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Widdershins go to the movies for a laugh

Posted on: December 12, 2015

movie theater entrance
Good day to you Widdershins!

Well we’ve wrapped another week and basically there was a lot of bad or unpleasant news this week.

We’ve learned that ISIS may have the capability to print out fake Syrian passports.  That type of news is certainly not going to help avert the raging paranoia that is…well…raging in the country right now.  Nor will it probably stop the surge in gun purchases around San Bernardino California.  Meanwhile, also in California, there’s a huge leak of methane gas that’s causing concern to nearby residents.  Heading to the other coast we heard about a Boston commuter train lost control due to “operator error”, which translated into the train operator left the train without setting at least one of two brakes on the train.

I’ve purposefully left out politics because really, is there anything more to be said?


courtesy of Rolling Stone



Four Commedia dell’Arte_Figures-claude-gillot

So with that I thought we would take a trip to the movies and especially comedic movies.  We humans have used comedy throughout the ages as a stress reliever and to, at times, poke fun at ourselves.  So with that in mind let’s take a look at some of our favorite and “classic” comedic movies.  I’m only going to put up a few so that the post doesn’t  drag too much in loading.  However, there are tons of them out there so feel free to post whatever strikes your funny bone or your fancy.  It’s a completely open thread.




(1) Monkey Business – 1931 Marx Brothers

(2) The Navigator – 1924 Buster Keaton (diving scene)

(3) His Girl Friday – 1940 Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant

(4) Auntie Mame – 1958 Rosalind Russell (Masterful Gaze & Horse Mount)

(5) Airplane! – 1980  Automatic Pilot Scene

(6) Mrs. Doubtfire – 1993 Robin Williams (looks like a lady scene)

* * * * *

So okay Widdershins there ya go!  I tried covering a comic movie from different decades up to the 1990s.  Obviously there are many more and besides which I didn’t even touch the 2000s.  So put on your thinking or laughing caps and show us some of your favorites below.  This is a completely open thread that you may take wherever you wish.



31 Responses to "Widdershins go to the movies for a laugh"

Fredster, you had “Airplane” and “Mrs. Doubtfire” — undoubtedly two of my favorites, so here is the dance scene from “Birdcage” that wasn’t written, just ad libbed:

@1: That was a great scene. He was such a genius.

This title is just too wordy or something but I couldn’t think of anything better at the time. My bad.

I just changed the title a bit. This works better I think.

@2, while I was finding that clip, because it is brilliant, I was thinking how much I miss Robin Williams. It seemed each time you saw him in a movie or on teevee, the world was a little easier.

@3: Oh exactly.

One of the best things I ever saw on teevee was a clip or segment of 60 Minutes that started out as an interview with Jonathan Winters and then Robin Williams shows up. They improvise hysterically. It’s not a movie but it is a funny clip.

Hell! You have to watch it on youtube. 👿

I don’t know if I would call myself “paranoid”, considering that I work at a high end establishment that has a lot of middle eastern customers and my boss is a woman from the middle east (I’m actually quite proud of her–the way she rose through the company to become head manager). And I am no Trump supporter, but I am definitely concerned and angry about our immigration situation. Now they’re reporting that the horrible woman in the SB shooting was on social media saying she wanted to participate in violent jihad before she was given her K1 visa, but they didn’t catch it because they don’t check internet stuff, and even now, aren’t sure if its “appropriate” according to nyt today. I know the popular progressive meme now is for unfettered immigration, but I am for an overhaul of the system. I want more security and more fairness as to jobs here (eg, microsoft laying off thousands of employees and bringing in cheaper ones from overseas).

And I always worry about a shooting event (terrorist or homegrown lunatic) happening at lakers school as he can’t run. I make sure to remind the campus police and his teachers every semester (not that I expect anyone to sacrifice themselves for my kid, but maybe there is something they could do to help him), and we discuss ways to survive a mass shooting, since we go to a lot of places in L.A. that could be considered targets.

As far as movies go, Laker and his star wars geek friends are counting down the minutes to Star Wars! They are all going the night before it opens and have actually invited me to join them. I may, but I am working brutal hours next week, so we’ll see.

annie@5: There definitely appear to be holes in the vetting process on those visas.

@6: so you don’t have a funny fave?

Fredster, I do, I’m just so exhausted right now I can hardly think.

Here are some funny movies I love:

Nuns on the Run
A Fish Called Wanda
Kelly’s Heroes
It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

When hubs & I saw Nuns and Wanda in the theatre, we literally screamed with laughter. We were both kids when Kelly’s Heroes came out, but still watch it. It’s my fav Clint Eastwood movie!

Oh, our favorite Christmas movie, The Ref, with Dennis Leary,

@11: That’s okay, pat-pat-pat on the shoulder. I know it’s the busy season for you.

@12, aww, thanks! Besides work, my credit card got hacked which really freaked me out and worse, my old car died the other night when laker was driving home from school. He had been working on their end- of-semester show, he was one of the audio engineers and was coming home late. He got the car off the freeway and called me and I had to get poor hubs out of bed and we raced over there. So now we’re looking at cars. What a month.

@13: Ouch on the card hack. My debit card is still the swipe kind and I like that. My credit card, newly renewed has the chip thing and I’m not really happy with it. It takes longer to use and for whatever reason I just don’t like it.

So now we’re looking at cars. What a month.

Don’t even want to think about that. Mine has less that 60k miles on it but it’s older. I’m more worried it’s just going to fall apart from age as opposed to being worn out.

@5, Annie, I’m getting updates and corrections on my LA Times feed about what they have been reporting. It seems as though lots of stuff is still conjecture. Until the investigation is farther along, I don’t really know what is true and what’s not.

I totally agree with you on the overhaul of the immigration system. I also think that if someone has come for school, is educated over here, we should let them stay automatically after the background check stuff. The reason, if a student stays there is more likelihood of a long and productive allegiance to the U.S. as opposed to someone having been educated and then returned to wherever and allowing them to be radicalized.

As far as Laker safety, do they have “safe rooms” in the schools out there? Would that be an option?

@6, if I were out there, I would go wait in line with Laker and his buds. I am one of the oldest geeks around, but still a geek.

@13, I hate cars — if they weren’t a necessity, I would so enjoy a world without them.

Prolix, agree with you about the kids educated here. Our area is very cosmopolitan, citizens from all over the world, and we love it.

Also agree with you about cars! Hubs & I don’t like spending a lot of $ on cars–we’d rather spend our $ on traveling or other things we enjoy. I walk to the market or drug store, or even the Mall, instead of driving, whenever possible. Our town is going to put in a street car!

@18, I’ve lived in cities that had “circulators” like street cars and trolleys. It really made a difference in making the city more walkable and thinning out the cars, particularly in the city center.

Is there anyone else addicted to “The Leftovers”? It is so weird and strange and just addictive — sorta like an acid trip on pecan pie.

I haven’t a clue what is going on, but I still truly enjoy the not knowing. That is something I can say I never enjoy.

Mr. Jennifer Aniston is pretty remarkable.

Prolix@20: This 2nd (?) season of The Leftovers was more bizarre than last season. I had some trouble trying to keep up or stay that into it.

Street cars… 🙄
There are federal $$$s for those that can be used only for that purpose.

Nola is putting one in going down Rampart Street from Canal Street. In this case it’s strictly a tourist ploy. If they had wanted to move people efficiently they would have left the buses on the route. In this case a lot of service economy folks take the bus to get to work. Now, the streetcar will give them a leisurely ride that may take twice as long.

@20: Yes, I’m addicted and just heard-via Vulture-that there will be a third and final season-Yay!!!!!
Jennifer Anniston is a very lucky woman.

@23, Sue, I, too, saw that there will be a third season. I don’t have the imagination gene to even conceive of where they could take the story.

@23: That’s gonna be a helluva series wrap up.

Jennifer Anniston is a very lucky woman.

So you saw that picture of Mr. Anniston jogging? 😉

@annie and prolix:
I have no hatred or dislike of street cars or trolleys. If you’ve been to nola you’re aware of the St. Charles Ave. streetcar line. It’s a lovely, leisurely way of getting from the CBD to uptown, the Garden District, past Tulane and Loyola universities and terminates in mid-city.

The city of New Orleans saw the tourist draw to them and added a line that goes along the riverfront in the French Quarter and ties into the restored Canal Street line. Then because there were federal $$$s available the city applied for and got fed money to build a spur that goes from Canal Street down Loyola Ave and terminates at the train/bus station. When they did this the did away with two bus lines that were almost like express lines. And it was all basically done to impress visitors who were there for the last Superbowl.

That’s essentially what they are doing with this Canal St./Rampart street line. It ends at a point in the 7th district that is certainly not a tourist draw but it is rapidly gentrifying and that’s driving out the working class folks who depend on the bus for transportation to and from work.

Owen Courreges has a great article about the Loyola Ave line here:

Here’s another article which is about the Rampart St. line. Notice in the photo how narrow the median or “neutral ground” is. They are having to widen that taking away part of a traffic lane to put in the two sets of tracks for the streetcar.

@25: Ha, ha Fredster, it’s not Justin’s nether region that sets me on fire; it’s his nose! There’s something about that nose and those eyebrows that make me swoony.
Let’s just say he’s the total package 🙂

My absolute favorites:


@Sweet Sue: Ah, well it’s to each his own. I’ll have to check out Mr. Theroux’s nose and brows. 🙂

Excellent choices MB!

This crazy weather is driving me bonkers! Last week down into the low and mid 30s for a couple of nights and then a few days of seasonal temp and then yesterday and today it’s been in the 70s and you could wear shorts outside. The nose and sinuses are giving me fits.

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