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Posted on: December 31, 2015

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2015 was so ugly, Father Time would deny paternity, but it’s just about over.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is 2015 taught lots of people very bad lessons.  We can be hopeful 2016 provides the opportunity to unlearn those lessons.

Here’s what people were talking about this year.  As is so often the case, I’m out of sync with my fellow Kentuckians since they were more interested than anyone else in the country with the passing of a wrestler.  I probably belong in Washington state where Leonard Nimoy’s final beaming-up was the prime click motivator.


I’ve tried to hit some of these subjects of interest and a few more.  For instance:

  • The news media spending eight months and 4,000 stories on Hillary’s email did nothing to help me figure out Windows 10.
  • The Adult Video/Porn Awards came in second to the NFL in talking about deflated balls.
  • Having Bibi Netanyahu come speak to Congress is like running into an ex-brother-in-law ten years after a divorce – no real affection, but civility requires tolerant indifference.
  • I’m pretty sure “to protect and serve” Freddie Gray didn’t include a severed spine.
  • You have to admit the name Andy Dufresne from The Shawshank Redemption is much better than either Richard Matt or David Sweat unless you do a mash-up of their names and get Dick Sweat.

Hillary @

  • The most interesting thing about the Oscar-winning movie, Birdman or (the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) is the director’s, Alejandro González Iñárritu, name.
  • Never thought a 66-year old man or woman in a corset would make the cover of Vanity Fair.
  • No one noticed that the $220 million payday of the Paquaio/Mayweather fight worked out to equal a million dollars a year for their combined age.
  • When two rival Texas biker gangs have a gunfight and 177 are arrested, but only 9 are killed, it means someone has been skipping target practice.
  • Wonder if Rachel Dolezal tried the line, “White is technically a color,” with the NAACP?
  • The Republic of Kosovo gained diplomatic recognition and John McCain was quick to issue his normal howdy-do, “Let’s bomb them and throw a get-to-know-them invasion.”

Marriage Equality 2

  • Three guys on Medicare wearing black robes, try as they might, couldn’t stop twelve million poor people from getting health care.
  • Five people wearing black robes weren’t the boss of full-time hair farmer and part-time county clerk Kim Davis.
  • If Pope Francis had spoken before Congress another five minutes, John Boehner’s crying would have had him completely dehydrated.
  • If Volkswagen had programmed the autopilot on the Germanwings airplane most likely 150 people would have had a better vacation.
  • Two of the guys in the running to replace Sepp Blatter of Fifa are Jerome Champagne and Tokyo Sexwale – either is sure to turn Sepp into an angry, irritable Blatter.
  • Who would have thought Dubya was the smarter one?

Caitlyn Jenner

  • Of the seven trials held this year in police shooting cases, five ended in acquittals or mistrials, and the other two were dismissed – that’s 0-7, add one more zero and you have 007’s license to kill.
  • It only took three terrorist attacks in France to retire the term “Freedom Fries.”
  • In the eight years since five guys wearing black robes cobbled a nonexistent right to bear arms from a misplaced comma, the number of deaths attributable to guns in the U.S. is approaching the number killed in combat during World War II.
  • The Paris Climate Agreement had an ambitious list of climate anomalies to address.  An addition to that list:  It was warmer at the North Pole this week than it was in west Texas, southern California, and parts of the Sahara.  For those admiring consistency, the idiocy of climate change denial remains unchanged.
  • If Donald Trump’s primary lead falters, ala Ozzie Osbourne, he will bite the head off a bald eagle to make ahMurica great again.


  • Inspiring fear and then fearing its absence is a pathetic existence and has never been a sustainable political philosophy.


This by no means is an exhaustive list of 2015 events.  Here is an excellent four minute 2015 recap by Vox.  Please add your own events or take this conversation in any direction you might like.

May 2016 be a year where the collective “force of goodness reawakens” and once again triumphs.



73 Responses to "Almost over…"

So that thing about Yeb! being the “smart one” ? Maybe not so much.


That’s why Dubya is the smarter one. Go figure.

How! could! Jeb! be! so! astronomically! tone! deaf! Sorry about all the exclamation points, as Jeb! said, “I was conveying a sense of excitement.”

Great list of facts and factoids you compiled Prolix. When you put them all together like that it’s really depressing. 😦

Prolix said: That’s why Dubya is the smarter one. Go figure.

That, in and of itself, is frightening. o_O

@3, yes, 2015 was a really depressing year. In thinking about it, I also thought just maybe we here in the U.S. might have just gotten a touch of what it is like living in Europe or parts of Asia and Africa when it comes to terrorism. That in and of itself is depressing since we were too self-absorbed to realize what was happening to those folks day-after-day, year-after-year.

Happy New Year, everybody!
Can you guess what my dearest wish is for 2016?
I’ll bet you can 🙂

@6, Sue, I bet we have the same wish.

@6 & 7: I think that’s a wish all of us have.

So Sue I have to ask: Do you think Yolanda is faking it with all of this stuff with her Lyme disease problems?

How about this for the saddest political event of 2015?

Marty had an event in Iowa. Big snowstorm.

One bearded guy named Kenneth showed up. Marty spent the whole time one-on-one with Kenneth.

At the end, Kenneth left undecided and unwilling to commit to caucus for Marty.

Marty might have been better served by building a snowman and calling it Kenneth. Same shot for winning a caucus delegate.

@10: I almost feel like crying for him…almost.

@10, omg, that is really sad! I am also glad to kiss this year goodbye. I don’t know if Jeb? is actually dumber than W, though. I think they’re both incredibly dumb and tone deaf, but in different ways.

Happy New Year Widdershins! Looking forward to Sweet Sue’s wish coming true! Yay 2016!

One of those high-rise hotels in Dubai has a raging fire going. There is a short vid of it on nyt. I’ll try to link it:

annie, I saw something about that fire in Dubai. It looked terrible.
And Happy New Year to you and your guys too!

Happy 2016, my beloved Widdershins, and goodbye to 2015!

@13, what is ironic — they went ahead, with the fire still raging and had their fireworks display. In Dubai, they shoot fireworks off from buildings in the downtown section and a neighboring building had fireworks shooting off from it while this particular building was still ablaze.

There’s a video along with the story, but I’m not savvy enough to embed. Maybe Fredster can.

@15, Happy New Year Beata. How was your trip?

I couldn’t embed the one from Reuters but I did find this one.

Happy New Year to you too Beata!

I wonder if Beata is still in NY? Love that old 80s vid Beata!

@17: It was wonderful. We had a fabulous time.

@20: I had hair like that in the 80’s. LOL. Actually I looked a lot like Patty Smyth back then.

Beata, glad you had a great time!

Extremely wealthy and famous but obviously very depressed Swedes from the 80’s also wish you all a Happy New Year!

@24: is there really any better way to be on New Years Eve besides depressed? I’ll start crying in my Bailey’s later. (doesn’t sound as sad as cryin’ in your beer, does it?)


@21, glad you had a great time. Love NYC this time of year.

Annie, make sure and tell Hubbs and Laker — Happy New Year!

@24, Wouldn’t you be depressed if you had grown up celebrating New Year’s with pickled herring and fishballs?

Oh my gosh, Prolix. So funny and yet so sad. This has been such a bizarre year! And to think, this is just the tip of the iceberg! Happy New Year everyone!

Doesn’t the affluenza teen’s mother look like Carrot Top in drag?

@30, thanks so much. Happy New Year to you too.

It was a really strange year and as I always say, “2016 will be better because it has to be since it can’t be worse.”

@28: Yum, lutefisk. It builds character.

@32, LOL — Lutefisk Burgers — 1 sold.

@34, Fox Business has another panelist’s seat open for a non-economist spouting political slogans as self-evident iconoclastic economic wisdom.

@32: Uff da indeed!

@15, not to brag, but my signature dance moves were just like the guitar player in the blue shirt. Slightly bent knees, incessant rocking back and forth, with an occasional Tourette’s like tic in the neck, followed shortly thereafter with a hair-tossing nod. Although it sounds incredibly complex, try it in a two-by-two foot square in the corner all night — more difficult than you think.

Oh, I’m bummed about Wayne Rogers. He was lakers fav character in MASH, he will be really sad when he hears about it.

@37, Prolix, you’re so hilarious!

Hubs says Happy New Year to all of you. We had a quiet day, picked up my car, took naps, boring night, thinking of going to a movie. Tomorrow night, we’re going to a small, funky, but legendary blues club. They are saying that there will be some A list singers and players there. We’ll let you know who shows up. Hubs is champing at the bit! (is that an old Kentucky saying?)

@37 LMAO! Prolix, you’re description of that dance is so concise, I can clearly picture it before I watch the video! You sure have a way with words!

@39, Annie, I think it would be “chomping at the bits” — for mighty stallions ready to run.

Annie, did you see that California’s google click’s king was the VW dealio? Where else would cars dictate all the attention? Better than a dead wrestler.

I’ve never been to NYC during Dec, we always went in the Fall. Is it festive and fun? We went to Hawaii once over Christmas and New Years, no wait…twice! Hawaii didn’t seem much different to me, you occasionally saw a Christmas tree (Hawaiian style) or decorations, but people seemed to be out and about as usual.

@41, yeah, that’s really weird. A VW dealer?

@40, Georgia, when you develop a signature move at 14, perfect it through high school, apply it through college, and finally put it to rest after one’s ten year high school reunion, the description needs to be succinct to obviate the emotional rejection occasioned by its remembrance.

@42, I’ve been in NYC several times at Christmas — friends from college live there and they take pity on the genetically inferior incest product from Appalachia and allow me to visit. It is a great time to see shows because people seem to be otherwise occupied with a thing called Christmas.

@43, did you notice Hawaiians were all up in the Apple Watch? And WVA, what’s up with them and “Magic Mike XXL”? Go figure there — maybe the new “Deliverance”?

Fireworks have started here! It’s officially 2016! Yay!

@41& 43 At least you guys knew what your state google clicks were about. I had to google Whip dance. Thanks ALOT, Prolix for that earworm. You made me go there!

@9: Dear Fredster, I have no idea.
My idea of Heaven would be you and me on the sofa, with many libations, trying to figure that out. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year from the ancestral lands. Wake up, everyone!

Let’s see: La’s was Blue Bell Ice Cream. Foodie state so that figures. Bama is Ben Carson (?) I don’t want to think too much about that one.

Sweet Sue: We’ll have to include LVP and Lisa Rinna cuz if we’re gonna talk trash we need those two in there. 😆 Happy New Year to you too.

@50: Oh i don’t wanna wake up. I just got done eating some pizza and I feel like crashing right now as my eyes are getting heavier and heavier. Perhaps I can take off my glasses for a bit just to *rest my eyes*, and if that’s the case I better have everything wrapped up for the night because that eye resting might go on for quite awhile.

Some amazing dance moves in this video. A New Wave Fred Astaire.

‘Night, everyone!

@48, Georgia, I googled it just now and have had a life changing epiphany — I’m changing my signature dance to the “Whip Dance”!

@50, Happy New Year Chat and thanks for that Auld Lang Syne remix — I was just doing my new signature “Whip Dance” to it.

@54, night Beata.

Happy New Year from San Francisco! Love and peace to all.

@58: Same to you MB.

R.I.P. Natalie Cole. Yes, you were unforgettable.

@61, Ditto.

Quiet tonight. Everyone must be recuperating, watching foosball or just zoning out. 🙂

Oh my…the Sugar Bowl. Hotty Totty y’all.

I’m watching Victor/Victoria. Forgot how funny it is and how masterful Blake Edwards was with the visual comedic gags.

Victor/Victoria was a great film. Hubs did watch quite a bit of football, and we went out tonight. I’m so glad the holiday season is over.

Lucky MB to be in San Francisco!

Fredster, what did you think about the games? Did Stanford beat Iowa? They were creaming them last I looked.

Oh annie, Stanford put a whuppin’ on them like they were a red-headed stepchild. And Ole Miss did the same to Okie State.

As I was saying to chat when I spoke to her, the games today were just complete beatings by one team to the other – they were not well matched games. Michigan creamed Florida and Ohio State beat down Notre Dame (yay!!).

Did y’all make it to the blues club? If so, how was it?

Hmm, the games sounded kinda boring. Hubs fell asleep during them. Yes, we went to the blues club, a tiny, plain club out in Pasadena (a little over an hours drive for us). Fortunately, we didn’t run into any traffic from the Rose Parade or Rose Bowl. We ate dinner there and stayed for two different groups, then we left, it was 10:30 and we were tired, so we don’t know if any of the bigger name people they said were coming actually came. Its a fun little place, much smaller than our usual stomping grounds.

@annie, yeah when the games become complete blowouts with no choice of the losing team to come back, they become “meh”.

Sounds like y’all had an enjoyable evening even if the bigger names didn’t show.

We’ve had cool/cold weather move in and will be here for a few days. Just checked the weatherbug and one night will dip down into the 20s and not go any higher than the 40s. That’s the kind of days I’ll do my best to stay in. And with that I think I’ll find something on the teevee for some background noise and call it a night.


MB, hope you are having a good time in San Francisco.

Annie, spending the evening at a blues club sounds like fun. Glad the traffic wasn’t too bad. My grandparents lived in Pasadena and we used to visit the Rose Bowl in the summer but we never saw an actual game there!

I hope everyone else had a pleasant New Year’s Day. xoxo

Congrats to the Dawgs!

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