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Activist Monday: You Can Dream of a White Christmas…

Posted on: December 21, 2015

But many of you won’t get one. In fact, for millions of us this year, this is going to be the warmest Christmas on record. Follow this explanation if you can:

So what’s up with this year’s warm weather? Though some have pointed fingers at climate change or tropical weather event El Nino, Mike Halpert of the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center credits (or blames, depending on your point of view) the Arctic polar vortex for the high temperatures.

The polar vortexes, Halpert explained, are swirling rings of cold winds that surround the North and South Poles. Last year, high air pressure in the Arctic pushed those winds southward, away from the North Pole, causing the chilly U.S. winter many remember.

This year, the pressure is low, making the vortex stronger than usual and meaning that more cold air is staying around the Arctic, rather than traveling south.

So basically, all the cold weather is staying up north, leaving us Noo Yorkaz with a Christmas day dilemma: Will it be too warm to wear our ugly sweaters this Friday? It would be a real shame to deprive the world of looks like this:

Sooooo ugly

Or this!

Oooooh, ugly

It looks like we will have to sport our ugly Christmas shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops this year. For inspiration, I’ve got a few must-have looks for all you Widdershins. Please feel free to steal any of these, or improvise your own.

So don’t despair! There are plenty of ways to show your Christmas spirit without breaking a sweat.

This is an open thread.


14 Responses to "Activist Monday: You Can Dream of a White Christmas…"

Let’s declare war on Christmas — Happy Holidays.

Here’s my ugly Christmas sweater story. You see the guy above with the Christmas tree sweater, I rigged up one, but it wasn’t nearly as tasteful as his. Mine had the big old fashioned Christmas lights. To run these monstrous bulbs, I needed a really large battery pack. Well, yes, it happened. The battery pack overheated — caught fire and hundreds, no thousands, of innocent polyesters died in the ensuing conflagration.

I exaggerate, but they were polygon’ers. In any event, I won the ugly sweater party that year.

Well in addition to warmish weather for Christmas, (yet it got down into the 20s and 30s this past week), Wed. we’ll be on the lookout for severe storms, strong winds and tornadoes. I don’t know the appropriate holiday attire for that except that if they issue a tornado warning, it’s time to put the bicycle helmet on.

After that we’ll be into the 70s yet again.

This info is from our local “weather gawd” and doesn’t make me feel too good right now.

SEVERE WEATHER THREAT WEDNESDAY: Parameters are coming together for a potential high impact severe weather event for much of Alabama. Temperatures rise into the low 70s, and dewpoints surge into the high 60s by afternoon.

Here is a look at our current thinking…

TIMING: The main window for severe storms will come from 12:00 noon Wednesday through 12:00 midnight Wednesday night. We can’t rule out a strong storm Wednesday morning over West Alabama, however.

CONFIDENCE LEVEL: After a review of the 12Z model set, confidence is increasing that this could be a significant severe weather threat for Alabama. One potential issue would be convection near the Gulf Coast that will block the inflow of warm, moist air into North Alabama, mitigating the severe weather risk, but the morning models aren’t showing much going on to the south.

The chart below is the forecast STP, or significant tornado parameter, valid at 6:00 p.m. CT Wednesday.

Oh Prolix, I love it! My colleague at work blinged up a Hanukkah Harry sweater with a fully lit menorah. Thankfully, no fibers were harmed at the time. 😊

Fredster, that looks scary!!

Very clever post, MB, and funny story, Prolix. “Vintage” ugly Christmas sweaters have become quite trendy and expensive here. I still hate them!

My boyfriend and I are going to NYC for several days. We’ll be back shortly after Christmas unless we wind up in the drunk tank. I hope everyone here who celebrates the holiday has a wonderful time. xoxo

Stay safe, Fredster! That storm looks nasty.

@4, “A blinged up Hanukkah Harry sweater with a fully lit menorah,” could serve as a landing beacon at LGA.

@5, have a great holiday Beata — I wish I was going to NYC too. I love it this time of year.

Beata, y’all have fun in NYC!

MB@: LOL with the sweater and Prolix is right about Laguardia and a beacon.

Funny holiday attire! I’ve never been into wearing that stuff though. My late sis-in-law, god bless her, loved those ugly sweaters. My idea of a good holiday, is a simple holiday.

Beata, am so glad you get to go to New York! Have a wonderful time!

Fredster, will be worried about you with that nasty weather. Good lord. We are finally getting rain, which is good. Sorry about the Saints. At least they didn’t give up.

annie@10: as it stand now with that weather I’m not real happy. The wx guys said that if storms start developing further south before up here that will help to cut off the moisture to anything up this way. I hope it happens that way.

The Saints…(sigh) They started getting it together but just too late in the game.

Beata, have a wonderful time in the greatest city ever! Are you planning to see a show? I recently saw “An American in Paris.” Best thing I have seen in a long, long time.

Yes, those sweaters are now very expensive. They have do-it-yourself kits now!

In Trumpian news today, the Washington Post has a story about all the hate groups embracing Trump. Stormfront, a super scary white supremacist group, has had to upgrade its servers from all the traffic the Trump supporters are giving its website. Isn’t that sweet? David Duke likes him too. Just the kind of support an American President should have. /sarcasm

@12: I just saw something about the hate groups and Trump. Also saw an article about how many people would be embarrassed to call Trump Prez.

Calico kittens are everything.

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