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Let’s put a pin in it…

Posted on: January 2, 2016


Have you written 2016 on anything yet?  Before trudging too deeply into this solar roundabout, I thought it might be cathartic to begin with an erasure of those things that last year assailed our sensibilities through no fault of our own other than being living, breathing, sensate beings.

For instance, on Twitter the top trending musical group for 2015 was One Direction and the top television show was the Kid’s Choice Awards.  I suddenly feel ancient.

The top two trending subjects under politics – I find this fascinating – were number one #tcot (top conservatives on Twitter) and number two #lovewins (marriage equality).  Go figure.

Here’s a Facebook video on its trending subjects that only takes two minutes.  That’s just about the longest time I’ve ever spent on the 365-day Christmas letter, a/k/a Facebook.

I'm so named its word of the year as “identity” – I can identify with that. Oxford chose an actual emoji as their word of the year, but it was only a couple of years ago the word emoji became a word.  I guess in both cases it’s progress over last year’s choices of “exposure” and “vape” as their respective words.

English dictionary Collins named “binge-watch” as its word of the year.  I sense there wasn’t any “binge-looking-up” around the Collins website thereby resulting in a little word envy.

I’d never heard of this, but Lake Superior State University in Michigan puts out an annual list of words and phrases that it says should be banished.  For instance, “break the internet” was one of the leading candidates for banishment to the bowels of pop culture.

Another on the list was “So” as in beginning sentences with “So, this is another senseless Prolix post.”  Among the other contenders for banishment were:  Problematic, Stakeholder (interested party as opposed to vampire slayer), Secret Sauce (nothing saucy or secret about it, just a way of exhibiting superiority), Walk it Back (as in I just lied so let’s moonwalk it to the point of being marginally true), and Manspreading (an urban public transportation problem for those sporting free-range danglies in their dungarees).   You can see the whole list here.

What happens when a man bites a spider -- spidey-sense turns to spiderspreading...

What happens when a man bites a spider — spidey-sense turns to spiderspreading…

So, unless you feel it would be problematic, as stakeholders of TW do you have a secret sauce for word elimination since there won’t be any recrimination for walking it back and for those wondering, manspreading is strictly forbidden.

What words or phrases would you like to see disappear in 2016?

Join the conversation (by the way, that’s another candidate for phrase banishment) or take the conversation in any other direction you might like.

Enjoy your Saturday my friends.



68 Responses to "Let’s put a pin in it…"

I imagine Donald Trump will issue a statement about being featured in an al-Qaida recruitment video that will go something like this:

“Hillary Clinton is consorting with the enemy to make me look bad, but as it turns out she has failed. My terrorist recruitment video will be the highest rated video of the year. It’s going to be YOUge. In any event I’m the Somalia shazam Shabaab.”

So Prolix, don’t you think it’s problematic that you’ve banned manspreading just when you’ve decided your new signature dance is Whip Dance? You may need to walk that back. I haven’t looked at the list yet but if “amirite?” is not on there, it should be.

I’m glad to see Al Qaeda is taking orders from Hillary. Man, she’s powerful! That’s another reason to elect Hillary – it would irk those terrorist groups to be smashed by a woman leader. But, I’m hoping we will have made much more progress on that front – long before Hillary is sworn in.

Georgia, LOL — and that was a real guffaw LOL, not a polite howdy-do.

And not to be snippy, but what do I look like — given my highly advanced dancing proclivities, my danglies are always appropriately bound as any gentleman dancer’s ought be.

I totally agree on the “amirite”. Undoubtedly, al Qaida fears Hillary more than any of those clowns riding the GOP (goofy old plutocrats) bus.

“Schlonged” tops my list of 2015 words and phrases that should be banned. Also “huge”, “great”, “very, very big”, “tremendous”, “hugely great”, “very, very hugely greatly bigly tremendous” and any other combination of these words. Basically everything that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth.

@4, another guffaw is heard from the stands.

And to Donald’s list the lie of, “I love women,” should be amended to, “I fear women and must speak and act in all ways sexist.”

So, I’m so glad to see that “So” at the beginning of a sentence should be obliterated. I have used it at the the beginning of a few sentences in my posts and comments but it was done as a tongue-in-cheek thing for me. Wherever they dug up the idea of doing this, they should go back and rebury it.

Another one that bugs me is “algorithm”. I love seeing it in phrases like “using complex algorithms”, which tends to make me believe the writer really wants to say ” using a bunch of shite I know nothing about…”.

Another early blow-out of a bowl game right now.

@7, which bowl or was it the “Heartguard Chewable Pet Dewormer Bowl?”

Prolix: The Valero Alamo Bowl with the Oregon Ducks and the TCU Horned Frogs.

@9, It was good to see my early role mode Yosemite Sam.

I’m patiently waiting for Trump’s comment on the video. This has to be a record. When was the last time he went a whole day without saying something stupid – even if it was the same stupid thing he said the day before?

@11, Georgia, maybe he has to wait for PR clearance from his new executive producers — at al Qaida Production Studios.

@10: So Prolix (had to do it), did they ever make Sam a Kentucky Colonel? 😉

Big change in the Ducks/Frogs game…it’s HUGE!..The Ducks 1/4back had to leave the game with an injury. Definitely changed the momentum of the game. I would go so far as to say the metrics involved in the Duck offense have been affected in a negative manner. 🙄

I was going to ask if anyone had been reading Rude Pundit with his haiku contest that’s been going on for a few days. So I go to check it just now and low and behold I see this:

From Prolix of the blog Widdershins:

I use catheters
Virtually painless they say
Unlike Donald Trump.

Congrats to our resident wordsmith par excellance! 🙂

@14: So, Prolix, bravo! And a mention for the blog! Well done.

@14 & 15, I was just sitting here the other night, scotch in hand, and one of those catheter commercials came on — the first two lines were almost directly from the commercial. I added the Donald Trump.

Here are my other two submissions:

To protect and serve
Shouldn’t mean a severed spine.
It did for Freddie.

Billionaires Koch,
Sly, but lacking the balls of
Sheldon Adelson.

@16: I like those also.

The whole lot of submissions have been just delicious to read.
And, I put in a little mention of this over at our blog buddies at Uppity’s place. 😉

And if we haven’t had enough bowl games, the Motel 6 Catcus Bowl. And yes I bet they’ll leave the light on.


The Ducks and the Horny Frogs are in triple overtime.

@18: AKA the Bedbug Bowl.

@Beata: Without a doubt. 🙂

@19, LOL — again a real one.

Carly FudgeNut tweeted out support for Iowa over her alma mater Stanford in the Rose Bowl. Immediate twitter storm followed under the #CarlyCurse. It was trending in California, Iowa, and D.C.

Given her penchant for rabid baldfaced lying, it was a wonder she hadn’t told a story of having seen a video of the football players on the 50-yard line kicking and screaming while their extraneous football gear was harvested and sold for Hillary Clinton contributions.

My first comment in this thread was outlandishness personified until I just saw this:

Biloxi, Mississippi (CNN) — Michael Cohen, a top aide to Donald Trump, promoted a pair of tweets Saturday that suggested Hillary Clinton was behind a new terrorist recruiting video featuring Trump.

@23: That is just…I’m at a loss for words.

@24: I love this from the article:

In a terse official statement, a Shabaab spokesman said that the terror group was “discontinuing our relationship with Donald J. Trump.”

“He’s just too hard to work with,” the spokesman said.

When I read that first haiku, I snorted, then choked on it, which gave me a coughing fit that made my eyes tear, forcing me to run to the bathroom to grab a few tissues to clean it all up. I’m still getting over it. Well done!!

@GAgal: The good thing is (I hope) you’re okay and you didn’t spray soft drink, water, or other beverages on your computer screen. 😉

Simply put: I cannot wait for the day that Hillary is elected and then gets to put a few more folks on the Supreme Court so that this jerk definitely gets put into the minority. Even better, he retires and takes Clarence with him.

@27, high praise indeed, thank you.

@29, Scalia has been bitter since Danny Devito beat him out of the Penguin role.

Can you believe that Alamo game? One of hubs old friends is a diehard Ducks fan–he must be in a tizzy.

Crazy stuff going on in the world: In Iran, angry Shiites attacked the Saudi embassy, threw some chairs around and set it on fire. This is because the Saudi’s executed a Shiite cleric. Muslims are furious about this in many different countries.

And here at home: some angry ranchers (?) in Oregon held a protest and took over a federally owned bldg. in rural Oregon. Cliven Bundy’s son drove over from Nevada to join them!?!

I think this is going to be a crazy year. (Hope I’m wrong)

@31: Sputter-cough, cough!

Cute post, Prolix. There are a lot of words that should be given the boot. Agree with all of those mentioned in the post and thread.

I have no idea why my name came up as “socalannies”. I’m using hubs pc, and have to sign in all the time.

Scalia really creeps me out. Do you think its true that he belongs to some Catholic cults like Opus Dei, or is that just urban legend?

@annie: I like watching the Ducks. I have no idea why except that they’re the Ducks. I’m also partial to U.C. Irvine and the Anteaters.

As far as the shiites and sunnis, let ’em duke it out amongst themselves. Maybe that will keep them occupied over there.

ome angry ranchers (?) in Oregon held a protest

So you mean they weren’t this? 😉

@29 Elections have consequences comes to mind when I hear his baas-ackward remarks. I would love to see a Sharia law case go in front of him. Or for that matter, any religion other than his own. Around here, the politicians who get elected attend the largest church. Built in constituency, ‘ya know. I don’t get it. I thought we were suppose to be electing a lawmaker, not hiring a minister.

I would love to see religions taxed like any other corporation/property owner.

Given Scalia’s uncanny resemblance to a penguin, I think his cult might just be Opus.


I glanced at the angry rancher story, and apparently they are protesting with some militia people from Idaho. They are claiming some land to be just theirs and free from part of the US. They seem to think they’re Native Americans or something. I hope the feds throw their thieving, law breaking asses in the pokey.

Oh, and there is more than one son of Cliven Bundy. 2 or 3.

@39, Scalia’s whole interpretation of the Constitution is grounded in the 1950s. His whole philosophy is made from whole cloth or since it came from the 1950s, whole Naugahyde.

The whole creationism/religious inspired country/exceptionalism/chosen Gentiles concepts were spawned from the flaky-shed skin of those crusty old white guys in the 50s who never seemed to wear socks long enough to deter their ample calf molting.

@43, from an evolutionary standpoint, that is a shame.

GAgal said: Around here, the politicians who get elected attend the largest church

I’ve noticed that a lot in small Southern towns. They’re always at that biggest church in the town. I wonder how they explain to their former brethren and especially when they are switching denominations at the same time. 🙂

@43 and 45: If ever there was a reason needed for birth control, this is it.

Also, the Bed Bug Bowl has turned out to be fairly exciting. W.VA is ahead by 1 right now, a minute and a half left It was 4th down for AZ State and incomplete but now there’s a flag. Now the flag is picked up and W.VA takes over on downs. With 1.05 left I don’t now why they aren’t running out the clock.

since it came from the 1950s, whole Naugahyde,

I think I recall some lovely Naugahyde furnishings in my younger days. I seem to remember it as being really sticky when you had just come in from playing outside and it was a hot day.

Trump has finally responded with “I have to say what I have to say.” That’s pretty much it. Shortest answer he’s ever given to any question. But here’s the link anyway…

@49: I wonder if some of his advisers are telling him to tone it down some.

GAgal you know around here the government is the same as a church. They really want a theocracy not a democracy. So when you look at it from that perspective it makes complete sense to put ministers in office. They are not concerned about anything economic it seems because the economy here in GA really stinks.

Ooh ooh…I love the banned words list! I only disagree with the word “stakeholders,” but that’s because I am a business analyst, and I use the word correctly. 🙂 I would definitely add the phrases “think outside the box,” “circle back around” and “spin it up a few levels.” One of my colleagues and I make fun of corporate-speak constantly, and those are high on our list.

Awesome haikus, Prolix – way to represent! I may have to stop by the Rude Pundit’s blog and add a couple of my own. 👿

@GAGal – What can Trump really say? Hillary was completely right. his ignorant rants are being used by Al Qaeda affiliates to recruit terrorists to their cause. His followers won’t give a cr*p; they will think it’s a point of pride and a sign of “strength.”

I can’t wait till we never have to talk about this f*cking idiot again. I thought I couldn’t be more embarrassed by Republicans than I was when Dubya was President…clearly, I lack imagination.

@35 and 36: It’s likely true, predicateed on his choice of parish.

@51, Ga6th, I agree with you — it is the same around here, the ministers use the churches just as a union person would use a union hall. If you are in a pew, you are a voter second only to a worshiper. While not popular around these parts, given their theocratic proclivities, I call them Shariabyterians. There are about three of us who think it’s funny, everyone else is assured we will soon have addresses in a hellish development upon our demise.

@52, Yes, “think outside the box” is so over used — I wonder if the people who use think outside the box ever do.

Another word I deplore that I haven’t added here: Surge, not the fabric serge, but “surging” in New Hampshire, Iowa, or Syria. Everyone wants a surge when they are more deserving of a pond ripple.

@49 & 53, as to Trump. Today John Dickerson on “Face the Nation” interviewed Trump. Resounding fail, but the interesting part was when the panel was asked to react.

Jennifer Rubin, prolific conservo-droid in the afternoon WaPo with whom I have never, ever agreed on any subject — evah — said about Trump, “His lack of knowledge is astonishing.”

I can now say, I have agreed with Jennifer Rubin.

@57 – I have a similar sense of wonder when I agree with Rand Paul. It should never happen. I liken it to Michael J. Fox encountering his past and/or future self in Back To The Future I, II or III.

@57 & 58: Sometimes I find myself agreeing with Lady Lindsey or thinking that his jokes are clever. It worries me.

@58 & 59, here’s another one from the “I never thought I’d say it,” but in watching the talkies today, the hardest, most incisive questions to the Repubs were from, and I shudder when I say this, Chris Wallace on Faux. A close second was John Dickerson on “Face the Nation.” Chuckles Todd literally asks all the pols to come sit with him in his cookie baking tree and have tea and crumpets — I have given up on MTP (Massage the Plutocrats).

@59 Beta, I miss Lindsey too in a weird way. Awhile back he was on Morning Schmoe after he’d been in Iowa for 9 days. He looked really bad, his eyes were blood shot and glassy like he’d been on a binge. They asked him about Ben Carson’s rise in the polls and something Carson had said. Lindsey shrugged his shoulders and said “Hell if I know, half the time I can’t understand a damn word he says.” Schmoe and Meeeka cracked up.

Oops, sorry Beata for misspelling your name there.

Here’s something I never thought I’d say. I hope Cruz wins Iowa and Christie wins NH just ’cause I want to see Trump’s reaction. I think I’m safe there. Surely, neither of those two can win the nomination.

@62, GAgal, Cruz scares me. Big time scares me! I’ve been screeching about him long before he was elected. He is dangerous because he’s single-minded in his self-absorbed narcissism.

There are a couple of recent articles about the subject. One lists five of his scariest traits. They are:

1. He actually believes this stuff.

2. He’s not interested in simply winning.

3. He would launch the most aggressive war on reproductive rights imaginable.

4. He would unite the Republican Party.

5. He’d brilliant and he loves that you think he’s crazy.

There’s elucidation on each point in the article:

The other article is from Rolling Stone, it’s title tells it all — “Ted Cruz Isn’t Crazy — He’s Much Worse”.

It’s not just Cruz’s beliefs and politics. Just look at his face. Those eyes and lips are out of a horror movie. Sleazy creepy is written all over his face . I can’t understand why his supporters don’t see it. As much as I dislike the others running, I am just viscerally repulsed by Cruz. He’s someone I’d like to slap, but wouldn’t because that would mean I’d have to touch him. {shudder} I’m serious. That dude’s evil. Run for the hills evil.

@64, I agree 100%, he’s got that creepy door-to-door/Encyclopedia salesman/Ted Bundy/Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs’ Buffalo Bill) vibe going for him.

Agree with you both about Cruz. He scares me the most. My dudes dislike him the most also. I will check out the RS article.

@60 – Chris Wallace and Shepherd Smith are actual newspeople rather than “personalities”. Look who CW’s father was.

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