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Activist Monday: Vote Early and Often!

Posted on: December 14, 2015

Well, okay, not often…but early! I must admit I got a bit of thrill casting my vote for Hillary, even though it’s not official.

Democracy for America is having its Presidential endorsement poll, which is over on Tuesday, December 15th. I think they are expecting a landslide for Bernie Sanders…somehow they still feel like someone is going to beat Hillary for the nomination, AND that Bernie or Martin would be better Presidents than Hillary because they are more “progressive.” In other words…less tainted with the eeeevil female hormonez. ZOMG!!!!1111!!!

I am so tired of these smug bro-gressives with their reasonless Hillary Hatred. I say, let’s do our part to throw a little sanity into this poll.

Click here to cast your first, but not your last, vote for Hillary!

This is an open thread.


20 Responses to "Activist Monday: Vote Early and Often!"


Love the “bro-gressives” — I may have to steal that at some point in the not so distant future.

@1 – Ha! Steal away. 😊

Done here also. And since I have several email addys I’ll try to use them all. I hope they don’t track by i.p. 😉

So would this be an oopsie or a fubar? Brand new Quatar Airbus A350 was taking off from JFK when the software decided the 11,000 ft runway was too short and aborted the takeoff. Went from about 100 mph to 0 in approx. 15 seconds. That would definitely tug at your seatbelt!

@4, watching that I was expecting someone to holler out, “Check the parking brake!”

That jet malfunction sounds scary.must of been scary.

LAUSD got a bomb threat today, which happens occasionally, but this time they decided to close all (600+) schools, which caused a lot of problems. I hope the fbi can catch whoever pulled this vicious little stunt.

@7, Annie, was Laker already at school or was he still at home when you heard?

annie@7: I caught part of that on the news but then missed the national news coverage of it. When you can, fill us in on what happened.

If y’all are interested, Rude Pundit and a drinking bud are going to be doing something along with the debate. Not sure if you’d call it live blogging or not.

Swearing In: Lee & Jeff Take on the GOP Debate

OMG you guys. I am currently watching the Republican debate. You know it’s bad when Rand Paul is the most sensible person on the stage when it comes to ISIS.

Ben Carson was actually asked if he would be okay killing innocent children in order to stop ISIS. He was like “Yeah baby, I open up kids’ heads all the time.”

Fiorina – best line of the night. “If you want something talked about, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.”

Ben Carson on ISIS: Yada yada yada boots on the ground.

Jeb: “Donald, you can’t insult your way to the Presidency.”

While I was making a big pot of soup, hubby actually had that debate on! I was amazed. He usually has a low tolerance for political bs. He has enjoyed watching the democratic debates. They all sound ridiculous and mention Hillary so many times they sound ridiculous. The rethug party is obviously terrified of her.

We haven’t heard anything fresh about the bomb threat. It didn’t affect laker at all, he is done with his semester and was home snoozing away. His grades were posted today–straight A’s again! Hubbie came home after he couldn’t get into any of the schools he is working on.

@mb: I watched maybe 40 minutes of it and listened inbetween to Rude Pundit and pal and said eff it. Both were sorta juvenile to me. However, I do hope someone factchecks Carly on that truck that she diverted and sent to the NSA. Did she ever say what was actually *on* that truck? I’m willing to bet it wasn’t Compaq branded computers.

@annie: Well it will be interesting to see what, if anything, happened on the school thing. As for hubbie, it’s always nice to get an unexpected day or part of it off. And congrats to Laker! Well done young man!! 😉

The Republicans were such clowns last night. I was laughing so hard I was crying. I only watched about 10 minutes, then re-watched the clip of Hillary on Jimmy Fallon. 🙂

I try not to look at Trump or listen to him, but I could see last night that he is losing his luster. The crowd was not with him at all. The other candidates actually kind of pretended to have a clue about Syria/ISIS, but he didn’t even bother, and when he was called out about his lying and stupidity, he just started making weird faces and rambling about being strong. He looked like a moron, even compared to dim lights like der Jebinator.

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