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Activist Monday: Don’t Lose Hope

Posted on: December 7, 2015

It’s Been Rough Lately

Good Monday, all. After weeks and weeks of nothing but horrible news, I thought I’d put up something hopeful.

I continue to believe that there is no more urgent issue in our time than that of our planet’s rapidly rising core temperature. If we have an environment that is uninhabitable for more and more of the world’s 7 billion people, the fight for remaining resources will destabilize our global society in ways ISIL could only dream of. This article contains quotes from 13 climate scientists who feel there is some reason to be positive about the potential for progress on this issue. (Note: For info on the Paris climate talks, I found this to be a good consolidated source of information.)

Here are a couple of my favorites:

“I’m most hopeful about the creativity and open minds within the younger generation worldwide – and not just within the education system. Tackling climate challenge requires innovative thinking, bravery, and stepping outside of our comfort zone. People across all job types and within civil society must think in new ways, and do it quickly. Many of those in established positions feel too constrained to make a step change and do things differently, but that’s what is needed. Often younger people are more able to ditch the ego and put the climate first – this is refreshing and necessary!

“I’d like to contribute by clearly laying out how great the challenge we face is, but also that there are different ways of thinking that are not about ‘going backwards’, but about creatively embracing our collective future.”

—Alice Bows-Larkin, professor at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Manchester


“Last year, we saw renewables for the first time outcompeting fossil fuels in added electricity-generation capacity. For the first time in decades we saw global economic growth without any growth in carbon emissions. If we are going to avoid truly dangerous and irreversible changes in our climate, however, we need to accelerate the progress already underway, putting our foot to the metal when it comes to the transition away from a fossil fuel economy. I’m hopeful that we’ll make significant progress toward that goal at the Paris climate summit later this year.

“I would like to see an international treaty that holds all nations to binding reductions in carbon emissions, building on the voluntary commitments and bilateral agreements (e.g. between China and the US) that are already in place.”

—Michael Mann, professor of meteorology, Penn State University

When smart people like this feel there is reason to stay strong and keep the faith, it make me think that there maybe light at the end of this long tunnel after all. And, that it’s not an oncoming train.

This is an open thread.


25 Responses to "Activist Monday: Don’t Lose Hope"

Amen, Sistah MB — and what is amazing, it makes good economic sense — 300 percent more jobs — every time we spend on building the green economy as opposed to maintaining our dependence on dirty and dangerous oil, coal, natural gas, and nuclear power.

I had that stat bookmarked because it is such a stark reminder that we need to look to the future as opposed to propping up dirty, polluting 19th century technology.

Great post MB and yes it gives us hope.

Off topic but lookie here: If we had only known it was just this easy. 🙄


Also, congrats to Mr. Prolix who seems to have learned how to use some html to bold some comments. 😉

@4, I broke out the WordPress for Dummies.

@3, I don’t think support for Obama is very deep here, but compared to Cruz, Rubio, and now what Trump has said, “Putting a religious test on immigration and essentially upping his mass deportation effort,” Obama is downright Churchillian in his leadership.

@6 -A low bar indeed, Prolix…but I watched Obama’s speech last night and agreed with pretty much everything he said. I also liked that he, too, called for Muslims all over the world to clearly denounce ISIL and other terrorist groups as NOT representing Islam. This crazies should not be allowed to define the religion.

The one thing I still think doesn’t work is “training” Iraqis/Syrians to defend themselves. Hillary wants to do more of this, as well, but I need to be convinced.

@7, MB I know what you mean about “training” the locals, but in large measure it boils down to this — the vast majorities in both countries have held little or no sway in the leadership of either country for the last 60 plus years. The only way to make it a reality is to pry the iron-fisted hold the religious minorities have had on the countries courtesy of us or Britain or Iran or the Saudis or a combination thereof.

If Putin wants to win a Nobel and Obama wants to earn his, they need to bring an end to the Syrian civil war and let everyone get on with strangling ISIS.

Have to admit I didn’t see the speech. Just kind of thought WTF and moved on.

Good points made by both of you.

@9, it wasn’t a good speech — each time Obama speaks about terrorism or ISIS, it is like he is talking about watching Beau getting sucked up in the rotors of Marine One. He looks like he is sick to his stomach and wishes he could be on Pluto with one canister of oxygen left. He’s not confidence inspiring.

@10: LOL! I just about spat out my soda at that comment 🙂

I may have missed Obama’s speech but apparently retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters did see it.

I’m sure the good Col. is drawing his retired pay but I’m not sure if he is still subject to the U.C.M.J. or not.

Stll, it’s not really polite or nice to call POTUS and the C.n.C. what he does here.

Scientists have by-passed the need for stem cells (take that, RWs!) and will now use skin cells to make dopamine neurons for curing Parkinsons. Also, Israelis invented the cocktail of immunity boosters that cured Carter’s cancer in an irony explosion (not that credit is given).

@12, that putz got suspended for two weeks — that’s two whole weeks — from his occasional, at their leisure, Fox do-si-do. Also, the woman who said, “Obama doesn’t give a sh*t,” was sidelined for two weeks. It seems that Fox has confused journalistic standards and vacation scheduling.

@13, NYS, that is interesting and very positive, particularly the Parkinson’s Disease information.

@13, that is good news! Thanks for that!

Prolix@14: It seems the colonel forgot one of the first rules of military life and that’s that you can’t badmouth the C n C. Like I said, I don’t know if he’s still subject to UCMJ or not. I do know that when my Dad retired he had what was referred to as “hip pocket orders” which meant that he was subject to being recalled up to some age. I wonder if the colonel would like to be reactivated and called back to duty? 😉

Sweetie thanks for passing that along! I have a friend with liver cancer I want to share that with her.

In case you’ve been wondering about chatblu, she’s had a bit of an accident.

She was trying to get in a game at the local links in her area. While she was trying to play through, these two local oafs decided to cause a ruckus. Chat had to intervene and in flipping one of the two she twinged her shoulder. She’ll be on the mend for awhile.

Just wanted to update y’all with her situation. 😉

@19, she also has three nice new handbags, three new pairs of stilettos, and a kickin’ new pair of boots. Viva organic!

@20: That’s one of the nicer side benefits of living in Florida. LOL!!

Thanks NYS for the hope infusion! 😊

I told my husband that I wished Obama had just a teeny twinge of passion about what he was saying in the speech. He gives the word “robotic” a new meaning.

Fredster – Those RNs can do ANYTHING! 😀

MB said: Those RNs can do ANYTHING! 😀

They’re amazing, aren’t they? 🙂

@22, I read someone today, don’t remember who, who said, “Obama looked as if he needed a Zoloft prescription.”

Ouuuuuu…The Rude Pundit, in Monday’s post takes on the Fox colonel who called the President names. It appears that Pundit was already familiar with Lt. Col. Peters.

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