or how much the others are spending?

@20, this is what the NYT is saying:

$2 million a week in the three states (Iowa, NH, and SC) is a moderate-level advertising buy for a candidate and is about what most of the other candidates are spending. Candidates pay substantially lower rates than “super PACs” do for their airtime.

Trump has his supporters so riled up he’s probably afraid to drop out. They might turn on him.

@4 & 5, that guy is nuts, and a terrible writer to boot. He’s the darling of fluffpo, though.

@6, thanks for that list Prolix!

@10, LOLOL!

Great post MB!

annie, have you seen uppity’s latest post. It’s..interesting.

MSNBC’s poll this morning said Bernie is polling higher in both NH and Iowa. James Carville says the race is tight and Bernie could win both. I hope Hillary’s team is ready for these caucus states after the shenanigans in 2008.

Tight polling is going to make Hillary’s supporters not get complacent. I’m pretty sure she’ll win IA though I’m not sure she’ll be able to pull out NH. I’m not sure Bernie has the organization to do what is needed in IA.

Re:Rubio. The only way he gets the nomination is if some shenanigans are pulled because he has no constituency in the GOP. Who is his voter base? Cubans in FL? Hardly enough to get the nomination. It seems the establishment would prefer Christie over him and Jeb hopefully will be out by super tuesday.

I hope she wins IA too because I don’t want to hear the media screech for 2-3 weeks until SC and NV roll around.

When it comes down to which GOP, my brain does not compute. It’s hard to picture any of them as serious. It may well come down to the two biggest bullies – Christie or Trump.

GAgal said: I hope she wins IA too because I don’t want to hear the media screech for 2-3 weeks until SC and NV roll around.

Forget the media. I don’t want to see or hear about the berniebots peeing their pants in ecstasy.

Fredster, yeah that too. Hillary’s interview with Tingles Matthews…

Interesting theory about Rubio. I would counter with, who actually has a base on the Republican side? Trump, really? No. He’s a magnet for controversy and racism, nothing more. Those don’t carry a lot of weight in the general election.

Rubio is their best shot. Christie, not to put too fine a point on it, is fat. We don’t elect fat Presidents in the age of tv.

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