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Lazy weekend music – let’s all go crazy (2nd try)

Posted on: December 5, 2015

musical notesN-O-T-E:

This will be a second time around for this one.   The first time was after the awful, terrible incident in Paris.  Now we have our own awful, terrible incident here in California

Another weekend has rolled around, we’ve survived a week and it’s been awful.  Fourteen people shot in California…killed for no reason that any of us can fathom. The authorities have now said that Syed Farook and his wife were “radicalized” but don’t believe they were part of a cell of terrorists.  I suppose that’s another term we can add to our vocabularies now – radicalized.  

* * * * *

So let’s give ourselves a respite from the tragedy, if only for a short time.  We could use the break and take our minds off the horror for a few moments.  I’ll keep with the theme of “crazy” but in a musical, light-hearted manner.  But first, this – for the fourteen in California.

black-line divider-no-background-th

(1) Crazy Cool – Paula Abdul

(2) Crazier – Taylor Swift

(3) Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen

(4) Crazy – Patsy Cline

(5) Crazy crazy Nights – Kiss

(6) Crazy Arms – Willie Nelson

(7) Crazy Horses – The Osmonds (you’ll laugh at their Jackson 5-like moves)

Okie-doke folks; you get the drift.  There’s a plethora of “crazy” songs out there so go to it.  I’ve shown you mine, so now you show me yours.  This is a completely open thread.


35 Responses to "Lazy weekend music – let’s all go crazy (2nd try)"

Well, I couldn’t find the one I was looking for. Prince, Let’s Go Crazy.

What a week! I’ve needed several infusions of wine and Scotch to get through it.

Here’s one I would have never found otherwise — “Crazy Youngsters”:

And for country fans:

Mb saidWhat a week! I’ve needed several infusions of wine and Scotch to get through it.

I can believe that completely!

@3: Prolix, Hunter Hays is from Breaux Bridge La and I can recall watching him do his musical stuff on the local tv shows back when he was a teeny kid. As *they* would say “he’s all growed up now”. LOL!

Okay, this might be cheating, but there is a scene in the movie where Jason Bateman and Rose Byrne do talk about “crazy and complicated”.

This is from the movie, This Is Where I Leave You and while not an epic, it is a good little story that is perfect for a snowy rental evening. There are plenty of laugh out loud scenes.

@5, Hunter Hayes is someone I can listen to without wanting to break out a bottle of scotch.

Here’s a nice, quiet song about going crazy. o_O

@6: It includes crazy so it counts.

Something a little more restrained and mellow after the David Lee Roth.

Alrightey then, I’m going to get myself prepared to watch the annual ritual sacrifice which is the SEC championship game in which some team from the East Division offers itself up to be mauled by Alabama from the West Division. This year it involves chat’s favorite opponent Florida. While hoping it will be otherwise I’m sure that Bama will prevail. 😦

@11, what does one wear to a ceremonial sacrifice?

@12: In this case probably a red shirt of some type with a scripted A on it and it’ s not for adultery. 😉

A comment from on this game:

The only way I would be happy with the outcome of this game is if the earth opened up and swallowed both teams.

I could probably agree with that one.

@14, after 16 straight hours of football last weekend, I’m on a strict no football regimen this weekend.

@15: After what you emailed me I can’t blame you in the least.

Although not musical in nature this does fall into the crazy category.

@17, a step beyond the Hummus mispronunciation was the fact he broke out a formal, typed, hard-copy speech so that he wouldn’t screw the pooch on foreign relations again, and then he had 57 varieties of how to pronounce Hamas.

Again, being above average in intelligence does not make one well-informed or even curious enough to desire to be well-informed. Brain surgery anyone?

@18: I was spared the visuals of that but did catch a reference to it.

being above average in intelligence does not make one well-informed or even curious enough to desire to be well-informed.

yes but if you have your own *piture* of you and Jebus it means you’re extra special.

@19, did you notice in Carson’s painting with the Son of God, Carson’s image was depicted much larger. Just spit ballin’ here, but I’m guessing Carson’s ORs weren’t participatory democracies.

I clicked on the link but I didn’t see what its talking about–what does beware the pita mean?

annie it’s not really a link but just a tweet that I put in from Correct the Record’s twitter acct. They were making fun of Carson calling Hamas “hummus”.

@Prolix: Oh no, those ORs are not democracies. The surgeon is “gawd”.

In keeping with our theme of crazy, and since *that* team is playing in Atlanta, this might be a good time to introduce y’all to Mary Farr, Alabama fan par excellence. I’m really at a loss to say/write much else about this.

Sorry about the game annie. 😦
Tell the dudes I was pulling for them!

@22, ahhh! Good one!

@25, They say thanks Fredster! Hubs says that we got beat by a better team, said but true. He was disappointed, but otherwise ok. Laker was at a party, actually a bar mitzvah, for a disabled young man that he knows. I have such a good kid!

What a shame that bama won again! 😦

@24, we all just looked at it! OMG! What a freaky thing to do! Hubs says his Texas cousins (Longhorns!) aren’t nearly as crazy as these bama nutters.

@26: Yeah, The Cardinal has been good this year. Don’t know where they’ll end up in the final rankings but they’ll be up there.

And yes, you do have a good kid…but don’t tell him that too often. 😉

@27: About Bama and about that lady…(sigh).

It looks like the team will be in the championship playoffs. 👿
When I was watching the game the guy on tv said “oops they’ve got too many guys on the line of scrimmage”. It never got called. That seems to happen with them a lot. And of course if Florida mentions it after the fact the SEC office will look at it a few weeks from now and say “uh-oh…sorry Florida”.

As far as that woman is concerned, I think all of their fans are certifiable.

Oh my goodness. What kind of lunatic would get a red artificial eye with writing on it? She looks like the devil…although maybe that’s the point.

@30: I’ve told y’all before – Bama fans are all insane.

From the guy who sexually assaulted a drunk passed out LSU fan in Nola at the BCS game in 2012, to Harvey Updyke who poisoned the oak trees at Toomers Corner in Auburn just because Auburn won the Iron Bowl that year. Nuts, I tell you, completely nuts.

@31, I remember both those incidents. Really made me furious.

@annie: Yep, that’s why I say they are pathological. Do you remember this one?

@33, that is utterly tragic. How can anyone be so cruel. Everywhere you turn people are murdered for no reason. It’s depressing and exhausting.

Did the Saints win?

I read about Obama’s speech. It sounds exactly like I thought it would.

@34: As I’ve said annie, I think half of them are just plain nuts.

No, sigh, the Saints didn’t pull out the win. It was definitely a good game and they were in it until the end – they lost by 3.

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