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If only…

Posted on: December 17, 2015

If only we could still use the “N-word” when talking about black or brown people. PC

If only we could still use the “F-word” when talking about males who lisp.

If only we could still use the “W-word” when talking about people whose last name ends in a vowel.

If only we could use the “K-word” when talking about Jews.

If only we could hate without limits.

And if only we weren’t so politically correct, all that ails us would be cured.  At least that was what was being peddled during Tuesday evening’s debate when “political correctness” was mentioned dozens of times as causing everything from constipation to El Nino.

If only things were like they were back in the 1950s – a truly enlightened time when people of color used their own entrances and women’s liberation meant untying an apron so that wifely bedroom duties could begin.  Those were the days!

Freely offend someonePolitical correctness has become the dustbin for all those things that contribute to the “Othering” of ahMurica.  As the dustbin it is an essential part of everyday existence – never the focus of a room, but always present, just off in the corner, ready to collect the detritus of working one’s way through everyday life.

It appears Donald Trump’s popularity is primarily centered on those who are sick and tired of the “Otherness” of ahMurica.  Just look at those endorsing him – there’s  the Daily Stormer, the neo-Nazi website and there’s David Duke and his triple K percale-clad cross-burners.  Der Trumpster will lead us in the “Unothering” of the House that was painted White for good reason.

It’s not correct to call these Trumpinistas Republicans because they’re not necessarily Republicans.  They are a new amalgamation of primarily white men, hailing from the lower middle class, having an education of high school or less, and who have been flat run over by free trade and the global economy.  Der Trumpster speaks to their victimization by the Others.  They need a villain and that villain has a language – it’s political correctness.

Abandoning political correctness is the new permission to hate.  It isn’t anything new, it’s just more overt.  Since about 2000, the conservative infotainment apparatus has cleverly used code words and dog whistles.  Unnecessary politeness has now been cast aside and it’s okay to hate.  What’s more, it’s now celebrated to own that hate.  Since certified Trump fan girl Sarah Palin made “real ahMuricans” her catchphrase in 2008, this turn of events has been inevitable.Mark Twain

Tuesday night’s theme was that political correctness was keeping us from defeating ISIS because the “O” in Obama stands for Other.  Unfortunately, it looks as if ISIS has already won.  You see, political correctness is just a fancy term for culturally acceptable language within a population — whether it be a country or a like-minded community.  Railing against PC’ness is just a tacit, defensive admission that one’s underlying viewpoint and opinions aren’t acceptable in the world-at-large.

For instance, Tuesday night there was no talk about gun violence or violence against health care providers at Planned Parenthood offices.  You heard not a peep about environmental issues or international trade agreements.  You heard nothing about foreign aid as a long-game disincentive to war.  Each is an example of political correctness within the core conservative crowd of the Republican Party.

What you heard Tuesday night was eerily like a checklist of major recruiting points from the ISIS handbook.  Inability to realize our dreams – CHECK.  More bombing and greater intervention in the Middle East – CHECK.  Our best days were in the past and the future is only glorious if we employ xenophobic rhetoric – CHECK.  Unequal treatment of people and their religions is encouraged – CHECK.  And most frightening of all, knowledge, in all its possible iterations, must be feared – CHECK!  These didn’t come from ISIS, they came from those aspiring to be Commander-in-Chief.

Bad luck while thinkingOf course, my opinion on such matters is obviously politically correct in that I’m optimistic, have a positive outlook, appreciate and celebrate others, have no grandiose notions about my insignificance in the world-at-large, and I love to learn stuff.  Heretical isn’t it?  Truly, these are characteristics that should be feared.

But here’s a fun fact – the very people who are so cocksure that political correctness has killed our future, are some of the most likely candidates to join that future by becoming dead.  The group comprising der Trumpster’s support is dying at a much higher rate than similarly situated populations worldwide.  White, middle-aged ahMuricans are dying from opioid abuse, depression, and alcoholism at an alarmingly increasing rate.  I love it when sociological research dovetails so nicely with plain old common sense.

If only these “real ahMuricans” could be worried about that.

Have a much better than average day and the conversation awaits your direction.



41 Responses to "If only…"

Karma can truly be delicious:

Martin Shkreli, the boyish drug company entrepreneur, who rocketed to infamy by jacking up the price of a life-saving pill from $13.50 to $750, was arrested by federal agents at his Manhattan home early Thursday morning on securities fraud related to a firm he founded…

In fact, it is not only his drug pricing that has turned him into an object of public derision. He recently spent millions on the only copy of a Wu-Tang Clan album that music fans would love to hear and then told Bloomberg Businessweek that he had no immediate plans to listen to it. He spars often on Twitter and message boards, parading his business strategies, musical tastes and politics; he live-streams from his office for long stretches.

@1, In a related development, shortly after Shkreli was taken into custody, his attorney raised his rates from $1,200 an hour to $66,000 an hour. The attorney explained to Shkreli that securities fraud and the practice of law are extremely complex endeavors requiring a huge amount of potential research to develop legal arguments.

When Shkreli asked about this 5,500% increase, the attorney replied, “Dude, it’s just like the Wu-Tang Clan says, ‘Cash rules everything around me, cream get the moeny. Dolla dolla bills yall.'”

@2: I hate to even ask, but is that true about the attorney? I’d love it if it were.

To go along with Prolix’s post and the “real ahMuricans”, here’s a video clip of Trump supporters which was compiled by Correct The Record.

In case you’re interested, the D.F.A. online voting thing went strongly to Sanders.

When I got the email from DFA announcing their endorsement I clicked on the unsubscribe link and in my explanation as to why I was unsubscribing I wrote that “Without a doubt Hillary Clinton will be the nominee and winner in 2016. Perhaps Sanders’ supporters have more email addresses to use or perhaps Clinton’s supporters are too busy trying to work and earn a living. Either way consider me unsubscribed and let us hope that DFA will act like grownups when Clinton wins the nomination.”.

Now if I get anything else from them it goes into the spam folder.

@3, No, the attorney didn’t raise his fees, but it would be just perfect if he did.

I’m doubting the mental hygiene of Shkreli. The more I read about him, the more I think he’s a couple of tacos short of a combo platter.

@5, when I voted I felt torn about participating because I smelled B.O. and Cheetos wafting through the effort.

I started to “unsubscribe” yesterday, but I was just curious enough to want to see the results.

@6: But I did see Prolix that it cost that little turd $5 mill for bail.

@7: I did enjoy putting in my reasons for unsubscribing.

Who would have thought Red Bull hyped-up 20-somethings might cut corners and have poor judgment — who knew?

Officials with the Democratic National Committee have accused the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders of improperly accessing confidential voter information gathered by the rival campaign of Hillary Clinton, according to several party officials.

Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, acknowledged that a low-level staffer had viewed the information but blamed a software vendor hired by the DNC for a glitch that allowed them access. Weaver said one Sanders staffer was fired over the incident.

Now let’s make sure I have this right — Sanders’ campaign is saying, “Everybody knew we lacked scruples and they should have implemented greater security controls to keep us from what comes naturally to us — cheating.” This Weaver guy needs some media training.

@9: It’s always a “low-level staffer”. Bullshite! And you know the low-level staffer shared that info with more than just himself/herself.

Looking at the article I saw this:

NGP VAN, the vendor that handles the master file, said the incident occurred Wednesday while a patch was being applied to the software.

The vendor should have had the application unavailable to anyone while they were installing the patch. The fact that they didn’t doesn’t give the Bernie campaign an excuse.

I guess you saw the berniebots were going crazy over there in the comments. :/

@11, now let’s see just how far credulity can be stretched — it just so happened that some “staffer” just happened to be futzing around on Wednesday and just happened to be circling an application that just happened to be in the process of being serviced with a patch and just happened to hit the precise keystrokes to just happen to open the confidential contributors list and then, as luck would have, he fell on his keyboard and just happened to send it to people who shouldn’t be privy to it.

What are the odds?

Just spit ballin’ here, but I’d say about the same odds as Ted Cruz’ daughters never having to be in extended therapy with intensive pharmaceutical intervention.

@11, my comment:

Who knew ersatz indignation would smell like Cheetos?

@12: That’s why we had maintenance weekend every other weekend at NFC. 😉

@13: Love it. Oh and WaPo did change the photo of Bernie that they originally had up. Cowards!

@7: Prolix don’t give your intellectual property away for free: dollars to doughnuts, Guerlain will be debuting “BO and Cheetos” next Christmas!

@16, Sue, undoubtedly Guerlain would like to offer Eau de B.O. et Cheetos, but having managed IP internationally, I have a natural easter egg hidden within the concept — Guerlain has not yet figured out how to offer an atomizer that doesn’t clog up from the Cheetos.

But, I like the way you think. We need to team up and get in the licensing business — I could sit in a corner and babble and you could figure out how to make money for us.

Once karma latches on, it’s hell to shake loose:

Martin Shkreli resigned as chief executive officer of Turing Pharmaceuticals AG following his arrest on securities fraud charges Thursday.

Shkreli will be replaced on an interim basis by Chairman Ron Tilles, Turing said Friday in a statement. “We wish to thank Martin for helping us build Turing Pharmaceuticals into the dynamic research focused company it is today, and wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

Here’s the translation of the Tilles statement:

We wish that tweeked up outhouse rat had not turned Turing Pharmaceuticals into such a turd in a punchbowl, but we wish him and all his new penitentiary grooms the best as we toast them with this Wu-Tang Clan thought:

I come rough, tough like an elephant tusk
Ya head rush, fly like Egyptian musk.

Great post, Prolix! Thanks also for the info about that Shkrelli creep. I so hope he does serious jail time.

Can you believe these Sanders creeps and their imbecile supporters? I just read about it (1st & only day off this week), and of course, they are all whining about how unfair the DNC is being to them. Personally, I thought the DNC has bent over backwards for them, letting someone who isn’t a member of the party, run a campaign for president using the party, and all of its many benefits. Think of what Sanders campaign would have been if he had to run as an independent. I think I read that Sanders people downloaded 4 of Hillary’s files. That’s stealing, plain and simple. And they’re defense is that it shouldn’t have been so easy to steal? This shows what kind of president Sanders would make. (not good!)

I went to see Star Wars last nite with lakerdude and his geek film major buddies. We went to the 1:30am show. It was super fun, I must say, the theater was fully open for 24 hours, and lots of people. Many wearing their Star Wars regalia. The whole thing was quite festive, actually.

annie@19: FWIW, the DNC isn’t being that charitable and kind to Sanders’ campaign. They’ll sell or rent you their list but probably just a bare bones version of it and that’s probably what Sanders’ campaign had access to (just guessing) before the little glitch. And to whine about “it’s not our fault”…puhleeze. Here’s a hint as to what they can do and it’s with the horse they rode in on.

From the Bloomberg article:

At closely held Turing, Shkreli became notorious for acquiring an anti-parasitic drug, Daraprim, and raising its price 55-fold — to $750 a pill from $13.50. That move drew the opprobrium of Congress, doctors and presidential candidates.

In a statement, Turing said the leadership change would have no effect on the availability of Daraprim.

“Turing assures health-care providers and patients that Daraprim remains available and is unaffected by these events,” the company said in the e-mailed statement. The drugmaker has started to expand its distribution arrangements to ensure that patients have easy access to the drug, it said.

Yes, but what about the price? Have you lowered it?

Bernbots = Obots. Need we say more?

Sadly, I saw a woman about Hillary’s age sporting a Bernie button. I wanted to pull her aside and say, honey, he’s just not that into you.

Oh and for what it’s worth, there’s a Dem debate tomorrow night. I have to say I doubt I’ll be following it. Tomorrow starts the football bowl game season and I’m sure I’ll be watching one if not more of them.

Is “Hitlerian” a word? If not, it should be considering what’s being talked about in Denmark concerning refugees. I wonder if they’ll check for any gold fillings in teeth?

Oh my… Bernie’s folks are having a hissy fit.

Fredster, that wapo article reminded me of my favorite job. In the 90s, I worked for a company owned by a couple of German doctors (they were wonderful to work for–very generous and caring). Anyway, there was a couple from Iran there, who had escaped during the revolution. (A lot of people who escaped Iran then moved to the L.A. area–I think most were Orthodox Christians and other minorities.) The man, who had been president of one of Iran’s’ biggest companies was the company accountant, and his wife worked in the warehouse. She spoke 5 languages and had a Masters from the Sorbonne, but was happy to work in a warehouse since they were free. They were very kind, educated people and I really enjoyed my time with them and the they told me lots of interesting stories. Their home in Tehran was like a mini palace, gorgeous with a huge gardens and fountains. They fled with their kids and just a few possessions, and left behind a lot of their wealth, but she managed to smuggle most of her jewelry out by hiding it in her you-know-where! She brought it to work one day to show me, and omg! You do not see jewelry like this in a Mall. It was all high end stuff. She brought her sapphire and ruby collections and it was like my desk was a case at Tiffany’s. She had rings, necklaces (we’re not talking a pendant on a chain, but big constructed necklaces with lots of stones and diamonds, like what Princess Diana wore), earrings, bracelets. She had gotten the stuff out in two trips, and was hoping her relatives would smuggle in her emerald and pearl collections, which they buried someplace, knowing their home would be seized. She had a great attitude about life however and was happy in their much simpler life (they lived in a condo in the San Fernando Valley), just to be free in the US. She said it was worth any sacrifice to not have to raise her daughter in that country.

I know this is very different from the current refugee situation, but thought it might be interesting. Oh, they also said they were refugees in Greece before they were able to come here and they said the Greeks were very kind and hospitable to the refugees, which made me happy to hear. It sounds like they’re keeping that up.

Another anecdote about that company which bears on our frustrating immigration issues: The German owners who brought their business here to serve the USA & Pacific Rim area, sent out a youngish German man to run the company, but hired all local people to work at it. However our immig. would only let him stay for a year, during which time he was supposed to find an American manager to replace him! His young wife, with a newborn baby, could only come with him on an education visa! They were a lovely couple, and an asset to the community, but even though he was providing good jobs, and paying all manner of taxes, etc, they could only stay a year! They loved our area and were hoping to stay and raise their family here. He was a talented and excellent manager and the company did well under him. Because the company sold German made products, it really needed his input.

Anyway, at the end of the year, he hired another man, who had been canned from several other companies, and who turned out to be extremely inferior as a manager, and in fact, changed the dynamic of our happy little company, due to his unfortunate home life, and general coarseness of personality. I ended up quitting when laker was a small baby (they wanted me to stay so badly, they let me bring my baby and arrange my own hours, but I knew I couldn’t bring him when he started crawling around), but had hoped to come back when laker was old enough for preschool. Sadly, it didn’t work out with the new manager, who fired the head salesperson (she could have sued him but didn’t), which along with my departure, affected sales so badly, the owners in Germany decided to close the company and just ship the products to distributors in Chicago and NYC. So some of their products are available here, but most are not. Anyway, thanks to our f’ed up immigration policy (imo), our community lost a great workplace, and several families who worked there and several local businesses we purchased from, were impacted in a very negative way. I would be working there now if I could. Thanks US Immigration, for protecting us from people who bring high paying, comfortable jobs to our community!

@annie: I’m not sure I quite understand the motives of the Danes in this. Are they trying to recoup any social costs for having the refugees there? If so, it seems that if some of these folks have money or jewelery or whatever, they probably will not be dependent on any Danish social services or very few of them. It seems more like a message of “just don’t come here”.

Although the seized valuables are supposed to pay for refugee-related expenditures, the financial impact could be of less consequence. Experts say the Danish government is more interested in sending a message.

“Europe currently receives a very high number of refugees,” Denmark’s Integration Ministry defended the law. “Denmark does take a share. However, [too many refugees] put pressure on the Danish society and make it more difficult to ensure a successful integration of those who come to Denmark.”

Fredster, it sounded like they wanted to discourage refugees from going there.

@29 & 30, at times there is nothing better than The Guardian:

However, what does make the election (for lack of a better word) historic is the rise of the rightwing Danish People’s party (DPP). It won the biggest vote share in its 20-year history and, most significantly, emerged as the largest party in the bloc of those to the right of the political spectrum.

The Danish election continues a trend that began in Norway’s 2013 election: the rise of rightwing, anti-immigration parties in Nordic countries.

Although such parties are on the up – with few exceptions – across Europe, what makes the Nordic example somewhat different is that due to more representative voting systems in these countries, the parties’ parliamentary strength is greater in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway than it is elsewhere.

@20, Annie, what did Laker and this friends think? Did it withstand their fine Storm Troopers’ sensibilities? I hope they enjoyed it and were excited like us nerds were back in the day.

What did you think? I know it was fun watching the revival with Laker.

@31: Interesting Prolix. And we (or I) tend to think of the Scandinavian countries as more socially to the left.

@19 &21, though my experience is limited, the defense of “the only reason you are a victim is that the circumstances allowed me to victimize you, so I did,” isn’t usually a winning argument.

@annie and prolix: Now Robert Reich and some other person are starting petitions to Debbie W-S (too long) as head of the DNC because she’s “punishing” Bernie. 😦

@33, exactly, I didn’t know the swing to the nativist urges had replaced the taste of raw herring in the Scandinavian countries. I’m not sure Marine Le Pen is so unique in that she was roundly defeated to everyone’s surprise. Daughter like daddy doesn’t seem to be selling at IKEA.

@35, Robert Reich and the ethics of a Bern-bot: Two things that have to be helped up on a short stool.

Prolix the dudes loved it! You should go see it. It was much better than the prequels. Honestly, being around the geeks in the middle of the night was so much fun, it was like a party atmosphere. We stopped to help a carload whose car battery was dead and they were cheering us and shouting “may the force be with you” as we drove off.

Agree that the bernbots have a lot of gall.

@37: Ouuuuuuu! Good one! 🙂

Stole this from uppity’s site courtesy of SoophieCT:

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