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Wallowing in the Muck…

Posted on: December 22, 2015

Walken in a Winter Wonderland


Wallowing in the Muck of Donaldland

Alarm bells ping, are you hearing,
Raising cane, pols are noticing,
A scary fright,
They’re unhappy on the Right,
Wallowing in the muck of Donaldland.

Flown away is the Ladybird,
Here to stay is the Trump turd
He sings a sore song,
As we limp along,
Wallowing in the muck of Donaldland.

In the South they have built a strawman,
They pretend that he’s not the Klan,
They’ll say:  Are you worried?
We’ll say:  No man,
But he can get the job
When we’re down.

Later on, they’ll conspire
As they dream of lightin’ a fire
To make afraid,
Those who say,
Wallowing in the muck of Donaldland.

In the meadow we can build a blunderbuss,
Then pretend that he’s a circus clown,
We’ll have lots of fun with mister sourpuss,
Until the other crazy fools come around.

When they crow, ain’t it chilling,
Through your nose you smell their ‘illin
They’re prolix and say, in their silly way,
Wallowing in the muck of Donaldland.

Wallowing in the muck of Donaldland,
Wallowing in the muck of Donaldland.

These are original lyrics passably singable by suitably Progressive carolers.

Get in the holiday spirit by discussing anything you might have on your mind.



33 Responses to "Wallowing in the Muck…"

Great lyrics Prolix. I was humming along as I read them!

And speaking of the walking douche bag, his comments about Clinton were what were truly disgusting! I would really like to now what his issue was with Hillary’s time at the break during the debate and/or her possible bathroom habits. It does seem he has an issue with women and their nether regions like the Megahan Kelly comment. Then the comment about the 2008 election and his vivid description of the race.

Really Donald, if you want to talk disgusting, just look in the mirror.

@2, absolutely, the 2008 remark was beyond anything that should be tolerated by society. I’m just waiting for the false equivalency arguments to begin. Anyone who believes there is anything approaching Trump’s comments ever, is someone who is a rank idiot not deserving of the time it takes to ignore them.

Of course, there hasn’t been one Repub to criticize it — not one — that speaks volumes.

@2 & 3, you know, as vile and base as Ann Coulter is, there has never been a Democrat say something as disrespectful as what Trump said to Hillary.

Sexual debasement is not just sexist, it is sociopathic behavior. Trump fits the bill for a classical sociopath, in fact, when you look at the questionnaire, it looks like he is striving to hit all the markers.

By the way, I had written the “Muck of Donaldland” before I knew about his most recent disgusting comments.

@3: You know, my first thought at reading his “too disgusting” statement about her tardiness after the break was “well maybe there was only one restroom, she was third in line, and had to put the seat down and maybe clean up after the guys!”.

The 2008 comment should not have ever been said.
Cochon !

I had a link to a Quinnipiac poll in the previous post about how half of the respondents said they’d be embarrassed to have Trump as President.

Jeebus! Maybe it was already scheduled but Tweety is doing a bio show about Trump.

@6, yes, the Q Poll does say 50% would be embarrassed to call Trump President, but that’s not the full story. That 50% is of all voters who would be embarrassed to call him President.

Of Republicans, that number is only 20% — so four out of five Republicans would embrace Trump as President. That tells you all you have to know about the modern Republican Party.

Just thinking, but having Trump as the nominee might provide economies of scale. Finally, the Party could rent one hall for rallies where they could simultaneously have their campaign events, as well as their KKK meetings, white supremacy, and neo-Nazi hootenannies. Good time management.

@8, yes, Tweety had been fluffing that special for about a week. It is Tweety’s desperate cry for relevance by goading Trump into tweeting something nasty about him.

Things are just bizarre on the GOP side. But we’ve got the drama of the Bernie Bros on our side.

@11, yes the BernBros are a new subspecies of Bots, total functioning from the brain stem and nothing beyond.

Good lord it’s the same Bernie is a precious flower who cannot be criticized just like Obama. Hillary can take all the slings and arrows and apparently “deserves” them but Bernie is a hot house flower who will wilt under the lights. Therefore he needs careful tending. I am going to bang my head on the desk. I got in a fight with a blogger one time pointing out that this is how the left wing of the party discredits itself. If you think Bernie can’t handle Hillary then how do you think he can handle the GOP? I personally don’t think he can handle them.

@13, Call me crazy, but I have always thought allowing the other party to select the nominee isn’t the best politics. This overreaction to anything resembling a criticism of Bernie is really tiresome. When there is even a hint of less than full throttled Bernie support, the Bernbots descend like locust — with identical analytic ability.

Prolix@9: You know…I was not even remotely phased at the numbers for the Repubs And naturally I’ve already seen some talking heads using the “mee-mee” 😉 of Hillary claiming the victimhood role on these Trump attacks.

Ga6th said: If you think Bernie can’t handle Hillary then how do you think he can handle the GOP?

And yep the exact same thing I said in 2008 about Obama.

Prolix@9: I’ll have to look and see if the Quicken Arena has multiple large meeting rooms in the facility. if so, then indeed it will be so conveeeenient.

From Uppity Woman’s site.

Apologies fr breaking into the thread for the OT comment, but it’s important…

Now would be a good time to donate to Hillary, even just a couple of bucks. Contrary to what the conventional wisdom and conspiracy theorists would have you think, the billionaires are not carrying her and she does need us.

Pass the word.

Thanks Sophie — that is important to remember since we are coming to the end of the quarter.

Happy Holidays from Wisconsin state Rep. Bob Gannon:

“Wisconsin does not have a death penalty law, but with significant practice and careful aim, law-abiding citizens can help clean our society of these scumbags.”

Hark, the herald NRA sings, glory to newly killed things.

Just when you thought it was safe to venture outside your home without being assaulted by the ego of Kim Davis and her shyster lawyers, she’s being heralded as a hero in the marriage wars. Says Davis:

“How ironic that God would use a person like me, who failed so miserably at marriage in the world, to defend it now,” Davis said Tuesday. “The Lord picks the unlikely source to convey the message.”


And in two years, Davis will be up for re-election in what is surely to be one of the most publicized county clerk races in decades. She said she doesn’t know whether she will run for re-election. She dismissed the notion that she could run for higher office, given her name recognition throughout the state.

“If I were a politician, I would probably jump on that and grab it and growl. But I’m not a politician,” she said. “I very much enjoy my job.”

Two things stand out: (1) She’s stopped “grabbing and growling” so the “junk” of would-be suitors is finally safe; and (2) Measuring her job satisfaction by the deprivation of other’s rights is quite an unusual barometer of such things.

Read more here:

Hey Sophie! (waves) Thanks for the reminder. I had gotten an email from the campaign and I did make another donation.

Prolix I saw that Bevin made the change so that clerk of court name don’t have to be included on marriage licenses.

I’m so glad that earth-shattering and potentially civilization-destroying requirement is now removed in Kentucky. I know all the citizens can sleep better now. snort!

I sent another twenty five bucks to Hillary via snail mail, last week.
I think I’m close to two hundred big ones by now (that’s two hundred dollars, you silly.)

@24, yes, on his way to denying health care to half a million poor people, Gov. Scott Walker/Jindal wannabe, Gnat Bevin serviced his campaign fluffer by issuing an Executive Order. Trouble is, the Executive Order is contrary to a statute that prescribes exactly what MUST be on a marriage certificate.

So, on its face, the Executive Order is invalid. Probably the first of many to follow by Gnat who is so anxious to follow in Piyush’s juttis, he’s doing illegal stuff and saying, “Just try and stop me.”

@26: I smell lawsuit coming then. Will Bevin have a favorite outside attorney?

Whenever Piyush was sued over the crap he pulled, he had a favorite attorney he would hire to represent the state. I believe Jimmy Fairlcloth got a couple million dollars for his losing efforts representing the gret stet. And most of the time, yes, he lost.

Oh yay! “Adele Live in NYC” is going to be on NBC at 8 central time/9 eastern!

@28 : Fredster, I watched about twenty minutes of Adele and had to bail.
I wish I got her; I think she’s beautiful, has a great voice and probably near perfect pitch, but imho, her songs are terrible-tuneless with pedestrian lyrics.
I kept thinking about the late, great Dusty Springfield and wishing that Adele would sing songs like “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me.”
What am I missing?

Sue@30: I’m not sure in relation to what you asked. I love the voice and I like that her songs are not the all-too-familiar beat of most pop stuff today. I had heard a few of her songs before and when the Hello release came out I listened to it and few others on amazon and just enjoyed the songs and her singing of them. I’ll have to use my favorite little typewritten expression here.


Prolix, love your lyrics! I’ve heard that bloody song a dozen times a day, so I was singing your lyrics to it. I can’t believe the funny stuff you come up with!

@32, thanks Annie. Are you ready for Christmas? Hope you, Hubby, and Laker have a great holiday!

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